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:: Tuesday, September 30, 2003 ::


I was just thinking. I really haven't been seeing many movies lately. But, I listen to a lot of audiobooks. I'm considering starting an Audiobook ratings in addition to the movie ratings over there on the left. I've heard some real great ones lately.

I'm not sure if I mentioned what I've been listening to the last two weeks, but it's awesome. I guess you'd call it "Women's Fiction" (no, not that romance crap!) but I think it easily falls under "Literature" as well. It's called The All-True Travels and Adventures of Lidie Newton. This is an awesome story of a young woman whose father dies and she marries a "damned abolitionist" and heads for the Kansas Territory in the 1850s. It's the story of her life there in the KT and the wars that begin between the "free-staters" and the "Missourians" (supported by the President) and what happens when she is forced to leave KT. Lidie does, in fact, have quite an adventure and her travels take her all over looking for revenge and answers. It's a historical based story of a very courageous young woman and I tell ya, it's hard to get out of the car when I arrive to my destination! I will be finishing it tonight on my way home. I definitely recommend it and if you decide to listen to it, know that it's 19 hours, unabridged! But, well worth it. There ya go. I give it a 9/10.

:: Jenn 5:04 PM [+]


I'm wondering how long my picture will keep being up there. We had to switch cable companies so I'm wondering if everything we uploaded will disappear as soon as they disconeect the acct at Roadrunner or if it sits there a while. Guess I'll find out! I'll get everything transferred once my new cable is set up and my computers are hooked up. With no computers or tv, we were in bed by 8:30 last night! And, I'm still tired. Bleh.... I'll catch up eventually, I guess.

So, I wrote a letter to my brother today. I'm going to send him a "toss away" camera and have him take pictures and then send it to me and get it developed. I thought that would be sort of cool. I can get pics of him and Iraq at the same time. Only 5 and 1/2 months till he comes back! My mom is in Florida with his wife and kids doing Disney World. I was supposed to go on that trip. I'm sorta bummed cuz I miss those kidlets! My mom called me today and was telling me how when she would take The Girl on rides, she would say, "Grandma, I LOVE that ride!" hehe She's really talking right now and I hate missing it!

Mr. San Diego just called me and when discussing dinner he tried to tell me we couldn't eat out for every meal. I laughed and said, we had to if we wanted to eat, since our kitchen is currently inaccessible and unavailable for cooking and I'm not able to live on cold sandwiches! I'm hoping if I hold out long enough, he'll get his crap out of my way! heh heh But, neither of us is going to have time to get anything done around the place until two weekends from now because this weekend is the Hot Wheel Convention and we can't miss THAT don'tcha know.

Can you hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice?

Okay, I have to get back to work.

:: Jenn 4:39 PM [+]

:: Monday, September 29, 2003 ::
I'm Not Ungrateful

Really, I'm not. I've just had the worst week I remember having in a very long time.

I guess the thing is that when you buy a house, you just don't expect to walk in and find complete filth that you have to get rid of. But, that's what happened. I took four days off last week, thinking I could have everything cleaned up and ready to go by the time of the big move we planned for Saturday. I worked hard all week and there is barely a dent in the place. Then, after TWO days of moving a million and a half boxes of toys from one place to the other, you can't even WALK through the house yet.

I feel sore, and frustrated and sorta pissed. I was totally excited to come to work today. This oughta give you a clue. The pains in my muscles have their OWN aches and pains in them! I know that in time, things will work out and the place will get put together and over the years we'll do a lot of renovating and it will be great. Right now, though, I feel tired and sore and frustrated as hell. And, while I love Mr. San Diego, I'm feeling a lot of anger toward the mental illness that he calls a hobby. Unless you live it, see it, MOVE it, you don't have an understanding of the depth of his collection and it is brutal and it will only grow, never diminish.

But, I chose the man and the toys come with him and most of the time I not only accept that, but help and support him in his collecting. Today just isn't one of those days... tomorrow probably won't be either. I WILL be sharing some pictures of what my living room looks like right now once the computers get hooked up. It MIGHT give you an INKLING, but that will be it.

On a good note, I did get my living room painted... well, two walls of it and the red is BEAUTIFUL if just a LITTLE on the streaky side. When it's done, it's gonna look great in there.... even if I CAN'T afford the Crown Moulding, afterall *sigh* When that little project is done, I will definitely share pics, because I'm excited about it. Plus it is the only room in the house that will look cute for some time. Okay, done talking about hosuse stuff...sick of it.

One more thing to share. In my secret shopping experience last week, I had my very first fish taco! It was delicious! I know, it's hard to believe that I live in Southern California and have NEVER eaten a fish taco, but it's true. I then proceeded to have fish tacos three days in a row! I LOVE THEM!!!! yum! Eat them. They're good. I promise. I've tried 'em at Rubio's & Baja Fresh and they rocked both places. So there.

Hands hurt to do much more typing... maybe more tomorrow. Same Bat Channel and all that rot.

:: Jenn 5:05 PM [+]

:: Friday, September 26, 2003 ::
I'm here!

I'm just working harder than I've ever worked in my life and I'm pretty miserable. I will tell you all about it next week when the swelling in my fingers (from working them to the bone) subsides.

Stay Tuned... I'll be back next week.

:: Jenn 7:09 AM [+]

:: Monday, September 22, 2003 ::
Darn Cats

You know, not more than a couple of hours after the post about the cats, Mr. San Diego and I are leisurely swimming in the pool and he says "so... are we going to get a cat?" hehe I KNEW this was coming and said as much. Then I said, "okay, you can have a cat, BUT it has to be an outdoor cat. That means always outdoors and no sneaking it into the house when I'm gone". I went on to explain that I would not be cleaning up after it (don't EVEN try to tell me about how you don't have to clean up after cats, I HAD a cat) or feeding it and that it would be his responsibility to provide any care needed AND he would have to wash his hands after petting it and before touching me. I know, I know... I'm weird, but animals just are not my thing and men (I know I'm generalizing here, but I have a little experience in this area) tend to not wash their hands quite as often as *I* think they ought to.

He said "nevermind"! When I asked which part was a problem, I cracked up that it was that it had to stay outside, he wants one of those "sometimes it can come" in cats. These, to me, are way worse than an "ALWAYS in" cat because then they track fleas and other junk into the house! I have a feeling we'll end up with a cat eventually, but I'm sticking to my guns. NO INDOORS.

:: Jenn 10:22 AM [+]

:: Sunday, September 21, 2003 ::

:: Jenn 10:08 AM [+]

One Day Left

That's it. Then I'll be 35. That's a good solid number. I like numbers that even up in some way 10-15-20-25... or ones that even up to something in my head: 21, one can consume alcohol legally, 27 (a number I like), 33, they go together. My 30s have actually, for the most part, been the best times of my life. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that, but for me they've been great. You couldn't pay me to go back to my teens, but I sometimes hear people say what great teen years they had. And, 20s, well, they weren't BAD, in fact the summer before I turned 25, I was single and free for the first time in many years and wow, did I have a blast! But my 20s were filled with angst and uncertainty. I now feel more certain about my life: where I've been, where I'm going, what I want. It's good.

So my next question is why the heck have I had such a depressing week. Having to do a lot of work is not something that should or ever has depressed me, so I can't imagine that it was work that caused this. I HAVE felt very overwhelmed there, which I guess can be a contributor and of course, all of the "house" stuff has been somewhat overwhelming, but it's a done deal now, we closed escrow on Friday. I guess it's just a lot of things happening all at once and then throw in the uncanny day of pretty much everything going wrong yesterday, culminating in a screaming crying arguement at 11pm last night with the Mr. SD.

I'm going to look for the best though and try to make today a better day. Maybe if I focus on the good stuff instead of the crappy things I'll do better. Plus there is always the "LIST" that Chad passed on to us! heh

And, today is the Nascar race and last year Jimmie won this race for my birthday present... maybe he can do it again!? Okay. Off to eat and launder and watch races and pack boxes and hopefully get taken out to a nice dinner if I don't act psychotic and ruin another day.

PS Someone hit me today from an old post on another site that was blasting me last year for saying that I think men who like cats are freaks. Apparently I had been offensive with that statement and I did issue an apology to those who took offense, but also explained that *I* am the one who thinks it is bizarre and since so many of my FRIENDS like cats, then it's not like I HATE these guys, I just think it's weird because I find cats to be so... so... just, well I really just don't like cats, so maybe I'm the weird one. Anyway, the point I wanted to make here is that
1) Mr. San Diego loves cats. (AND he always TOUCHES THEM!)
2) It has been suggested that we get a cat to assist in a gopher problem in our new home.

I just wanna say, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh :::slapping forehead::: What am I going to do?

:: Jenn 9:59 AM [+]

:: Saturday, September 20, 2003 ::

Have you ever had a week where it just feels like everything is going wrong? That was my week. I never looked forward to a weekend so much... at least not for some time. Even knowing that I'm going to have to pack this weekend, I didn't care, I just needed a weekend. Well, my day hasn't been so hot, either. It just seems like shit keeps going wrong. Sorry to sit and bitch, but I gotta get it out somewhere. I'm feeling really down, but even sleep eludes me, so much for napping it off.

:: Jenn 3:05 PM [+]

:: Thursday, September 18, 2003 ::
The lack of a post should give you an idea of how busy I am! My secretary has been out all week and will be out next week, too. I miss her sooooooooo much. All of her negatives have been erased by how much I need her.

:: Jenn 9:14 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 ::
September 16th through the centuries...

In 1387, Henry V, King of England (1413-22) was born

In 1620,
the Mayflower sailed from England, headed to the New World

In 1782, The Great Seal of the United States was used for the first time

In 1893, Settlers in Oklahoma RACED to unclaimed (previously Cherokee owned) land to claim it for their own. It was the largest "Land Run" ever.

In 1963, The Outer Limits Debuted on television

:: Jenn 5:03 PM [+]

The Big Lie

I find it interesting that you always hear the "horror" stories about women who "do anything" to land their man and then turn into psycho-bitch extraordinaire once they have. Well, I'm here in protest. I think it's all a lie. Women aren't the ones tricking the men, no no... quite the contrary. It's the men. They are the ones that trick you.

Example one. When you start dating, they want you. ALL THE TIME. They want you morning, noon, and night. A woman is led to believe that she is going to live the rest of her days enjoying one HELL of a sex life. Once the commitment is formed and the "L" word is out there, all of a sudden (and I mean, ALL OF A SUDDEN) the interest wanes and next thing you know? It's once a week.

Next. Ever heard this one? "I really don't care much for watching sports. Just the big ones like the Superbowl because I like the commercials and the party and I really don't like baseball". Uh huh. That's why we watched the World Series of BASEBALL while in PERU and why Monday Night Football is now a term we actually USE in our home? Planning our TV around "The Game"?

How do they do this with a straight face? All this time, those snide comments about women "changing" once they were hooked up was all a distraction. You can't fool me. If you point the fingers at the chicks, they're just thinking we won't notice that it's the MEN who've been pulling a fast one on us all along and doing ALL THE CHANGING!!! Jerks.

:: Jenn 4:03 PM [+]

:: Monday, September 15, 2003 ::
A Quickie

I've sort of blown off blogging today... whoops. Busy at work. Lunch date with an old friend. Tying up loose ends on the house... we close on Friday and our ducks don't feel like their in a row. Busy day. Just wanna go home and crawl into bed.

Today's quickie info:

Today in 1890, Agatha Christie was born.

It's, errr... Felt Hat Day!(?)

and, of course... SEVEN DAYS UNTIL I MOVE TO THE NEXT TICK. You know, when you no longer check the 25-34 box, but now have to check the one that says 35-44. I'm getting old. I have a wrinkle even! But, I get presents, so I guess it all works itself out.

:: Jenn 4:19 PM [+]

:: Sunday, September 14, 2003 ::

Jimmie won his third race of the season today in New Hampshire. Great race. Jeff Gordon, moron, screwed up royally today and hit some of Jimmie's pit crew while entering the pits. It was ugly, but luckily they were okay.

Funny thing is that earlier this year, back before Kathleen and I ended up on the outs, I had been seriously considering attending this race. Wish I could have!

But, of course, we are supposed to be packing today. I've pretty much packed my linens and thats it, though. I'm excited about moving, but packing sucks and I just can't figureo ut where to even start. I guess being on the computer won't help much, though! Okay... off to attempt a dent in the packing project.

:: Jenn 4:00 PM [+]

:: Friday, September 12, 2003 ::

I was just visiting Jen's place on the Crazy Island and am now depressed. You know how I try to ignore the news, so I hadn't heard that we had two celebrity deaths today. Johnny Cash has died and so has John Ritter. I mean, I think we all suspected this was coming for Johnny Cash, but John Ritter is startling. He was only 54.

When I was a little girl, I was brought up on Johnny Cash's music. I remember listening to "I walk the Line" and "One Piece at a Time" and especially "A Boy Named Sue" for as far as I can think back to. One of my first concerts was Johnny Cash and I'm feeling pretty sad right now.

Well guys, I'll drink a beer in your honor tonight!

:: Jenn 3:36 PM [+]

The Friday Five

1. Is the name you have now the same name that's on your birth certificate? If not, what's changed?

My last name changed as I kept my ex-husband's name when we divorced. At the time, I felt it would be easier because where I worked, I carried a caseload of clients who were my clients when I had changed my name the first time. I just didn't want to deal with the questions and also I didn't want to hassle with changing everything (SS Card, CDL, etc) back. I now regret that decision. I will be changing my last name once again next year, but I may reinstate my Maiden name as a middle name.

2. If you could change your name (first, middle and/or last), what would it be?

I wish my last name was the one I was born with, instead of my ex husbands. Otherwise, NO! I am totally against people changing their names unless it is really horrible and/or there is a really good reason.

3. Why were you named what you were? (Is there a story behind it? Who specifically was responsible for naming you?)

No story as far as I know.. mom just like the name Jennifer. Who wouldn't?

4. Are there any names you really hate or love? What are they and why?

I've never met someone named Danielle that didn't cause some kind of problem in my life, tends to make me dislike the name. If I had kids I was planning to name them Charlie for a girl and Nick for a boy. Those are my favorite names besides the obvious, Jennifer.

5. Is the analysis of your name at kabalarians.com / triggur.org / astroexpert accurate? How or how isn't it?


The name Jennifer creates a dual nature in that you can be very generous and understanding, but you can also be so candid in your expression that you create misunderstanding. You struggle with the requirement to soften your expression with tact and diplomacy and to consider the feelings of others. Difficulty in accepting advice or admitting that you may have made a mistake causes you to appear to be stubborn and set in your ways. Thus, you have too often created the wrong impression, and friendships have suffered. This name does offer creative talent where there is the opportunity for ingenuity and originality. You have a tendency, at times, to have too many ideas on the go, and thus your efforts are scattered and many things do not reach completion. You are inclined to do to excess the things you like to do. You have very intense feelings and find it difficult to maintain stability and happiness. If you allowed it, temper and self-pity could be problems.

I suppose a lot of what is said is true, but I think you have to be careful with these types of things... sort of like horoscopes... this stuff is easily interpreted to fit a situation. I know that I have been plagued my whole life with the problem of creating the wrong impression and my words have often been taken out of the contect that I meant them to be, so that is pretty accurate. And, I am intense with my feelings... things are rarely gray for me.

:: Jenn 3:26 PM [+]

Sleep, or lack thereof...

I've had a version of insomnia for years. Basically I have difficulty FALLING asleep unless I've really wiped myself out physically or stayed up very, very late. Over the years I've used some sleep aids here and there to help me out with this. Everything from melatonin to prescriptions to over the counter stuff. It's just something I've become used to; lying there in the dark while my other half snoozes.

But, the last couple of weeks I have a new problem. I've actually been falling asleep relatively quickly. It's wonderful. I haven't even been using my current sleep aid which is some over the counter Nytol junk or something to that effect. However, I wake up. ALL NIGHT. REPEATEDLY. Last night I even thought to try the sleep aid to see if it might help - it did not. Tonight has been even better, because once I awoke at 3am, I have not been able to get back to sleep. So, I got up. If I ever get back to sleep, I should be okay since I don't have to get up before 9am anyway today, but still... maybe I'm not even GOING to fall back asleep. I AM tired. I just can't do the sleeping thing. I think I might try staying away from alcohol for a while to see if that has any effect. And, I could get out and get some mega exercise tomorrow to see what that does, but I was wiped out on Friday night last week and I STILL woke up. Don't bother with the whole milk suggestion, because I hate milk. This just blows. Ah well.


:: Jenn 4:34 AM [+]

:: Thursday, September 11, 2003 ::

I'm off work today! Yea!! 4 day weekend!!! But, I'm supposed to be over at the new house by 8:30 to do some junk and I'm not even dressed, so gotta hop to it. I'll try to post later today. In the meantime just keep the countdown going... 11 days until THE BIG DAY!!!

PS It has begun. I have received my first birthday gift.

:: Jenn 8:19 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, September 10, 2003 ::
September, cont'd.

Can't believe I missed it, but the 4th was Tyler's Birthday. Yup, we shared my birthday month (all the coolest people are born in September). Last year he got to go see naked ladies... legally... for his birthday. Still miss that kiddo. Party On Tyler!

:: Jenn 2:44 PM [+]


Besides being my birth month (only 12 shopping days left!), September is also a month celebrating a few other things almost as important:

Children's Books Month
Children's Eye Health and Safety Month
National Childhood Injury Prevention Month
National Honey Month
National Piano Month
National Rice Month
National School Success Month
National Sewing Month
National Sickle Cell Month
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Today is International Make-Up Day... make up with someone you've been scrapping with!
It's also Swap Ideas Day, so get out there and brainstorm.

:: Jenn 12:03 PM [+]


After what seemed like forever, comments are back. So just to make me happy, if you stop by, say something already. =)

:: Jenn 8:49 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 ::
California's Anniversary

In honor of California's 153 years of statehood, today's "Day in History" are all things that happened in California. I'm a Cali Girl and I gotta celebrate!

1850 ~ California becomes 31st state

1925 ~ Cliff Robertson was born in La Jolla California (actor ~ Charly/spokesman for AT&T)

1939 ~ A Surprise preview of Gone with the Wind plays at the Fox Theatre in Riverside, CA (I Saw Spike & Mike there!)

1965 ~ Dodger Sandy Koufax pitches a perfect baseball game

1978 ~ Jack Warner one of the founding "Warner Bros" died in Hollywood, California

1988 ~ Dennis Connor wins the America's Cup in San Diego... again.

:: Jenn 4:08 PM [+]

:: Monday, September 08, 2003 ::
Street Scene Pics

I've got a few pics for ya, but I won't go overboard cuz I wouldn't want anyone to get BORED! These first two are some pics of the view at street scene:

Here's a pic of us girls at the blackjack table... they had a smoke machine or something going on there

Here's one of Concrete Blonde on stage

and one of the Goo Goo Dolls

So quit saying I never show any pics!

:: Jenn 8:07 PM [+]

Entertainment Today

In 1988, Elton John sold some of his costumes and concert memorabilia at an auction in London for $6.2 million

On September 8, 1966, Star Trek premiered. (while I became quite a trekkie with the newer series', the original just never really got me)

Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and The Sea was published Sept. 8, 1952

In 1953, Lana Turner married Lex Barker on September 8.

In 1932, Patsy Cline, country music singer, was born in Winchester Virginia

September 8, 1921 the 1st Miss America was crowned (Margaret Gorman of Washington DC)

Oh and there are...

14 days until my birthday
15 days until we take posession of our house
23 days until we go to the HotWheel convention
53 days until Halloween
108 days until Christmas
114 days until New year's Eve
153 days until Mr. San Diego's Birthday
257 days until my wedding

and my brother has been off to Iraq (via Kuwait) for 4 days

:: Jenn 4:58 PM [+]

So much

I have pics. Really. I just haven't had time to prepare them, but I'm working on it. Tonight I'll get them loaded so I can post tomorrow.

The weekend was great. Saturday wasn't all that, but Friday and Sunday were a blast. I'm still a little on the tired side from go-go-going. Gotta update my band list with a buncha new ones now! I'll have to repost that, too. Of course all of the junk I post will probably disappear when I move and change my cable stuff. Then I'll have to do it all over again. I really should look into one of those internet picture thingies, I guess.

We did manage to watch the race thanks to the miracle of the VCR and I was very happy to see Rusty get a top 5 finally. YEA! And Jimmie missed a top 10 by THAT much! I guess 11 will have to do, though.

I'm still totally junkied out on sweepstakes entering, but having to do some work while their paying me, believe it or not... bleh. And, today apparently is the day I eat. Cuz I have not stopped since I arrived here! OH NO!

I'm ready for my comments to be back up now. Hopefully they'll have the new server up today. Cross your fingers.

I was checking my stats and saw someone who found me by searching for "transgendered husband" and it frustrates me that I have no way to contact that person back. Sometimes I get hits for searches and I think "Oh! I can help that person!" but it's too late because they were here and gone again. My heart goes out to people trying to deal with transgendered loved ones, particularly husbands and fathers since this is something I dealt with in my life. Oh well. In that same vein, it also makes me wonder when someone finds me while searching for porn of one kind or another and then they spend the next thirty minutes on my site. Weird. What do they read or find interesting? Are they looking at links? Are they reading my posts? What? Just one of those weird things I think about.

This week I'm listening to "The Red Tent". Only into it an hour and a half, but really liking it so far. I'll keep you posted.

I'm so behind in reading blogs and I don't have time to read them now, either! I hate not having time to screw off... that just sucks. Tomorrow... tomorrow is another day.

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:: Saturday, September 06, 2003 ::

After night One at Street Scene, we've pretty much spent most of today just recovering. I had a little too much to drink, I think. But, we had a BLAST. Did a lot of wandering about, drinking beer and saw the Almighty Senators, the GooGoo Dolls, Concrete Blonde, Ozomatli, and the Doors. Again, I missed Social Distortion, but I'll get around to seeing 'em one of these days =)

My friends Rhiannon and Kasey came out to hang with us and we all had a great night. I'm just trying to muster up the energy to make tonight just as great... heh I'm still a little out of it, though. Tonight we get to see the B-52s! Whee! I'll post some pics after the weekend is over.

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:: Thursday, September 04, 2003 ::

I find it frustrating, and I mean I am continuously frustrated by the fact that I am unable to write the things that I feel in my heart. I mentioned recently that I had been listening to an audio book that made me cry and made me feel inspired and, really, just made me feel. I want to do that. I want to write that beautifully. I want to have ideas and envision stories and put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and make a story come to life.

In my life I’ve read so many books that some of them are just a blur. I can’t say how many I’ve read, but I’d guess darn near a thousand if you count the audio books, too. And, yet, being a reader obviously doesn’t make one a writer. You’d trip out if you had my dreams because my dreams can be some of the most exciting action adventures or, like last night, cutting edge forensic psychological dramas. But, when the paper appears before me, those dreams are forgotten and it’s like the day I interviewed for this job – my brain is the paper; nothing to be seen but blank sheets of paper, unlined, unwritten on, just empty.

Sometimes when I’m driving home from work, or even driving to work, my mind wanders. I think about things I would like to write about, even just here in my blog. But when the editor pops up, all of those things that seemed so profound and interesting, all of a sudden aren’t. I surf through a handful of people who I enjoy visiting in the Blog World and usually through some I’ve never read before and some of these people are absolutely amazing writers. Their expression is beautiful whether it’s personal anecdotes or impressions of events happening in the world. Why can’t I do that?

So, I’m not trying to be a big fat whiney baby here, but I’m just taking a moment to share one of those frustrating little things in my life with you. Maybe someday I’ll surprise myself, but until then… darn it, I’m just going to pout.

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This day in the 1800s

~1824 Anton Bruckner, composer and Wagner disciple, was born in Austria.

~1833 Barney Flaherty (age 10) answered an ad in "The New York Sun" and became the first newsboy, what we now call a paperboy.
Hence today being National Paperboy Day!

~1842 Work on Cologne cathedral resumed after 284-year hiatus.

~1862 Robert E. Lee's Confederate 50,000-man army invaded Maryland, starting the Antietam Campaign.

~1870 Emperor Louis Napoleon III was overthrown. The 3rd French Republic was proclaimed in Paris and a government of national defense was formed.

~1886 The last Apache Indian Warrior, Geronimo, finally surrenders to the United States

~1893 Beatrix Potter sent a note to her governess’ son with the first drawing of Peter Rabbit, Cottontail and others. The “Tale of Peter Rabbit” was published eight years later.

Okay, that's enough for now.

Give your Paperboy a tip today, though =)

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Search Results

Once again it's time to go through my referrals and help out my visitors... sort of.

For my Number One search, SPONGEBOB PORN. Sorry, can't or won't help you. you are FREAKS. He's a cartoon character! GEEZ!

Yes. You have found Jenn. Good Job.

Freak. I have been known as a freak in some situations. If you're looking for someone even MORE freaky, keep going.

For the following: Planethotwheels.com and watchersweb.com JUST TYPE THE ADDRESS IN YOUR ADDRESS BAR AND HIT GO! :::shaking head:::

I have no idea who Jimmie Johnson's Girlfriend is. It is certainly not me. While he is my Nascar driver, there's no interest on that front on my part!

MATURBATE: you have spelled it incorrectly (as I obviously once did via a TYPO). The correct spelling is M-A-S-T-U-R-B-A-T-E.

Pirate Name Generator is here!

Yes, Match.com DOES suck, so why the hell are you searching for Match.com sucks?

If you are interested in Angelina Jolie in any way, GO HERE! Or even better yet, HERE, or if you are looking for pictures, TRY HERE!

Never been to a 404 Freak Party.

Looking for info on Jeff Gordon girlfriend? Maybe you should try the Playboy site!

Questions about NTN? Try Nick's place!

Too many Jenns? You may be right, let's get rid of the rest so I can be the only one!

Southern California Renaissance Info can be found here.

Once again for those who missed it. There is NO MEANING to Crimson and Clover. Tommy James just was having fun (or more likely on acid... who knows!)

AND, how on earth do I rate #6 for THIS!?!?! Bleh!

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:: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 ::

Born Today?

1965 - Charlie Sheen (Carlos Estevez), NYC, actor (Wall St, Platoon)

Died Today?

1962 e. e. cummings poet, dies at 67

Happened Today?

1964 Wilderness Act signed into law by President Lyndon B Johnson


Today is National Skyscraper Day and, darn it, we missed yesterday... National Beheading Day! I'm not sure where that originates from... for once, I can't find something on the net!

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Money Money Money Money

I hope that if I'm ever fortunate enough to have money that I won't spend my whole life agonizing over it. I know right now, not being fortunate enough to worry about it, I worry MORE about it. Buying an expensive house (to us) is scary. Having way too much debt because I'm half retarded and created it in the first place is scary and frustrating, but we get by and we're happy. If I got lucky and had more and shared it around because I had more then I NEEDED, I hope I would be happy that I could do what so many can't. But, alas, that's something I doubt I'll have to worry about. And, that's okay. Boy, would money make life easier in so many ways, but life can be fabulous without it, too.

By the way, did I mention that there are only 19 days until my birthday????

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Grrr... Argh
(or things that are stressing me out)

why is the Blogger Editor different?
where did my comments go?
NOTE: Okay, YACCS had a server go down, so at least I know where my comments went.

I am so not doing good with this. He leaves tomorrow. I'm usually great at being in denial and just knowing that everything will be fine, but I am so worried. GRRRRRRR This sucks. It's my baby brother, ya know? He better just get home on time and SAFE AND SOUND!

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:: Tuesday, September 02, 2003 ::
I'm still here

Really. I've just been such a busy girl. I promise to update soon. Don't despair. Why is Blogger now back to the editing tool that shows up at home, but I'm at work? I just don't get this Blogger stuff. Really.

In the meantime, if you wanna know what I did this weekend, here is the rundown:

~ Poker with the pals
~ Got the screw in my tire removed and patched HERE
~Saw THIS EXHIBIT at the LA County Natural History Museum
~Had crab ravioli at THIS RESTAURANT
~Saw HONEYSLIDE at THIS CLUB. THIS GUY was there watching his girlfriend sing, but I didn't see him.
~Spent the day shopping, eating, resting and watching THIS EVENT, as usual. BIG Congrats to Terry! WAY TO GO!!!
~Yesterday saw the wild things at THIS PLACE
~After shop, shop, shopping

Does anyone out there watch The O.C. on FOX? See, if you are, you have to realize how amusing it is to watch this, my being from Chino and all =) heh

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