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:: Tuesday, August 31, 2004 ::

Reviews At Last

Well, it's official, I'm not one of the "cool people". Personally, I just dind't find Brave New World by Aldous Huxley to be one of the best novels of all time.

Any book that attempts to describe "Utopia" provides food for thought and his take on it was interesting and um, fun. I can see the merits of a society where everythign is about pleasure. I'm not saying I disliked the book. On the contrary, I liked the book, I was entertained by the story, and my heart went out to "The Savage". But one of the GREATEST novels? hmmmm... uh uh.

I'll give it a 7, though.

Nexxxxxt came, um, oh yeah The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier. What can I say about this book? I loved The Girl with the Pearl Earring, but this one? It sucked ass.

I had looked and looked for this book in Audo, because after reading The Girl With The Pearl Earring, I assumed Ms. Chevalier's first novel would be similar. Problem number one: it switched back and forth, back and forth, back and forth between two women, one in current times and one in 16th century France. That, in itself, wouldn't be the end of the world, if both stories were engaging, but they weren't. The historical tale of Isabelle, a persecuted Huguenot married into a cruel family, was actually interesting and compelling and if only the story could have been about only her rather than her modern "counterpart" wasting half of the book, it could have been good. But, no. They had to introduce Ella. Ella is a whiney, annoying slut who loves her husband enough to marry him and be happy with him, and move to France with him, but once in France all of a sudden DOESN'T love him, but instead has the need to fuck the French librarian and get rid of the husband. maybe if they had protrayed the husband as a mean, tyrant sort of guy who dragged her to a foreign country, it might have been different, but it wasn't like that. He was mostly this nice guy and she just "got bored" of him. Why do so many books and movies ahve to be about cheating and unfaithfulness and disloyalty. It cheapened the whole book and spoiled what might have been a beautiful and haunting historic story of Isabelle. Oh well. Some Amazon people loved it. Freaks. It sucked. It gets a 4, because the story of Isabelle WAS good, it was just the story of Ella that ruined it. And, the reading was good and shared by two women which was an interesting way to do it. My reviews are in part a review of the actual narration of the story, too.

Last, I listened to Therapy by Jonathan Kellerman. I'm a big Kellerman/Alex Delaware fan and I probably always will be. This one was pretty good, but I wish he'd spend more time on the story then describing what everyone is wearing and what everyone is eating and blah blah blah. This one was better than a Cold Heart - barely, but not better than Murder Book and the ending wasn't so great. In about 5 minutes, they "summed up" everything that had happened with narration. One guy "told his story to the cops" kind of thing instead of the story playing out. I didn't guess the ending ending although throughout the story, we pretty much knew what was mostly going on, so it wasn't a REAL whodunnit. I don't know. This review doesn't say much, does it? I liked it, it could have been better, I hope the next one is. It gets a 7.

:: Jenn 4:32 PM [+]


I dunno why I didn't post anything yesterday. I guess I must have had nothing to say? Work is work. Life is life. I have some killer headaches going on. Oh, I have some audiobook reviews... just haven't done 'em yet. I'll try to get those up today. Right now, I need some chips and dip.

:: Jenn 8:10 AM [+]

:: Saturday, August 28, 2004 ::
Ahhh, the weekend.

After working my butt off on my Friday off from "work": house, laundry, yard, banking, shopping, calling for pizza... you know, the usual, I had a LOVELY Saturday off. We went toy shopping in the AM and then off to Sea World for a few hours, a few shows and a ride on the Arctic something or other before heading home. Got home about 40 minutes into the race and spent the rest of the evening dong the race thing and munching home made nacho cheese and chips. yum. Gotta love the new fondue pot! I just wish I had a recipe book! Digressing... Anyway, Jimmie broke the evil engine problem streak and came in third behind Junior and Newman. YEA! I'd rather he get all the bad luck now before the points are reset! Next weekend is California Speedway! The new Under The Lights race for labor day weekend is next Sunday. Gonna be fun.. not as hot at night as in the hot sun like the last race. Fun stuff!

Now we are cataloging Hot Wheels into a spreadsheet and I'm writing this in between hollered out car numbers and names and qunatities. Heh Sounds weird, but I'm sooo glad I talked him into doing this. APparently he always wanted to, but just never "got around to it". I don't see how you can have some 20,000 of something and have no idea what you have. SPecifically, he collects a certain number of each hotwheel depending on what type it is (first edition, final run, series, etc), so without keeping track in some way, you don't know how many you have of each car and if you are missing any. Well, we started doing this before we moved, but after moving haven't done it since, so we have LOTS of catching up to do! It's hard because of the space issues we have currently (anyone wanna build me a big ass garage?), but we can do it and we gotta do it! Okay, back to work... hard switching back and forth on this! night.

:: Jenn 8:16 PM [+]

:: Friday, August 27, 2004 ::
MS Bike Tour

Waaaaaaay back when I first started blogging I became friendly with a fellow newbie to the blogosphere. Since then, Vinny of Insignificant Thoughts has become very well known in the blog world for his very strong opinions and biting writing.

This year Vinny went on a weight loss crusade (which has been very successful I might add, I'm green with envy at his willpower) that included a new passion for bicycling. To make a long story short, Vinny is taking this new hobby to a new level and on October 17, he will be joining the New York MS Bike Tour and riding 30 miles for the New York City Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

I personally have friends who have family members with this disease and one of my very closest friend's sister died from it less than two years ago. I support the National MS Society and so will be one of the sponsors for Vinny's campaign. If you, too, would like to be a sponsor to this wonderful event that can help so many, please visit this link and help someone with MS. I thank you for at least thinking about it and I thank Vinny for being a part of this event.

For more information on this event, CHECK HERE

For more information on the National MS SOciety, CHECK HERE

:: Jenn 8:57 AM [+]

:: Thursday, August 26, 2004 ::

1. I want to play NTN
2. Specifically, I want to play that Passport game... is it still going?
3. If it is still going, how come on your site, you haven't listed a location in like FOREVER?
4. I think you need to update your site more often
5. I can't remember my log on for your site.
6. *SIGH* Maybe I will play next week... or maybe I'll play poker. Hm.

:: Jenn 4:25 PM [+]


I had the most evil, intenst headache of my life, I think. I had to lay down on the floor of my office with the door closed and light off and eat Tylenol #3s until it subsided enough to drive to my mommy's. BRUTAL. I hope that NEVER happens again.

:: Jenn 8:30 AM [+]

It's Like Red, But Not Quite

"Pink - it's my new obsession
Pink - it's not even a question,
Pink - on the lips of your lover
'Cause Pink is the love you discover"

I dunno why... I was bored and felt like a girl for a change.

:: Jenn 8:22 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 ::
I'm Somebody

I just got my new employee ID with my new name on it (not quite right, of course... I've yet to see my new name spelled the same way twice ANYWHERE). Well, of course the picture on it is soooooo dorky! And... It looks JUST LIKE ME! heh

:: Jenn 9:38 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 ::
VACATION... All I Ever Wanted...

It appears that I'll be headed HERE for a day of thrill rides and HERE for a day of Nascar fun when we head back to North Carolina in October. YEA! Vacations are approved and tomorrow night I will be purchasing our airline tickets and we'll have five days of visiting my bro and family and having some fun. I am verrrry happy about it. I'm sure Mr. San Diego is happy aobut having a plan besides sitting around with kiddies all day. heh Wheeeeeeeee Can't wait!

:: Jenn 2:58 PM [+]


As usual, Greg of Geese-A-Plenty is a fucking riot. He has also made a photoblog Right here. For the record, I put up my pictures because I was asked...and so far, no flowers (well, except for my bouquet! haha).

:: Jenn 9:19 AM [+]


I am obsessed with Amazon.com. It's true. How much time can you spend on Amazon.com? A LOT! I mean, besides reading and fine tuning my "recommendations", there are reviews of products that need to be done. There are Listmania Lists to look at, not to mention "So you want to" guides. My wishlist has grown to 44 items. I'm FIENDING. Why? I have no idea. It's an obsession. I'm sure that it, like all of my obsessions, will pass eventually. In the meantime, what should my next list be?

:: Jenn 9:10 AM [+]

:: Monday, August 23, 2004 ::
Jack In The Box
August 6, 2004

I will probably continue to run this at the top of my blog until someone answers. I NEED HELP! I seriously need to get my hands on Jack In The Box commercials. Old, new, whatever. I want to make a present for my man and it requires Jack In The Box commercials which for some reason aren't that easy to find. And we use WinMX! How about any of you Kazaa users out there... can you find any there? Anyway, I would be willing to pay money (within reason) for these. I have attempted to go through the JITB Corp without much luck yet, but I have not yet given up and the letter writing campaign will begin next week. If you, or anyone you know, can help, I will be eternally grateful and will be happy to give you the first born child of my womb. I should warn, however, that I do not intend to have children. Thank you. You may now go out and seek Jack In The Box commercials.

:: Jenn 5:00 PM [+]

I hear music

It SOUNDS like Happy Birthday! Oh, probably because there are only 30 shopping days left until MY birthday! YEA! Oh, wait! That means today is my MOMMY'S birthday! I'd tell her Happy Happy Happy here, but she is not aware of bloggin in general, let along MY blog! Alas, she has to work tonight, so I will shower her with gifts and feed her on Wednesday. Dutiful daughter that I am... loving, giving, CARING daughter! Seriously, though, my mom rocks. She is the BEST! I'm making her a Tower O' Gifts, including a birdhouse, a big candle shaped like a star, a tomoato slicer, a DVD of Romy & Michelle, a pedometer, the new Sue Grafton book, anda giftcard to Armstrong's. I love my mommy.

:: Jenn 10:05 AM [+]

Back to Reality

Wow. I've made it back safe and sound from the weekend, but what a loooong weekend. I do not mean that as in "oh, my weekend was great... it seemed so long", but more of an "I'm exhausted from too much crap in one weekend.. I thought it would never end" sort of way. But, it has ended and I'm sort of relieved.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE VEGAS! But, I want to go to Vegas and just hang out and gamble and drink some beers and crash fancy pools and that sort of thing. I drove all day Saturday to get there. Up all night bachelorett-ing. Then drive home all day Sunday in horrid traffic... PLUS an extra hour to get Mr. San Diego down tot he airport to pick up his truck and then back home. We didn't get home until 10! And, then as we were heading to bed at 10:30, discovered a kitchen full of ants. Ugh. Not a lot of sleep last night.

Anyway, I digress. Back to Vegas. The Bachelorete Party was exactly as I knew it would be. Hanging out in a hot smoky hip hop dance club then off to a naked club to see naked men. You have to understand about me. I love men as much as the next girl, I just don't need to see a bunch of strange junk bouncing around a stage. AND, while my musical tastes are eclectic, they don't run to Hip Hop much, so this wasn't really m,y cup of tea for a night out. However, it wasn't my party and my friend had a great time, which is all that mattered. I'm just glad I left the naked club before having to witness her being lap danced on stage... I saw it happen to a stranger and that was traumatic enough for me. Oh, and this was no "topless" club. This was full on "junk out for the world to see" NAKED! Yikes! I was in bed by two, but that is about 4 hours past my very latest bed time! haha

Sunday morning wasn't bad, though. After a short dip in the hotel pool, we had breakfast and I happened to be walking near the poker room in the Plaza when they announced they had room at a new 2-4 Hold 'Em game starting up. I ponied up the $40 buy in and an hour later walked away $100 richer! Yea! That was fun. I caught lots of great cards... I wish that would happen while I'm in tournament! sheesh! I dug it though. It's been so long since I've played live poker. Nice.

Anyway, traffic sucked coming home, but we had some quality time, right? heh

:: Jenn 9:01 AM [+]

:: Saturday, August 21, 2004 ::
Big City Lights...

Off to Vegas, baby! As soon as the laundry finishes heh

Oh, my Listmania list & So You Wanna list are about hosting a Poker Party, but when I searched Amazon they didn't show up... I don't get it. Maybe it takes a while for them to be in the system. I guess only I get to enjoy them for the time being. Hmmm

:: Jenn 9:47 AM [+]

:: Thursday, August 19, 2004 ::

After making a TOTALLY great Listmania List on Amazon.com... and it was cool, I searched and no others existed like it... there list making function blew up and I keep getting an error that they are working on the problem. Buttheads. Now I have to do the whooooole thing over. But, I will, because it was GOOD! Once it's done, I'll say what it is. I'm not letting anyone steal my idea! haha

The usual work drama going on today, but at least I get to head out at 4pm today so I can pick up Mr. San Diego and take him out to a FREE yummy dinner. I love secret shopping =)

:: Jenn 11:52 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 ::

After having my teeth attacked at the dentist, I arrived at work to:

1. forgot my badge AND key card in my car which, because I was in late, is parked in the north 40... I have yet gone back out to retrieve it.
2. an anonymous note on my desk about "employees" wearing jeans and asking me to walk through the office.
3. a leaking ceiling again in one of our offices. The employee/supi that office doesn't want to move and building management hasn't got a date on when the problem will be fixed although it should be in the next two weeks.
4. having to send an employee home to change out of her jeans.
5. attempt to get a refund on the order that *I* screwed up for the big Bachelorette party. I THOUGHT I ordered personalized matchbook NOTEPADS. What I actually ordered by placing my order int he wrong column was personalized MATCHES. Who uses matches anymore?!?! DAMN IT. NOT HAPPY!
6. meet with my clerical sup and one of our clerks about her recent bad attitude and sloppy apparel - non-confroming with "dress-code" (lenient as hell already)
7. possible computer virus - now found computer not infected (whew)
8. forms I sent out two days ago needed to be updated and RE-sent.
9. blah blah blah... the usual crap.

Am I a whiner? so what.

Tonight is hair night and mommy's house, at least the drive will be short.

:: Jenn 2:53 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 ::

My friend Rhiannon created most of this playlist, which is what I am currently listening to on Rhapsody. To keep my life interesting, I am inviting people to email me at ladyjadegd@yahoo.com (or comment if it's easier) a 10-20 song playlist. Yes, it's true, I have kept Rhapsody for another month which means I need to make the best use of it possible. Please help me out and send me a playlist of songs from VARIOUS artists of any genre and title the playlist, keeping in mind that I am at work, so nothing TOO screamy meemie. I have eclectic tastes in music, so send it!

"Mr. Brightside" - The Killers
"Time To Start" - Blue Man Group
"Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)" - Garbage
"Hanging By A Moment" - Lifehouse
"Sand" - Filter
"Nobody's Diary" - Yaz
"Swirl" - Sprung Monkey
"I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar" - Jonathan Richman
"I Died" - Bif Naked
"She Could Be A Spy" - Michael Andrew/Swingerhead
"Fiction (Dreams In Digital)" - Orgy
"I Want You To Want Me" - Letters to Cleo
"Attack Of The Ghost Riders" - The Raveonettes
"Send Me On My Way" - Rusted Root
"Rhiannon" - Fleetwood Mac
"Walk The Walk" - Poe
"Goin' Southbound" - Stan Ridgway
"Solsbury Hill" - Love Seed Mama Jump
"Somebody Told Me" - The Killers
"Personal Jesus" - Johnny Cash
"Obstacle 1" - Interpol
"Smooth Criminal" - Alien Ant Farm
"Scarborough Fair - (bonus track, CD single track)" - Queensryche
"Self Esteem" - The Offspring
"Clever" - Jill Sobule

:: Jenn 10:00 AM [+]

Blogger Strikes Again

It seems that every time I get online, Blogger has made another change. Today I see a bar across the top of my site with Blogger options. One of which is "next blog" or something like that. Basically the same sort of deal as blogsnob. SO of course, I follow it along for a while, but I hate when I go to a site and the person who created it thinks they are soooo neat to make all of these stupid pop-ups come up. Brother. Are you 12? Then it tries to get me to download some pop up blocking crap. No bueno. "NO" "EXIT"

SO....what? I have nothing to say. Nothing to post. Wish I did. I'm just boring. Ah well. I've been hanging out at Amazon.com. Updating my wishlist, buying people presents, looking for friend's wishlists (not enough people I know have wishlists! They must not want PRESENTS!), playing with the recommendations feature. I like Amazon.com. I'm going to try to get Mr. San Diego to make wishlist... he is SOOOO hard to buy for. The good news is that two of the items I ordered for my mommy have shipped today, so SHOULD be here by her birthday (please please please).

Okay, obviously I am rambling, so I am going to stop. So there it is.

:: Jenn 9:19 AM [+]

:: Monday, August 16, 2004 ::
Life in General

I'd like to say I havne't posted yet today because I have been SOOOO busy, but the truth is I have spent most of the morning showing off my weddign scrapbook that I FINALLY finished yesterday. It's pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, although I think it's sort of clear that by the end I was sick of doing it. hehe But, it's done and I think I'll take a little break from scrapbooking until next month... plus I won't have TIME until next month! My next three weekends are booked solid.

So, Friday the 13th. I spent that whole day without water since my sprinkler valve broke in my backyard and I had to wait all day for the landscape emergency team to arrive. Of course, I got a lot of scrapbooking done while I was stuck home! I was not a happy camper and was mean to Mr. San Diego. Like it's his fault he's always at work when the weird crap goes wrong at the house... well, it pisses me off. So there. Good thing he likes me. All fixed now, though, and we're $200 broker.

Saturday we went to see his nephew in a play in Lake Elsinore. Seemed like the perfect plan so that when we finsihed up there we could head to the casino for the tournament. Unfortunately, the musical was a little longer than expected, probably because they started late and the intermission lasted an addtional 10 minutes. I was bummed since I have no other chances to play until September 11th! If then! Oh well. I guess I'll live.

THEN I ordered my mom a bunchof birthday presents from Amazon.com. Usually I get the stuff so quick, but of course now it's all saying this will ship on the 23rd, this will ship on the 23rd, this will ship on the 24th and i NEED it on the 23rd! Not sure how to handle THAT yet. I'm going to wiat out the week and see if it really DOES take that long. Sort of stressing over that.

This weekend I'm headed to Vegas for my friend's bachelorette party. I offered to do the "goody bags" for each guest and I got some coooool stuff. Uh, as long as it arrives before the weekend, since I seem to do all of my shopping online these days. ahaha. Actually I found this extrememly cool website for party favors, etc. Check out Chemical Light, Inc Mucho cool stuff! Each of us at the party is getting one of these:

and one of these:

along with some other "stuff" hee hee It would probably be more fun if I knew anyone going to this thing besides the bride to be, but it's all good. Of course writing this just remeinded me that I am supposed ot have a PLAN for this thing, too! Yikes, I better get on that.

Okay, I also have to work or something.

:: Jenn 2:23 PM [+]

:: Thursday, August 12, 2004 ::

Alright, DAMN IT, I will recreate yesterday's lost post. Grrr. But I have to get this out. Really.

Last week I finished listening to The Survivor's Club by Lisa Gardner. I didn't have high hopes for this one as I thought it might be more of a "chick book". How wrong I was! It ended up being a suspense-filled rape/murder-mystery. The plot was clever and the characters interesting. Ms Gardner used the book to spin the media in an unfavorable light but nothing implied was untrue and a little social commentary is not necessarily a bad thing. I really enjoyed this book, I give it an 8, and will likely try some of her others.

I wish I could say the same about Good Faith by Jane Smiley, which I finished this morning. I guess it's good I lost the post yesterday so I could have the end to talk abouthere, too! I actually had higher hopes on this one because I thoroughly enjoyed one of her other books, The All True Travels of Lidie Newton and she has some acclaim as a novelist. However while some of the characters were likeable, this story was waaaaaaaay too long. The major problems with it were that it rambled on and on and on and the narrator, Joe, was likeable, but could he really be THAT stupid??? Mostly the story frustrated me with the stupidity of the characters and the fact that in such a looong book, we knew what the end was going to be so why did I keep going? Well, what are you going to do, after halfway it's hard to just stop. AND THEN... today, last disc, she tried to throw in a surprise twist that was STUPID, did not work at all and pretty much made a bad book worse. So, I do not recommend this book. Let's see, one point off for too long, one point off for rambling, one point off for stupid characters, one point off for a stupid unbelieveable plot twist, one point off for predictability, one point off for trying to pull the "American Psycho/describe the 80s in every fucking little detail" tool, and one point off for wasting a week of my time: that's a three folks. And, I feel generous with that.

:: Jenn 10:55 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 ::
Jenns and Panties

So while perusing a new Jenn Blog that I recently happened upon, I found this link to an article discussing today being the 2nd Annual Underwear Day. Cool. I like underwear.

:: Jenn 2:27 PM [+]


I wrote a whole post IN WORD so that I wouldn't lose it.. I NEVER do that. The I copie dand pasted it here. Then my Word errored out. I was messing with that. When I got back to this page... my post was GONE! What the hell is up with that? Grrrrrrrr

:: Jenn 11:14 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 ::

Yea! I actually have July pics up on the Photos! page. I'll wait a while before starting August. Now back to our regularly scheduled crap...

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Away For The Weekend

I do like weekend getaways, although the idea of a romoantic getaway to a fire-warmed cabin in the snowy mountains is a little more enticing then a Pinball convention, but hey, I take what I can get.

Yes, we went to a Pinball Convention this weekend called California Extreme up in San Jose. We flew in Saturday and Flew home Sunday night. It was fun. I was a little disappointed that the friend of mine who always goes on and on about how we HAVE to go (we didn't make it the last couple of years) spent the whole show working on the tournament, therefore NOT hanging out with ME! It's okay, though, because Mr. San Diego and I spent a lot of time together and we actually enjoy each other's company! We did have to do a 10 block hike to a grocery store for our beer supplies and one friend went with us for that and hung out with us in the room during BEER BREAKS. I played lots of pinball, from old electromechanical (?) to the new stuff. I played a rare pinball called Big Bang Bar that I had never seen before as well as my favorites Who Dunnit and Eight Ball Deluxe. We also played a lot of weird video games. It was pretty fun and HUGE. If your a game player, it's a pretty good time - $40 and play all the games you can for 2 days! Mr. San Diego jumped up on a filing cabinet to get some pics to show how big it is. Here's what one third of it looked like:

I'll be putting up a couple more pics on the photo page a little later.

Yesterday I was off to recuperate from getting in so late at night and spent all day scrapbooking the wedding. I am not even half done... this is taking a LONG LONG time, but it is my wedding and I want it to be right. Hopefully I'll be done by this weekend. Hopefully.

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:: Monday, August 09, 2004 ::
Sneaky stuff?

I received an email this morning from Blogger. Apparently I requested to change my password! huh I didn't even remember doing it... and I wasn't even home! So, who the hell is trying to access my blog and more importantly, WHY??? How exciting would it be to post on someone else's blog? How bizarre. I guess it's lucky that Blogger has it set up to go through your email when you change your password. It's just tripping me out.

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:: Friday, August 06, 2004 ::

Huh. How About That. A Blogiveristy of a sort.

The Superfreak is Dead. You can CALL it Natural Causes, but I'm sure some unnatural substances in the past probably played their role.

The SURVIVOR 9 Spoilers are rolling in. The wrap up was supposed to be yesterday so now it's a waiting game until air day: September 16!

79 WHOLE Minutes??? Yikes.

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:: Thursday, August 05, 2004 ::
The All-Knowing Wizard(ess) Will Now Take Questions

I just visited my stats for the first time in who knows when. So, since there are some hits I'm getting, I will try to assist those strangers who show up here.

First. Who the hell is searching for "R" and "ST". You're a dork.

You have found a Jenn, but for the umpteenth thousandth time, I have no Nascar Infield Pics!

If you REALLY need help on how to masturbate (AND, it's M-A-S-T-U-R-B-A-T-E, not M-A-T-U-R-B-A-T-E) you could try GOING TO THIS SITE. But really, just do what feels good to you. There's not really a protocol for this sort of thing. ALTHOUGH, I actually have been told some wild stories by an old friend who used to have a "masturbating kit"! The lengths some people go to... sheesh.

No one gives a SHIT about what size the Wadsworth, OH Wal-Mart is. Wal-Mart is the antichrist. Don't shop there, loser. They'll suck your soul out.

(Mr. San Diego just emailed that to me. heh)

NO! A Straight and a Pair will not beat a Straight in Texas Hold 'Em. Why? Because only FIVE cards count towards your hand. Therefore it is impossible to HOLD a straight AND a pair because that would be SEVEN cards! I would suggest reading Hold 'Em Excellence by Lou Krieger. Good book and not too advanced like Sklansky's stuff can get. There's also a new book out there I haven't read, but looks GOOD for newbies! It's No-Limit Texas Hold'em : The New Player's Guide to Winning Poker's Biggest Game (The New Players Series)

AND, Drumroll please...

I come up FIRST (and second!)when one searches for "Boobs Center" on Ask.com. Go figure.

Listening to Fountains of Wayne now. I have to decide if I'm going to fork out another $10 to keep Real Rhapsody for another month. GRRRrrr I want it. I don't want to pay for radio. I want it. I don't want to pay for radio. What do I do?

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My Awesome Bouquet

So the story of the bouquet goes something like this. I'm in the florist shop and she's quoting me $50 for two lily stems and a bunch of greenery and another $25 for my Maid of HOnor to have a single Lily Stem and a bunch of greenery and so, of course, I say "I'll be back". Heh That was a lie.

Instead, the night before the wedding I went to Costco and bought two gorgeous bouquets of tropical-like flowers, took them home, tore the bouquets apart and my mom put them back together into two beautiful bouquets that were EXACTLY what I wanted.

My bouquet had yellow and orange Lilies, yellow and red Gerber Daisies, some small bright yellow daisy type flowers, some purple foliage stuff, some little red berries on green leafy stems and some greenery, including long sticky-outy grasses. It also had these cool tropical "firework flowers". Okay, thats what we called them, they are really called Leucospermum cordifolium pincushions. Here is what they look like in the 'Red Sunset' color which is similar to mine:

(Picture courtesy of www.denverplants.com)

All in all, the bouquets were bright, beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I got two bouquets, and a vase full of extras for $30. They stood out, went perfectly with our dresses, the sunny day, the tropical location, etc. I'd say I scored =)

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:: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 ::
More Things That Make Me Go Hm.

I was just wondering. I guess this is rhetorical because I don't REALLY expect responses to my questions... but, I wonder how many people still read the same old blogs they started out reading when they started out blogging.

Mine haven't really changed much. I still check out new ones, but I like to keep up with those people from the beginning, too. Or those that I created a "blog dialogue" with, I seem to continue reading them. There are some that I have read from way in the beginning, but never created a dialogue with, like Leftbanker, I just enjoy his essays.

It's just something that was on my mind. There are definitely some that I used to read that I don't anymore for one reason or another or that just aren't there anymore. And, I find myself needing to clean up links every once in a while. I KNOW that people who used to read ME, got bored and went away, which doesn't bother me much, as I can see how my blithering about me would eventually take on a repetitive sound, but mostly, I guess, I'm a creature of habit and just stay in my little blog world reading the same old people that made me smile from the beginning.


OH, here's a nice picture =)

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See, I thought "yea!" I can have pics on my site now. But, Photobucket only wants little baby sized pictures. When I lower the qulaity of them they look ucky. I'm still posting some wedding pics over on the photo page, but you really can't tell how BEAUTIFUL I truly am! haha Oh well. I love the way Photobucket works, it just doesn't take the quality pics I wish it would. phooey. I guess it will have to work until something new comes along or I quit being such a cheapskate!

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:: Tuesday, August 03, 2004 ::

I have to go to Vegas on the 21st for a bachelorette party. I'm sort of obligated because my friend whose party it is is the person who helped out my cousin with mine and really, who saved the party by doing some planning, etc. So, I must go. Mr. San Diego was kindly going to accompany me so I wouldn't have to do the drive alone and then he would get ditched for the night... meeting up with me in our room once the ladies were done partying. However, we have now discovered that his boss is calling a Saturday work day and of course, it's THAT Saturday. I was soooo bummed when he told me. That meant a looooong drive alone there and back, basically a turnaround.

Today he bought a plane ticket to meet me out there when he finishes working so I won't have to drive back alone. Tell me that guy isn't madly in love with me! =)

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Business as usual...

You know, just once I'd like to be all caught up and not buried under a mountain of papers in my office. Perhaps I should spend less time blogging? Oh... that would mean never blogging. Ah well... job security.

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:: Monday, August 02, 2004 ::
Gone Missing...

I know. I haven't posted for a while. I had issues last week! bleh. Had to take care of my car on Thursday. And, I rarely post on the weekend. Although I spent LOTS of time working on organizing pictures so I can bring my Photos! page up to date! I added a few more, but didn't get to finish off May yet. I'll try to get the wedding pics uploaded and then I can start on July... I don't think anything cool happened in June. heh Annnnnnnnyway. Started my birthday off this weekend. I believe in dragging my birthday out for about 2 months, although I'm working on extending that to 3 months. It seems to be working since Mr. San Diego bought us Sea World annual passes and took me there on Saturday. I told him for my birthday I didn't want STUFF< but experience(s). He's doing good so far.

But, yesterday I was very grumpy. I know it wasn't TRULY a bad day, but it seemed like stuff went wrong and my bathtub drain is all stopped up and everything I do to fix it makes it worse. Now we need a plumber. Grrr... Luckily we have a second bathroom. But Mr. SD cheered me up with a foot massage and hey, Jimmie won! I guess it wasn't all bad. Or even mostly bad. Maybe I'm just a bitch. Hm.

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