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:: Thursday, November 28, 2002 ::


I don't usually do the Thanksgiving thing, but this year we decided since my brother and family would be here, we would invite ourselves to my cousins place for food. Mom set it up and I even got Mr. San Diego to go. I'm excited that he will finally get to meet my brother since if I have a best friend outside of Mr. San Diego, it would be my brother. I hope you all have a great day. I've gotta get myself ready for the two and a half hour drive to Apple Valley. Not looking forward to that part. I'll then be staying at my mom's a couple of nights and then we're headed to Magic Mountain on Saturday. I will be without computer until Sunday night, so please try to live without me.

:: Jenn 8:15 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, November 27, 2002 ::
Where Did I Come From?

Here's a site that tells you how bands came up with their names. I borrowed the link from Charles @ Six Different Ways

:: Jenn 9:51 AM [+]

Jesus Christ!

YEA! Only another week until I get to see Jesus Christ, Superstar. It's playing San Diego next week and I'm PLANNING on getting tickets. We've got one of those same day ticket booths downtown and you get tickets for that night at half price. Earlier this month we saw Seussical that way and had EXCELLENT seats, so I'm hoping we get something comparable for Jesus Christ, Superstar. I'm just excited because I'm an Andrew Lloyd Webber fan and have been ever since I saw Sunset Blvd. I'm looking forward to adding another of his productions to my list. The only problem I see is that I have Friday off, which is the day I had planned it for, but I should really take that opportunity to hang with my brother and family some more as he will be leaving the following Sunday. I'll figure it out though, maybe we'll just go on Tuesday.

Speaking of my brother and family, I got to see them last night. That was fun and while I adore my niece and nephew, it is a reminder why I don't have my own kids. I go to bed around nine, so by 10, I was whooped and they were still rarin' to go. hehe We played with toys and we colored and we ran around and screamed and watched TV. You know, the usual kid stuff.

My nephew's name is Harold and he had watched and taped "Harold and the Purple Crayon" on HBO yesterday and was totally into it. Apparently he had read the books, but never seen the television show. He watched it several times yesterday and then we watched it when I was there. He already had most of the story memorized and would act it out with the TV and tell me "that's me!" hahaha I was cracking up. He's a goofy kid anyway and this was pretty funny. He's also very polite. We were coloring together and if he wanted to color something near me he would say "excuse me, I need to color there". Sometimes he would call me "Grandma" and then he'd say "oops, I'm sorry, Jenn..." He's toooo darned funny. The girl doesn't talk too much yet. She has some words and she'll talk and the words she doesn't know she just inserts a grunt or sound. She can say "Jenn. C'mon" and she is VERY pretty. I like my kiddies. Sorry if I'm being boring. I just love 'em so much!

:: Jenn 9:26 AM [+]


This made me think of Kathleen's Weather Pixie, so I had to link it =)

Thanks, Elf Chick.

:: Jenn 8:08 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 ::
Travel Plans

Because I'm a freak, I just enjoy planning things out in advance... sort of. SO, while I'm planning this Hawaii thing, among other trips in 2003, I'm also keeping my eye out for ideas for 2004. Even numbered years are "International Years", so I'm trying to think where we should go. Trouble is that I had thought my next Out of the Country trip would be somewhere like Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, I don't know that I want to do that if we're going to Hawaii and possibly Florida next year. I mean we can't take EVERY vacation to a beach place.

So, because Mr. San Diego is a Hot Wheels junkie and would love to tour one of the manufacturing plants (Malaysia, Thailand, China or India), I thought I'd check to see if any of them had tours and we could hit one of those countries in '04. I called Mattel, though, and they said "sorry charlie." Well actually they just said "no". So I relayed the information to Mr. San Diego, who thinks I'm a freak for trying to plan a trip for AFTER the one we haven't even planned yet. He says we just need to find someone to hook us up. So, if any of ya know anyone who can hook us up with a tour, well, let me know. HAHA I won't hold my breath.

This brings me back to problem #1. Where the heck will we go in '04 that isn't "beachy"?? I guess I can find out where he's interested in. We've both been a few places, but of course each of us DIFFERENT places, so while he would be interested in Paris, I'm not; I'd like to go to Amsterdam, but he's already been there, etc. Maybe Czechoslavakia or somewhere in the UK, though. I guess I have a little time. Maybe I better focus on Hawaii. heh

:: Jenn 11:22 AM [+]


I recently got hit by what has to be my favorite search ever:

"want to turn my man in to a love making freak in the bedroom"


:: Jenn 11:12 AM [+]

:: Monday, November 25, 2002 ::

We hired a young girl into a supervisory position at work. She and I work together somewhat closely. I sometimes wonder if I might not have made the best choice because she is very young and has a lot to learn, but I'm glad that she at least recognizes that she needs help and for the most part seeks my assistance when it is appropriate. So, being a young girl, she is, of course, getting married next year. So we hear about the wedding plans all day long. I've kind of gotten into it. This is scary, but now *I* am thinking about weddings all the time; especially after my mom and I were hanging out in Balboa Park, which has some beautiful settings for weddings. I actually started looking up outdoor settings for weddings on the internet.

I'm not even GETTING married. What the heck is wrong with me? I am such a chick. Pathetic.

But, just in case and all... what is up with these prices!?!?! Are these people insane??? I mean, only $11,000 for 125 people? I guess there is something to be said for not getting married. That's a down payment on a house! A cheap house, but still a house all the same! I guess it must be nice to be rich.

I won't be spending $11,000 on a wedding. Guaranteed. Even if he ever DOES ask.

:: Jenn 5:14 PM [+]

Deepest Apologies

Didn't mean to disappear. I actually tried to post on Thursday and it wouldn't let me. Then thought about it a lot on the weekend, but way too lazy. I'll give ya a quick run down and try not to be too annoying about it.

Thursday i was in a class all day. No 'puter access and then headed home early to meet my mommy at my apartment. She came down to spend my Friday off with me and I was very excited! Yea! On Friday we went to Balboa Park for a Cooking Class. It was cool. Just like the cooking shows on tv. You watch them cook while drinking wine and eating the finished products. Very cool. We also hit one of the Art Museums, the Botanical Building and the Science building, including IMAX film on Lewis and Clark. It was a really fun day and we were pretty beat by the end of it!

The rest of the weekend was the usual toy shopping, movie watching, laundry-doing weekend, except for no Nascar. We did go to Dave and Buster's last night with our free $10 powercard coupons and collected enough tickets to get some pint glasses and shot glasses. It was a nice weekend and I slept like a baby every night, which is extremely rare.

I'm very excited because my brother and his family are flying in tonight from North Carolina. I haven't seen my babies in a year, so I am totally excited. They don't get in until late, so I won't see them until tomorrow night, but YEA! Since my brothers two kiddos are the closest thing I'm ever going to have to kids, I like to see them at LEAST once a year and preferable more than that. The Girl is 2 and 1/2 and The Boy is 5. This should be a good week. Now I must be off to do my weekly job search. Bleh.

:: Jenn 8:34 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 ::
Vacation Planning

First of all, YEA! Blogger's working again. Geez. Haven't had that "you can't post. Neener Neener Neener" thing happen for a while. What a drag.

So, Mr. San Diego and I are planning to take our next vacation to Hawaii. He's never been there and I have a handful of National Parks to hit there, so I'm thinking we might swing it in May. There are no plans in place yet, but I'm thinking we'll do Oahu, Maui and Hawaii (we only have 9 nights and that's IF we hook it up to a holiday like Memorial Day), so that would be 3 nights on each island. I thought if any of you have been to any of these places maybe you can make some recommendations on things "NOT TO MISS" or "Don't Bother". I've been to Oahu, so I'm familiar with the usual stuff, Waikiki, etc., but I was 18 and all I could think about was picking up on the cute guy wearing Drakkar and working the pearl booth at the International Market... AloHA!

I dunno how I'm going to fit all of my vacation in next year. hehe In addition to Hawaii, I may be going to Florida for a week or two and I'm hoping to make it to North Carolina for at LEAST a long weekend and we WILL be going to Vegas in April and Phenix in November for the Nascar races. Plus, I didn't make it to my R&R trip to Rosarito Beach this year, so I want to try to fit that in next summer. We are going to be our usual busy selves, it seems.

:: Jenn 2:29 PM [+]

ow ow ow ow

My neck hurts like hell to move. Dunno why, but while I was wielding the 17 hot tools necessary to do my hair in the morning, the pain began and by the time I was done making myself beautiful, I was hurtin' bad. I still am. It's making me very cranky.

:: Jenn 11:17 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, November 19, 2002 ::

Yea! I made my archives work... in a round-a-bout way, but they're back. Whew. I thought I lost 'em and that would pretty much defeat the purpose of journaling, now wouldn't it? Yea me!

:: Jenn 11:48 AM [+]

Not All Men Are From Mars?

Last night I had a revelation as Mr. San Diego and I were watching an episode of Six Feet Under. Brenda was saying something to Nate about him not being able to fix what was wrong with her and suddenly it occurred to me that Mr. San Diego never tries to "fix" me! When something is wrong, he listens and we talk about it and sometimes he might give his side and sometimes he might just listen. But, he has never told me how to "fix" it or what I'm doing wrong or what I "SHOULD" do. Oh my god! How totally amazing is this?

I had to tell him this immediately because I was so excited and he laughed and said, "That's funny. A girl at work just told me today that I was from Mars." hehe

At least now I know why this thing seems so good. All of my exes always tried to fix me. Especially my ex-husband. He was horrible about that. This is soooo refreshing! Again, how did I get so damned lucky? Now if I could just get him to quit downloading shit off the internet, everything would be perfect. heh

:: Jenn 7:48 AM [+]

:: Monday, November 18, 2002 ::
Jimmie, Jimmie, Jimmie

Last post today. I promise. I'm finally going to make my very small comment about THE RACE yesterday. Jimmie did not win the race. Jimmie did not win the Winston Cup Championship. Jimmie did not become Rookie of the Year for 2002. But all of that is okay, because he still had a stellar year and hey, it was fun.

That's all that counts, man.

:: Jenn 3:53 PM [+]

A New Addition

Even though she blatantly stated that she shopped at the AntiChrist, I'm adding Jen Speaks to the Jen Boggles. Haven't done one of 'em for a while, figgered it were about time.

:: Jenn 3:34 PM [+]

You Make Me Feel Like Typing
(Gonna Type the Day Away)

I don't know why Im feeling all chatty... hmmm, what would be the typing equivalent of chatty?

You know I drive three hours a day what with my 175 mile round trip commute. So to stave off the interminable boredom, I listen to books on CD. Man, I never realized how much I was going to enjoy having a stereo that works AND that has a CD player (AND cassette player!). So, I have downloaded a half a zillion Books and burned a grip on to CDs. I am currently on disk 10 of 12 of From a Buick 8 by Stephen King. It's not bad. I mean for Stephen King. Remember when Stephen King used to write really cool books? The Shining, Christine, Carrie, Cujo... cool stuff. But then a shift began to take place. You know what I mean. The books became longer and longer. He used characters in more than one book. And, they were all set in that damned Derry! Bleh! I have a theory though.

(obligatory new paragraph)
Think back to Robert Heinlein. Same thing. Awesome books, but the older he gets and the more books he writes, the longer they get, character crossovers and the characters seem to blend together... Next thing you know, he had not a brain tumor, but some sort of "blockage" of blood to the brain. No wonder he got all blithery. So, if it happened to ONE great writer, well, it could be happening to Stephen King. He oughta get that checked out.

(obligatory new paragraph)
Speaking of writers that need to check out... I have a collection of Dean Koontz novels, many signed. Why? Because I loved his books, but I think I am going to start putting them up on eBay or something before the value gets any less! This guy needs to stop writing. It's just that simple. Granted, Lightning was an awesome book. One of my favorites. And, he's had many darned good books, in my opinion. However, I believe that there comes a point when you're just out of ideas and doing that going back and forth, back and forth between different characters in your story thing, is getting freaking annoying. I am trying to read One Door Away From Heaven and pretty much it is just exhausting. I really hate every chapter being a different person's story. I do not want to read three totally different stories in one book and not find out what ties them together until the end of the book. I just feel frustrated. I can usually knock out a Koontz or heck, any other book in 6-8 hours or less, depending on the length, but I have been reading this thing off and on since September! Dean, please, just retire already if you can't do something special.

(obligatory new paragraph)
Oh, the scariest part? A new Koontz book, By the Light of the Moon is coming out next month. How much you wanna bet, that if I don't get it as a gift (I will), then I'll buy it and read it. *SIGH* I guess I just keep trying to have faith that he'll remember how to do it up right.

(sorry the paragraph thing just cracked me up... I had to)

:: Jenn 2:09 PM [+]

He Likes Me, He Really Likes Me!

That was my Sally Field impersonation. Pretty good, huh?

:: Jenn 1:26 PM [+]

What I had for lunch today...

Don't you love Bloggers who write about what they ate all day? Yeah, me too. On that note...

I'm sitting here greasing up the keyboard while I eat a Pastrami sandwich and onion rings. Oh Yeah... cholesteral, baby. The point isn't WHAT I'm eating. The point here is they can put a man on the moon, they can clone a sheep, but they can't freaking make pastrami without fat all over it!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrr See, when I eat Pastrami, I have to take the whole sandwich apart and pick every piece of fat off of it. My hands get all greasy, it makes a mess, and the sandwich gets cold in the process. I just can't stomach fat, it grosses me out, like totally. I know, I know... why do I eat it? Cuz it's yummy! ...once you get all that fat off.

:: Jenn 1:24 PM [+]

:: Saturday, November 16, 2002 ::
Tryin' to be purty

So this morning I burned my scalp with one or two of my seventeen hot tools that are necessary to do my hair in the morning. I look sorta cute for the moment, though. Of course as soon as I walk outside, I'll look like I just rolled out of bed. The question here, is WHY do I do this? *SIGH*

:: Jenn 8:28 AM [+]

:: Friday, November 15, 2002 ::

The search engine thingy trips me out. I get a lot of hits now... somehow I must have moved up the searching ranks in the last several months. I don't really care so much about getting a lot of hits, because I doubt most of them stick around to read anything anyway. I just find it interesting for some reason. I like seeing what people are looking for and how I show up on their searches, rank, etc. Well, it's true, I'm easily amused. I've shared my most common search words already, but wow, how was I to know that by putting that little Bath and Bodyworks link on here that I would JUMP in hits two days later. It's just bizarre. How did I move up to gettin' hit for every little thing people search for? Very strange. Nice to get hits from people looking for something OTHER than porn for a change, though =)

:: Jenn 12:13 PM [+]

We have neighbors!

Last night we got to meet both our next door neighbor and the one who lives on top of us. It was simple, actually. All you have to do is strap a pinball game to a dolly and then stand at the bottom of the steps to your apartment. You know, blocking them. When people want to get to their apartments, they ask, "Do you need help?" And, you say "that would be great, thanks!" Then, once the game is up the stairs, Mr. San Diego says "one down, one to go!" hahahaha

We actually were supposed to have a friend help us, but he never showed up. We did invite the newly met neighbors in for a beer from the kegerator, but they politely declined. It was probably the site of all of the hot wheels all over the floor that scared them off. They probably thought we had a kid. heh But, they were very nice to help us. Pinball games are extremely heavy and I can barely lift one off the ground enough to shift it over 6 inches, so we desperately needed some big strong men to help!

After that, Mr. San Diego and I had our second arguement and our first ugly scene. So needless to say, I'm not in the greatest of moods today. Feeling very sad. We'll be okay, but it just whacked me and now I'm in a funk.

:: Jenn 8:22 AM [+]

:: Thursday, November 14, 2002 ::
Whoa... someone's gettin' all chatty now

I know I'm bizarre. I go for days saying pretty much jack shit nothing and all of a sudden I'm miss loquacious. (too bad for you, none of it is INTERESTING!) But, I realized that I didn't tell you about this morning. YIKES! This was so damned weird. I'm in my bedroom, practically naked, getting ready for work at about 5:45am. All of a sudden, I hear the most blood-curdling screaming I have ever heard in my life! I mean, the sound was that of sheer terror, repeated piercing screams. Screams that I, myself could not even try to duplicate. Then this is followed by a woman screamin "OH MY GOD!" over and over and over. My blood was totally running cold at this point, because the only thing that I thought could make someone scream like that would be witnessing something or being a part of something completely horrible. I head to my bathroom window which overlooks the direction the screaming was coming from and tried to listen to what was going on. I heard other women talking and the screamer had calmed down some and was only speaking "Oh my god" over and over as she spoke with the women. I heard a few comments "he... through there", someone called the police, but I couldn't hear what the report was. At this point, I am totally freaked, because in my head, I'm thinking "there's a dead body in our complex." That was the only thing, short of the lady being attacked and wounded, that I could imagine would produce that kind of screaming. I hurriedly threw on a dress and shoes, grabbed my purse and ran out the door, hoping to find out what was up. I walked out the back way, right past the ladies, but couldn't bring myself to say anything to people I didn't know who were obviously dealing with some sort of trauma. I felt it would be comparable to someone who slams on their breaks on the freeway hoping to get a look at the person stuck in their wrecked car. Know what I mean? So, I glanced at them and said nothing and continued on. I saw the person who was the screamer. She was shaky and holding her head and crying, but did not appear harmed in any way. The other ladies were gathered around her, providing support and none of them said a word to me. When I got to my car, I called Mr. San Diego, who had left quite early that morning to tell him what happened. Of course, I didn't really know what happened. I just got this picture in my head that this woman found a dead body. I don't know why I was so fixated on this, but I just could't imagine anything making someone scream like that. Later in the morning, after calling the manager's office and them knowing nothing, I was bugging Mr. San Diego, so he finally called the local police to ask if anything had happened and they told him they had responded to a domestic disturbance in our complex. I am still just TRIPPING out, because while I guess the woman could have been injured and it was still too dark too tell, even someone just whaling on me couldn't get me to produce the sounds I heard coming from her mouth. The whole thing has just freaked me out.

:: Jenn 2:37 PM [+]


I am getting sick of people making comments about kids. It's just annoying. I realize that I used to want kids quite strongly, however, as I mentioned on here before, the ol' clock has died down and after that, I found Mr. San Diego, one big kid himself. So, when people ask, I tell them that we have a great life and don't wish to have children. So WHY do they all feel the need to continue bringing it up at every opportunity??? "Where are you going to put the kids?" "When will we have little ones running around?" yadda yadda. I got snippity today and said, "I TOLD you, there will be no children." Apparently I have to be a bitch or something. Why is it that people expect you to have kids? Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you have to turn into a baby makin' machine. Some people just don't want children, don't like children, or just don't feel that children will fit into their lifestyle. Thats us. SUCK IT UP. THERE WILL BE NO CHILDREN. Geez.

:: Jenn 2:15 PM [+]

Too Many Jennifers

After reading about Kathleen googling herself and Mr. Man, I found myself again googling my incredibly boring and usual name. Naw, I don't think my name is BORING... just very common. Anyway, it kinda blows to see all of these sites come up for doctors and students with my name and I'm jsut boring ol me and nothing comes up. Heck, even Mr. San Diego nets a lot of responses if I google him! But the more I looked at all of those educated, rich Jennifer Millers out there, the more I thought... identity theft.

:: Jenn 1:14 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 ::
Bath And Bodyworks

If anyone is interested, you can get a coupon for a free $15 Bath and Bodyworks item (with purchase) at bathandbodyworks.com.

:: Jenn 9:59 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 ::
Movie Tuesday

Don't watch this movie called The Transporter. No, it isn't a Star Trek story. Just another chase and fight and blow up things movie. Lame. I thought it was like this really old movie, but then when I went to the site to provide a link I saw that it is a brand new movie! If you must see it, wait for video.

1 ~ The Transporter

:: Jenn 4:15 PM [+]

Silence is Golden

or, in other words, I'm being lazy and don't have anything to say.

So have any of you used this Evite.com thingy? I think it is really cool. I set up a poker game for this weekend with it and I'm digging it until today when I sounded my friend for not replying; she said she never got the email inviting her to the site. So I re-sent it and am waiting to make sure she didn't just screw up or anything, but I'm a little worried because this could be a really cool party inviting tool IF IT WORKS. We fiended on it all weekend checking to see who had read it and who responded, etc. Fun stuff.

:: Jenn 3:36 PM [+]

:: Monday, November 11, 2002 ::
The Penis Song

This is bizarre, but I'm sharing it with ya cuz I love ya all. WARNING: AUDIO!!!

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Comments on Nascar

Welpers, I'm not ecstatic, but congrats to Mat Kenseth for his Win at the Phoenix Race yesterday. Sure would have liked to see Jimmie stay up front once he made his way up there, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Probably all my fault for not attending the race like I was supposed to *SIGH*. But, Jimmie Johnson was out of the big race after his last couple of disappointing races. He keeps a pretty good front up but I can bet what a let down that must have been after being so close to the championship as a rookie. You KNOW the excitement that must have created! We know that the only contenders for the title now are Tony Stewart and Mark Martin. Rusty and Jimmie are actually tied for 4th place at the moment, behind (ugh) Kurt Busch in 3rd.

I feel so bad for both Mr. San Diego AND Rusty Wallace, who came in SECOND for the 4th time this year. Great racing, great job, I wouldn't have minded seeing Jimmie in second yesterday, but I know how disappointing it is for Mr. San Diego, so it must be heartbreaking to Rusty to not have won a race in 60 races.

Here's an article where Tony Stewart voices my opinion about Robby Gordon. Well said.

And, I won't even start on Ryan Newman, because that will only let you see the bitchy side of me as I share my sour grapes.

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:: Thursday, November 07, 2002 ::
I just have nothing to say today

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:: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 ::
I'm Number One

How proud I am to be number one for these searches:

Everquest Porn
SpongeBob Porn

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About Last Night

We saw Aerosmith and Kid Rock last night. It was a great show. As usual, Aerosmith was AWESOME and they are still doing the running to the back of the venue thing so that people with lawn seats get an up-close view. We left our killer seats to go up to the lawn to get close. It was pretty fun. I'm not a huge Kid Rock fan, but when we got there (FREAKING LATE thanks to traffic and a 2.5 hour drive for ME) he was close to the end of his show so the songs I heard him do were ones I know and he did a medley of Detroit rocker songs. It was fun and I thought he was very entertaining. I had a really good time although Mr. San Diego kind of annoyed me by continuing to call people on his cell phone so they could hear the music. The first time was funny, but then it was annoying. Particularly when he had to call his other girlfriend THREE times. Geez. But, I need to pay attention to things like what time shows start when I'm buying tix. This one was too early for my commute. I am definitely going to have to use some better planning in the future.

Speaking of planning or lack thereof, I am so bummed right now because Mr. San Diego and I have decided that we cannot go to Phoenix for the Nascar race this weekend. I have been planning on going for months, but he kept wanting to wait to get tix, wait to make plans, yadda yadda. Now there are no good tickets left and he has to work both Friday and Monday, which pretty much leaves us screwed. See, I wanted to fly. I always fly. Thats why I work, so that I can do things like fly somewhere for the weekend. Mr. San Diego on the other hand has other ideas. He was all over the driving thing. Problem was, neither of our trucks were really up to the challenge. Apparently his wanting to "wait" was because he wasn't sure how we would get there. Now I have a new car so it's all good, but now we have no tickets. Blah blah blah.. Regardless of the hows and whys, we aren't going and I'm a little cranky about it. But, I also don't want to drive 6 hours there and 6 hours back in a 48 hour time period and have shitty seats, if any, for the race. No bueno. My big bummer though, is I was really looking forward to getting to meet Kathleen and now we're just gonna have to wait for a later date.

Today's been a rough day so far, so wish me luck for it to get better.

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:: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 ::
Being me

Last night I played Everquest with my brother. Only for about 90 minutes, but you know what? I was bored. I'm tired of Everquest already and it's just how I am about everything. I find some new "thing" and I get all obsessed and then I tire of it. It's almost a joke. "What's Jenn into this week?" The thing is that I AM interested in lots of things and I like participating in a lot of different activities. Maybe it's just that I like too many things. I'm constantly aware of the fact that I spread myself so thin doing so much that there isn't any one thing that I feel that I excel at. Most people have something that they are good at. I have friends who are great pinball players, I had a friend who was a great poker player, Nick is awesome at trivia, I have a friend who is very good at hockey, my brother kicks ass in Everquest, I have friends who are great drummers, Mr. San Diego has a multitude of talents. But me? I like making scrapbooks with my photos, but I'm too lazy to excel at it. I'm a pretty good poker player, but I haven't played in a year and without continuing to play, I'll never get better at it. I'm a great problem solver (as long as they aren't personal problems... hehe), but that only is a good thing if you HAVE a problem. I love the outdoors and hiking and camping and backpacking, but I hardly ever get to do that stuff anymore and I certainly wouldn't say that I'm an excellent outdoorswoman. It's just sort of depressing that I don't have a "thing". Sometimes I feel sort of failure-ish. I know it's not true and I should be happy with what I can do and the interests I have, but I wish I could find my "thing". Sorry if this sounds like whining, it was just on my mind.

Oh, and I will keep playing EQ with the bro. Afterall he bought the game for me, it's something we can do together with him in North Carolina and me in California, and it's only 2 hours out of my week, right?

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:: Monday, November 04, 2002 ::
NASCAR This Weekend

Wow. To say I'm disappointed in what happened to Jimmie Johnson is pretty much an understatement. I'd guess that his chances at being a rookie-champion are pretty much gone after the pit problems he had rendered his car fucked up and him coming in 37th. I am very pleased with how great he did this year. What luck for me to have picked a driver who did such a great job in his rookie year. With two races left, I doubt he'll come in points champ or even rookie of the year, but it has been a lot of fun rooting for him.

As for the winner at Rockingham yesterday, congrats to Johnny Benson, who captured his FIRST Winston Cup win! Huzzah! I almost teared up thinking about how cool it is to grab your first victory like that. If it couldn't be my guy, I like that it was someone like Johnny Benson.

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:: Friday, November 01, 2002 ::
Tortured much?

What Element Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

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Wow, I just realized I haven't posted about Survivor for some time. Well, obviously I missed a couple of weeks of it... could have something to do with it. Anyway, I did watch last night and what a little twist of fate was played on Shi Ann! I felt bad for her, because I could see where she was coming from in the decisions that she made. I thought people were treating her like shit from the very beginning, myself, so her wanting to actually have some friendly people to hang with was not unusual. The show just kind of screwed her over with the suggestion that there was a merge of teams, when really there wasn't. The funny thing is that Mr. San Diego said "they didn't say it was a merge, they just said they were going to live on the same beach together." I said I thought it was a merger, so of course he LOVED it when he was right! heh

Shi Ann was my mom's pick, so, sorry mom! My second pick got voted off while I was gone, but my FIRST pick, Brian the DRUNKEN, is still in it. What a riot when he got so drunk on wine that he was puking. Hey! My kinda guy, huh? hahaha

All in all, I have to say that this season is completely better than last season (thank goodness!). Maybe not as good as the first couple, but much better and I'm going to keep watching a while.

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...and I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE

SO, Wednesday I was searching e-cards. I wanted to send one to Mr. San Diego that said something around the lines of "Thanks so much for being such a swell guy even when I'm such a total bitch." What I ended up doing was just finding something a LITTLE smooshy in a Flavia motif and just telling him "Thanks for putting up with my psychotic moments with love and patience. You rock and I love you." Or something to that effect.

What's my point?

How on earth did I get lucky enough to hook up with this person who I have known for YEARS and who is so obviously my Mr. Right. He is so damned good to me. Don't get me wrong, he isn't perfect. I mean he did take my aisle seat on one leg of our flight home, and he is addicted to WinMX. He has his moments, but for 98% of the time, this guy is so awesome to me AND he actually said that I am less than 5% crabby! If he is only seeing that low of a percentage of crabbiness on my part, he must be in love. Now if I could just get the guy to propose.

How did I, the girl with no luck, get this lucky?

Sorry for the smooshy post, but I'm in a smooshy mood.

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