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:: Monday, September 30, 2002 ::

Attempting Humble

I would like to take a moment to apologize to all men who love cats. My comment about MY hang up saying they "freak me out" wasn't meant to be harmful or hurt feelings. I was sort of pointing out how some of us (ME & my mom as an example!) just have the weirdest ideas about certain things. I certainly did not mean it as a deragotory comment or for anyone to think that I dislike or "hate" men who like cats. If you clicked all of those links, you would have seen Nick's cat site (I LOVE NICK! "Nick's your buddy, Nick's the kind of guy you can drink beer with!"), you would have seen Grillboy's corner of the net, and even my great love (2nd only to Mr. San Diego), Doubting Thomas (now aka Matt) linked there. SO, I can certainly say that I meant no harm and to anyone who felt attacked I apologize.

:: Jenn 3:44 PM [+]

I'd Like to Steal A category, Please...
"Mystifying Relationships"

I'm taking a chance writing about these relationship thingies on here, but what the hell. I gotta be me, right? I'd like to take a poll here. What would YOU consider to be a normal amount of sex for a couple to have? Every day? Every Other Day? Once Per Week? Once Every Other Week? Once Per Month? I'd like opinions please. I'm a "sexual" person, I guess because I want to have sex every day. Is that weird? Although, maybe if I was having sex every day, I wouldn't want that? I don't know. I know everyone is going to vary and when you have a ton of things going on in your life, there isn't always time to be as intimate as you might like to be, but I'm talking on the average here. So, SPEAK NOW.

:: Jenn 8:41 AM [+]

:: Friday, September 27, 2002 ::
I'm Not an Addict

I'm liking having this day off thingy. This is my first "flex" day where I actually got to be a jello head. Got a pedicure, shopped, and uh... downloaded. It's true. I'm becoming a download junkie. I spent the first three hours of my day searching, downloading and arranging files. He's rubbed off on me! ARGH! But, I just can't stop! Well, I guess I can stop temporarily. I did leave and then I did make salsa when I got back, and I am Blogging now. But, I know I can go back to WinMX whenever I want today. hahahaha I'm downloading audiobooks so that when I get my new car with the CD player, I will have entertainment for my commute. So, I have a good reason. Plus I have found a couple dozen of cool cover songs. Have you heard of this band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes? They do a bunch of punk style covers of old bands and old songs. I like 'em!

You know, you can't say that these rookies aren't ass kickers. Jimmie is in second on the line up for Sunday and Ryan's right behind in 3rd. How 'bout that? WOOT Guys! ( and Junior didn't win the pole by much! heh )

Watched Survivor last night. I'm rooting for the underdog team (Chuay Gahn), of course, and hating that the OTHER team (Sook Jai)is winning all the challenges! Bleh! I still haven't opicked a person, though. Grrrr... I need to do that, but no one is grabbing my attention! Ack. Guess I better research. Gotta jet now. Need to get pretty for my guy who should be getting off of work soon!

:: Jenn 4:30 PM [+]

:: Thursday, September 26, 2002 ::

I guess what amazes me is that people search for some weird shit. I understand taht 80% of surfers are looking for porn. I like porn. It's all good. BUT, uh, I like porn that involves real people rather than say.... ANIMATION!?!?! Whats up with people searching for Spongebob porn? Bob the Builder porn? This is tooo bizarre. Even Everquest porn (One of my most popular search requests)... weird. Oh well.

Saw Rush. Liked it. Drummer didn't seem all that to me. Still like Tommy better. Very tired. Having a rough day at work. Feeling thankful that none of the weird cat guys (hee hee) yelled at me in comments. whew I need LUNCH before the stupid 3pm interview... off to the mall to shop for my guy. Damn, I'm nice.

:: Jenn 1:49 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, September 25, 2002 ::
Miscellaneous Stuff

Lex provided this link about someone STUPID enough to fall for that Nigerian money scam thingy. What a jackass! The worst part? She stole the money she got scammed out of. "DUN DUN DUN What a weirdo!"

Men who are into cats, sorta freak me out. Doesn't mean I don't love ya and all, but ummm... it's just this thing. Kind of like how my mom thinks men shouldn't use umbrellas. Yeah, the freak family, I know.

Something weird is going on with my boss. Either he expects that I'm leaving soon or he doesn't like me anymore. There have been a few disagreements and somewhere along the line I feel like he isn't allowing the responsiblities that I think are appropriate. Something just feels weird. Could I please find a new job?

Tonight I'm seeing RUSH with Mr. San Diego and my way good friends Brent and Laura. I've never been a big RUSH fan, which is sort of strange since I like all other similar music. I'm thinking it might just be the singer's voice that I don't care for. I like a few songs, but like I said, just not a huge RUSH FAN. Anyway, I do realize that Neil Peart is pretty much THE best drummer. Being that I'm a big drumming kind of fan girl, it is only appropriate that I at least see the best drummer in person! Besides, I'm definitely a CONCERT fan and any time I can add a really amazing group to my list of bands I've seen, well, I'm gonna! Plus it's free. Sort of. Mr. San Diego paid. But, then again, I paid for Aerosmith in November.

Okay, here's is some linkies for your viewing pleasure... or pain.

~Men Are Pigs (makes me giggle)
~Home Brew Adventures (this is sort of an interesting blog mmm... beer)

and we wouldn't want to leave out a Jenn blog!

~Misplaced Affection (She says she's easily amused. We must have SOMETHING in common.

:: Jenn 12:50 PM [+]

:: Monday, September 23, 2002 ::

I knew he'd be back. Okay, I didn't know, but I'm glad he is =)

oh yeah... and Blogger sucks. Are they ever going to fix this damned problem with the templates??? I'm starting to get way pissed off trying to post. I need to switch. I wish I was more motivated and less lazy.

:: Jenn 11:44 AM [+]


Someone found my blog by searching for "I hate Jimmie Johnson". Good thing I can't figure out who it is or I would have to smack some damned sense into them! Must be a Kurt Busch fan. I didn't have much time yesterday but I was just so ecstatic that I got my birthday wish that I had to post. hehe The race was a pretty darn good one, I thought. It was very exciting to watch for me in particular since Jimmie was leading for so long and Mark Martin was right on his butt. That was a scary 50 laps! Mr. San Diego just trips out on my being a Jimmie Johnson good luck charm. Look at the facts: His first win was my first live Nascar Race. For his second win I was supposed to be Jet Skiing, but we got a late start and after looking pitiful, Mr. San Diego told me to kick it and watch the race while he did all the picking up of the ski and getting ready for jet-skiing and then Jimmie won. This time, it was MY birthday and I said Friday that I finally figured out what I wanted for my birthday (I really have everything I NEED) and that was for Jimmie to win the race, and he did! So, see, he should really thank me for being sucha good luck charm for him =)

I do have to add that it was FUNNY AS HELL when Chad Knaus said "Fuckin" on national TV. Something to the effect of "we're fuckin' doing it!" I did a fast look at Mr. San Diego who was doing a fast look at me. He said, "did he just say what I think he said?" I said, "I heard fuckin'"! Then we just cracked up. Talk about being excited! It was all very cool. Yea for the 48 team! I'll quit blithering about it now! heh

The Birthday. Man... This Mr. San Diego character is something else! He gave me presents ALL DAY LONG. What a sweetie. It was a book birthday. hehe He apparently visited my Amazon wishlist and then hit the bookstore. I'm glad! I got 4 books that I have been DYING to read! Wheeeeeee What a sweetie. Plus he got me this neon thingy for when I get my new car. You know what the best part was, though? The things he said. I told him, "you're spoiling me!" and he replied "I have to spoil you, I don't want you to leave." He also told me that I was "worth it". He just says so many sweet things and it amazes me how even tempered and positive he is even when I'm being a freak. Friday night I had a brutal commute and just felt totally unsure about this decision to drive 3 hours a day to spend 1 and 1/2 hours with him. I was crabby and bitchy and he just hugs me and tells me everything is okay and he loves me and good god, he puts up with my shit. Unbelieveable. Man, I love that guy. I swear, I'm going to work harder at being more communicative and less bitchy. I promise!

:: Jenn 9:14 AM [+]

:: Sunday, September 22, 2002 ::
Happy Birthday To Me!!!

I asked the Universe at Large for Jimmie to win the race on my birthday and I got my birthday wish as Jimmie just won his third Winston Cup Race!!

:: Jenn 1:52 PM [+]

:: Friday, September 20, 2002 ::

I can't believe I didn't even post about Survivor today. Of course I was really busy at work, so it' s not exactly a surprise. Anyway, how 'bout that? New way to form the teams. Playin' pick 'em (thats what I always called it when my brother and I were playing with Star Wars figures and taking turns picking which figures and accessories we wanted) for the teams. I like it. Of course, if you're the last person picked, it probably feels pretty shitty, just like in school. Bleh!

Couple of comments. I think a lot of people were wondering why Jan seemed to keep picking the older players, rather than the younger and (theoretically) stronger players. But, I think after watching the two teams in action that maybe her choices weren't really so bad. They really seemed to have their heads together just a bit more. Of course it could be because they had such an easy time working out their shleter. I guess time will tell. They lost the challenge, but only because Ghandia fucked up. Guess she never had a Klotski Game on her computer. They acutally had a chance to kick ass of ther the younger and "stronger" team. Too soon to tell anything yet, except that Robb is a dick. heh My pick? Not sure yet, but I'm looking at Helen, Stephanie, or Ken... I'll have a better idea by next week.

Enough for one day. I'll try to get a nice little Porn Movie Review for ya tomorrow... well, providing I get to watch porn tonight! heh

:: Jenn 8:43 PM [+]

Older and, Wiser?

At the dawning of my 34th year (2 days till my birthday!!!), I find myself reflecting on my life, on my relationship(s), and what I’ve learned. I feel so fortunate to have found love again. There was definitely a time when I didn’t think that was going to happen, so this is quite a pleasant surprise.

Going into a cohab situation, I think about the relationships of my past and I feel fortunate for those experiences. I think starting out in a new relationship and being “old” is really a benefit. I didn’t at first. I thought that being so set in my ways was going to be detrimental to a relationship, but actually having the benefit of experience is making me act or react in a different, more mature way. I guess what I mean by that is that I know not to take this whole thing, this person, these living arrangements, for granted. Of course talk to me in 6 months and ask if I’m still living this way! Haha But seriously, I appreciate every moment, I appreciate the things that Mr. San Diego does for me, I realize that love and life and relationships are fleeting and that you have to make the most of and enjoy and appreciate every one of the moments that they present. Let me be clear. I am by no means saying that my life is perfect or that Mr. San Diego is perfect. I’d like to have sex every day in a perfect world! There are things that he does or doesn’t do that I don’t particularly LIKE, but at the same time, because of the things about him that are wonderful, I accept those little things that maybe aren’t so wonderful. I don’t expect perfection. What I expect is thoughtfulness, love, and compromise and so far, that’s what I’m getting. I certainly know that I’m not perfect and I hope that he feels like he’s getting what he wants from me, too. I’m sure there are thing about me he’d prefer to be different, but so far, he seems to be pretty accepting of who I am and I guess that’s exactly what I mean by being mature in a relationship. Our expectations and reactions are more reasonable and based on intelligence and experience rather than moving solely on emotion. Yea for being old!

:: Jenn 1:47 PM [+]

:: Thursday, September 19, 2002 ::
Peeps, not just for Easter anymore

Being that this is my pre-birthday week. (you know...it's coming up on the 22nd!), I've been getting little treats from people on my desk when I arrive at work... the way it should be. So I got three packs of halloween Peeps this week. First ghosties and punkins and today SCAAAARY cats... oh wait, it was Spooky Cats. They're dark dark purple...way cool. Isn't it funny? You used to just pick up those little yellow chickies every year at Easter and now you get them in all shapes and sizes for every holiday. Ah, I'm in heaven.

:: Jenn 4:49 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, September 18, 2002 ::

I need to add some here. I guess the thing is that I'm not much into CHILDREN'S animation. I love some adult animation. I am a HUGE fan of the Simpsons and I was devastated when they took Beavis and Butthead off the air. It's just that kid stuff that doesn't get my motor revvin'. I like that twisted humor I guess. Can't get off on the straight stuff hehe

:: Jenn 9:50 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 ::
SpongeBob SquarePants

What is the fascination here? Okay, it's a cute cartoon as far as cartoons go. I mean it's no Speed Racer, but it's kinda fun and I can watch it without passing out from boredom. About 3 weeks ago, Mr. San Diego says to me over the phone, "Have you seen this Spongebob Squarepants show?" I said, "yes." He says, "people are all obsessed, I don't get it." I said, "it's cute, but yeah, I don't know why everyone is all into it... I prefer Blues Clues and Bob the Builder, myself." He says, "I'm going to download some for this girl at work."

The next day, Mr. San Diego had about 10 episodes and made me sit down and watch one. He now has something like SIXTY episodes and loves watching it! ACK! I'm just not a cartoon kinda girl. I know I know... animation is great yadda yadda yadda, but I'm just not into it. I love Speed Racer. I can enjoy some Blues Clues, Rugrats, and some Bob the Builder and I am a HUGE Schoolhouse Rock fan, but thats about it for me. I have no desire to watch cartoons. Bleh. I know it's un-American, but I don't even like Bugs Bunny! When I was a kid I was more into the Kroft stuff. You know, Land of the Lost, Sigmund the Sea Monster, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. That kinda stuff. HR Puff N' Stuff! Now those were some killer shows! Cartoons? eh. naw. Spongebob? Well, I hate it when those hard drives get a glitch and stuff disappears. I'm kidding. I can watch it with him. I did get him watching Sex and the City with me... I guess tahts the whole relationship thing, right? Give a little, take a little, compromise, compromise, compronise. It's all good.

:: Jenn 3:15 PM [+]

Goodie for me!

I got my first present today! A sheet of brand new postage stamps with bats on them. WAY COOOOL!

Yes, I'm a geek, I kinda sorta collect postage stamps... in a non-collecting way, though. When they come out with a new sheet I pick some up and throw them into a pile. So, it's sort of collecting, but I don't do anything with them once I buy them. Maybe I should stop?


:: Jenn 12:58 PM [+]

:: Monday, September 16, 2002 ::
I want this...

I was there. I got to see it. I need the memento =)

I am such a junkie for this Jimmie stuff. I'm going to turn into a mini-Mr. San Diego if I don't watch out!

:: Jenn 3:56 PM [+]

My most humble apologies

Kathleen, I would totally have guest blogged for ya had I not been out of comission computer-wise all weekend. Then, lo and behold, I can't access youf rom work. What a surprise. Should have known this since I have difficulty accessing comments. I am back online and next time, I am totally there for ya, woman. Of course, in return, I need some DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe

Now, speaking of (to) Kathleen, I actually got to watch the race thanks to the rain delay (good for me, sucks for her). Once we finished unloading the truck and got our cable hooked up, we set up the computer to access TV reception and settled in with some pizza and beer to catch the rain-delayed race. I have to admit that I was pretty pleased that they were actually giving Jimmie some air time. That was very cool as it seems that so often they just ignore him if he isn't in first place. WOOT for air time! I was glad to see Ryan grab a win. He has been racing so well, but never quite makes it. Of course, I hate the competition for rookie of the year (Ryan was 15 points ahead of Jimmie after LAST weeks race!), but I like Ryan and he's a good driver. Kurt was really quite gentlemanly about coming in second (unlike his comments after California). It was pretty exciting to watch the two of them racing because every lap MIGHT be their last one. Maybe Ryan only did win because of the rain, but he did win it and he raced well. So props to him.

Most pleased to see Sterling Marlin get kicked out of first place in the points. Mr. San Diego says that Mark Martin is a really good guy who never says an unkind word about any other driver. He's happy to see him up front because he feels like Martin's probably not going to be racing Nascar a whole lot longer. Personally, I think anyone in front of Jimmie sucks ass. hahaha I'm teasing, but still. Here are the current point standings and a pic of Jimmie's neato-skeeto Looney Tunes car!

After: New Hampshire 300

1. Mark Martin Leader
2. Sterling Marlin -6
3. Jimmie Johnson* -40
4. Tony Stewart -59
5. Jeff Gordon -67
6. Rusty Wallace -146
7. Bill Elliott -191
8. Ryan Newman* -192
9. Matt Kenseth -220
10. Ricky Rudd -227

* denotes Rookie

:: Jenn 3:30 PM [+]

Do You Want The Good News or The Bad News?

Ah, famous last words. Let's start with the BAD NEWS. Thursday evening I wrecked my mom's newish car when I had a duel with a flying piece of plywood on the freeway. Friday I got a call from the trucking company to let me know my truck wasn't going to be available until 8 hours after we needed it (ended up a blessing in disguise, though) and then Saturday and Sunday and heck, even Friday, we spent packing, unpacking, packing and unpacking the damned truck we ended up getting for twice the cost of the original one (but an extra day, too)! The GOOD NEWS, we are IN the new apartment. Thats about it, though. IN. The living room and dining area are stacked high with boxes of toys and the garage is full of pinball and video games. I told Mr. San Diego that next time I move in with someone I was picking somone who collects stamps, or better yet, MONEY! of course, he said that wasn't going to happen... guess I'm stuck with the guy =) But, toy collectors have a hell of a lot of SHIT! Yikes! Every inch of my body hurts like hell and I know his is worse. I really think he lost some serious weight this weekend he worked so hard. I'm excited about everything, just beat up and my massage isn't until NEXT week! Bleh

One thing that happened was that I now know for sure that with Mr. San Diego there won't be any surprises when it comes to gifts. He has been trying to decide what to get me for my birthday and pretty much I gotta tell him. Kinda bummed about that cuz I like surprises more than I like presents, I think! I guess I'll get used to all that. Gotta compromise, right? Cuz I caught me a good one and I'm hangin' on! heh

This morning he called me and asked if I wanted the Good News or the Bad News and I asked for the bad news. He told me I forgot the keys I was supposed to bring with me to work. I already knew about that, so I asked, what's the good news? He said, "We live together!" Isn't he sweet? I'm in LOVE LOVE LOVE.

PS Less than one week to my birthday!

:: Jenn 11:27 AM [+]

:: Thursday, September 12, 2002 ::

Yesterday, I finally found the solution. I wore a sign from my ID badge that says the following:

No, I move THIS Saturday, the 14th
Nope, not quite packed yet. Can't wait until it's over!
YES! I'm excited, thanks for asking.
Yes, I'm planning to get a new car in November.
Oh, maybe a Saturn or Cavalier, but nothing's for certain. I'd like a Blue one.

I'm actually getting really excited now. Mr. San Diego is loading his truck up with clothes and some stuff and heading over to the new apartment as I type. I wish I was! Truthfully, I'm not exactly completely packed, but since I'm moving from my mommy's place and will be there weekly, I can pick stuff up as I go along without too much problem. I'm mostly packed. Wheeee! This is so cool.

Today. Excitement after lunch. Walking back into the building we got to see a car run a red light and hit another car. Who would think that a little pick up truck could do so much damage to a big old Lincolnm??? The best part, though, was when the driver of the Lincoln pulled up to the curb and tossed a plastic bag with an open beer out the window into the gutter. hahaha It wasn't his fault, but he's probably in some trouble cuz EVERYONE saw him get rid of that beer. There is NEVER a dull moment in our little corner of the world. From accidents to muggers to homeless people and their invisible friends, Downtown San Bernardino is a cornucopia of excitement.

Oh, and guess what... 10 days until my birthday!

:: Jenn 1:36 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, September 11, 2002 ::

I haven't done much with my links for a while, so I thought I'd clean up a bit. Updated a few links: the link to Bottled Bliss works and Planet Jen has changed to What's Brewing.

I've found a couple of other sites to share. Today will be Southern California Blogs. Happy Reading!

~American Waste
~A is For...

I'm also throwing in a JenBlog.


that is all

:: Jenn 1:45 PM [+]

And the moving continues…

Have I mentioned that I’m packing in TWO places? In addition to the never-ending packing taking place at home to prepare for Saturday’s big move, we are getting new furniture at work today so I have been packing the office up for the last two days (and I’ll get to unpack next week!) I am way going to be sick of packing for a while. One thing that sucks is that Mr. San Diego and I don’t plan on staying in this apartment all that long so I may get to do it all over again in 6 months. Argh!

Awright. Enough bitching. Heh

A cool thing is that my dad has been staying at my house this week so when I geth ome he hands me a cold beer and then asks if I want anything for dinner (unfortunately, I don’t eat dinner much, so thus far I’ve said no, but it’s still cool). He’s also taking care of the pool and the yard so that has been a load off of my mind this week with my mommy gone off to North Carolina visiting our babies. I just hope my mom doesn’t freak coming home to an empty house; she is not ecstatic about my moving away, but she’s trying to be positive about it. Oh, had I not mentioned that I live with my mom? We were roomies and now I’m deserting her. Feeling way bad, but I plan to spend one night a week with her still so that should help a little.

More in a bit… the furniture guys are here. Duty calls.

PS 11 days until my birthday!

:: Jenn 8:07 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 ::
Pillaging and Plundering

Grillboy found us a Pirate name generator. Wheeeeeeeee

My pirate name is:

Iron Jenny Rackham

A pirate's life isn't easy; it takes a tough person. That's okay with you, though, since you are that person. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

If you want to find your pirate name, JUST GO HERE.

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:: Monday, September 09, 2002 ::
Mi Vida Loca

Wow! This was a pretty crazy weekend! Trying to squeeze a hella lotta bands in three days was pretty wild. Friday night we camped out on the rail at the Best Buy stage... plan was to see Social Distortion at the end of the night... Good thing plans can change. The evening started out with a band called the Dragons. I figure that they start with a strike against 'em with a name like that. Sounds more like a gang name from West Side Story than a metal band, but they actually were pretty good, so thats a good thing. I have this theory that you have to be REALLY great musicians if everyone in your band is sorta ugly. Anyway, next we saw Sprung Monkey. Liked them! They had this cute funny guy with dreadlocks who looked like he was about 14 haha But, they were fun and they're a local SD band that done good, so they were pretty popular. Flogging Molly was a great Irish band, but unfortunately the experience was ruined for me. It wasn't the getting smashed against the rail thingy so much as the icky, sweaty guy behind me who kept jumping around and rubbing up against me until I was completely covered in his sweat BLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention he kept breathing on me with his yucky "too many cigarettes and not enough toothpaste" breath! It was pretty miserable. So, when they finished, Mr. San Diego says, "do you want to leave before the next band?" I say, "no." He says, "Are you sure? It's probably going to get worse." I say, (of course) "I'm fine." Then a few minutes later I make some snide comment about getting killed and he again asks and we have the same conversation over again... of course I'm offended that he thinks I can't handle it. that is until about 10 minutes into the Bad Religion show when not only am I pinned mercilessly against the rail, but now I can only breathe in carbon monoxide dispelled by breathers around me so therefore am suffocating to death. Mr. San Diego continues to ask me every 60 seconds if I want to "go over the rail", you know... where the wimpy chicks go when they can't handle it anymore. I say no until the tears rolling down my cheeks and the gasping for breath is no longer hideable (is that a word?) and he calls over the security guy to pull me over the top of the rail. By the time I get outta there, I'm sobbing. Half in relief, half in embarassment that I had to "go over the rail". Ah well. A minute later Mr. San Diego came out too and we went off in search of more oxygen-filled adventures. So, Social Distortion got missed (well, except we caught the very last song), but we did see the Disco Pimps and Stone Temple Pilots!

Saturday was much more relaxed. No big bands that we had to see, although I wanted to catch Ozomatli and only saw like 2 minutes of them, darn it! We played blackjack at the Viejas booth and drank lots of beer. At the end of the night we caught James Brown and Melissa Etheridge (not at the same time!). We also found the 91X stash on one of the party stages we were standing on and scored a boatload of mardi gras beads and a lot of Sam Adams and 91X keychains. Oh, yeah, there was a whole Mardi Gras theme going on, so we were looking cute in our beads and I in my purple feather boa. I almost bought a funny hat, but then decided I don't look all that cute in hats.

Sunday, we got to throw our beads to the crowds, so that was pretty fun. We saw a LOT of the bands that day. Really liked Home Grown and Sugarcult. Wasn't ecstatic about Sevendust or Default or Unwritten Law, but Nickelback kicked ASS. there were lots more bands, too many to remember them all. By last night when Nickelback ended the weekend, we were pretty beat. I could actually use a nap NOW! But, it was fun.

The only downside is I missed the Nascar Race! It's being replayed tonight, so I can't wait to see it, but I checked the stats as soon as we got home Saturday night and saw my boy moved up a bit. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! Looks like all my guys did good and the best news was seeing Sterling Marlin in last place! now THAT was a sight that would make any weekend great! Jimmie is only 72 points away from 1st place now! Yea!

oh... 13 days 'til my birthday!!

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:: Thursday, September 05, 2002 ::

Spent my day packing, packing, packing. Break time, I'm tipping backa St. Pauli Girl and thought I'd check in... I'd think I should be done packing by now, but apparently I have a hell of a lot more shit than I thought I did. Geez, how does one person accumulate so much crap anyway!?!?!? Good thing we decied to move me via moving truck rather than trying to take it in my pick up and then picking up things a little at a time after that... no f'ing way! I'm trying really hard to get rid of a lot, but there are just some things I can't part with! I hope I even have a place to put everything in the new apartment. I just can't wait until the moving part is over and we're in and can sit back and pull a pint form the kegerator. Those'll be the days. In the meantime, I need to get back to it so that I will be ready to head down to San Diego tomorrow for the weekend. We are headed to the 3-day Street Scene in downtown San Diego. I think it will be a blast... I'll letcha know how it goes next week! Everyone have a great weekend!

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:: Wednesday, September 04, 2002 ::
Very Disturbing News, Indeed

During my daily visit to the Journal of Doubt, I found something extremely disturbing. Apparently, our friend Doubting Thomas has decided to give up the blog. I can understand his reasons and respect them, but it doesn't change that I'm feeling really very truly sad if it is all true. I just wanted to share my pain with you. I'm just sooo sad.

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Jimmie Stuff

Yea! I found two Chase The Race Premier series big wind-tunnel Jimmie Johnson cars at Target this weekend. I bought them both (One was the Power of Pride car), even though they cost me $20 a piece! yikes! But, I'm getting quite a collection of #48 cars! Honestly, I have quite a few now. I want every different one. I'm having fun being a fan. Now, if Jimmie could just sign a contract with Hot Wheels so I could get a Hot Wheels one, I would be totally excited. Maybe this chick that I know who might have an opportunity to talk to Jimmie every once in a while might mention that to him. Afterall, Ryan Newman has a Hot Wheel that just came out and that just ain't right to have Ryan and not Jimmie! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Let me tell you why I don’t ever do the sneaky, underhanded stuff. I LOSE. Recently, in my attempt to gain BlinkRewards points, I signed up for a bunch of these stupid discount clubs. The big draw… $25 gift cards! I’m thinking, “SWEET! I get the gift card, then cancel… I’m way ahead of the game and I need SO much stuff for the new apartment.” Of course it did NOT work out quite like that. No. Because you have to be an ACTIVE member to get the gift card and it takes 6-8 weeks before they mail it and if you decide to remain a member after the 30-day trial, you get charged $139.95. Well, that’s a no-brainer. So, I’ve been making a lot of phone calls canceling all of the darn clubs. Of course, out of one I did get a handy dandy little cheesy-ass tool kit for my car and I got LOTS of Blink points which I will eventually turn into some gift cards. I tried to be sneaky and clever and it bit me in the ass… oh well. Let that be a lesson to grifters everywhere.

Movie? Yeah, I saw one. Goldmember. Uh huh, it was exactly what you expected it to be. Of course, I missed the second one and it WAS annoying. I don’t give a shit who says it doesn’t matter, it does! I didn’t know who Fat Bastard was... I don’t know REALLY how Mini-Me came about… I was just in the dark =( Anyway, it was funny, a little too many “potty jokes” for my taste, but what do you expect from an Austin Powers flick??? Sheesh. I love Mike Myers, though, and I do like that Seth Green. I’m going to give it a 6. Very watchable, made me laugh, but not what I’d call a great movie.

I want everyone to send Tyler some birthday wishes tomorrow… wheeeeeeeee! He’s 18! Happy Birthday, dude!

6 ~ Goldmember

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:: Tuesday, September 03, 2002 ::
I Realize That I Suck

I haven't posted in days. So, I'm here to do an obligatory thingy. This is bad because then I blither about crap that no one cares about. Whatever. Remember when I said I was not going to be moody and whiney. Well, you can give me a big fat 'F' for effort on that one. I got way moody yesterday. I really am thinking these hormones are affecting me... I'm just not normally a moody person, but I get upset over some weird ass shit right now. Damned birth control. Or maybe I am overwhelmed with the amount of things happening in a short time. Trying to pack for the move, trying to plan the Peru trip, trying to find the right car to buy, all of the mom stuff in the last month. Yeah, maybe I'm jsut overwhelmed. PLUS, it's my BIRTHDAY month! SEND PRESENTS! hee hee The exact day is 9/22, just in case you want to send me a million dollars or in the alternative a new car. The thing about September is that I usually celebrate my birthday ALL month, which means that the gifts and excitement should be happening now. But, somehow as the years go by, the hoopla dies down and I'm just not getting this. Does it mean you're getting old when everyone stops treating your birthday like a national holiday? oh well, whatever. Like I said, I have jack shit nothing to say and I think it's time for me to go home. I'll try to make more sense tomorrow... really, I will. Try, that is.

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