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:: Friday, January 31, 2003 ::

Stuff and Nonsense

I'm still sick. I don't seem to be getting any better. But, I MUST get my oil changed today (every six weeks, baby) so I'm heading out to do that so that I can return and try sleeping. Apparently, the sleep that was taking over my world the first couple days eludes me now that coughing is so much a part of my life. I'm thinking I need more Nyquil... LOTS of Nyquil. If my doctor was nice he would have given me cough syrup with codeine. He KNOWS how well that works, the jerk. No, I love my doctor. He's not a jerk.

Anyway, I felt so awful at being so unproductive (yes, I worked a total of 6 hours this week) that I finished putting up the New Years Eve party pics on the website, so if you want to see me being my usual partygirl self, go right ahead. I actually was on very good behavior for this particular party. (patting self on back)

I have to go now.

:: Jenn 9:22 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 ::
It's Coming...

I've been spending my morning at home perusing the Survivor website over at CBS.com. Yes, I'm home. Yes, I'm SICK and I mean sick. I have Strep Throat =( I actually feel worse today then yesterday! No bueno. Anyway, back to Survivor.

I decided to study each of the contestants before the show actually starts on February 13th. I want to have a jump on who is who. There are several contestants coming from California. One is from the IE area. She's a Deputy DA for Riverside County. I think she also belongs to a triathalon club that a friend of mine is in. I'm leaning towards her being one of my initial choices. I'm a hometown girl and always like to root for the hometown team, ya know?

They are doing something a little different this time and making the initial two teams women vs. men. So, I think my plan will be to pick one woman and one man and one alternate for the beginning. See, I learned that it does no good to just pick one person because if they get voted off right away it sucks. So, I'm going to read up on the people, then watch the first show then pick one girl, one guy and one alternate. It's really hard to pick from just what you read, you have to wait until you see how they act and what their personalities seem like in the beginning. The guy I'm kicking around is Matthew. Apparently, he's quite the adventurer. There's also a local California guy who is a rocket scientist and drinks beer who I'm considering. hehe It's interesting to see what the luxury items they bring are. Everything from Sage to a letterman's jacket to a magic 8-ball! Some of these people really make me wonder what they are thinking with their choices in "luxury items"! What I wonder is... can't you bring a toothbrush as your luxury item???

I know how most of you hate Survivor, so I won't babble on and on... besides, my couch and the Food Network are calling my name. Send me healthy thoughts!

:: Jenn 10:58 AM [+]

:: Monday, January 27, 2003 ::
Daffodil Days

Do you all have this American Cancer Society Daffodil Days thing going on? Somehow I always get roped into being the coordinator for our office. I love daffodils, but these are damned pricey! But, I buy 'em and try to get others to buy them because some day, I'll probably have a need of the ACS services, ya know? After smoking for some 20+ years, I'll probably end up dying of cancer or something. You never know, though... maybe I'll get a reprieve since I finally quit (Thanks Mr. San Diego).

So, here I am the office Daffodil coordinator. I'm reading the tips on how to be a good salesperson. Usually, I just put up a flyer in the breakroom and send out an email the last day asking for any takers. maybe I'll actually make an effort this year. Maybe.

:: Jenn 1:00 PM [+]


Sore throat, headache, itchy eyes, achey body, runny nose. This blows. I think I need to go home.

:: Jenn 12:55 PM [+]

:: Friday, January 24, 2003 ::

RUSH: Selling two items on eBay in one day each totalling over $200. YEA ME!


:: Jenn 4:41 PM [+]

I'm Alive... Promise!

I dunno why I haven't much felt like posting this week. I've been sort of busy and sort of tired and just not in the mood. Nothing really exciting, terrible or wonderful happening in general. Although... yesterday Mr. San Diego and I spent the afternoon and evening at the NFL Experience in Downtown San Diego. As most Americans know, the Superbowl will be held in our fair city this weekend, so there are hullaballoos galore happening, the main thing being the NFL Experience. You get to meet players and play all kinds of football related games, etc. It was fun, but most of our time was spent in line buying Todd McFarlane Exclusive figures of Seau & Tomlinson of the Chargers. This is good because we anticipate making some money off of them. Just waiting for my set to hit ebay and I hope someone will BUY IT NOW. We got a bunch of freebies, A hat, pins, football cards, a DVD, etc. We had a nice time and then we ended the night with dinner at the Spaghetti Factory (the spaghetti didn't do much for me but the ravioli was the BOMB!) with Mr. San Diego's dad and stepmom. Only thing that could have made it better would have been if I'd taken TODAY off too! I'm beat and could have used more sleep this morning. Maybe I'll get some tonight. heh

Relationship stuff: I told Mr. San Diego that he was going to have to marry me, so maybe we'll do that this year. I'm thinking we oughta just do it right before we go to Hawaii in May and that could be our honeymoon. I never had a Honeymoon the first time! I haven't mentioned THAT part to him yet. hehe I think I've warn him down, though, so I guess we'll be doing that one of these days.

Work stuff: busy busy busy. Well, at least when I'm actually HERE, I am!!! haha Been off a lot lately. That's gonna slow down, though. Back to the regular grind. It's budget time and I am working on LAST years budget at the moment. We sort of missed one part. Oops.

Me: I've been trying to do some scrapbooking since I am only a year behind. I have about 4 pages left to have 2001 completed. Finally! And I now have all of my photos from 2002 developed and plenty of supplies, so I have a project to keep me busy when Mr. San Diego fiends on the computer all night. I'm kind of excited about that. I also have to get teh New Years Eve webpage up so people will quit torturing me about it. I started the other day. This weekend is going to be so busy, Iwon't have a lot of time to do much of ANYTHING, though!

Ah! It's a good time for a movie review. We finally saw Harry Potter 2 this week and it was great! The only real problem I had with it is that again, too long. Movies these days are getting so long and I'm such a wiggle worm anyway, it's really ahrd for me to sit there so long! But, Harry Potter displayed the same awesome effects, story/acting/etc was all great and I thouroughly enjoyed it. I'm giving it an 8, if it had a little more editing I would have given it a 9. Okay, I admit it.. I don't know which part would have had to be cut, but SOMETHING would have helped. I like the two hour movie limit.

Have a fab weekend and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

:: Jenn 2:56 PM [+]

:: Monday, January 20, 2003 ::
I'm not feeling all that chatty right now, but I'm not gone or anything =)

:: Jenn 11:04 PM [+]

:: Thursday, January 16, 2003 ::
New Years Eve

Here's a picture of Mr. San Diego and myself celebrating the New Year:

:: Jenn 3:06 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 ::
Times They Are A-Changin'

SO, I'm hearing a lot about this spy software that all the companies are using now. The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking that it's time I spend a little less worktime on the net and a little more time WORKING! What a concept, huh? On one hand, I actually feel somewhat guilty about using the net while at work and on the other hand, if my company is using this software... and chances are good that if they aren't they will be... I'm gonna be screwed. This doesn't mean I go away or anything (sorry haha), but I will have to severely limit my net time and maybe even do my posting from home. I don't know. We'll see, I guess. Mr. San Diego asks "How are you going to quit?" hehe I guess it isn't too hard if the alternative is to lose my job, right? ACK!

:: Jenn 5:56 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, January 14, 2003 ::
Referral Logs

I love reading the searches that people find me with. I do. Well, except my top searches that I've mentioned before and are bored of. Getting the whole "How do I Masturbate" and "transgender camaro" and "Warner's Pure Electricity Bra". Whatever they may be, it's fun reading what people search for. However, it annoys the hell out of me when I see the mispelled ones because that means they found me because I CAN'T TYPE!!!

Maturbate, addicive, changeing, histroy, downlaod... you get the picture. I guess I oughta learn to proofread, huh?

I'm done now! Good Night... probably will not be here tomorrow, but I'll be back on Thursday!

:: Jenn 5:10 PM [+]

Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam

Today when I opened up an email acct I haven't checked in a month or so, I discovered three out of thirteen emails were regarding my penis! It's true! One wanted my penis to be thicker and longer, the second wanted my penis to be more veinous, and the third would get rid of those unnatural curves for me. I was gonna have the BEST damned penis ever! Except... I have nothing with which to begin with *SIGH*

(tandem entry)

:: Jenn 4:43 PM [+]


I'm guesting for Kathleen today, so I'll probably be a little quiet here today.

I have a question for you though. When did it become vogue to cuss non-stop through a televised awards show? File that under TACKY.

:: Jenn 9:46 AM [+]

:: Monday, January 13, 2003 ::
Gimme A Billion, I'll Figure it Out

Kathleen has given us the following question to play with. If you'd like to play along, post your answers on your site and then stop by Kathleen's and leave her a comment so we can read what your selfish fantasies are. If that's too much work, you can comment here =)

"If you were to suddenly inherit a billion dollar windfall, besides throwing tons of money at your pet cause, what five purely selfish things would you buy?"

I've thought about this weekend a bit, but the thing is, I'm usually so focused on what I'd do for other people (you know trying to build up some GOOD karma) that I don't really think about the things I would do for me. But, here's what I've come up with:

1. I would definitely need an airplane with a pilot
2. I would spend a good six months of each year traveling to all of the places on my list. Oh wait, that's EVERYWHERE.
3. A couple of homes, I guess. Not exactly sure where, but probably one at the ocean, one in the moutains, one in a city.
4. I'm really liking people's ideas of owning an island. I'm considering that... sounds fun.
5. Mr. San Diego and I have always wanted to have a bar. Thing is, if we were that wealthy, who'd want to work in a bar? But, maybe plan, design, set-up, and then have it run by others? Heck, maybe a whole chain!

Bonus: The miscellaneous stuff, we all need: vehicles (sportscar, truck, hummer?, motorhome, etc), toys (jet skis, four wheelers, dirt bikes, scuba gear, kayaks, boat, etc), household goods, clothes, jewels, etc.

:: Jenn 8:34 AM [+]

:: Friday, January 10, 2003 ::
Stupid Things Women Do

Once upon a time, there was a guy. Yep, I kinda liked him... a lot. Nope, we aren't talking about Mr. San Diego. I'm talking pre-Mr. San Diego, JUST pre. There was a guy. I spoke of him early in the history of this blog. He did something mean and stupid and our friendship sort of ended on a sour note. But, sometimes I think about him. And, sometimes, I wonder how he's doing. So, yesterday I get the bright idea to shoot him off an email just saying "hey, belated Happy Birthday and Happy New Year and how the hell are you (leaving off ... "you raving psychotic lunatic that hurt the hell out of me")?


Hmmm... that email address didn't work, lets try this other one. Same message...


Wow. He cancelled AOL. Kind of weird, but maybe he is going cheap. Well, I'll call and see if I get an answering machine at his number.

"DOOOO DEEEE DOOOO I'm sorry, the numbe ryou have dialed has been disconnected or is temporarily out of service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please hang up and try your call again..."

Now, I'm tripping. I call the cell phone.

"You have reached #######, leave a message" No way to really tell if the number is still his.

Okay, it isn't all that important. I'm just one nosy bitch and am dying to know if he moved and if so, where, and whats going on and I don't know... like what if he died? It would just be so weird to not know. Well, no it IS sort of weird to not know whether he's alive or dead or happy or sad. I know I should just forget about him and I have moved on... obviously. But, again, I'm nosy as hell and just so curious. Oh well. Unless I launched an investigation, I won't know, so I guess I'll have to let this one go.

:: Jenn 4:15 PM [+]

Cracked Me Up

Oh, and Thanks to Six Different Ways for RetroCrush's list of the 100 Most Annoying Things of 2002. Good for a giggle.

:: Jenn 12:31 PM [+]

Random Updates and Miscellany

I'd like to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Michael, aka Grillboy and we're all waiting impatiently for the arrival of the GrillBaby! YEA!

My crusade is going well. Our employee association is involved and feels that my crusade is indeed important enough to pursue. Yea me! Wonder how many enemies I'll make along the way?

Haven't had a chance to talk to Mr. San Diego about Vegas issues as I haven't SEEN him forEVER.. well, since yesterday morning anyway. I am getting excited about Nascar starting, though! Especially with Kathleen keeping me constantly updated.

This picture...

is one that I always have on the wall near my desk. My grandma sent me it as a card years ago and it not only reminds me of her, but I think it's damned cute. I had dinner with my grandma last night. I need to see her more often because she's just getting old and I worry about her. I wish it wasn't so hard to keep in touch with everyone, but the older you get it seems the more people there are out there wanting you to keep in touch with them. If only there could be five of me: One to go to work, one to hang with my family, one to hang with my guy, one to keep my house clean, and one to do all of the things *I* want to do!

The "Outlook not so good" for me getting laid tonight. So says The Magic 8-Ball

I spent the night at my mommy's house last night and we stayed up and watched ER. WHy can't they just put that show on an hour earlier? I like it and wish I could watch it, but I can't stay up unitl 11 anymore! Sheeeesh! (Wait! When did I get old??)

eBaying is GREAT! My first two items sold and I've got bids on several more. I particularly love the higher dollar items. Feels GOOD. I just listed two more today. Maybe I'll get rich!!! Oh, wait, I don't have that much stuff. Ah well, it's kinda fun making a little side money. Mr. San Diego isn't doing too bad either. Just call us entrepeneurs!

Found another Jen Blogger.

Here is a question I have. How can I eat at Del Taco almost EVERY single day... sometimes TWICE a day and only win TWO TACOS throughout this whole Star Trek Nemesis promotion? My thoughts are they are cheap ass bastards without very many prizes. I'm serious, if I had to hazard a guess, I would conservatively estimate that I have looked at a MINIMUM of 25 game pieces and out of those only two were winners. I remember McDonalds having a winner like every other game piece. Kind of pisses me off. But, Del Taco is my favorite fast food, so I just keep going back. Whatever. They still have brewed iced tea, though rather than that canned crap everyone else is going to.

Speaking of Nemesis, I havn'et done a movie review for a while. Most likely because of the fact that I have seen very few movies the last few months. Weird, I know. So, here goes... some movie shtuff. Don't read if you don't want to know stuff!

Star Trek: Nemesis. I give this flick about a 7. I liked it, it was watchable. The data storyline was sort of lame. 1st, OBVIOUSLY Data isn't REALLY dead because they downloaded all of his memories into B4. CHEESY. And that whole flying through space thing he did... just more cheese. Of course, this is from someone whose favorite movie is Armageddon, so what do I know? Loved the beetle carapace that the "Nemesis" wore. Purty. I dunno. The wedding scene was DORKY in that "I'm embarassed for you" way and is it just me or is Marina Sirtis looking OLD!?! SO, I dunno, it had it's positives and it's negatives. Being that I like Start Trek and the characters, I go above average anyway, so 7 is about the mark.

Lord Of The Rings: TTT. Welp, I always thought I'd be a big LOTR fan and after sleeping through the first one, I blamed it on the booze. After this one, I can only blame it on lousy editing. These movies are too freaking LONG!!! EDIT EDIT EDIT There were a lot of good things about it, but it was so freaking long and drawn out that I spent most of my time counting down how much longer I had to be in there! Guess I'm just not a LOTR girl afterall. Oh well. I can only give this a 5. The balance between good and bad, was even. I did love the little goblin guy. He was COOL! And of course, Aragorn is hot, and the tree guys were way cool looking and reminded me of the ones at the Renaissance Faire. It's a 5 though... well, okay, I'll give it a 5.5 just for all of you big fans out there.

Mr. Deeds. Well, how freaking disappointing. Here I am trying to show Mr. San Diego how Adam Sandler movies are so funny and this movie SUCKED! It was really awful. The best part was a deleted scene where Mr. Pink... sorry, Steve Buscemi put a piece of pizza down his pants, but well, I guess you had to be there. Don't bother with this one. It's a real disappointment. I am giving it a 2!

Hopefully tonight I get to watch 10 Things I Hate About You. I LOVE this movie and Mr. San Diego has not seen it. I got it for Christmas from a friend and I'm looking forard to seeing it again. Afterall, it DOES have Heath Ledger in it. Really, I think that's all that needs to be said. HE IS SO HOT. I mean for a youngster and all.

Okay, enough about movies. I really oughta do some work and oh, wait... it's lunch time. Gotta go ;-)

:: Jenn 11:59 AM [+]

:: Thursday, January 09, 2003 ::
Fun N Games

For Christmas I got a Deluxe Scrabble game. YEA! I love Scrabble, but haven't played in years. I've been wanting a game for some time. So Mr. San Diego and I have played technically four games, one of those with his dad, too. I have won them all. On one hand it's cool, but on the other hand, I feel bad because Mr. San Diego keeps losing. He says it's okay, because thus far, I haven't beaten him in Chess, but he's pretty competitive, so I know it's bugging him. The thing is last time I even got a seven letter word... TWICE, but the second time I didn't even put it down, because he says once I'm 100 points ahead, he conceeds. So far, in two of the four games, I got 100 points ahead before what should have been the end of the game. It's just not as fun. AND, I realize that if you have shitty letters, it has nothing to do with knowing words, etc. So, my day may come to lose, but right now... I'm kicking ass.

:: Jenn 2:57 PM [+]

Damn Ho-Bag Sluts

That, in itself, made me feel better ~sort of. But what is up with these stupid bitches who cheat on their husbands? I know of TWO. I mean, PERSONALLY know TWO women who have marriages to really great guys, have kids, a home, should have no complaints, and they are screwing other guys!!! Maybe if you're young and dumb and just don't know any better. I admit, in the past, I've made my mistakes, but I learned from them and have to live with those mistakes for the rest of my life. However, these are mature (well, in age anyway) women who are FUCKING OTHER MEN. To me, it is quite simple: If you aren't happy in your marriage... get the fuck out. I feel really angry about this even though I don't know their husbands or families and it really isn't my business. It's just the principle and knowing the people personally, it makes me physically ill to think they are not only cheating on their husbnads, but that they act almost proud of it. It's disgusting. I don't understand how anyone can be such a hateful and evil person to do something that could be so destructive to another person who supposedly is someone you "love" or at least thought you "loved" at one point. What happens when these men find out? You don't know. They could deal, they could leave them, they could come with a shotgun and kill the cheater(s), or, like my ex-father-in-law, they could drive to the mountains, down a deserted road, where they won't be found for a week and blow their brains out. You just don't fuck with people and their emotions like that. IT'S WRONG. I'm all for people doing what makes them happy ~ as long as that happiness isn't at the expense of others. I wish I could tell them this myself, but of course, I find out via an intermediary source so I have to smile and pretend that I don't think these people are lower than scum.

:: Jenn 9:41 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 ::
Bloggy Thoughts On My Morning Commute

See, I remembered. What I was thinking about really, was Alph. Yeah, that guy over at www.typicalmale.com. See, the thing about Alph is he cracks me up. He is totally honest (I think) about stuff and doesn't really give a shit about whether he is offensive, or Politically Correct, or whatever. No, actually he goes out of his way to be shocking and to offend. I don't always agree with him, but a lot of times, I do. Even when I DON'T agree with him, I still can see where he's going and why. Of course, I'm not a person who is easily offended, so if you are, you could spend a lot of time pissed off if you read him. He says what's on his mind and his style is humorous to me.

To continue, there is another blogger who I'm not going to mention by name, but she also doesn't give a shit what people think of her opinions. Personally, I actually WAS sort of offended by her closed mindedness, however, I also realize that there are all kinds of people who think their bizarre thoughts, express their bizarre beliefs and live their bizarre lives. Whatever. It's not my place to say that they are wrong. The fact that this blogger is not interested in differing opinions is her right. I feel sorry for people who have closed minds and never listen to other opinions or ideas because I think you really lose out on whats around you by doing that. But, it's not my place to judge someone's belief system and hey, a blog is our place to express what we want. Whether it's mindless drivel (like here), or a passionate view of world politics (like Vinny), our blogs are our place to just say it.

What was my point here? Oh, yeah. I guess I just think people get so riled up and indignant about things that people write on their blogs. Come on! Suck it up. Aren't you out there reading these things to gain knowledge, be entertained, be a voyeur and peek into someone else's life for a while, etc.? Those people with comments are asking for opinions, whether they are in agreement or differing, those people without comments, don't really care. Why be assholes? Why call names? Why not just have fun, because isn't that really why we're here in the first place?

Oh, and Alph... quit taking vacation. This old person slacking off at work, trying to avoid the misery of my every day life missed ya ;-)

:: Jenn 12:32 PM [+]


Boy did yesterday suck. I'm glad it's over. I'm too embarassed to mention how I culminated the years worst day so far, but after I hit rock bottom, things got better and I got a killer night of sleep. YEA ME! I can't understand how a man can be so incredibly understanding and patient. If he had said and did the things I did to him yesterday, to ME, I would have freaked, but you know what he told me instead? "You're everything I want". It's hard not to love that.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle Vegas. Since he can't go on the Friday and I WANT to go on Friday, I told him maybe I would just fly out and he could drive out later, but maybe I'll reverse that and just buy him a plane tik to join me. I don't know for sure and we have two months to figure it out, so I'm not going to stress. TODAY. heh Yesterday, well, I was stressed.

I had a bunch of things in my head as I was driving to work this morning. I thought of all sorts of blogging topics and now all of a sudden, my mind is a blank. I'll be back when I remember.

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:: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 ::

I'm just trying to figure out why I got out of bed today at all.

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Blow Out the Candles, Baby

I realized yesterday that today is the birthday of my blog. Wow. That's pretty amazing that I've been doing this for a year now. It's a little different than originally anticipated. But, I think it's still what I had hoped to have: a journal that I actually keep.

I'm feeling really random and crappy right now. I got virtually no sleep last night. I feel horrible. On top of the sleep issue, I feel like throwing up. I'm not sure if it is because of the sleep issue or because of my being a psycho, but I'm leaning to the latter as I felt this way last night BEFORE I didn't sleep. Aren't you supposed to have PMS BEFORE the ol' monthly visitor? What's with this psychotic episode coming in the aftermath? I don't get it.

All of a sudden I'm questioning my relationship. WHY? Can't answer that. Perhaps it is because my self-esteem isn't as high as I like to pretend it is? Maybe it's just that I can't believe that I'm ever truly supposed to be happy? That I have been feeling soooo euphorically happy, maybe I'm just thinking that it can't be real and that he's surely going to do something like cheat on me and ruin what we have and destroy me in the process. I can't explain why I'm so pessimistic except that when you've been fucked over time and time again by people who say they love you, after a while, you just can't believe that anyone can be consistently good to you and NOT cheat and lie and fuck with your heart and your head. Since WE have been together, Mr. San Diego has done nothing to lead me to believe that everything he says isn't true. But, I know his past and I know that he hasn't always been as trustworthy as I'd like. And, I guess that scares me a little. Can people change their spots? I think they can. I know that *I* did. Why can't I just enjoy my life? Why do I have to sit around and worry. Everything was so good and now I'm being freaky. Without trust, there is no point. I have trusted him implicitly. Now I'm questioning myself... and him. I feel scared... and like puking. And absolutely NOTHING has changed in the last 3 days to make me feel like this. It's official, I'm psychotic.

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:: Monday, January 06, 2003 ::

With the recent New Years Eve excitement, i thought I'd talk about toasting. You may be aware that Mr. San Diego and I do a little beer drinking, ummm, occasionally. What you don't know is that we have a little tradition of toasting every time we open, pour or order beers together. Most of our toasts are "to us". Some are to exceptionally coole xperiences like a great weekend, or like on New Years Eve to an "awesome past year and an even better future". It's our thing we do. The only problem is when it's my turn half the time, I freeze up and can't think of anything. Yeah, I know. I'm retarded. So, I thought you might want to give me a little fodder to practice up for when it's my turn to toast. Suggestions on good toasts? Anybody? Bueller?

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Mr. San Diego and I have officially begun our eBay project. We are selling selling selling. (Of course, he has a TON more stuff to sell than I do, but I have some action figures, Doc Marten's and Hot Wheels that are going). I had two things end today and he had his first item end last night. And more have already been listed. We plan to do a huge sell on everything we want to get rid of.

I'm pretty sure I've made it clear that Mr. San Diego is a toy collector so he has lots and lots of toys to unload. He mostly only buys things that he collects himself, but when he can grab a good deal, he'll also pick things up to sell to help finance his own toy habit. He's actually gotten me into it. Of course, I'm sort of the enemy, because I see it as a money-making opportunity and he sees it from a collector's view. Most of the items I purchase are for his collection and he pays me back, but every once in a while, I'll grab something that I think will make me some dough. So I'm offloading those items as well as a bunch of crap that people have givien me that I don't want. I used to sell concert tickets, but haven't done that for a while, plus it's a summer time activity. I made a FORTUNE on Aerosmith tix one year! So, anyway, I'm kinda in the eBay world for a while. I just have to remember not to BUY!!! heh

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:: Sunday, January 05, 2003 ::
Weekend Posting???

Hey there, now I RARELY post on weekends, you know! But, I'm breaking a habit because I am very excited. Why, you ask? I GOT MY VEGAS NASCR TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! We are so for sure going and I am EXCITED!!! Heh only two months away, ya know? Now I just need to make some hotel reservations. Oh, and my seats suck pretty bad, but we figure, hey, we'll just get up and be rude and walk around! hahaha As long as we're there. PLUS, I have not been to Vegas in like geeeeee... two and a half years??? That's crazy!!! I used to go monthly. SO, I'm very excited. And, Mr. San Diego and I have never been there together AND we actually have never gone away for a weekend together even! Yeah, I'm a little excited. =)

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:: Thursday, January 02, 2003 ::

Today is 01-02-03.

How cool is that?

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Welcome to 2003

Our New Years Eve party went really well. My decorations ROCKED! As soon as I get the website put together, I'll put up the address so you can see my goofy friends =) It was nice to finally ahve a date on New Years Eve! hehe I've been doing this same party for like 10 years now! Even when I was dating my last boyfriend, he worked nights and only had two years where he didn't work New Years Eve. So, it was cool to have a date finally. There were a few people who were just finding out about Mr. San Diego and I being together. People still trip out. Hell, I still trip out, so I guess I can see why they do. I was pleased as punch that I remembered the night, didn't fall down ONCE and didn't puke! YEA ME! Mr. San Diego, however, was pretty trashed and I had to put him to bed about an hour before I finally passed out. Toooo funny. We ended up sleeping until 11am, which I haven't done in probably two years! A good time was had by all... well, except the girl who was puking all night. 21-year olds, whatcha gonna do?

Did everyone do their New Years Resolutions? I did one once like years ago. Can't remember what year, but basically I resolved to NEVER do New Years Resolutions again and thus far I have remained true to my resolution. HA! How many people can say that!?!?!

Well, I'm off today to get my house in order so I better hop to it.

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