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:: Friday, February 28, 2003 ::

Busy Busy Girl

i really anticipated getting home early enough in the afternoon today to post. However, I got a call from Mr. San Diego asking me to check out a toy lead and by the time I hit a bunch of stores and then came home it was way late. I have a zillion things to do before he gets home... gotta get all packed and ready for the weekend. I'll be off to Vegas for the weekend and the Nascar Race! YEA! I actually get to meet Kathleen finally, so I'm pretty excited about that, too. Ooooh, my first bloggie contact! Hopefully that all works out as planned. So, long story short, I'm deserting you with nothing more than this. I know, I'm just awful, but maybe I'll get home early enough on Monday to pop on and gush about my awesome weekend!

:: Jenn 6:56 PM [+]

:: Thursday, February 27, 2003 ::
Interesting TidBit

Jen at JenSpeaks and I were having a short discussion on religion and those who don't practice what they preach a couple of posts back. While visiting her site today, she had a good post on the 25th discussing an article entitled "Why Do They Hate Us" at the Internet Monk. It's a good article, you should read it. You know I like to shy away from the controversial, but every once in a while I'll put my foot out, just looking for a mouth. =)

:: Jenn 5:24 PM [+]


Last night I sooooooo wanted to go play NTN, but for some reason I was not in the mood to go alone and I couldn't track down my NTN buddies. I cruised by Fridays thinking I'd just go in and play alone, but then I changed my mind and went home, well to my mom's house. I was staying the night at my mom's, but had told her I wouldn't be home until 7:30-8:00, so of course when I showed up early she wasn't there either. So I ended up spending my "free" night in front oof the tube. BLAH! Why do I have a free night? Ah, that's easy. Mr. San Diego is in HAWAII! Damn it. Plus I waited and waited for him to call me and finally went to bed around 10:30. He finally called around 11 and woke me up. I didn't mind getting woke up, but he said he'd been trying to call me several times, so who knows what was up with all that. Anyway, I'm whiney and missing my guy. I'm going to stay at my mom's house again tonight because I am SUCH a good daughter and share all of my free nights with my mommy so she won't be too lonely. Plus, she's making me her homemade mushroom soup which is to DIE for! And then we get to watch Survivor together. This is good because my poor little mommy has to watch it all alone now that I've off and deserted her, so I'm glad I get to be with her tonight and probably next week, too if she doesn't have to work.

But, apparently I will also have some free nights NEXT week when Mr. San Diego gets shipped off to Tahoe to drive cars. Damned rough life, if you ask me! So, Mr. Nick-I'm-on-Jury-Duty-Guy: NEXT WEEK... NTN... TELL ME WHERE TO BE! I wanna play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:: Jenn 7:56 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, February 26, 2003 ::

I totally spaced posting today. Here is an interesting thing. There is this company called Restaurant.com that sells gift certificates to restaurants all over the country. They sell $25 gift certificates for $12.50. Some have different rules, so you have to pay attention, but they're $25 gift certificates! Well, I discoverd that you can buy them on eBay from them at even lower costs and now I'm addicted. I've bought about $200 in gift certificates for about $60. If you want to check your area, just go to eBay and type in Restaurant CA (or whatever your state's abbreviation is) and check to search Item Titles AND Descriptions and you'll see a big long list come up. It's pretty neato-skeeto if you're into dining out. I'm going to use up the ones I have first before I buy anymore... well unless they're REALLY cheap.

:: Jenn 4:21 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 ::

I need my ebay account revoked. NOW. REALLY.

:: Jenn 4:37 PM [+]


Friday night Mr. San Diego and I were trying to decide what we should "do" that night. Sort of funny, cuz we've gotten in the habit of mostly staying in. I wanted to do something so he suggested we go see the Pianist. I looked it up and saw that it looked nice and dark and depressing and was playing far away. I suggested we needed to see Daredevil still. So we did.

Mr. San Diego kept telling me he had heard all kinds of horrible reviews, so he went into it with pretty low expectations. I, on the other hand, NEVER believe reviews so I was still excited to see it. I love the ol' comic book movies and duh, it was Ben and all. Wow. What can I say about this movie? Mr. San Diego actually liked it (I guess that whole low hopes thing worked out for him) and I liked it too, because I like almost anything, but man was that movie CHEESY!!! It was fun enough to watch, but the cheese factor was so high that it's just right off the scales. Unlike the critics, I thought it had a plot/story to it. It wasn't the story so much that was the problem. I think it was more in the delivery and outlandishness of the whole thing. All in all, I wouldn't really recommend rushing to see it; I don't know that it needs the big screen. Grading is really hard here so I'm going with the ol' average and giving 'em a 5. Watchable, but a little painful. Cheesy as hell. Some humorous parts and hey nice outfits on ol' Elektra! woot! Jennifer Garner did a pretty good job, but I guess the whole thing is SUPPOSED to be cheesy, right? Afterall, it IS from a comic book and all. Oh! But, I don't like Bear being a bad guy. That's just wrong and all.

:: Jenn 9:54 AM [+]

:: Monday, February 24, 2003 ::

I'm just disappointed in yesterday's race. I did enjoy Kurt getting passed in the last moments. Otherwise, I'm just disappointed. I really need to learn how to curb my unrealistic expectations.

:: Jenn 2:05 PM [+]

Impending Nuptials?

Well, not so impending. We had a big talk this weekend and we'll be reserving the setting of a date for a little while. It's actually better this way because how am I going to deal with trying to plan a wedding while we're smack dab in the middle of dealing with buying a house and figuring out where we're getting the down payment? So we may have to wait as long as next year before we actually get married... or not. It will remain to be seen how everything else goes and how Mr. Cold Feet feels. hehe The good news is I'll shut up about it for awhile! Enjoy your reprieve!

:: Jenn 2:04 PM [+]


I've never been a fan of Sam Adams. I know I'm a beer snob and all and lots of beer snobs really like Sam Adams, but I have been totally unimpressed. HOWEVER, Sam Adams Light is GREAT! For a light beer it has a LOT of flavor and I really enjoy it. Of course now that Mr. San Diego finally got that Keg of Heineken going, I guess I'll be drinking Heinies and less of 'em.

:: Jenn 2:01 PM [+]

Today's Food Torture

1/2 Red Baron Pepperoni Pizza = BAD NEWS

Sooooooo not worth the 20 points!

Also, had my first GardenBurger today. Ummm... well, it was edible and all, but in no way compares to a REAL hamburger full of all that animal flesh!

:: Jenn 1:59 PM [+]

:: Friday, February 21, 2003 ::
Today's Installment & Jenn on Religion

Back to the Survivor game. Sorry. I know. Two posts in a row. But, last night was Survivor and I could type a big ol' deal about the catty women scrapping, but you can get a pretty good overview of last night's episode right here. I will mention a couple of things. Why is there always a psycho religious person? Why does Christy have to assume that just because she is deaf, she's going to be persecuted so she acts like a whiney baby with an attitude. stupid stupid stupid I will say that I appreciated Christy's comment to Joanna about her not acting like much of a vessel of Christ. HAHAHA This is my whole problem with people who calim to be "Christians" or "Religious" or whatever. They sure spout a bunch of crap, but when it comes down to it EVERY person that I know like that (except my aunts), contradict what the bible says or what THEY say, by their actions. I work with a grip of these so-called Christians who have NO problem starting rumors, gossiping, stabbing each other in the back, stirring the pot, lying, treating people badly, etc. I can go on and on. I am certainly not saying that I'm necessarily any better about those things (though I like to think I am), however, I also don't go around preaching about things that I don't practice. So there you have it.

:: Jenn 9:07 AM [+]

:: Thursday, February 20, 2003 ::

I can't believe I failed to give my Survivor post last week. This season looks like it might actually be good. Hoping so, anyway. In case you missed it, the teams are girls against the guys this time, so that's something new. The women are fully embarassing me by being lame and not doing what they are supposed to so far. They were much more interested in washing their bandana thingies than making a shelter and any good survivor knows that the VERY first thing you do is MAKE SHELTER! Sheesh. A couple of the women, including my "hometown woman pick" were a bit embarassed by the lack of organization and lack of progress the women were making. Unfortunately, I am afraid some of the women may feel my pick, Deena, is a little on the controlling side, so she may not last long. I guess we'll see.

On the other hand, the chicks won the immunity challenge! At first I thought it was more of the men LOSING, but not only did the women kick ass on the balancing log, they also whipped out the puzzle before the guys (including one of my guy picks, Dave the Rocket Scientist), even had a clue. Of the men, who by the way whipped up a shelter right away and are "out-surviving" the ladies, at least in the true sense of the word, at the moment, the two most annoying were Dan and Ryan. Both young and very full of themselves. When the guys lost the immunity challenge, I had hoped that they would get rid of Dan because I REALLY cannot stand him and he is pretty much a pompous jerk, but no, it was Ryan who got kicked. Roger, an older, leader-type guy, was second in votes and it was very close. It will be interesting to see what everyone's reaction is to the votes and how people might align themselves at this point.

I hear through the grapevine that Dan, now that he's returned to the states, has been diagnosed with malaria. The first thing I said, when I heard where the show would take place was wow... this will be the most brutal place. SOMEONE is going to end up with Malaria. NO BUENO.

I also think it's interesting that out of these survivors, 5 of them are Californians (Shawna, Alex, Roger, Dave, & Deena). I guess all the cool people really ARE in California, huh? heh

Officially? My picks are:


I just haven't decided which of the men is going to be my "guy pick" and which is going to be my "alternate pick". I will make my decision after tonight's show.

:: Jenn 10:21 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 ::
Food Thing

Just because you can eat A LOT of something for a few points, doesn't mean it's a good idea. I feel soooooooooo sick. WAY too much light popcorn. BLEH Why does popcorn, which I love to eat, always make me feel so sick?

:: Jenn 3:03 PM [+]

Search Results

Freak Wedding. How appropriate. Someone found me with this search. I wonder if my wedding will be classified as a "Freak Wedding"?

:: Jenn 2:57 PM [+]

Is this going to be a recurring problem?

Blogger has been down ALL day, so forgive my lack of posting. I had a bunch of stuff to say today and now I have totally forgotten whateve rit was that I was ready to babble about. I'll write if I remember.

:: Jenn 2:56 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 ::
What Can I Say?

If THIS doesn't scare the FUCK out of you, particularly that Fortune seems to ADMIRE Wal-Mart, then you're ready for George Orwell's world.

You know, I was just starting to soften up on my WalMart ban; relaxing my principals just a bit, getting lazy. After reading this, I'm back on the wagon and absolutely physically ill. Why is it that no one thinks it's scary that this company is taking over our world. One day, we can just call this United States of WalMart.

:: Jenn 5:32 PM [+]

An Incredible Meal

Those were Mr. San Diego's words last night after we finished the yummy dinner I made. I was pretty surprised and assumed that he realized I'd worked hard on it, so was complimenting me to make me feel good. He is, afterall, taco man or at least steak and rice guy. But like an hour later, he brought it up again and said, "that was probably the best thing you've cooked for me so far". See, Mr. San Diego is not a "Food guy". He's just as happy eating a frozen burrito. It's almost all about filling the void. Of course, he has his favorites and all, but he's definitely not into the gourmet experience. So, I was pretty happy that he was practically gushing over my meal I slaved for hours over. I think the fact that the plates were garnished led him to believe that I was trying to do some special meal. hehe I know you're dying to know and funny thing is that it wasn't really ALL that, but it was different enough from the norm to make an impression, I guess. The meal was (at least these are the names I've assigned):

~Southwestern Salad w/an Orange-Chipotle Dressing (SPICY!)
~Lemon-lime Habanero Chicken w/roasted red peppers and onions
~Spicy Fresh Fruit Salsa
~Corn Cakes (El Torito)
~Tortillas (not home made... I'm not THAT insane) on the side

It was damned yummy. I actually was searching cookbooks and ran across some recipes that looked good and I modified and added to them to fit my purposes. I wanna be a chef. I could so do that. Why couldn't I have figured out all of these things I want to be when I grow up before I was already old? I got ripped off. Anyway, if any of that sounds good and you wanna try it out, drop me a line and I'll pass on the errr... "recipe".

:: Jenn 1:32 PM [+]

What am I to do...?

Unlike Blogger, my web host is still not back up after two weeks. I guess this is a good sign that I need to get off my ass and seriously move everything. Thank goodness I backed up. I appreciate the info from those of you who commented and I'm going to start researching hosts to find a place to put my world. I'm actually considering a new domain name, too, so maybe I'll just do it all at once. This is just frustrating because it means that I have to put the REAL BLOGGER AWARDS on hold just a little longer. Once I get up and running, we're a go!

:: Jenn 1:09 PM [+]


Blogger's letting me in!!!

:: Jenn 1:07 PM [+]

:: Monday, February 17, 2003 ::
Marriage Stuff... yikes!

Okay, so you get past hurdle one... the asking/accepting part. Now I have a whole new set of issues. We have to agree on a date, which is going to be hard, I think. He's all for not rushing and I'm all for no long engagements. Last night I gave him a list of dates and told him to think about it and pick. He asked why there weren't years on the dates! haha funny guy. I told him it was this year, so get busy. I don't want to be pushy, but you who have done this know that planning a wedding is quite a task. Particularly it will be a challenge, because I'm a cheapskate and intend to do this at the extreme lowest cost possible. I don't want to be all pushy about stuff with him, so I'll kick it for a couple of weeks before I ask if he has selected a date. Once we get that pinned down, then I can at least get started on the planning. I don't really want to try to talk about what we each want or start any of that until we have a clue WHEN it's going to be. I promise not to make all of my posts about this stuff. haha But, I will write about the progress from time to time!

:: Jenn 4:47 PM [+]

Dieting Stuff

I don't think I mentioned the rule I made up for this Weight Watchers stuff. It's called the Family Get-Together/Family Dinner Rule. Basically on days where you have a family get together/dinner type thingy, you don't have to count points. This isn't to say that you go OVERboard, you still have to pay attention to what you put in your mouth and be smart about it. You just don't have to count points. If you're being good all the rest of the time, having a day where you don't have to be super diligent isn't going to hurt you. I've invoked this rule twice in two weeks HEHE But, I think it's a good rule. It's important to not feel like you can't ever do certain things or eat certain things, etc. Otherwise, it makes what you're doing so difficult. I'm still doing great. This week my goal is to stay below 2 points less than those I was staying below last week. Boy, I tell ya though, the lower you weigh, the lower the points, the harder it is. I'm creative, luckily!

:: Jenn 4:42 PM [+]

:: Sunday, February 16, 2003 ::
The NASCAR Season Has Begun

Wow. What a roller coaster ride today's race was. I was totally pumped up for it. Then there were all of those rain delays, just putting me on pins and needles. Ryan Newman's car absolutely disintegrated in a horrible wreck and what a nail biter waiting for him to climb out. Thank goodness, he seems fine. Jimmie had a shot at the win. It was brief, but it was a shot and I was SOOOO disappointed that he lost his place after that caution. You probably heard me hollering and screaming.

Thing is that Michael Waltrip did deserve the win for that point in the race. Had it continued, I might not feel that way, but he was driving great, he seemed to have a great car, the teamwork between him and Junior was excellent and hey, he was right up there in front for the whole race. I'm disappointed that we had a shortened race. Maybe SOME people brought some crappy weather down there with them or something, but it was still great to get to watch a race again.

I'd like to add that I have had one hell of an awesome weekend. You know, this IS a journal and I wanna remember what a great weekend this was. Saw some old friends, got engaged, went to a concert, watched Nascar, went bike riding on a new trail and I've lost 4 lbs in the last week. Life is good.

:: Jenn 7:54 PM [+]

:: Saturday, February 15, 2003 ::
He Said Yes

I had a great Valentine's Day despite the fat that not only do I normally not celebrate Valentine's Day, but the whole day was rushing from place to place running errands and spending way too much money. But when it was all over, Mr. San Diego took me to a concert (to see the Scorpions, who have been on my list FORever), got me flowers (it was the first time he did that and he knew better than to take the standard no-thought-at-all out and hand me a dozen red roses, he got me a very different arrangement of lilies and other flowers), and gave me absolutely the GREATEST card. We had a great time and when we got home I gave him the silly little Teddy Bear I made for him at the Teddy Crafters and I gave him my verbal card which included a "Will You Marry Me" at the end and he said "yes". So there you have it. We're negotiating on the date, so I'll give you more info when I have it, but... I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!

:: Jenn 9:53 AM [+]

:: Thursday, February 13, 2003 ::
My New Career

Have I mentioned that I'm trying to break into Secret Shopping? I've applied at several places on the net and I'm filling out a real app for another one. I always thought it would be cool to be a Mystery Shopper and since I'm forever shopping ANYway, I figured I'd try. I have put in requests for a couple of assignments, but haven't gotten any yet. I'll keep you posted. I'm kind of excited about it.

:: Jenn 2:17 PM [+]

Today's Food Situation

Today I learned that just because a fast food chain carries a certain menu item, doesn't mean that EVERY store in EVERY chain has the same items. Okay, I knew this already, but if you plan to order a PARTICULAR item or items, and nothing else will quite do... CALL FIRST! Point in case: Arby's has a lot of foods that are on their "Light Menu". Unless you go to the Arby's in San Bernardino which has NOTHING from the light menu on their menu. They also don't even serve salads. I selected an item that sounded like it might work just to find out the points on it were double what I was planning, so I went to Carl's Jr. and pigged out for less points than the single sandwich at Arby's. I guess this is why I haven't gone to Arby's since 1998 and have no intention of going back again.

What would you all do without my helpful daily diet tips?!? By the way, in my first week, I've dumped TWO lbs! Woot!

:: Jenn 12:53 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, February 12, 2003 ::
You Get What You Pay For

The server that hosts my website (no, not this one, my other one) has apparently gone down again. Okay, it's true, I only pay $3 a month, so what do I expect. The thing is, it's time to get myself some service that is GOOD and has all the bells and whistles and can handle enough bandwidth for a lot of traffic (in the event I were to get a lot of traffic). I was hoping maybe some of you may have some suggestions for good web hosts out there. I want one that isn't constantly going DOWN! ARGH! If you're really happy with your corner of the web and receive a reasonable price for services, please let me know who you're with. I apparently need to move my stuff ~ in the event I can ever access it again. I am mostly backed up, but I don't have my most recent additions backed up completely. Thanks!

:: Jenn 2:55 PM [+]

Tid Bit of Food

Today's food fact? 25 Jujubees = 1 WW point. YEA! I soooooooooooo love Jujubes.

I'm not much of a sweet eater for the most part, but there are a few I like and jujubees are one of 'em. I also really like ice cream and home made chocolate chip cookies. mmmm I wanna make cookies. Must be that rainy day baking thing, huh?

:: Jenn 2:45 PM [+]

Always Room for Improvement

I'm really on this kick to try to "improve" myself. By that, I really mean to get more healthy. I have a Bally's membership that I pay $30/month for. I've been paying that for some time. I haven't been in mmm... about a year. So, this morning I checked out the class schedules and while yes, it will be hard to get up early, I'm going to try to go to a class once a week, on Thursday mornings, before work. Then I can just get ready there at the gym. I'll have to get up at 4am, but hell, this morning I woke up at 4:15 and just laid there for 45 minutes. I could get up and DO something. I wish they had a little bit more selection on their classes, because I'd REALLY like to do a dance class, but that early in the morning, it's a "step" class, so I have to take what I can get. The Bally's near my house actually has a Salsa class on Tuesday evenings, so I'm considering droppiong in on that one to see what it's like and maybe hit it one evening per week.

Unfortunately we have tentative plans for tonight which may keep me out a little too late to get up that early tomorrow. I may have to start this plan next week, but I'm definitely going to give it a try. I love how I feel when I have finished exercising; particularly in the morning before work. It really gets my day started off right. I used to go to the gym three mornings per week before work and while it was rough getting there and doing it, the result was awesome. Wish me luck and will power!

:: Jenn 8:52 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, February 11, 2003 ::
Hot Wheels

Wow! Today's special Hot Wheels over at the RLC site sold out in 20 minutes! Luckily, Mr. San Diego and I got 5 of them! WHEW. These will be half keepers and half eBay items. I need the Camaro out of the set for my Hot Wheel Camaro collection (donations accepted if you're thinking of passing on that 1995 Camaro Treasure Hunt). It's good when something sells out that fast. You then have a pretty good idea that it is going to sell at eBay. Mr. San Diego is more of a collector than a seller, but he collects SO many items that it is necessary to do some occasional selling of these types of items to finance his habit. I, on the other hand, am completely entrepreneurial and an opportunist who is mostly in this for the money. In other words, for you collectors out there (like Mr. SD himself) I am THE ENEMY. SO, since we got 5 instead of 6 I'm bummed cuz I hoped to break one set up for the camaro and sell off the other pieces and then sell a complete set, now I won't have a complete set to sell as I only got TWO sets myself. PHOOEY. No biggie though. As long as I can get $50 each for the other three, I'll be happy.

:: Jenn 11:39 AM [+]

Daily Food Fact

While the Weight Watcher's frozen Macaroni and Cheese is pretty nasty, the Enchilada Sausa (?) is VERY good. Very spicy and flavorful and FILLING! 6 points, but worth every one of 'em.

:: Jenn 11:28 AM [+]

:: Monday, February 10, 2003 ::
The Awards are Coming!!!!!!

I gotta keep teasing ya, so you don't forget. I have almost everything in place to launch the Real Blogger Awards. (Does anyone know how to use comments on a regular website that isn't BLOG driven?) Just so you all can start thinking about it, I'd like to unveil the categories**. Please start planning who you will be nominating (nominations not yet being accepted)! Further instrcutions will be forthcoming. Without further ado:

1. Coolest Blog Name/Title
2. Makes Me Think
3. Cracks My Ass Up
4. I Love The Way You Write
5. All Links, All The Time
6. News of the World and You WILL Read What I Think About It
7. All Artsy & Cool Like
8. My Voyeuristic Needs Satisfied (aka Cool Journal)
9. Jen(n) Blog
10.I Just Like It, Damn It!

** Subject to changes, if necessary prior to nominations beginning.

:: Jenn 12:37 PM [+]

Daily Food Fact

I would not recommend trying the Roasted Chicken & Noodle Soup at Subway. Really.

AND, no, I am not trying to be Jared.

:: Jenn 12:29 PM [+]

How Annoying Will This Be To Read?

This morning as I was driving to work, my brain had its usual cacophony of thoughts…

WOW! The sky is so beautiful! I want to call (Mr. San Diego) so he can see it. Damn, it’s 6, he’s in WalMart. Well, too bad, it’ll be gone when he gets out. Maybe I should call him in a few minutes and see if he got anything good today. Naw, I’ll quit torturing the boy. I wonder if I’ll make it to the checkpoint before 6:30, oh duh, let me put on the cruise control. Geez, why is there never anything on the freaking radio?!? grrr, I just missed 19 something. I’ll just pop in the cd. Oh, I haven’t seen the video. I’ll have to download it. Maybe I should call (Mr. San Diego) and have him download it for me so it will be there when I get home tomorrow night. I can’t remember if I ever broke open a Stretch Armstrong, it seemed like I did. Asshole, can you PLEASE not get in my lane and slow down. God, Kevin lived in those stupid parachute pants. I can’t believe Sophia thought parachute pants were beach pants. What a dork… Hopefully I can get there in time to stop at Stater’s and buy some breakfast, I’m starving. Oh, I should look at the frozen weight watchers stuff, maybe they have an egg one or something. Hehe Theo Dave would say I’m not starving in the least… Why can’t I have THAT house? If we could just get a house that will work for us... I wonder if Susan realizes how much work it will be to come down here to show us houses. I guess she’ll do it however she wants. Well, if (Mr. San Diego) will let her be our agent. Does he know she’s my ex-mother-in-law? I can’t remember if I told him that part. I wonder if there’s any Richard gossip or any gossip at all. She’ll fill me in tomorrow. I do feel bad; I should go visit everyone more often… God, the sky looks rad this morning. I’m not much of a morning person, but it sure is awesome to see morning skies some days. I guess I’m sort of turning more and more into a morning person… I wonder if Vinny has read that comment yet, he’s probably mad at me now. Oh well, too bad! Sometimes I just gotta say something! Maybe I should talk about politics on my blog. But, I just don’t want to use it for that. I want a journal and it’s serving its purpose… Maybe I’ll just write down all this thinking I do while I’m on the road in the morning! I wonder why they don’t open the checkpoint earlier, like it would be so hard to do it at 6. Oh I guess maybe the new staff doesn’t come on until 6:30... What the hell was that “no” sign for anyway? What the hell was in the middle? I can’t remember. Their heart didn’t work, I wonder if they just don’t have the power on it right or if someone vandalized it and removed all of the bulbs or something… Why can’t everyone just drive the same damned speed??? MY speed! Whoops, driving in Braille again! Errrr! I hate how radio stations go out when you live an hour and a half from work. God, I hate Peter Tilden. What a pompous jerk. Uncle Joe on the other hand, he’s great. Mark and Brian are so funny! Wow, the movie come in first at the box office this week. That’s cause it was so great. Kate is soooo cute. Man, I loved Almost Famous. What a great movie. (Mr. San Diego) is right, we need to buy it. Whoops! Braille... Wow, cool, I’m already past Del Taco two! I think I might just make it to San Bernardino in time for the grocery store. I’m ravenous!…This cream stinks. Why do I keep smelling my hands if I don’t like how they smell? Oh well, maybe it will actually work. Bleh. Oh! I need to remind Annette to use the old oil on me tonight. I don’t care for that new scent. Ick. Do I have money to pay her? Oh yeah. I am flush right now. Yea! The line is already ahead of the Sam’s Club! Blister in the Sun, let me go ooooon… It was cool to go to concerts with Sarah, too bad I don’t have that deal worked out with anyone now. I really should call her. I wonder if today is a holiday for some people too? If so, yea for me, helps MY traffic! This is so cool. Joe Millionaire is such a dork. He’s going to probably pick Zora. If he doesn’t, he’s stupid, cuz that other chick will dump him in as SECOND for being poor. I thought tonight was the last show? Maybe these guys don’t know what they’re talking about. I wonder if (Mr. San Diego) will remember to watch it tonight.l I guess I’ll have to remember to remind him. OOOh! I deleted that phone number. Good thing I remember it. C’mon c’mon. Busy! Try again. 11??? SHIT SHIT SHIT. Well, they’d probably ask Nascar questions I DON’T know anyway. Oooh, almost there! Cool. Plenty of time for the grocery store. Wheee! Oh, tracks. Well, I guess I don’t remember the size of all the tracks. I probably would have lost anyway. Would have been cool to have a sweet hotel in Vegas though. Maybe I should try to get out there Friday to hang with Kathleen. But, no, everything is all set now. I’ll just go with it… Why is that guy sitting in that van staring at me. Psycho. Here I am. Time for breakfast!

Just be glad I gave you the condensed version. The real one went on for an hour and a half!

:: Jenn 11:26 AM [+]

:: Sunday, February 09, 2003 ::
Random musings

On My Blog:

It's weird when I'm getting a lot of hits, but no comments. I just wonder am I really boring (ummm... don't answer that)?

Sometimes I also get REALLY surprised by some of the people who link to me. Some guy may have this serious and/or political type site and then there's a link to little ol' me. Blitherer extraordinaire! Go figure. Thanks to ya all, though!

Chick Flicks:

Mr. San Diego refuses to go see said "chick flicks". However, today, out of the blue, he said why don't we see "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" (well, not 100% out of the blue, I HAD said I wanted to see it and sort of said that I knew HE wouldn't see it with me). I thought he was joking... but he wasn't. Of course, the true reason is so that I can quit telling people that "he won't ever see "chick flicks" with me and it's a darn good thing that I like movies he likes or we'd never be able to go to the movies!" He even admitted that after the movie. AND, after he admitted it wasn't so bad ~ okay, he won't say that in so many words, but I know it's true. He is such a nut, though and had me cracking up when it was over pretending that it was so terrible to have to watch it that he was left comatose. I guess I'm going to do my reviewing today, right now, right here. I heard that the critics didn't like it and one guy was rapping shit about Kate Hudson. I LOVE Kate Hudson. Even though she has no boobs, she is one hot babe. Seriously, though, I just think she's really cute... but what do you expect for Goldie Hawn's daughter?

Okay, about the movie. You know the story. Girl has to get guy to want her and then get him to dump her in 10 days. Guy has a bet to get a girl to fallin love with him in 10 days. It is an absolute RIOT to see the things that Kate's character does to him. Some of the "typical things that girls do to screw up relationships" that she does are a little overboard, but chicks really do some of this shit! YIKES! Him finding an array of feminine hygiene products in his medicne chest was a riot. If you consider it a spoiler to say that of course everything works out in the end and true love prevails (as in all freaking movies on earth) then, oops. I found this movie to be very funny. Mr. San Diego is sitting next to me refusing to give it a rating (he insists he is still in a coma), but I'm giving it a 7. Very watchable, good characters, a CRACK-UP, and there are a couple of places where what you expect doesn't happen, so we have to like that. For the men: don't believe Mr. San Diego when he says "Guys Don't GO!" He's just fucking with ya. I know he liked it, he just won't actually admit it.

7 ~ How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

Nascar Time:

Okay, I didn't get to see the shootout on Saturday what with all of the birthday activities, but I am SOOOO stoked for next Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NASCAR is returning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so exciting. I'm too excited to even write coherently about this. Who would have ever thought that I could get so up for a SPORT??? hehe Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee GO JIMMIE!!!!! ( and Rusty, and Steve)

On Love:

I am feeling sooooooooo smooshy and have been feeling this way all the time lately. I just can't help it. I'm like the girl in the movie and sometimes it is so powerful that I just want to cry. Is that so stupid and bizarre that you can't stand it? I think so, too, but I am happier right now than I think I've ever been in my life. I'm in love with this amazing human being who is so in love with me, too. How lucky can two people get? Life is good. I just never thought this would be my life and I could not ask for more.

:: Jenn 5:11 PM [+]

:: Saturday, February 08, 2003 ::
"Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby"

Today is Mr. San Diego's birthday. He's such a kid that I let him open his presents last night. Then *I* got a present this morning, if ya know what I mean. hehe SO we were out and about doing our shopping this AM and I turned into spendy girl. I bought two shirts, two back packs, a scale, and a cute little Winnie the Pooh that I got undercharged for. WOOT! I needed a baby shower gift, so I am good now. I really have nothing to write at the moment, but some people complain that I never post on the weekend, so I figured a good narrative of my morning was in order.

I'm off to pack and get ready to head out for the weekend. We're going to his sister's place to watch his nephew perform in the school play, then a birthday dinner with his family, then a poker game with out buddies up in Rialto. Ciao.

:: Jenn 11:29 AM [+]

:: Friday, February 07, 2003 ::

I think one thing I really have a distaste for is when a guy is trying to do something - you know, mechanical or whatever - and it just isn't working out. For instance, Mr. San Diego is trying to hook up the new keg of Heineken in the kegerator. He has to be the coolest character out there... TOTALLY. I don't know a guy who remains more calm in a myriad of upsetting circumstances (me being a psycho, etc). But, at the moment, I'm just laying low and staying out of the way. Poor baby.

:: Jenn 8:12 PM [+]


Wow, I was checking out my points at Blink Rewards this morning and was excited to see that I actually received points from four people I didn't know. This means they signed up via my link! You guys rock! Thanks a bunch. I'm only like 6,000 points away from getting my $20 gift card! But maybe I'll hold out the 43,000 more I need for a $25 gift card. Naw. Now I'm on a new program, maybe I better post that one here, too?

:: Jenn 12:35 PM [+]


I couldn't use "Martha" because I just can't bear the sound of her voice. Last week, as you know, I was home all week sick as a dog watching the Food Network. I love the Food Network. As far as I'm concerned there is pretty much no other tv to watch during the day. Of course it ALWAYS makes me want to cook things. I absolutely LOVE to cook. It's hard to find the time to do it, but when I have time, I try to whip us up a masterpiece.

When Mr. San Diego and I moved in together, hell, even now, I ask him a lot of questions about things he likes, doesn't like, does, doesn't do, etc. One thing I asked was if he cooked at all besides Barbecueing. He said, "I just can't see the point in spending two hours making something you're going to eat in five minutes." I felt like..."DUH! Because it's so rewarding!" But, didn't say anything to that.

You know, I'm starting to get this feeling like why do I spend two hours whipping up these awesome dishes that he eats in five minutes? heh I love the act of the cooking, I love it coming out tasting all good, but I have to admit, I do get that feeling of disappointment when it's all over and gone. Maybe if we had a dining room table and it was set nicely and we ate the food in courses rather than piling our plates up with everything and plopping down in front of the tv with tv trays it would be different? Then again, he's just not a food person. He's happy with a burger from Carls Jr. What are you going to do about that? I don't know. I'm going to still keep cooking, though, because I do love it.

I have to say that my masterpiece is Jambalaya. I make a killer manicotti, too, but my favorite is the Jambalaya, which I learned in New Orleans at Cajun Cooking School! I'm trying to remember what I was thinking when I started babbling about cooking, but here's a thought. What is your "dish"? The thing you make that you think is incredible and no one else's is quite as good. Then send me the recipe because I need some new ideas (I know, I know, I could find something in one of the 2 billion cook books I collect, but this is more fun!). Every other Friday I make something I have never made for us for dinner, so help me out with some ideas and make them relatively easy and mushroom-free (Mr. San Diego doens't like mushrooms, the psyco). Then I can plan out next Fridays dish. Calling All Cooks!!! I expect to see my comments full to the brim =)

:: Jenn 11:03 AM [+]


For V.: Man, my hair is looking so damned cute since I got it done the other night. Should I post a picture???? I just wish my ass didn't look so big in these pants! ;-)

:: Jenn 10:53 AM [+]

:: Thursday, February 06, 2003 ::
It's a Scary Day

Today, I'm starting Weight Watchers. I mean if I plan to get this guy to marry me, I wanna look good in my wedding dress, right? So, I'm a little nervous. This point system sounds good in theory, but I just don't get a hell of a lot of points!!! How come people bigger than me get so many more points?!?! UNFAIR!!! I've already eaten half the lower end of my points and I haven't even got to lunch yet! I figure I'm using the higher end of points for now hehe Anyway, wish me luck. I'm ready to get all thin and able to wear the cute stuff again! =)

Addendum: That didn't take long to blow that! haha Okay, it's only my first day and I really wasn't prepared since I didn't decide to start until after I had already had breakfast. I'll do better tomorrow. heh

:: Jenn 11:04 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, February 05, 2003 ::
A New "Do"

I'm a little nervous about returning to my home this evening. I have a new hairdo. I dunno if Mr. San Diego is gonna like it. I do, so that is what really matters, but, well, you know... I want sex.

:: Jenn 4:59 PM [+]


I gotta add a new blog today, Bedside Manner. Just the fact that she's a Roadside America owner was good enough for me.

:: Jenn 4:37 PM [+]

Ponies & Carousels!!!

You're probably wondering what that has to do with anything, anyway, huh? I have always been on e of those people who doesn't want to miss out on anything. You know the type. Absolutely positive that if you go to bed before everyone else that they will bring out the ponies and carousel and have a raging good time. That's me. I think it's what makes it so hard for me to be away from my guy even just that one night per week that I stay at my mom's house. I'm so worried that I'm going to miss out on something. Doesn't matter that it's nothing more than a trip to Target or a rousing night of porn surfing on the net, I hate the not knowing what's going on when I'm not there! It makes me INSANE!!! I have the same problem with work. As much as I enjoy my days off, I'm just wonderin gwhat's going on back at the ranch, huh? It's definitely more a home problem. I HATE going to bed before Mr. San Diego. I mean, what if he has fun without me??? Mystery? You can have your mystery. I just want to know everything all the time. Any idea how I can get over this stupid little problem? Hmmm?

:: Jenn 12:25 PM [+]

Ladies & Gentlemen
Your Attention Please

You thought I was joking, but I wasn't. We're having some damned awards whether you like it or not. Jenn has a project to work on. Wheeeeeeeee. just want you to be ready. It's coming soon!

:: Jenn 12:20 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, February 04, 2003 ::
~I'm having Unsettled Withdrawls... HELP~

:: Jenn 11:19 AM [+]

Tuesday Linkage

These both came from Freak Girl. Gotta give credit where it's due.

Test your political leanings here. Apparently, I'm suddenly to the left and libertarian side. I can be equaled to Ghandi, even!!!

And, I just want to point out that California is WAY ahead of the rest of the world. Everyone wants to be just like California. Doesn't that tell you something (California MUST be the absolute best place on earth, yeah?)

:: Jenn 10:26 AM [+]

Boggling Stuff

First off, I would like to mention that there are these Blog Awards they do every year. You may or may not know the ones. I remember checking out the whole thing last year when I first got into this and at the time I thought it was a fun thing. This year, I thought "I haven't really heard much", so I did a search. They already had the nominating, voting, and then they're doing some stupid "ceremony" in March to announce the winners. Now, I obviously don't have a blog that fits in any of these categories, so this has nothing to do with me thinking I oughta be part of this, but what I find interesting is that this is really a farce. The nominees are all pretty much from one circle of "A" list blogs or people who all hang together in Blog-Land. It seems that there are definitely some "cliques" out here... I admit, you all know who my circle of fellow bloggers are, but if you are going to have an award thingy, it seems like you should include all of the blogs and bloggers in it, not just your "friends". Like last year with Wil Wheaton getting all the prizes, this year, I foresee the same sort of thing happening, with some of the winners being the same blogs as last year. I don't know why I care, I just thought it was kind of cheesy when I went and looked at it and you know I like to share my opinion. I'm going to make up my own blog awards and people can nominate and vote HERE! Hmph!

Another Blog thing I was noticing yesterday is how many of us got started last January. It seems like a big group of people (not everyone, of course) that I read started right around the same time as me. Just sort of interesting.

I also haven't had a ton of time to read new blogs or even keep up on my dailies lately, so I'm going to make an effort to do a little net searching for something new and exciting and go through my links to do some updating. I know I have a couple of bad links and SOME OF YOU, you know who you are, just aren't updating as I deem appropriate. I like how I can type that with a straight face. heh

I guess that's all I have to say about that.

:: Jenn 8:23 AM [+]

:: Monday, February 03, 2003 ::
I'm in the mood for links, I guess.

I love visiting Six Different Ways because he always has some great links to weird or fun stuff. I found this little gem there today. Just in case you want to translate your comments into 12-year-old AOLer speak, you can go here. Now if they just had a translator that worked the OTHER way!

:: Jenn 12:44 PM [+]

This is Freaking Me Out

I was just reading about this over at Sam-I-Am. This whole Monty Hall Problem. Are you familiar with this? Chek out some of these sites at Google if you haven't heard of it. Particularly check out one of the many applets that are going on. I liked this one. I admit freely that I'm no numbers whiz by any means whatsoever, so my saying I don't understand it isn't saying a lot, but I'm going to go read some more on it.

:: Jenn 12:18 PM [+]


Did something happen to Leslie Parrish? All of a sudden I'm getting an onslaught of hits for people looking for pictures of her! It's been FOREVER since I even mentioned her. Very strange. If you're looking, try this link, or this one, or you can go here if you want info about her. Why you would, well, I dunno, but I thought I'd help out!

:: Jenn 11:52 AM [+]

Time to Waste?

Perpetual Bubble Wrap

:: Jenn 11:48 AM [+]


Apparently, on Friday, I got my 10,000th visitor. How 'bout that.

:: Jenn 10:52 AM [+]


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