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Taste of San Diego, 9/2006
At the yummalicious Dussini in the Gaslamp.

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:: Thursday, December 25, 2003 ::


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and for those who don't, wishing you a wonderful winter season! My Christmas was wonderful and I wanted to pass on my wish to you all. Especially, I would like to send a hello to the Trujillo family, who may have had a difficult Christmas this year without Tyler. You are all in my thoughts and in my heart.

:: Jenn 9:03 PM [+]

:: Thursday, December 18, 2003 ::

I guess I forgot to post today. You know me... ever busy! I'll try to find time tomorrow between house cleaning and Christmas Shopping =)

:: Jenn 5:23 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, December 17, 2003 ::
Wedding Woes? Well, no. Not woes.

I am on Maid of Honor #3. Which is all good and all are excited about. My friend and I decided she wasn't really cut out for the job and that's cool. I have now asked my cousin, who I should have asked FIRST! She is SOOOO excited about it and the wedding and everything and I love it. It's going to be so good. I can't imagine why I didn't just ask her right away when my friend who was originally going to be my MOH was unable to do it due to a prior engagement on the day of my wedding. I'ma dork. I admit it. But, everything is good now. I'm excited. I have a person to help me with things and who is excited, too. Yea! Things are finally coming together!

:: Jenn 10:01 AM [+]

Audiobook of the Week

This morning I finished this week's audiobook (well one of 'em), The Beach House by James Patterson. The first half of the book was a little painful to get through, but the second half picked up enough for me to make it through, even with some of that wonering what's gonna happen thing going on... of course, ahything gets a little more suspenseful when you add in some twisted sex stuff, right? I think the biggest problem with this audiobook was the recording/reader was sort of annoying. The reading seemed very s-l-o-w and I like things to move along a little quicker. SO, the book.. the story, is okay, it's the recording that made this particular audiobook lose some points. I'm going with a 5 on it. It might have had a 6 with a different recording/reader, but not much more and if it didn't have the good twisted sex stuff added in, it would have definitely been at most a 4.

Today I started on the next one. It's a Stuart Woods novel, White something or other. You'll be posted.

:: Jenn 9:57 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 ::
My Theory of Relationship Need

I have friends who say that they have no interest in having a man in their life. NO, these are not even the lesbians. They just say that they have become accustomed to life on their own and a man would just complicate it. I say bullshit.

I was on my own and I was totally fine with being SINGLE (gasp...the horror). But, I was. I had friends I hung out with, I traveled, I had hobbies, basically, I had a life. No problem. There were times I thought it would be nice to have a boyfriend and I dated, but I was totally okay with being single. I planned my life with the idea that I would probably end up being an "old maid". SO, it was surprising when Mr. San Diego came along and change dup our friendship to lust and then to love. Now, it's awesome. I truly feel that he is my soul mate. I truly feel that even though I felt complete before him, I now know a new feeling of completion and it includes him. It amazes me, but I had no idea it would feel this way.

This is why I say BULLSHIT. People can pretend to themselves all they want that they just want to be alone, but I bet if their own Mr. San Diego walked inthe door, they would be happy and would accept him with open arms.

That's my theory. Try to prove me wrong.

:: Jenn 10:28 AM [+]

:: Sunday, December 14, 2003 ::
My Weekend

So, we didn't get all the carp done today that we were supposed to. My house is still a mess. I have no Christmas tree. I spent hours decorating 8 miniature Rosemary Christmas trees. And, my "Maid of Honor" called and I'm sort of upset about that because I have only asked her to do ONE single thing since she lives across the country and that is to plan my bachelorette party, but apparently she can't do that, so why do I even have a Maid of Honor? Grrrrrr....

Even with all of that, I had a great weekend, I'm happy, and it's time for the Survivor finale.

Good Night!

:: Jenn 8:02 PM [+]

Life, in general

I like that things have been so good lately. Always the pessimist, I await the dropping of the other shoe, which is taking it's sweet time in coming. Mr. San Diego and I are at a place that is back to the way things "were" in the "beginning", except we are so different then we were then. We now have that comfort of a broken in shoe with the passion of the beginning. Is this a normal phase? I hope not... I hope it's just the way we are and the way we'll stay. He's out in the yard now, where I oughta be and will be shortly. We are good. Very good.

I had a moment of panic when I heard about the bombing outside the gates of a base in Iraq, west of Baghdad, but my good brother shot me an email to let me know it wasn't his base... near, but not his. Plus, being the pencil pusher that he is, I'm sure he's mostly out of any harms way, ANYWAY! whew.

Christmas is coming and we've started our shopping but are not as far along as we had planned for this weekend. And, lately, now that the wedding is only 5 months away my days, nights and dreams are full of planning, and thoughts, and decisions, and list making! So much to do and it will be here before I know it. I keep having this dream that it's our wedding day and I forgot to do everything that isn't done so far as of now... whoops! But, I'm starting to get everything together, I need to get listy on myself, though. Lists Lists Lists. Gotta do 'em.

I better get outside and plant my faux garlic in my daffodil bed... spring will be PURTY.

party on.

:: Jenn 11:14 AM [+]

:: Friday, December 12, 2003 ::
You know that sneeze that sounds like "BULLSHIT!"?

That's what this makes me do.

:: Jenn 3:13 PM [+]

Welcome Boys & Girls & Chipmunks & Squirrels!

Here I am for my weekly post... what a loser I am! This morning I finished a couple week listening experience of the unabridged recording of The Bonfire of the Vanities. Welp, you guys were right. Great book. I enjoyed the subtleties in the character names, the complex exploration of each character so that you felt like you knew them, and how completely 80s this story was. It sort of reminded me of American Psycho, except that Wolfe succeeded in what Ellis if not failed, was extremely less successful in - being that this was a GOOD story. Great story, great writing, wonderfully sarcastic humor in a parody of a serious story about people and politics and racism and the "law" (ahem). It was 18 tapes long, but highly enjoyable and I completely recommend this book. Forget the movie (although now I want to again make the mistake of rushing out and seeing a movie again of a book I just "read") and start fresh with the printed (or spoken as in my case) word. Wolfe is an amazing writer. I've been thinking about the book all day and I keep wondering if I'm supposed to feel as sympathetic to Sherman (Master of the Universe) McCoy as I do. Que Sera. Read it.

:: Jenn 2:58 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, December 09, 2003 ::

I got my 20,000th hit on December 7th at 1:23am PST from an East Coast AOLer searching for "FREAK" on Google.


:: Jenn 4:58 PM [+]

:: Friday, December 05, 2003 ::
My Baby Bro

This morning I was awakened by the annoying ring of my cell phone (as you know, I don't have a home phone, so the cell phone it is). I ran through the house trying to get to it while it was still ringing and was pleasantly surprised to hear my brother's voice for the first time since September! He found a relay through Germany and Corona, CA to call me through! We had about enough time for him to tell me he was okay and it was raining before the static on his end kept him from hearing me and he said he loved me and the call ended. But, luckily his email was up and I just got this little taste of Iraq:

well that was a bummer that my call was cut so short due to the poor
phone conection. At least we got to say hi. I don't know if, when I
couldn't hear you anymore, if you could still hear me. Regardless I said
that I was sorry that the phone connection degraded and that I loved
you and I will go ahead and call again some other day.

Yes it does rain here. While it has misted several times since I have
been here - this is only about the 3rd legitemate "rain" and since the
ground never really dried out from the previous 2 precipitation
assaults - this rain has produced the greatest amount of puddles and mud. As
it is night- navigating your way to and fro in the midst of deadly
puddles of water can be quite hazardess.

Today I got the 2 post cards that you sent on or about the 19th and
21st of November. The mail has been lumpy lately - in that there have
been numerous operations lately that have sapped the convoy escort
resources until recently and so the mail didn't run quite so freely. Once
some convoys were able to roll again - the avalanche of boxes and mail has
been somewhat daunting for the (female and male) mail clerks let alone
the (armed) postal soldiers at the post office.

I went shopping today. At the post exchange I bought 2 of the last 3
things I will need to buy before I leave the country. 2 boxes of 8
razors. While all the disposable 1 slice razors are free for the interested
here - I am just way to pampered to shave with cold water and only one
blade. When I shave with water only 10-15 degrees above frozen water I
spoil myself with 3 blade mach 3 action. I am on the lookout for some
company to start selling a 4 blader optiflex - twohanded triple glide -
springloaded upgrade to my current mach3.

So - until the PX gets some new laundry soap in - I will be just fine.
As it is I send all of my laundry to this contracted service we have
here which is free! However I might wash my sleeping bag this Sunday in
our new washing machines (no dryers so drying will depend on how much
sun peeks out). Since my Sleeping bag (affectionatly known as a "fart
sack") reeks of more than 3 months worth of night sweat BO, feet stank
and the aforementioned rectal explosions it would be a VERY good thing
to accept a laundry soap grant from a fellow warrior. Although the
little beanie camels might win the hearts of my daughter and wife - I guess
I can just wait and buy them if I ever buy soap up there.

By the way = did I mention that the dining facility has been out of
cheese for the last 2 days? Most unacceptable. If they had never laid
out the sliced sandwich cheese - I wouldn't miss it. However, since they
went ahead and lured me back to their fine dining experiance with
memories of fine sliced cheese - you would think they would have the common
human decency to keep the damn supply of cheese flowing!!! FOR THE LOVE
based vanila flavored ice cream cone in an attempt to thwart their evil
mind games of toying with my reasonable expectation of flat cheese.

Ok sis - that is how I am doing. quite fine here in my little empire.
Well - its not quite mine, an empire, nor little - but I am fine none
the less. Mostly just doing busy work - although required things - and
I am lagging behind in a grand project to get my company ready for this
inspection that it has never had nor prepared for dealing with routine
work/duties and general regular office / training type buisness. Since
I have blown off the first 5 days of December dreading having to troll
thru it - I imagine it will be SOOOoo much more enjoyable to put off
for a few more days before diving into it with a toe.

Love you Jenn, be excellant to each other.

That's my bro. =)

I just keep thinking to myself, what is it that I did to make this week so incredibly... well, just wonderful? My brother calls, my guy brings me flowers last night, work-while busy-has been good, and I feel truly good and truly happy. (well, except for the antics of Survivor, but don't get me started on that!) Do you think I'm bipolar or something? hehehe It's a good day. Be happy.

:: Jenn 12:38 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 ::
About Blogging

I'm finding that blogging is harder and harder right now. I'm not sure if it's the being busy at work or the impending holidays or me just not having anything to say. Don't fear, I'm not going anywhere, I just might not have time to get on here every day.

Today I'm headed out to a meeting with my furniture people for our new building. I'm hoping that THIS time they get it right, I'm becoming frustrated now. But, the nice thing is it's on my way home so I will just head out from there instead of coming back here. Whew... an early day for a change!

Oh, I'm currently listening to The Bonfire of the Vanities and enjoying that. I do like those long books... makes the ride nice although having to wait to hear the rest over a weekend is hard. And, this is a LONG book. I did remember the story from the not so great movie once it got started, but as usual there is a definite differenc between the book and the movie and the book is decidedly better, at least at the point where I am currently.

Gotta go again!

:: Jenn 2:59 PM [+]

:: Monday, December 01, 2003 ::

I hope you all had a great holiday. I loved having four days to hang out with Mr. San Diego. That was so nice. We really just enjoyed each others company and had a good time, well except that one time last night when he irritated me, but we won't talk about that! We did a lot of relaxing, not much toy shopping, visited friends and family, and saw two movies. We saw Haunted Mansion and Timeline. I liked both, but Timeline won, hands down.

Haunted Mansion was okay and had great effects, plus had the added pleasure of looking for our favorite memories from the ride, but it was really much more geared towards the 12-year-old methinks. The story wasn't that great, the acting was pretty lame and it wasn't really scary OR funny. Bummer. I'd only give it a 4.

Timeline was great. If you've read the book, go to it knowing that they made some changes. I've come to learn that when it comes to movies there are some liberties that they just have to take when adapting a book... otherwise movies would be WAY TOO LONG! It was still a great movie and I didn't even fall asleep even though it was the late movie and I'd been drinking a couple of beers before it started. WOOT! I give it a 7.5 on the Jennifer Scale. If I hadn't read the book, I might have given it an 8... maybe.

Here is something interesting. My friend's sister's 2nd grade child's class sent out paperdolls of themselves to travel around in the mail and I said I would be happy to have him visit me. SO, Flat Joshua showed up this weekend. It's about a 9 inch paperdoll (which disturbingly has a smoking cigarette drawn on his face) and he comes with a journal and an envelope of postmarks from the places he's been so far. I think this is a really cool idea. The plan is when Flat Joshua visits you, you have to send The Real Joshua (TRJ) letters and postcards or pictures or whatever from Flat Joshua. These things get sent to the childs class and they all get to hear the letters and see on a map where Flat Joshua has been. Flat Joshua and I already sent The Real Joshua a letter with pictures of us gardening, climbing trees, taking the trash out (TRJ has this thing about loving to take out the trash... weird, but you know kids!), playing pinball, and playing on the swingset. Then yesterday, we took Flat Joshua to the Wild Animal Park and got pictures of him hanging out with the animals. It was silly and fun. I'm going to send TRJ a postcard from there and follow up with a letter and the pictures. For good measure, I sent my brother a letter and some pictures for him to mail to TRJ from Iraq, too. I'm having fun with this. See why I make a good aunt? heh

Work is still crazy and busy and it's a full time job to be a babysitter to employees that can't seem to do their jobs, but that's what I'm here for and damn it, I'm gonna do it! The task of documetning every single thing you tell someone is getting daunting, but I am not going to let people take advantage of me just because I'm an easygoing supervisor. That stuff only lasts until you prove your unworthiness, then I'm not so easygoing anymore. I hate being the meanie, but it's something I have to do from time to time and I'm exceptionally good at it when I have to be. I'm here to do a job, not to make friends. That's the way ti goes... so, I guess I'm back at it... I'm writing Performance Evals today. wheeeeee

:: Jenn 2:28 PM [+]


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