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Taste of San Diego, 9/2006
At the yummalicious Dussini in the Gaslamp.

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:: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 ::


You know, I normally think I'm a pretty good supervisor. I don't normally micromanage unless I feel I need to step in for a good reason. I give people the opportunity to solve their own problems, but I am totally available when they need me. I try to lead by example and I try very hard to be fair.

SO, tell me... why has one of my employees started crying after a conversation we had today... the second person to do this, this year. The first time/person I understood - the girl was in big trouble and she's turned everything around in two months, but this time/employee I don't get it. I'm very troubled by this. I have a feeling there is alot more going on than what we were discussing. She's supposed to come talk to me some more, but in the meantime, I feel like shit.

:: Jenn 2:32 PM [+]

:: Monday, March 29, 2004 ::
Ratings & Recommendations

I just noticed that I've really let the movie reviews go since I started reviewing audiobooks. Oh well. If I see one that excels or sucks I'll mention it.

I do have a Jenn Recomends, though. This time the topic is food. Margaritaville makes the most incredible Calypso Coconut Shrimp. It's so good that I haven't tried any of the other flavors yet, but I will. It's fast to make (in the oven) and actually TASTES like coconut! Tasty, good texture, and makes your house smell YUMMY! I buy mine at Costco. If you can track some of this stuff down, give it a try. It rocks.

:: Jenn 1:51 PM [+]


I haven't updated the audiobook list lately. I'm listening to a short story one now that's okay, but I recently finished an audiobook called "Thr3e" by Ted Dekker. I enjoyed it. It was very suspenseful and I can't tell you what made it interesting because it will give away the story. And, I can't tell you how I just watched a movie where the guy came up with a story almsot exactly like it! Grrrr... How can I review it? I guess what I can tell you is that a young man from a troubled upbringing (aunt was a KOOK), now in seminary school, becomes the fixation of a psycho killer and is being terrorized. He's helped by an FBI agent and a childhood friend, but the story twists a bit. I'm not ging to say it's a GREAT story, but I liked it, I was definitely kept in suspense trying to figure out what was going on and the narration was pretty good. I'd recommend it if you like crazy killer books, like I do.

A rating? I guess I'd give this one a 6.5.

:: Jenn 1:04 PM [+]

Wedding Update

The invites are out and responses have begun (I requested RSVPs via email or telephone). I have the cake decorating planned (I'm buying my cakes from Costco and decorating them myself). Maid of Honor has her dress and is charged with planning the bachelorette party - I made the reservations at the hotel for our group. Registries at Target and Amazon are in place. Have dress, but need alterations and cleaning. Have rings. Vows are mostly written and the ceremony plan has been made, just needs to be completed. Mom is handling the flowers, but I need to find a bouquet. Still need to go to the tux shop for the guys and I gotta find a corset/bra thingy. I can't belive it's almost here. Sigh... it's coming together though.

:: Jenn 12:57 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, March 23, 2004 ::
But I LOOOOOVE the Simpsons

I'm so like Marge!

I'm Marge, who are you? by Lexi

:: Jenn 4:56 PM [+]

:: Friday, March 19, 2004 ::
See... I'm back already

Just a quickie. I had something I'd planned to write, but I forgot what it was. Every day is a new exciting adventure of stress. Geez. I only got about 4 hours of sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about crap going on at work. =( Not happy about that.

I didn't mention before that last weekend I attempted to go skiing after 14 years away from the slopes. It took me until today to stop hurting. The good news? I only fell four times and I only cried twice. So there you have it. Hella exercise, though! Mr San Diego won tix, so it was cool.

All of my invites are addressed stamped and going out this weekend. I cna't belive the wedding is only two months away. Stil have last minute details to work out, but things are starting to come together so it's all good. Let the presents roll in now... haha Actually, did you know Amazon.com has a wedding registry? It's awesome because you can find ANYTHING on Amazon.com. We registered there and we're going to go to Target to register this weekend. Everyone says registering is fun, but I think it's hard because you don't want to register for things that are expensive, but I don't need much of the "cheap" stuff. SO I had to do a LOT of thinking about what we need that isn't going overboard. The whole telling people what to buy you as a gift freaks me out anyway... I feel so cheesy, but I REALLY don't want a bunch of crystal punchbowls, ya know what I mean?

Anyway, I gotta get back to working so I can get out of here early. I want to go home and have a NAP! 4 hours of sleep is not enough for me!

:: Jenn 2:43 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 ::

I guess I've been blowing it again, huh? I actually DID have some free time last week at work, too but I used it to plan my honeymoon. See how I am?

First things first. I finished listening to an audiobook today. It was called Blue Highways, by William Least Heat Moon. I liked it. The thing about it was that it was reminiscent of my own journey. While Moon traveled the lesser known highways, however, I traveled the Main roads so it made me a little sad that I didn't take the roads less traveled a little more often than I did. His writing was well done and the audio version was well read. It was an enjoyable story about America and it's history. I think this was intended more as a spiritual journey for the author than just an American tour, but aren't all road trips of the kind something of a spiritual nature anyway? But, I'd recommend it if you're into this type of story. It's supposed to be true and probably mostly is. I can't help but liken it in ways to my own experience, though and I guess I feel sad that I didn't spend the amount of time talking to strangers that he did. Maybe I missed a whole part of America by being the shy girl I am. Don't believe my friends who say I'm the least shy person they know... I KNOW them! Anyway. It's been some food for thought, but there were times when my mind wandered away during the listen, so I won't say it's great, just good.

Nextage. So, I really wanted to go to somewhere, well, how should I say... exotic or different or indulgent for our honeymoon. But, the fact is simply that we can't afford that right now unless we charge it and that really isn't the best idea. So, I started researching trips (focusing on Amsterdam because thats where I REALLY wanna go) and planned to put together a package on our options for us to make a decision by. Well, I did a Mexico plan and then started on the Arizon a Road Trip plan and before I even finsihed that one, I was caught. It's been a while since I've done a road trip and never with someone else for more than a couple of days. Plus we'll be able to hit atleast 5, maybe 6 National Parks in Southern Arizona, so I got allll excited and made my decision. I know it sounds rustic and HOT, but we're doing a 7 day road trip of Southern Arizona for our honeymoon. I found some crazy stuff to do besides the Nat Parks we'll visit. Like we're going to try to stay at the The Shady Dell in Bisbee and who could miss a trip to Tombstone, AZ!?! I've never been there! Of course along the way we'll stop and see the Desert Tower. Hopefullywe'll even get a night in on the way back at the Space Age Lodge! SO there's lots of nutty things to see and do and we'll break it up between camping and hoteling it. I'm soooo excited about it! Am I a nut or what? And, next year, when we don't have a wedding to pay for... we're going to Amsterdam! YEA!

I'm tired and ready to hit the road so I'm off to my momma's. Oh and for those of you keeping track, my baby brother is out of Irap, now in Kuwait, and should be home within the next 4 weeks! yea! But, now my cousin is on his way over there. I guess my postcard writing campaign will be continuing.

I'll try not to hide for so long.


:: Jenn 5:36 PM [+]

:: Friday, March 05, 2004 ::

It's been a WHILE since I've reviewed an audiobbok, so I'll give you two quickies today. One, Dean Koontz new(er) book, The Face, was really good for a change. I sometimes get irritated with his stuff lately. They are all pretty much the same and that going back and forth between characters can get annoying sometimes. I also get frustrated and feel clueless throughout the whole book not know what the heck is going on. Well, I'm sorry to say that this book is no different. Except the story was really good. I might even say that this is one of my favorite Koontz books. The characters were well rounded and interesting. There was Aelfric, the child of the most well paid and well recognized actor in the world. Aelfric (Fric) had an wonderful mind for a lonely ten year old, and a heart yearning to be touched. Truman, the ex-cop, became the temporary caretaker of Fric and had his own ghosts, mysteries, and could use a little touching of the heart himself. By far, one of Koontz's most terrifying characters was Corky. Corky was evil to the core and so gleeful in his evil that he was as funny as he was terrifying. And, Dunny Whistler... well, he had an important role to play.

The story was mysterious, filled with suspense, terror and comedy, but also with love and caring. Having listened to the audio version, I'm forced to hear someone else help to develop the characters rather than figuring them out myself while reading and the narrator of this one did an amazing job of bringing these characters to life while he delivered the story in an enjoyable tempo (and a minimum of mispronunciations). I REALLY enjoyed this one and I would recommend it. It stayed on my mind between listens and after it ended and was reminiscent as to why I became a Koontz fan in the first place.

For a whole 'nother story. I just finished another one this morning. This one was called The Eyre Affair by a one Jasper Fford. Never heard of the guy but the story cuaght my attention just because they likened it to a "Hithchikers Guide to the Glaxy Type Story". Well, who could pass that up!?! I was a little unsure as it got underway, however, with the English first person narrative of Thursday Next, a "literary detective" in a crazy world where people seem to get into and out of books and time. But the story ended up being really fun, if not a little nutty. I did end up enjoying it and see that it is actually first in a series so I might consider having a listen to another. If you're a Jane Eyre fan AND a "nutty fiction" lover, you might just like this. Be prepared to suspend all beliefs and just have fun. If you like your novels serious, you'll probably want to pass on this one. It wasn't my favorite book, but I liked it. You know, for an ENGLISH book. heh

:: Jenn 4:15 PM [+]

Jenn Recommends

A new service brought to you by ME! Heh When I run across something I REALLY like, I figured I'd share. Today's topic is hair care. I have some products I'm LOVING at the moment. First is my mousse. I bought by accident some Paul Mitchell Medium Hold Mousse and this stuff rocks. If you don't overdue it, your hair doesn't get crunchy, but if you want it to, just use more (of course I always follow it up with Sebastian Hairspray). Anyway, this mousse smells delicious, too. Coconut scented. Loving this. AND, if you're like me and your hair gets very dry and you can't even run a comb through it when you get out of the shower, you MUST try this Schwarzkopf conditioner Osis Smoothie. My hair feels like silk and I can brush right through it. As I have FOREVER, i alwasy follow this up with my Lanza Leave In conditioner that USED to be called Re-Balance, but is now called Urban Elements. Anyway, these are some recommendations from me to you.

:: Jenn 3:55 PM [+]

:: Thursday, March 04, 2004 ::

This week has been FLYING by. I can't believe it's already Thursday. I've thought of dropping by all week, but besides the fact that work is so hectic and busy, my computer at work has some problem with Internet Explorer. I decided just to wipe out the current set up and replace with a nice fresh start instead of screwing around trying to fix it. So today, which I happened to take off, my tech is reloading my computer as if it were brand new. Hope that fixes the problem!

Today. I had this day scheduled off because months ago we had a plan for this week which got cancelled so I kept today off, planning to take a run down to Baja to do some shopping. But, of course, this morning I decided not to do that and work around the house. See, I'm still working on the patio and will need to authentic Mexican Artwork (heh) and textiles (hee hee) in order to make it just right. But, I realize that I still have thing sto do before I go decorating anyway, so I went to Home Depot and bought some wood that I'm going to put up as trim around my windows and I planned to do some more painting, but the day just doesn't have enough hours. I also hit Big Lots and bought some cheap "iron-look" curtain rod thingies that I am going to use on the outside and hang "curtains" with, probably made from serape blankets. They also have painting stuff, so I grabbed a couple of cheap paint brushes and figured, hey, this way I can toss 'em when I'm done instead of allt he work of CLEANING THEM! I think I need to go down to Home Depot on Saturday morning though to watch their class on how to install ceramic tile. I still need to FIND tile and then cover the top of my built in brick BBQ (with the ugly ass concrete top) with colorful tiles. After I get all of THAT stuff done, THEN I can buy the fun parts. I live about 30 minutes from tijuana, 45 from Rosarito Beach, so it's real easy to get down there and do shopping, which is QUITE nice. But, I'll go another day.

So, I am actually making chili for the first time. The amusing part of this is that I have never EATEN chili! haha SO, this should be interesting. It's a little on the spicy side, too. Mr. San Diego should be ecstatic, but I might need a glass of milk to get through it! And, I hate milk! you may wonder why I've never eaten chili. Well, I dont' eat Beans. No beans. OCCASIONALLY I'll have a jelly bean, and I'll have some green beans with dinner, but NO OTHER LEGUMES PLEASE! So, I justn eever ate chili. Needless to say I'm making beanless chili... just steak. Hope it's good. Looks good. Smells good. we'll see. Well, I'm off to kick back and put up my feet. Long day and I'm TIRED!

:: Jenn 5:40 PM [+]


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