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Taste of San Diego, 9/2006
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:: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 ::


Been stuck in meetings all day. No time to blog and I gotta jet down to San Diego to get my badge for the Comic Con like NOW. I'll try to write some later on tonight or tomorrow. I'm NOT having a good day. =(

:: Jenn 12:34 PM [+]

Sharin' the Love

And don't forget Alph cuz that guy makes me laugh my ass off with his crazy ideas. Even if i disagree with about half of what he says he's way fun to read!

(how was that, Alph? I actually did think of you when I was writing that, but I had to stop somewhere!!!!)

:: Jenn 9:12 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, July 30, 2002 ::

When I started this thing, well, I'm not sure exactly why I started it, but it was something to do and I thought it might actually make me REALLY keep a journal for a change. I've always started them, but never ended up keeping it up. But, somewhere along the line a shift occured. I know that my site isn't exciting. I babble too much about my personal life, but again, this is MY journal, so what the hell else am I going to babble about?!? The thing is that I really feel like I have created some really great relationships with people via this site. That was never my intention and I can say that I'm one who didn't really think that "online friends" were real. But, that is changing for me. Some of you who come here and read and comment I think of as "my readers", but there are a few of you, no ~ a LOT of you, who really feel like friends. I think a really cool thing was when Kathleen wrote today that she was thinking about me and my commute as she was driving today. When you start thinking about people beyond during just that time that you are surfing, a new type of relationship has been built. Can I really say that these people aren't my FRIENDS? I don't know. Some of you know more about me than my real life friends do because you share in my deep thoughts and quandaries and questions and revelations, but I wouldn't even recognize you if I passed you on the street. It's an interesting thought. It's confusing. I know that I miss Doubting Thomas. He hasn't posted in weeks and he's probably off in some exotic place working, but I think about him almost daily because I click that link to see if he might be back and I'm jonesing for more of his writing. I know that Sunday I was STRESSED worrying about how Kathleen was doing after the accident in the Nascar race. I think about Vinny (who I just saw has a Richard Bach quote on his entry page...damn I like you even more now!) being out here in California, just a hop skip and a jump away, and I'm missing his daily posts... how else am I going to keep up on whats happening in the world!?!? When Tyler isn't posting, I'm wondering if he's out enjoying the Cutest Girl In The World and forgetting about us. It's totally cool that I recently got myself another Nascar pal/Jimmie Johnson fan to rap with. I totally sympathize with Lex trying to quit smoking... I'm so with you, dude! There are too damned many of you to mention! You have all become a part of my life. I think people who aren't a part of our weird little counter-culture would think I'm a freak, but fuck 'em. You guys are great and I love reading your sites and I love that you come here and you read about my little corner of the world and you care enough to comment and talk about what's going on. Oh yeah, and I'm drinking myself silly tonight. hehe Maybe I'll talk about that tomorrow.

:: Jenn 8:57 PM [+]


We saw K-19, The Widowmaker. It has Harrison Ford, so would assume it must be awesome. You would have assumed incorrectly. It wasn't a bad movie, it was just very slow and on the boring side. My eyelids were getting heavy. There were a few scenes that gave rise for some minor suspense, but for the most part... YAWN. Save it for video and go see something else. It's getting a 4 rating.

oooooooh an addendum to the last post. A new happy thought! Mr. San Diego just called me from the airplane. He's off to another meeting out of town and he called before take off to say he loved me. Damn, I love that guy. Today is feeling good =)

:: Jenn 10:49 AM [+]


I want to share this totally cool thing that happened on Saturday. While Mr. San Diego and I were out apartment hunting we stopped off to hang out at Barnes and Noble, see a movie and get some lunch. Over lunch, we were talking and he said to me, "You know, I always have so much fun when I'm with you." That was such a cool thing for him to say. I don't think anyone else has ever said that to me and it made me feel GREAT! I keep thinking about it and it makes me smile. Thanks, babe!

:: Jenn 10:34 AM [+]

:: Monday, July 29, 2002 ::

3 words. OH MY GOD! That was the most frightening thing I’ve seen since I started watching Nascar. A wreck is bad enough, but it was so brutal and I was terrified that Steve Park was not going to come out of that so good. The car was completely mangled and I just sat there watching in horror with hope that he was okay. When he got out of the car and walked away I almost cried with relief. It doesn’t matter that he is a stranger to me, I just felt scared and I could only imagine how those people who know him or care about him must feel if they were watching the race. Can you imagine how scary that would be to see, if you were a parent or family member or friend? I’m really ecstatically happy that he was okay.

On the other hand, I wasn’t thrilled that Sterling Marlin did so well. I was also very disappointed that Rusty Wallace was out for so long. I know that it isn’t much fun to watch the race when your guy isn’t doing well, so Mr. San Diego was bummed and not all that interested in watching since Rusty was pretty much screwed. At least he got back in there and finished. Jimmie wasn’t really doing so great, not bad, but not what I want him to do. I know I know… they can’t win every race, but still it is so exciting to watch when Jimmie is kicking ass and it just has seemed the last few races he’s lagging. Sort of a bummer.

Here’s a cool thing. We watched the race at Mr. San Diego’s dad’s house. That was cool because, as some of you know, I hadn’t met dad yet! So, I finally did. I guess it’s a good thing to do seeing as we are going to be LIVING TOGETHER! That went well. I liked his dad and I don’t think he hated me. Heh Of course there is still the mom. She’ll probably hate me. *sigh*

Okay. That’s all for one day =)

:: Jenn 2:31 PM [+]


I’m having a hard time with this season. Carrie is just incredibly WEIRD all of a sudden. She has always been the one that I most identified with of the four and now all of a sudden she just seems like a stranger. She even LOOKS weird. The whole thing is just strange. The first two episodes of the season were OK, but nothing spectacular. PLEASE let it get better. I will be sad if it doesn’t!

In other TV news, my friend Keri won a Trading Spaces smock! I know how many of you are weird Trading Spaces junkies, so I thought I would just throw that out to brag at ya! Heh

:: Jenn 12:50 PM [+]

So much to say

I don't even know where to start! I guess I'll do the super-boring all about me stuff, first. Decisions, decisions... I have made a few. First, as of September, I am going to be MISS San Diego. Yup, I'm moving to San Diego. Mr. San Diego and I are going to shack-up for a while. I'm really excited and sort of nervous. Mostly excited, though. We really are great together and I think this is going to work out for us. The only downside is my next decision. I'm giving up the job hunt and going to do the commute. It's 100 miles, but I just talked to my boss, explained my situation, and put in a written request for a new work schedule. I figured out that if I work four 10-hour days (Mon-Thurs), I can do the commute 3 of those days and one of them stay with my mom. This would save me the extra commute day and give me a chance to spend time with my mom and/or grandma. My mom is going to be feeling very abandoned even though she won't admit it, so this will help, I think. So I would only have to do the commute three days per week and as a bonus, I would have Fridays off! I can use Friday to take care of housework and stuff so my weekends can be free. Of course, I will HAVE to look for another car. My poor beat up truck won't last long doing that commute and my gas mileage blows. So I will need to find something cheap, with good gas mileage that still goes FAST. heh

We looked at several apartments and we've narrowed it down to a couple. Now we mostly need to see what they will plan to have available come the first when people give their 30 day notices. Then we can make our final decision. And, hey! We will have our own Kegger-a-tor! Mr. San Diego just bought this neato-skeeto little refrigerator thingy that holds a keg and tap. YEA! How fun is that going to be!?! We only have to drink like 12 beers a week to make it pay for itself in a year. Each. Twelve beers EACH. hahahaha

:: Jenn 11:31 AM [+]

:: Friday, July 26, 2002 ::

Well, the interview was a bust. I cannot work for a place that is only going to give me one week of vacation time after a year! DUH! I have a two-week trip to Peru in October! Next year, I am going to Florida for a week or two, too. Not to mention all of the random days here and there I need to take off. hmmm... I'm feeling sort of stressed now, because how can I give up all of the perks of my current job? I have a damned good job (even if I'm sick of it) AND six weeks of vacation time!!!! I'm trying to decide what I love more... vacation or Mr. San Diego. Decisions, decisions... I just don't know what to do. I'm seriously considering commuting, but that would put me on the road a MINIMUM of three hours per day. That is BRUTAL. I just don't know what to do. All of a sudden I am so ready to move and I don't want to wait months longer, but this job thing is trouble.

AND, my truck is acting up. Yesterday it even died and was having trouble getting started. I think it was in part because of the heat and my torturing it on a long ride. But, see, commuting would just make it die sooner. I'm going to go to the horrible PepBoys in a few minutes when I quit whining about everything here. ONe more complaint. I can't access my comments from MR. San Diego's computer!!! Blah. OH yeah, does anyone else try to access my site from NETSCAPE? For some reason when we try it here, it won't load. 'Nuff complaining now.

So, I am now the proud owner of another Jimmie Johnson car! YEA ME! Mr. San Diego bought me a big one (1:24, I think?) and I have one regular 1:64 car and two 1:64 Power of Pride cars, one called "premier" and one regular. I keep trying to figure out why I want these, but I just do, damn it! I have NEVER had a "team" or anything before because I'm just not a big sports person. The closest I came to having a team was when the Raiders were in LA, but then they left so screw 'em. So this is my first time to be a "FAN"! It's fun. I just hope the race on Sunday is better than the last two! BLAH! And the telecast, too! I'm gonna have to get Mr. San Diego or Vinny to write a letter to NBC/TNT if they don't straighten up! Okay, just babbling here, so I'm gonna get my ass in gear and take my truck to the shop.

PS Having your boyfriend read your "innermost thoughts" and smart ass remarks is REALLY embarassing.

:: Jenn 8:00 AM [+]

:: Thursday, July 25, 2002 ::

Wish me luck... today is my interview. SCAAAAAAAAAAARY. I'll be heading south in about a half hour.

:: Jenn 10:59 AM [+]

Porn Clerks

I know y'all have seen this, but I'm putting up the link anyway... That way, I can always go back and enjoy it later!

:: Jenn 10:20 AM [+]


Tyler NEVER ceases to just crack my ass up. Nice succinct posts that are tooo funny. Thanks for always making me laugh, Tyler!

:: Jenn 9:56 AM [+]

and he can't undestand why I want this?

link borrowed from FreakGirl

:: Jenn 9:36 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 ::
Have you ever...

been asleep and then, in your sleep, you streeeeetch and all of a sudden the muscle in your calf gets pulled and is huge and sticking out of your leg, and then you are awake and screaming in pain? Yeah, me too. I need some more Gatorade and bananas, I guess.

:: Jenn 2:34 PM [+]

Sharing the Love

I haven't linked ya up lately, so here are a few blogs for your perusal & a Jen one as a bonus!

~Bottled Bliss


~Stuff and Stuff

The Jen


:: Jenn 1:41 PM [+]

Soul Stealers

I just had lunch with an old friend today and we got to talking about her daughter who is almost ten and starting to hit puberty already. Because she can see some hormonal changes in her daughter she is trying to talk to her about it, which is difficult because she is still young and while very intelligent, not at an age where she wants to hear about gross things like hair on your body and boys (eewwww). My friend said that she is reading some books that talk about hormonal stages and such. When she related a story from one of these books, we started talking about how we aren't taught to not give up our "soul" to someone else. What I mean by that is that it is so very common that when we enter into relationships with people... mainly into romantic relationships, but also other relationships, too, we let people steal our identities from us. I know that I am completely guilty of this. When I look back over the relationships in my life I see how often I gave up who I am to be with the person I wanted to be with. Now, I'm a laid back person who enjoys many things, so it isn't a big stretch for me to do the things that my partner wants to do, but I think it is important that we don't give up those things that we want to do, too! That's what I've done in my life, and why? Of course part of it is the desire for approval and/or to be loved. No one sits down with you as a child and explains this stuff to you. Of course, as a teen, I thought I knew it all and probably wouldn't have listened. But, I think parents should be instilling this understanding in their children from the time that they are young. A big part of it is a person's self-esteem, but I dont' think it boils down to JUST that, either. Some people are steam rollers and we cow to their strength. As I've said before, I don't regret anything I've done in my life. I don't regret relationships that I've had. Everything that I am comes out of those life experiences. But, I hate that when I look back on my life, that I see so much weakness in myself.

I was single for just about 4 years. I think that time was extremely valuable for me to learn about myself and what I want and what I don't want in life. I definitely could look and see that I was one of those people who let others steal my soul, my power, my strength, my esteem... whatever you want to call it and I made a conscious decision that it wasn't going to happen again. So, I guess I won't ever know for sure if I just followed my decision and convictions or if I got incredibly lucky to find someone that wanted to share instead of steal. What I do know is that Mr. San Diego and I have the kind of relationship that I always wanted. Of course, a big part is that we like an AWFUL LOT of the same things (whew), but we both are willing to try new things and to learn about those things in which the other person is interested and I think we're both willing to compromise... heh that may take some time to tell for sure if it's both of us, but just the same, I feel like a lucky girl. Being yourself is the only way to really be happy. I feel like I can be me and I am just all warm and fuzzy inside =)

Oh and everyone wave to our newest reader, Reader number 6, aka Mr. San Diego. Uh huh... you read correctly (thank goodness for sitemeter!). You know the first thing that went through my mind was HOLY SHIT! But it was bound to happen sooner or later. I'm torn, but I am going to make every effort to not let that change the way or what I write. This is where I work out my issues and if I don't have it, then I would get all bottled up and that would be BAD! He's just lucky cuz he will always know my innermost thoughts... whereas, I will continue to guess at his. But it's okay with me because as we all know I am head over feet in love so duh... why wouldn't I want him to know that!?! (Did that sound like I was writing just for him? hahaha) Pluggage coming up next!

:: Jenn 1:33 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, July 23, 2002 ::

One reason why I sort of put the JenBoggles on hiatus is because most of the JenBoggles look like THIS. I would give you examples, but one, I don't want to hurt peoples feelings and two, why the hell am I going to link to a piece of crap blog that is annoying?

I will link to JenBlogs if I run across one that is interesting, intelligent, funny, poignant, or just captures my attention for some reason. But, I'm not going to post them, just to be posting them. Please feel free to point me towards good ones.

:: Jenn 10:21 AM [+]

Win MX

I'll answer Nick's question from comments here even though I'll tell him in person tonight. I'll do this because the more users on WinMX, the more files available for downlaod junkies like Mr. San Diego... ok ok ok I admit it, I like the porn. hehe Actually, WinMX is this program where people can trade files. We use it mostly for music and videos and some pictures, I don't know if it does other types of files, too or not. It's one of those things where people log onto it and other people can access files that you specify as available and at the same time you can download from others. If you have a dial up connection this is a long process, but if you move faster and say, 10 people have the same file, you actually download it from all of them at the same time. You can get a song in less than a minute! It's a really bitchen program. If you want more info, go to www.winmx.com. See how nice I am sharing this type of info with you?

:: Jenn 9:36 AM [+]

Movie news

I saw The Bourne Identity this weekend. While I liked this movie (duh, it had Matt Damon in it), I just think they could have made it a lot better. I thought parts of it were slow and while I can't put my finger on exactly why, I just didn't think it was all that. I'm going to go ahead and give it a 6. Enjoyable, but not excellent.

6 ~ The Bourne Identity

:: Jenn 9:36 AM [+]

:: Monday, July 22, 2002 ::

Yes, that's me. I'm cranky today. I went to bed upset last night and I just couldn't talk about it with Mr. San Diego. Then we overslept today, but luckily I actually made it on time to work. But, I'm upset about relationship crap and so I just wrote it all out in a letter, cuz thats how I do things... it helps me organize my thoughts. I then sent said letter to Mr. San Diego and now I am terrified that I fucked everything up. To top that off, I actually have a job interview on Thursday! SCARY. But, there is no point in going to the interview if Mr. San Diego doesn't give me positive feedback from the letter. ARGH. AND for some reason the email at one of our places of business is not working at top speed today so I'm FREAKING out and not able to receive a response from him. I am soooooo 15 years old, I swear. Okay, I know how much readers hate reading a bunch of whiney relationship crap, so I won't continue except for one more thing... what happened to sex twice a day on the weekends, anyway!?!?! I think I am going to come to hate the WinMX program... I'm not jeaous of any women, but WinMX??? BITCH. he had to go and get a damned cable connection finally... I think I just lost my boyfriend to the internet. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

AND this Blogger problem keeps recurring which is really making me NOT want to fucking post here anymore. It's true, I am NOT a happy camper today. Someone just shoot me please...

But I did do a good deed today. I went to McDonalds for lunch and bought a homeless guy a shake. That made me feel a little better temporarily.

Done now.

:: Jenn 1:58 PM [+]


:: Jenn 12:11 PM [+]

:: Friday, July 19, 2002 ::
An EXTREMELY Happy Thought

WOOOOOOT! My favorite television show starts on Sunday! YEA!!! If you're a SEX fan, go play the trivia game!

:: Jenn 9:10 AM [+]

:: Thursday, July 18, 2002 ::
More stuff

I didn't get to finish my post yesterday and don't have a lot of time today either.

On Tuesday, a nurse in my office got "mugged" in our parking lot. They held her at knifepoint and took the few bucks she had on her. I'm surprised that it happened right here in the daylight with a bunch of cars around. I am the Princess of Denial (mommy being the Queen) and just never think things like that will happen. I guess I should worry. I always get here later than everyone else so I usually park in the toolies and I leave later than everyone else. I feel really bad for the woman it happened to and I certainly hope it doesn't happen to anyone else, but for some reason, I just don't worry. I guess when I feel a knife in my ribs it might be more real. Sort of like when I was falling down the cliff I realized that "wow, bad things CAN happen to me!" But, for the most part, I just can't spend all of my life worrying that something bad will happen. I want to live life and do things and not run around being scared. I see so many people who limit that which they do because they are afraid of those "bad things" that MIGHT happen. What's the point of life if you're going to do that? Well, I'm babbling.

Here's my happy thought for today: One thing that really makes me feel GOOD is being right. hahaha I know, I know... I'm terrible. But I swear, when someone is arguing with me (particularly if they are being an asshole or pissing me off), I get so much pleasure from being right. heh

:: Jenn 8:59 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, July 17, 2002 ::
Are we back in business?

Is Blogger going to be kind? I hope so! I have a couple of things to talk about now that publishing might be working properly.

First, I didn't tell you about the awesome movie I saw! heh Yep, you guessed it! Friday night we traipsed on down to the Rialto for our free movie of the week, but alas the 8:30 showing was SOLD OUT! Blah! So we left and came back for the 10:45 showing of Halloween! It was pretty much what you would expect. I enjoyed it as far as that type of movies goes... I mean, Michael Myers was no Uber-Jason, but I did my share of jumping I'm afraid I can't give this over a 5, though, and thats pretty much just because we're talking about a classic, here. One of the girls who went with us (not my favorite person on earth) was saying afterwards that it was like the 7th one and I was sure it was only the 5th, but after checking out the site I see it was, in fact, the 8th! How did I miss 4, 5, and 6??? Ah well.

In other news, my teammate and I came in third place in the Pinball League. Last night was the last night of this season. On some levels, I'm glad it's over. I now have a free day! yea! Plus, if I move, I won't be playing in the next one, so I'l miss it... a little. We won a whopping $76 to split. It costs about $75 to play the whole season... heh But, it's not for the money, it's for the fun. POKER is for money. Pinball is for fun. Did I mention I have a Twilight Zone pinball game at my house right now. It's kinda cool and looks like I may have it for about another week or so, too! At first I really didn't like it, but Sunday, Mr. San Diego taught me the rules and what to do and now I am fiending on it. hehe

Argh! I'm being called to a supervisor meeting... blah I will have to write more later.

I will say that I have a happy thought for today. What feels really really good? SLEEPING IN LATE!!!! Mmmmmmmm... LOVE IT!

:: Jenn 1:01 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 ::

Three comments to that question??? Geeeez What? You can't find a darn thing to be happy about???? I WANT COMMENTS!!!

Today's little morsel of happiness: My friend returned from vacation with a Pez dispenser for me! It's Wolverine!!! WOOT! What a nice girl she is. The question is do I save it or open it and scarf down the candy???

:: Jenn 11:03 AM [+]

:: Monday, July 15, 2002 ::
A Question for Today

Sometimes I find myself focusing on negativity and, based on all of the rants I read, I guess I'm not the only one! So, I thought it would be nice to start this week off with something that makes us feel good. So how about it. Tell me something that really makes you just feel damned good!

I'll start. AND, I have a LOT of things that make me feel great, but one I'm thinking of right now is when Mr. San Diego comes up behind me (or when we're waking up in the morning) and just wraps me all up tight in his arms. It feels warm and loving and safe. That is a great feeling.

Another thing that feels great is when no one is in front of me in the passing lane on the freeway and a great driving fast song comes on (Twilight Zone, Radar Love, Free, You Shook Me, Turbo Lover...). I know I'm probably being dangerous, but I love driving fast and especially when a great song is pounding out of the speakers.

Your turn!

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Blogger is pissing me off.

Apparently there is some weirdness going on with the templates which is making my life miserable when I try to publish. I think I found a long way to make it work... well, obviously if this is posting, I did. But can they fix this already? I'm becoming quite displeased.

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The Hunt

Wow! Job hunting is a little harder than I thought it would be. I have always prided myself on being able to get a job immediately upon needing a new one, but I guess the more money you want, the harder it is. blah. I got one little bite today but they wanted someone for where I am now! Grrrr It's okay, I'm not in a rush. Ideally, I wouldn't move until November. But, I hate feeling unwanted. I guess I just expected everyone would be fighting over me. hehehe Sort of half joking =)

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:: Friday, July 12, 2002 ::
cheesy books

I’m reading The Remnant right now. If you aren’t familiar with this book, it is the 10th book in the “Left Behind” series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. I’m totally fiending on it and I was hot to buy it the first week it came out, because I read the first nine in like 30 days last fall and have been impatient for number ten to be released. I completely immersed myself in them. The funniest part of this is that these really aren’t that great of books. Honestly, if you actually look at the writing style and skill, it’s just not all that. Then you have to wade through all of the sermons, which can be a yawn. However, I am totally addicted to them! I can’t understand it. I think in part it is because the first one grabbed me with the idea of the rapture happening. Just the idea of so many people disappearing… whatever the reason, made me think and made me wonder “what happens next?” Plus I have this bizarre love of “series” books just because when I am reading, I never want the story to end, or I want to know what happens next. So I guess I’m a sucker for ‘em.

I do get a real kick out of some co-workers in my office who act so “happy for me”, thinking that Jennifer must have gotten religion if she’s reading these books. These people are those who I consider the office hypocritical factor. You know, those who preach and talk about their church all the time… except when they are talking shit about a fellow employee behind their back. Ah yes, please let me join your group… NOT.

Anyway, The Remnant follows the same style and poor writing of the first nine of them, but still, I am enjoying it. The writers are lucky, because the story has actually already been written. They call it Revelations. What a racket, huh? I should be done with it at lunch today and then I will have to wait another 10 months for number 11. SIGH

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These are some links that made me say "hmmm"




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:: Thursday, July 11, 2002 ::
Alright Already!

My "real" website has re-appeared, so quit freaking bugging me... This is what I look like. If you have to turn away in horror and pain, don't blame me, I was born this way.

I'm actually going to add more recent pictures to this (although, I look the same though, so it doesn't matter) ... I'll try to do it tonight.

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A conversation last night:

Me: Look, I need to ask. You aren’t having second thoughts about my moving down to San Diego are you?
(I mean: “you haven’t called in two days you bastard!”)

Mr. SD (sounding excited): Why? Did you get a job offer today?
(actually, the sound is panic and means: “oh no, already!?!”)

Me: No, more like a rejection this week. But, I’ve been job searching and you’ve made some comments lately that just made me wonder and I need to know if I should even be bothering job-hunting if you aren’t sure this is what you want. If you aren’t sure, this would be a good time to say so.
(I meant: “what the fuck were those comments about anyway?!? Do you think you’re funny???”)

Mr. SD: I’m not saying anything, am I?
(he means: “duh, blowjobs every night? Why wouldn’t I want her here?”)

Me: ok
(I mean: fuck you fuck you fuck you… beg me to move down there now, damn it!”)

Mr. SD: I’m just worried you’ll find a job before I find a place. I want to make sure I find something I can afford if you bail on me.
(He thinks: “maybe this will make her think I’m serious. Man, I could use a blow job right now.”)

Me: You mean if you kick me out?
(fishing for beggage some more)

Mr. SD: No, if you leave me.
(he thinks: maybe I’ll sound worried and she will get over her stupid insecurity. Man, I could use a blow job right now.”)

Me: You do realize I’m pulling up stakes to move down there? I wouldn’t do that if I wasn’t in this for the long haul. You better be sure you are, too.
(I mean: “You KNOW I want to get married, get used to the idea!”)

Mr. SD: I’m asking you to come. I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t in it for the long term.
(he thinks: “geez, I hope she isn’t bringing up marriage again. Let me look at some porn to ease the panic I’m feeling every time she brings up the ‘M’ word. Man, I could use a blow job right now.”)

Me: ok then.
(if he was here, he’d get a blow job)

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:: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 ::

am I freaking number one for Google searches for "Naked Pictures of W i l W h e a t o n"??? AND, do you realize I get hit with this EVERY day!?!?! I don't even have a LINK to Wil anymore! Brother.

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Made me laugh...

ummm... this is just weird. I guess there's a site for everything.

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This site is acting funny. My archives won't republish right now. Whatever. Probably the freaking heat. It's a lovely 110 right now with about 50% humidity. yippee!!!!

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:: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 ::
My Baby Brother

I know y'all don't care, but I am soooo missing my brother. He is a Chemical Captain in the Army and is stationed in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We have a standing Monday night date on Everquest, so we actually do pretty good at staying in touch (well Strados and Calafia do anyway), but I miss hanging out with him and talking to him and laughing with him. He is so funny. In a different way. Okay, he can be realllly annoying sometimes. But, the great thing about my brother is I can say something obscure and we can laugh our asses off and everyone around us will just shake their heads in confusion. The most amusing part is that as children we fought constantly... almost to the point of hatred. But as adults, my brother is one of my very best friends. He's smart and funny and has two really awesome kids that I adore.

One time I took him on a backpacking trip and we were laying in our sleeping bags and I told him to "tell me a story", so he told me this story about a "dude" who's dad was killed by his uncle who was doing his mom... hehe yeah, he told me Hamlet all the way through, but with different names and a little more modern. That's just how he is, sort of a freak like me! How many Army Chemical Captains do you think got their college degree in Philosophy? He is just fun and different and I miss the hell out of him! He is supposed to be coming to Southern California this month for training out in the desert, but he might not get a chance to get away. I'm hoping he does so we can hang out before he goes home. I particularly want to see him because they might send him to Afghanistan to relieve the Chemical Officer that's there now. If that happens I don't know how long it will be before he gets back. And I haven't seen him since November as it is. Ah well... maybe I'll give him a call.

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What a Wonderful Life it Would Be

The thing is, too many people want to be individuals and what is with this having opinions thing? I’m having difficulty understanding why we can’t all just be the same. What’s all of the hoopla over individual thought? Why does someone have to be to the left or to the right... yadda yadda? Can’t we all just be in the middle? We have a government. Shouldn’t we just let them take care of things for us? Who needs to bother themselves with all of those pesky politics, anyway? I mean that’s why we pay politicians so much money! So they can take care of us. We voted for them, so they must be the good guys, right? Think of the idyllic world we could have where we all sit around watching Friends and drinking coffee. All of our blogs could be about the cool things we did this weekend and how much we love our boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband or kids. Without taking up all of that space to argue about what’s happening in the world, think of all of the links you would be able to put in the body of your blog on a daily basis. That’s what I’m talking about. Let the politicians hand out money and weapons to other countries… we won’t even need to worry about it. There’s like a military out there. They can worry about all that nasty war stuff. Let’s spark up the barbecue and drink some cold beers and well, let’s just all get along. What a wonderful life it would be.

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The Joys of Flying

Stop by to visit Ryan over at Wading in the Velvet Sea. He has a WORSE flying tale than any I have ever had!

Addendum: Where's my damned PEZ???

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Only Tuesday?

I can't believe that it's only Tuesday and my week is sucking so bad. Mondays always suck, but yesterday was particularly horrible. Horrible enough that I cried! What a dork, I know. I'm a girl, what can I say? Today isn't feeling all that much better. One thing that I think is rough is on Mondays I feel like that warm fuzzy blanket got ripped away on a cold night. Or, in other words, Mr. San Diego is away from me for a week. Then to come to work and feel buried, think I have a plan to get all caught up, and then get tortured mercilessly by evil PhDs from hell... well, it's just not good. I couldn't even go home last night and have fun! I tried to play Everquest and we DIED right off the bat! Okay, once we came back it was all god and fun even, but it is just indicative of the day I had. Oh, and I think I am changing my name so that I don't have to answer all day to "Jennifer", "Jennifer, I need this", "Jennifer, I need that", "Jennifer something or other broke", "Jennifer, I'm hot", yadda yadda yadda... Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I will stop bitching now. Thanks for reading.

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:: Monday, July 08, 2002 ::

Need to share this great site discovered via Vinny over at Insignificant Thoughts. One more piece of evidence against the anti-christ known as WalMart/Sam's, etc. Check out WalMart Watch

Speaking of which, Mr. San Diego and I went Comp Shopping at Sam's Club this weekend. NO, shopping does not refer to spending money in the anti-christ's home, we were price shopping so that Mr. San Diego could see what the competition to his place of business was doing. Can you believe they didn't even have any sample ladies with food on a freaking Sunday afternoon!?! AND I WAS HUNGRY!!! Jerks.

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Days and Days

Have gone by and I'm just not giving you anything new, am I? It was a hell of a busy weekend. My party came off great. I got drunk, of course, and had a big ugly hangover yesterday (I never USED to get hangovers!). UGH! Mr. San Diego and I spent the first half of the day sleeping it off yesterday. Then there was the after-party cleaning. We saw Men in Black 2 and I would go into details, but I'm pretty sure everyone reading this knows the gist of what it's about if you haven't already seen it. We both liked it. Most sequels won't be as good as the original just because it's not a new idea, but it was still enjoyable and funny. And, uh, Lara Flynn Boyle running around in lingerie... what's not to like? hehe teasing. Anyway, I'm gonna go with a 7 on this movie. If you liked the first one, you should check it out.

The party was cool and lots of people showed up. maybe 50? maybe more? They came a little later than I expected so most of our pool play was with the neighborhood kids early in the day (well and then skinny dipping in the dark! heh). I had my dad set up a type of tug-o-war game that we played at the Renaissance Faire and that was actually a hit. People liked playing. You have two boxes (or in our case, we just put 2 4x4s together) and one person stands on each box. You have a rope that is held by each end by each of the two players (with the slack in the middle on the ground). When you say "GO", each person starts taking up the slack and then when the rope is tight, the object is to get the other person to fall off of the box. My dad and Mr. San Diego were the two reigning champs (what a surprise... you think there is something freudian about the two of them competing? hehe). Mr. Ssan Diego's other girlfriend kept kicking my ass, which was annoying, but made her feel all good...all 250 lbs of her... ok, I'm not bitter, no, really. hehehe But it was a really fun day and we had a really differrent mix of people there. I think everyone had a good time and I don't think we got to bed until well after 2am. Oh, bonus, now I have two pinball games temporarily. I still have Black Rose (which is growing on me now that I'm learning how to play it and getting better!) and my other friends brought Twilight Zone, so I'm jazzed I have two games to play until they come to pick them up. I like how the Twilight Zone pin plays the Twilight Zone song through it. You know the one by Golden Earring? I love that song!

What else. ah yes, we did squeeze in watching the nascar Race even though the party was going on. I was happy to see Jimmie Johnson come in 8th. Hey, you can't win every race and 8th is quite respectable. I thelped him move up one spot in points rankings, so it's all good! Plus we were very excited that Rusty Wallace came in 2nd. That was his best finish all season! Mr. San Diego is Rusty fan, so we root for him (after Jimmie of course!), too. I was ok with Waltrip winning it all, too. Especially with the history of him winning Daytona at the same race where his teammate, Dale Earnhardt, was killed. Anyway, the points standings for the top five now, are

1. Sterling Marlin
2. Mark Martin
3. Jimmie Johnson
4. Rusty Wallace
5. Jeff Gordon

the cool thing here, as you can see, is that numbers 3, 4 & 5 are My guy, Mr. San Diego's guy and My friend's (Mr. San Diego's other girlfriend) guy. How cool is that. It sure makes watching fun that we all have guys that are doing well. Of course, it sucks that Sterling Marlin is still in the lead, particularly with a 114 point lead ahead of Jimmie, but there is still PLENTY of time! Oh yeah, and sorry about Steve Park, Kathleen! Were there some gnarly crashes going on or WHAT!?!?!

I'm still deciding if I want to keep doing the Jen Blog thingy. I've kinda gotten bored with it, but if I keep doing it, I think I am going to make a seperate page for the links so that my little side bar over there on the left doesn't get unwieldly! I do not have time to read all of those blogs every day!!!! Alrighty, time to get some work done. Hasta manana, mi amigos.

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:: Thursday, July 04, 2002 ::
Happy Independence Day!

Just peeking in to say good evening and I hope everyone had a better holiday than me! Not that it was bad, but I spent the whole day cleaning and preparing for my party this Saturday. Lots to do. Pretty much ready, just need to shop and get the food ready tomorrow. We actually throw this bash every year for the express purpose of forcing us to clean our house top to bottom. Yup, we do it once a year, whether it needs it or not! Jet Skiing in Mission Bay with the boy (oh, sorry...man) would have been MUCH more fun, but too bad! now I'm spending my evening watching the Twilight Zone marathon, but I'm thinking I ought to go play some Everquest.

Night night!

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:: Wednesday, July 03, 2002 ::

Today's Jen Boggle................. JennyLand

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I'm not doing good today. I have this sick feeling in my stomach and I'm not exactly sure why. I'm just getting this really bad vibe about Mr. San Diego. I'm probably being completely irrational. I'm sure I'm being completely irrational. It isn't necessary for us to hang on the phone every day for hours, but our communication the last couple of days has been very limited and I'm getting a bad feeling. Why do I have to be such a freaking girl??? Give me some banal platitudes that are going to make me feel better, please.

I guess I never mentioned that we went and saw South Pacific on Saturday night. That was pretty cool as I had never seen it. I think it's really cool to be with a guy who I can jet ski in the afternoon with and who takes me to the theatre at night! it took me until almost the end before I figured out what the show was about, though. hehe I REALLY had no idea at all and then all of a sudden I was like "oooooooooh, it's about racism." Then it all made sense. We had a good time and afterwards we stopped by the first Karl Strauss brewery for a few beers. I had to go home on Sunday instead of spending that day with him, but we had a great time in just the short two nights I stayed down there. So, why am I such a damned freak!?!?!?!?! geez

Oh, and no movie last week, but I should be seeing MIB 2 this Friday.

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:: Tuesday, July 02, 2002 ::
Is There a World Out There?

When I was going to college and taking politics, I thought that might be a really interesting subject to study. I really enjoyed the class until my instructor ended up being an asshole and ruining it for me. But I digress. Since then, I've gotten less and less interested in politics and whats going on in the world. It's really kind of sad, because we should be informed about whats happening. We should care. I should take an interest and stay informed, have opinions and be able to adequately discuss current events (you know, outside of Ben Affleck playing Daredevil). But apparently, using the term that The Dan used the last time I spoke to the asshole, I guess I am "LAME AND PATHETIC".

Lately, though, I've started taking an interest again. I'm not sure if it is because of blogging or because of the people who are doing the blogging, but I don't skim past the posts on the world around me anymore when I'm reading Vinny & Doubting Thomas. I actually go to the links they provide and read them, too. The biggest problem, I guess, is that I have a lot of catching up to do if I'm ever going to have a good understanding of what's happening. So, anyway, keep on blogging, guys. Maybe you'll educate me yet.

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:: Monday, July 01, 2002 ::

I'm just awfully busy today. My new assistant started, so I'm doing a little orientation and training with her, plus after that darn two-week project, I am sooo behind in everything else! I have to prepare a new employee orientation to my Program for tomorrow afternoon. For once all new employes will be given consistent and appropriate information about who we are, what we do and expectations. YEA! Of course, taht is providing that I get the orientation completed by 1pm tomorrow! Busy busy...

Tomorrow I'll babble about my cool weekend =)

I will leave you with a Jen link, though. I picked Ynnej simply because it was called Ynnej. My cousin used to call me that because when I was a little girl, I had an "About Me" book (you know where they insert the child's name into the story so you think it is a story about you or that could happen to you, etc?) and one of the characters was a giraffe named Ynnej (in case you didn't notice, that is Jenny backwards... I used to go by Jenny. No this does NOT mean you can call me that NOW. I will not respond. Only a select few get away with that!)

Anyway, full brain again this week. Thank goodness I have Thursday & Friday off! I'm having a huge bash at my house on Saturday and I need some cleaning/planning time! wheeeeeeeee Here I go to do some work bleh

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