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Taste of San Diego, 9/2006
At the yummalicious Dussini in the Gaslamp.

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04/15/2005 7.5 ~ Envy,
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4 ~ Double Homicide,
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5 ~ Courting Trouble,
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1 ~ Full House,
J Evanovich
10 ~ Small Town,
L Block
3 ~ Darkly Dreaming Dexter,
J Lindsay
5 ~ Cold Case,
S White
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0 ~ The Taking,
D Koontz
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7 ~ Brave New World,
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6.5 ~ Eyre Affair,
J Fforde
8 ~ The Murder Book,
J Kellerman
7 ~ A Cold Heart,
J Kellerman
7 ~ Ambush at Fort Bragg,
T Wolfe
5 ~ The Beach House,
J Patterson
10 ~ The Bonfire of the Vanities,
T Wolfe
10 ~ To Kill A Mockingbird,
H Lee
6 ~ The Brethren
J Grisham
5 ~ Hemlock Bay,
C Coulter
8.5 ~ Jonathan Livingston Seagull,
R Bach
6 ~ The Old Curiosity Shop,
C Dickens
7.5 ~ The Sisterhood..
Traveling Pants,
A Brashares
1 ~ Isle of Dogs,
P Cornwell
9 ~ The All True Travels...Lidie Newton,
J Smiley
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9 ~ Rent
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10 ~ Talladega Nights
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8.5 ~ National Treasure
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2 ~ The Hulk
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7 ~ Terminator 3
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8.5 ~ The Italian Job
6.5 ~ Matrix Reloaded
6.5 ~ Identity
6.5 ~ Anger Management
6.5 ~ Dreamcatcher
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4 ~ Bringing Down the House
6 ~ Tears of the Sun
5 ~ Daredevil
7 ~ How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
8 ~ Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets
2 ~ Mr. Deeds
5.5 ~ Lord of the Rings: TTT
7 ~ Star Trek: Nemesis
1 ~ The Transporter
6 ~ One Hour Photo
6 ~ Goldmember
8.5 ~ Signs
6.5 ~ Bloodwork
5.5 ~ Vanilla Sky
5.5 ~ Monster's Ball
7.5 ~ Interstate 60
7.5 ~ Escape From New York
4.5 ~ Elvira's Haunted Hills
4 ~ K19
6 ~ The Bourne Identity
5 ~ Halloween (8?)
7 ~ Men In Black 2
8 ~ Minority Report
6 ~ Scooby Doo
4 ~ Undercover Brother
7 ~ The Sum of All Fears
8 ~ Insomnia
7 ~ Star Wars, Episode II - Attack of the Clones
9 ~ Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone
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6 ~ Spiderman
6 ~ Jason X
3.5 ~ Murder by Numbers
7 ~ Panic Room
7 ~ Van Wilder
5 ~ Ice Age
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2 ~ We Were Soldiers
7.5 ~ Blackhawk Down
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4 ~ Collateral Damage
2 ~ Mothman Prophecies
7 ~ I Am Sam

:: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 ::


Stressed at work. Trying to be less anal and delegate to others, but the truth is no one does things as well as I do. It's the truth. I swear.

Running out of postcards. had to buy some random types at a store. Bleh.

Tired. Need more sleep.

Mom bought my silk bouganvillea plants for my "arch" at the wedding. The only flowers I'm having is bouganvillea on the arch, two vases with tropical arrangments on either side of the arch, and the bouquets. I love bouganvillea. It's gonna be purty. =)

Guess I'll go eat some more of the BEST FREAKING CHOCOLATE I'VE EVER TASTED IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. Me, a not a chocolater girl. I LOVE this stuff. Called Trufffets de France Truffles Nature. Absolutely delicious...I ate about 10 the other day. They taste like Godiva dark chocolate ice cream. I was wired for sound. 'Bout ready to have a second go-round.

:: Jenn 2:29 PM [+]

:: Monday, January 12, 2004 ::

One more thing, before I pee and hit the road. Mr. San Diego and I are going to Laughlin for the upcoming weekend (we're doing a 4-day weekend) and thought I'd ask and see if anyone has any good suggestions for things to do out there BESIDES gambling, shopping and laying by the pool. I'm probably going to vote for a trip out to Grapevine Canyon fora hike and photo op, but any other ideas?

:: Jenn 5:12 PM [+]

Here I go sliding again...

You know, I really do have a lot to say, but well... you know. So, a quickie audiobook review. The Murder Book, but Jonathan Kellerman. Hard to find the newer stuff at the library, but I was successful in finding both this and A Cold Heart (which I am now listening to). Coolness. Of course, I enjoyed the murder book and it had the added interest of going a little more in depth on Milo, rather than most of the focus being on Alex. If you don't read Alex Delaware books, you have no clue what I'm talking about, but if you like mystery type novels, you might want to give them a try. I give it an 8.

The thing about Kellerman books, is WHO WOULD PLAY THEM IN THE MOVIE!!!??? See, my mom and I are always trying to figure out what actor or actress would play the roles of people in books we read. We both tend to enjoy books that have the same characters from book to book. I can't really figure out who should be Alex OR Milo. It's tough. Anyone read these and have an idea? I can tell you that putting Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross in Kiss the Girls was lame. I figured that role for more the Avery Brooks type. Kind of hot good looking guy, NOT the ick, Morgan Freeman type! Bleh... poor casting. I could go on and on about poor casting, but I gotta pee and start my drive home. Good night. Until tomorrow (maybe).

:: Jenn 5:09 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, January 07, 2004 ::
That was a CLOSE one!

I almost missed my own birthday! I just happened to check my stats before heading over to look at myself on my blog and saw I had a hit from Eatonweb/Birthday. Hmmm... what's that? OH! Today is my blog's 2nd birthday! How about that. happy birthday to my blog... happy birhday to my blog... happy birthday dear bloooooog... happy birthday to my blog.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this to anyone, BUT, I need to go in and change my "100 things about me"! I work SO hard every day now at work that I amaze myself. I think I've worked harder in the last 4 months than I have worked in the last 4 YEARS! But, besides that, shock of all shockers, I have cleaned my desk and am back on the "Daily TO DO list" kick. In other words, Jenn is getting organized at work. It's weird, scary, strange... all of that type of adjective, but it is true and it freaks me out. Of course, better yet, it freaks out everyone AROUND me! But, life is a little weird around here. Now if I could just get a little more organized at home, huh? The things is, I kinda like it and I feel good about it, too. Next I'm going to get all of my STAFF organized. Oh, they are going to LOVE me.

:: Jenn 4:34 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 ::
My favorite part of getting up early

I now see sunrises. Beauty.

:: Jenn 4:51 PM [+]


Thought I wasn't going to post today! Didn't you!?! Well, I did! So there!

:: Jenn 4:51 PM [+]

:: Monday, January 05, 2004 ::
Our Tax Dollars at Work

A (ahem) friend of mine (you may have heard me refer to her as My Boyfriend's Other Girlfriend) had a baby on the 28th (5 weeks early). It's a boy and we stopped in on New Years Day to congratulate the happy parents and have a hold of the tiny lil thing. He looked pretty good for being so early. A little skinny, but tall and good color. When she got pregnant, I tried to figure out why a chick who can't hold down a job and already has a fatherless child would want to go through this again, but we're all crossing our fingers that THIS baby's daddy sticks around (ummm, not that he's a big provider, but at least he tries). I adore her first son and this one was pretty cute for a newborn, but I have to say when she told me she had her tubes tied this time, I celebrated my tax savings with a Toast and a Beer. Here here to tying tubes! Let's all raise our glasses. Cheers!

:: Jenn 4:01 PM [+]

:: Sunday, January 04, 2004 ::

I have lately started fiending for chocolate. I'm still not too crazy about milk chocolate (I'm way more into the dark chocolate if I'm going to eat chocolate). I've never been a chocolate person, but lately I can't stop eating it!!!!!!!!! Fully bizarre.

:: Jenn 6:58 PM [+]

:: Saturday, January 03, 2004 ::
Time for a Quickie

Sometimes it takes someone sending you a hello to remind you to get your ass over to the ol' blog and do some posting, so I'm here. I'm posting ;-)

I also want to mention that I totally love Greg. Reading him makes me laugh until I cry. I just read some of his recent posts out loud to Mr. San Diego.

Mr. San Diego and I made our final visit to the San Diego Zoo before our annual pass runs out on January 31st. We will definitely squeeze in at least one more trip to the Wild Animal Park, too, before then. It really is nice being able to run over to those two parks for an afternoon whenever we want to, but we're going to do a Sea World season pass next and will be waiting until summer for that. The cool thing is that the new Heart of the Zoo exhibit should be opening right around the time that we get passes to the Zoo and WAP again in 18 months or so. One thing is for sure, he and I... we're never bored. Last weekend we used our free passes to Legoland before they expired on 12/31. We have a hell of a time together. Lucky us! I guess I'll go give him hugs while he watches teh Cowboys get their asses kicked in the final quarter of this game. The good news? No more football!!!!!

Perhaps I'll be back tomorrow.

:: Jenn 7:14 PM [+]

:: Friday, January 02, 2004 ::
I Picked a Fine Time to Blog

My hand hurts because I just typed a long email to the baby brother. I stopped posting my postcards, but I still send him one almost every day. I miss a day here and there, but mostly stay on top of them. I also send him little packages like a 2-liter bottle of Squirt soda and a hand held football game - the one from when we were kids. I gotta give the guy some small pleasures while he's over ther in Iraq, ya know? SO far safe and sound, though... whew.

Happy New Year to all. I'm keeping my resolution from years ago and not making New Years Resolutions so I feel good! Well, much better than I felt YESTERDAY! Bleh! See, I made this rule a while back... it's been over a year, I suppose... that I will not mix my alcohols. Why? Becuase mixing boozes makes a girl do stupid things. These things can include, but are not limited to removing articles of clothing and puking. One side effect to drinking champagne AFTER a night of drinking beer is this loss of memory thing. This is one I learned on New Years Eve, well... New Years Day anyway. I guess it is about 12:15 when I last remember anything from New Years Eve. Not pleased with this, but luckily not only did I keep on all of my clothes and not puke, but I didn't do anything else stupid while in my fugue. Whoo Hoo! I'll chalk this up to a learning experience.

So, I have a lot of audiobooks to review, but you know my new self... I keep not writing. It's sort of late for me right now. Yeah yeah... even for a Friday night. I go to bed early. I'm old! See I have to get up so early these days, even on weekends, that I go to bed early too so that I'm not a total bitch from hell when I get up. So, I will try to get my reviews in soon. I'll do a quickie of a great novella I just listened to by Tom Wolfe. It's called Ambush at Fort Bragg and was actually a really good story. It was about the media, really, but the media was focusing on a story about a gay soldier who was beaten to death and then there was the story of the guys who beat him to death. The interesting thing was that you really hated these three redneck soldiers who killed the gay guy. They were such a stereotypical group of villians. But then, when one of them tells his story about being shot down in Bloody Sunday (Somalia), it sort of changes and all of a sudden you can empathize with his side of things. It was really a weird feeling. Even though I still didn't like the "Bad guys", I could understand them. Great writing by Mr Wolfe and the story was read by Edward Norton who did a fabulous job of it. Man, I like that guy. A hell of an actor, ya know? Did you know he went to Harvard? Trippy. It was a short one, but enjoyable. It gets an 8.

~night night~

:: Jenn 9:41 PM [+]


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