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:: Thursday, August 28, 2003 ::

Drinking Beer

I'm sort of drinking beer right now... it's like my dinner. See, I started with a St. Pauli girl which is yummy, then I had a Henry's which is pretty good, while still being pretty cheap, but Mr. San Diego broght the cheap shit (as usual) home... that being MGD, so now I'm on that. It is okay... better than budweiser and all, but still... it's no Sierra Nevada.

I'm looking at my page and it is funny to me because usually my typing obsession far outweighs that which is listed over there on the left hand side of the page, but this week... no. I just have been so busy that typing hasn't been a big part of me. At work, I'm spending a lot of time on planning my space for my new office. I absolutely glow when my "contact" who coordinates everything tells me how clever I am and how I ought to be an architect because of the things I find when pouring over the plans. Every day I find new "problems" or "challenges". I'm bound and determined to have everything perfect when we finally move into the new space and I have much more experience on my back then I did three years ago when we did this the first time (ok, MY first time, not the first time our program moved). Hopefully, this time we will be able to stayi n one place for more than five years. This is my goal. I find talents in myself that I didn't know I had and it really helps my ego to hear praise from a man that I consider a master when it comes to facilities and planning.

That's the work stuff. Tomorrow, I'm off. Yea! Gotta love the 9/80 when you're the one who is working it.

Other? I'm listening to an audiobook that made me cry on the way home tonight. I ahve to say that the writing in this book really impresses me and even inspires me. Not just inspiring me in my own writing, but inspiring me on another level in listening to the words. It's by david Baldacci and it's called Wish You Well. Not like his usual writing, but a tale of family and of people and of life in the Appalachians long ago. It's beautiful so far and like I said, inspiring. In '98, while I was traveling and listening to a lot of audiobooks, I listened to A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson and at that time, I knew I wanted to see the Appalachians. Not just a day trip, but if not do a part of the AT, at least, maybe , see it's beauty with a longer trip of some sort. I have a renewed desire for this now that I am again listening to a story that imparts the absolute majesty and beauty that one finds in the Appalachians. I'm fascinated by the people who live there and I'm dying to see what the mountains can show me. Some day I want so much to go there, and I will. Just like over time and thoughout the years, I fully plan to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, bit by bit, piece by piece, but over time... hopefully, in the whole. Maybe all that I write here today is wishful thinking and maybe it's something I'll really do, but I hope that it's the latter. It's a dream of mine and if I don't wimp or flake, I'll make my dreams come true.

:: Jenn 9:04 PM [+]

Now for something REALLY interesting

I think I found JUSt the right color of red that I am going to pain two walls in my new house. It's called Heart's Delight. It's PURTY. Now as long as Mr. San Diego doesn't try to veto me... I think I have him convinced. It's going to look rad... especially with the artwork being black and white photographs that we've taken, matted and framed. PURTY.

:: Jenn 8:45 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 ::

Here's a weird thing that happened while I was on vacation. My secretary's cousin was killed by her police officer husband, who then shot himself. I had never met either, although the wife had gotten me killer Aerosmith concert tickets a couple of years ago. The whole thing is just really bizarre. Apparently they had seperated because she no longer loved him and his heart was broken by this. He snapped and decided he couldn't live without her and she WASN'T living without him. WEIRD.

Of course, no one bothered to do anything for our Secretary since I wasn't here, so today I signed up for a memorial tree planting for her cousin through a company called treegivers.com. So she gets a nice letter and a certificate that says a tree was planted in California in her cousin's honor. I get tired of the usual plant or flowers or fruit basket crap we always send, so I thought something different would be cool.

Speaking of ALWAYS sending... how about this. In the last month or so people in our office are experiencing a high volume of deaths in the family. First, there was a clerk's grandmother, then our clerical supervisor's dad, then another clerk's dad, then a nurse's brother, our secretary's cousin, and yesterday, psycho's mother-in-law. This is sort of freaking me out. Scary.

:: Jenn 3:09 PM [+]


In 1910, on August 27th, Mother Theresa was born.

In 1963, on this day, Edmund Kemper killed his grandparents, starting a string of twisted murders for the very disturbed "coed Killer".

In 1971, Bennet Cerf died on August 27.

:: Jenn 1:26 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 ::

I'm trying to not ignore the ol' blog. I'm STILL busy at work! Go figure. But, I'll throw in a quickie movie review for ya. Sunday, Mr. San Diego and I hit the theatre and the next movie starting was SWAT. I grudgingly said, "okay, whatever you WANT" and headed to our seats. Again, I have to mention that going to a movie with extremely low expectations is a GREAT thing! I actually really enjoyed this movie. I mean, we're talking mindless action, of course, but hey, it was fun and kept me interested.

You can't dislike a film with Samuel L Jackson in it, right? And, I even admit that I find Colin Farrell sort of err, well you know, kinda cute and all. And, Michelle Rodriguez is the "cool chick". It was a fun flick, if predictable and I'm going with a grade of 6.5. You know, my usual average.

6.5 ~ S.W.A.T.

:: Jenn 3:04 PM [+]


This is a good fact since I've noticed some discussion regarding suffrage, etc. on blogs, lately. Today in 1920, the 19th Amendment was adopted, allowing women the right to vote.

Oh and it's also National Cherry Popsicle Day!

:: Jenn 2:55 PM [+]

:: Monday, August 25, 2003 ::
In History...

In 1944, on August 25th, Paris was liberated after four years of Nazi occupation. Read all about it here.

:: Jenn 4:52 PM [+]

I'm a loser...

No time for blogging today... again. Believe it or not, I have actually been WORKING today! I think I've turned over a new leaf. We'll see how long it lasts, but that restful vacation was most excellent for me.

I did hate having to rip into my assistant today. I hate when people make me have to do that. It sucks so bad. If everyone would just do what I expect of them, I wouldn't have to do nasty things like write them up. BLEH. I think it will be better now, though. We'll see. I like her and I know she can be successful, she just has to stop following my normally lazy lead.

But, NO MORE! I'm rested and ready to work my butt off. Speaking of a diminishing butt, I'm also returning to my Weight Watchers plan. I'm ready to hop to it and I'm back to writing down my food intake. So, get ready to be tortured with food comments again =)

:: Jenn 4:36 PM [+]

:: Saturday, August 23, 2003 ::
Calling L.A. Bloggers

Mr. San Diego and I are going to be in LA next weekend and I want to take him out to dinner. Something cool or fun or different, but yet affordable and he'd rather have something like steak than something funky like japanese, etc. Any suggestions are appreciated. I don't want to take out a loan for this! If I can't come up with anything, I might just opt for Tony Roma's in Universal Citywalk.

:: Jenn 2:33 PM [+]

What The Heck Happened On August 23rd?


~1754 Louis XVI in Versailles, France (King of France)
~1934 Barbara Eden in Tucson, Az (Actress)
~1948 MY MOMMY!!! (aka Sue) in Pomona, CA (MY MOM)

Miscellaneous Shtuff:

~1924 Mars' closest approach to Earth since the 10th century (hmmm... interesting)
~1961 US lunar probe Ranger 1 reaches 190 km from Earth, falls back
~1966 Lunar Orbiter 1 takes 1st photograph of Earth from Moon

And as if my mom's birthday wasn't enough, today is also National Spongecake Day. So let's all eat some spongecake and celebrate my mommy's birthday.

:: Jenn 12:46 PM [+]

:: Friday, August 22, 2003 ::


1947 - Cindy WIlliams, 1940 - Valerie Harper, 1920 - Dr. Denton Cooley, 1893 - Dorothy Parker

1977 - Sebastian Cabot, 1889 - John Sanger, 1241 - Pope Gregory IX


1966 - UFW Formed
1911 - The MOna Lisa was stolen from the Louvre

Today is "Be an Angel" Day. I don't know why, it just is.

:: Jenn 5:01 PM [+]

:: Thursday, August 21, 2003 ::

Well, so much for my plan to get on here today. I was pretty busy mostly. I also got a library card today! First time I've had one in ages, but I borrowed a bunch of audio books. YEA! I'll be home tomorrow so I oughta have some time to get on here and get back to work! =)

:: Jenn 9:06 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 ::
We're baaaaack

Yes, I was supposed to be gone all week, but Mr. SD had to work Thursday and Friday so we headed back early. I'm sort of sad, but it's okay, I really DO have lots of work I need to get done, like getting organized so I can start PACKING! Man, there is so much to do now that we are FINALLY in escrow. Things seem to be going well, though. Our inspection was awesome. The house is more than 50 years old, so you have to worry about things like the foundation, etc. However, everything looked great and the only things that need to be done are minor and cosmetic that we can do little by little. YEA!

So we had a great time down in Rosarito Beach. Maybe I'll find a picture to put up tomorrow. Lots of beach, lots of beer, some dancing and some lobster. It was nice. I'm tired and Mr. SD already went to bed on me, so I'll sign off and get back to your daily facts TOMORROW!

:: Jenn 8:11 PM [+]

:: Friday, August 15, 2003 ::
May I Bitch?

You know, I really like blog-surfing. I do. But, could people just get a clue that people who visit their site want to actually read what is written?!?! If you have some stupid tiny ass freaking writi9ng, I CAN'T READ IT!!!!!! Why is this cool? to have those stupid LITTLE TEENY TINY MINISCULE boxes that I need to scroll down through you stupid ass tiny little writing to read. Do I do it? NO. Why? It sucks! make your blog readable if you want people to read it. That's all I have to say about that.

:: Jenn 9:25 PM [+]

Today's Historical Data

~ 1790 Reverend John Carroll became the first Catholic Bishop in the USA

~1974 Robert Frost born in San Francisco, CA (poet)

~1935 Will Rogers, the most famous man in America, dies near Barrow, Alaska when his sea plane plunges into a lagoon. At the time, he and one-eyed aviator Wiley Post were surveying possible flight paths between Seattle and the Soviet Union.

~1961 East Germany begins building the Berlin Wall

~1969 Woodstock Music and Art Fair opened at Max Yasgur's dairy farm in Bethel, New York.The three-day concert featured 24 bands and drew over 400,000 people.

~1972 Ben Affleck, actor, born in Berkeley, CA (Armageddon, Gigli) Gotta put it... I think he's cute!

~1994 International terrorist, Carlos the Jackal, is jailed in France. The assassin was turned over by the Sudanese government after he checked into a Khartoum hospital for varicose vein surgery on one of his testicles

Today is National Relaxation Day. (I think that should be Sunday instead, though, because this is about as much relaxation as I'll be getting today! I gotta get to work: laundry, cooking, shopping, packing, bleh.)

:: Jenn 8:54 AM [+]

Grrr Argh

You know I'm absolutely crazy about Mr. San Diego. The sun rises and sets on him, however... I have never said the guy was perfect and sometimes I just wanna smack him. It's just stupid little things where he just doesn't THINK. But, it isn't JUST him, it's people in general and I'm sure I do stupid things that piss people off, but hey, this is about me, not them!

Just take that extra second to THINK! I'm not asking for the world! Don't rush and fill out a form that we may need a blank copy of. Don't ask me to meet you somewhere and then stop somewhere else for a while so I have to wait. Don't say you'll do a job and then do it halfway so I have to go and redo it AFTER I take my shower. If I ask if you got your vacation approved and you "think so", make sure that fucking day... not three days before we leave. I mean, it should have been taken care of MONTHS ago as it is! It's mostly stupid little things, but sometimes I get so frustrated. I am trying so hard not to be pissy and irrational. I know I have these high expectations of every situation in the world, so I'm trying really hard to be more mellow and patient, but damn it, I gotta get this stuff out sometimes. I know I forget things, everyone does, but Mr. San Diego has NO memory whatsoever and it's driving me nuts. I already did that with my ex-husband. EVERY morning I had to find his keys for him and I just don't want to do that. I guess I'll buy the guy some ginko biloba, huh? I just get so tired of answering the same question over and over and over and over and over because he has no memory of the first or the second or the third conversation. *SIGH*

Okay. I just needed to express myself. I love him. I'll take him forgetful. You guys just gotta read my bitching every noce in a while so that I can get it off my chest and not be bitchy. =)

:: Jenn 8:26 AM [+]


1. How much time do you spend online each day?

WAAAAY too much, but not as much as I used to. I spend too much time at work using the internet and not much time at home using it. usually at home, it's a check of email, look something up, check out my blog stats and then move to the couch for the night and weekends I might do some ebaying,b ut that's it these days.

2. What is your browser homepage set to?

At home, it's just set to Roadrunner, I made it yahoo once, but I changed it back. At work, it's set to the website belonging to my employer. How boring am I?

3. Do you use any instant messaging programs? If so, which one(s)?

Nope. I used to be an AOL junkie. I was definitely a part of the AOL Meat Market, but after about a year of that, my IMingslowed and now it is EXTREMELY rare for me to be found on AIM, the only IM program I use. I just hate doing it these days.

4. Where was your first webpage located?

My first webpage was a Fanclub page I created for a band called Honeyslide, who are not only my friends, but who I also absolutely adore their music (and two of them will be singing at my wedding!). I created it on Geocities, sat down with a big book of HTML code and just started learning how to do it. I spent many hours working on that and now, I am pretty sure it no longer exists except in Google caches. I have a hard time remembering passwords for these old webpages and eventually lose them.

I also created a Geocities page for my brother which is still in existence and later when I took my cross country trip, I maintained a website with pictures and an interactive journal (also on Geocities) while I was gone so my family and friends could see where I was and that all was well with me. My most recent project that disappeared was my "Party Page" which was actually at my own domain, rather than Geocities or Blogger (heh), but of course, I chose poorly in choosing a host and they disappeared along with my site. That site was related to the parties that I attend and I would put up pictures so people could stop by and see themselves and also I provided information and directions to the parties for new folks. I guess this was way more than the question asked, huh?

5. How long have you had your current website?

I started this blog in January of 2002, so we're talkin' a year and a half now. I thought it would be a cool way to try to keep a journal and I got sucked into the blogosphere and here I am.

:: Jenn 8:16 AM [+]

:: Thursday, August 14, 2003 ::
Eat Creamsicles

~1774 Meriwether Lewis born in Charlottsville, VA (Captain of Lewis & Clark Expedition)
~1945 Steve Martin born in Waco, TX (comedian/actor - The Jerk, SNL, LA Story)
~1968 Halle Berry born in Cleveland, OH (actress - Monster's Ball) (NOTE: Mr. San Diego recently met her and got her autograph. Like we care.. hehe)
~1979 Rainbow seen in Northern Wales for a 3 hour duration

It's National Creamsicle Day!!!!! YUM! (Is that the same as a Dreamsicle?)

:: Jenn 4:01 PM [+]

I can post!

I think I can... I think I can...

Computer problems ALL FREAKING DAY! Not BUENO! Bleh! I'll see if this posts before I give you your day in history crap.

:: Jenn 2:12 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 ::
A Look at Today in the 19th Century

~1818 Suffragist Lucy Stone, women’s rights activist, founder of Woman’s Journal, was born in West Brookfield, Mass
~1831 Nat Turner leads uprising of slaves in Virginia
~1846 The American Flag was raised for the first time in Los Angeles, CA
~1860 Annie Oakley born in Drake, Ohio (frontierswoman in Buffalo Bill's Wild West)
~1889 William Gray patents coin-operated telephone
~1899 Alfred Hitchcock born in London (director - Psycho, Birds, Rear Window)

August 13 is . . . . Blame Someone Else Day (I can totally celebrate this one!)

:: Jenn 9:37 AM [+]

Hee Hee

Someone found me by searching for "dealing with moody self centered girlfriend". I was amused =)

:: Jenn 8:04 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, August 12, 2003 ::
Confusion on My Part, I Guess

Is it still an arguement as to whether homosexuals are "Born" that way or just "Choose" to live a life of ostracization? I just happened to read some comments somewhere on this subject and I'm still as floored as I've ever been with the suggestion that anyone would CHOOSE to be hated by the majority of the human race. "Giving in to a desire" makes a person homosexual, but isn't HAVING the desire to start with what makes the person homosexual???? If the person wasn't homosexual to START with (yeah, I mean born with), then they would never even HAVE the desire. There are women I find attractive and I'll admit to some experimentation in my life, but I'm sorry, I want a man. There is no desire for anything different.

I totally cannot understand how anyone can think that someone would just say "well, I think I'll be gay today". That astounds me. People are hateful to homosexuals. People torture homosexuals and disallow them human rights because they are different. Why would anyone want to live that life by choice? There are things we can't help. The gender we are attracted to is one of those things. Gender is a funny thing. There is such a huge gender spectrum out there and so many people who live their life in hiding and in secret and in disgust of themselves because society has made us all think we have to be sliced white bread.

This subject never ceases to amaze me. I would really like to understand where people are coming from who think that people just decide to fall in love with the same sex for "fun" or to be "rebellious". That's so bizarre to me.

:: Jenn 5:03 PM [+]

Interesting Opinions

Dean has an interesting conversation going on Last week he asked what women like about men. About men, not IN men. I found it to be sort of a tricky question because I think that while there are similarities that men share, it's sort of wrong to generalize that ALL men are the same.

Today he turned the table and asked what men liked about women. I'm finding the responses to be interesting reading. It's funny, because as I read (both sides), I find myself agreeing with a lot of what everyone else says. I still think it's hard to generalize. I find it hard to believe that every one of the men who say they like women's "beauty" mean that they see beauty in all women. But, that would be generalizing on my part, too. Not all men only see outward beauty, but it's been my experience that it is pretty common.

Anyway, it's fun to read, so check it out.

And, if I can be so bold as to generalize. I like the feeling warm and safe and comforted by men. I haven't always felt that with all men, but in most of my relationships, even non-romantic relationships, there is that "big-strong-man" thing there that just can't be ignored. I guess that's why I'm always attracted to men who are tall or bigger than me, in general.

:: Jenn 3:58 PM [+]

The Day in History

~1981 IBM introduces the PC and PC-DOS version 1.0
~1955 Pres Eisenhower raises minimum wage from $0.75 to $1 an hour
~1935 Babe Ruth's final game at Fenway Park, 41,766 on hand
~1898 Hawaii formally annexed to US (the same day that the U.S. concluded an armistice with Spain)
~1881 Cecil B deMille is born in Massachusetts, director

:: Jenn 1:02 PM [+]

My main symptom is a headache!

Have you heard about this Microsoft virus going around? Well, the extremely large organization I work for has become infected. Lucky us. It has affected us by making it impossible to open or use Microsoft office documents (Word, Excel, etc). All of this morning we've been going around patching every individual computer. I did all the ones that I have admin access to, but that still leaves a ton of people with no computer right now. Obviously, I'm one of the lucky ones... I have mine up and running! What a pain, though. I'm tired. I need a nap.

:: Jenn 12:11 PM [+]

:: Monday, August 11, 2003 ::
Happy Happy

I know that so often I use this blog to do some whining or complain when I'm having a bad day. I just want to take this opportunity to say that I am feeling EXTREMELY happy right now. WHY?

~I had a FABULOUS weekend... I mean, great!
~We are IN Escrow and should close within 45 days and be HOMEOWNERS! Old stress over, new stress--bring it on!
~We found a photographer for the wedding at a reasonable price, but with the style of photos I'm looking for. A killer deal as compared to what else is out there. Yes, UNDER $1000!!! YEA!
~Did I mention that my weekend rocked?
~My boss is out sick today.
~I get to see my doctor today for the weird lumps on my leg. Hopefully he'll schedule me for surgery or at LEAST send me to another specialist and/or for an MRI. I've had to wait for a long time to get to see him, so I'm happy about it.

Only thing that would make today better would be if I was with my guy either at home or doing something fun!

Or if I could have a Belgian Waffle.

:: Jenn 1:09 PM [+]

Ever since last week when I watched $40 A Day on Food Network, I am soooo craving Belgian waffles. Not your average everyday Denny's shit, but REAL, TRUE waffles from the street vendors in Brussels. It's probably going to be a LONG LONG time before I make it back there, so I guess I'm SOL, but I am soooo wanting true Belgian Waffles. Maybe I should just go make some oatmeal. *SIGH*

:: Jenn 9:34 AM [+]

Haven't done one of these for a while. Link via Chad

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

:: Jenn 8:56 AM [+]

Today Stuff

~1980 Reggie Jackson hits his 400th homer
~1978 Music Chart Toppers:
.....Miss You - The Rolling Stones
.....Three Times a Lady - Commodores
.....Grease - Frankie Valli
.....Love or Something Like It - Kenny Rogers
~1955 Joe Jackson England, singer (Steppin' Out)
~1946 Marilyn Vos Savant St Louis Mo, writer/world's highest IQ (Guinness)
~1929 Babe Ruth becomes 1st to hit 500 homers
~1866 World's 1st roller rink opens (Newport, RI)

August 11 is . . . . Presidential Joke Day - hmmm, maybe because of this?

"1984 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan was preparing for his weekly radio broadcast when, during testing of the microphone, the President said of the Soviet Union, “...I have signed legislation that will outlaw Russia. We begin bombing in five minutes.“ The remark was made during a time when technicians had the microphone open and the President didn’t think he was being heard. He was just jesting as he was testing. Funny, actually, that this could happen to ‘Dutch’ Reagan -- a former radio sportscaster for WHO in Des Moines, Iowa and other radio stations -- not to mention TV and film. The remark, literally, bombed ... though nothing more serious happened."


I listed Joe Jackson's Birthday here because I have a funny story about him... sort of.

A few months back I was grocery shopping and the young girl who was bagging my groceries and I had this exchange relating to the song that was playing in the store:

Girl (and I wish you could hear her GOOFY voice): This song is soooo weird!
Me (listening): That's Joe Jackson, Stepping Out... it's from the 80's.
Girl: Really? It's weird! (giggling)
Me: No it's not; it's just an 80's thing.
Girl (thinking REALLY hard): Mrs. (Jenn), do you think when I'm older and I'm grocery shopping that they'll be playing, ummm, like Eminem?
Me: No. That won't happen.
The Cashier and I exchange amused glances and I leave.

...that exchange cracked my ass up (and me feel sort of old, too!)

:: Jenn 8:21 AM [+]

:: Sunday, August 10, 2003 ::
Today... This Weekend

I'm having an awesome weekend. Now, I'm going to settle in on the couch to watch the Nascar race... it's started off with a bang, so far! haha

:: Jenn 10:53 AM [+]

Your daily facts

~1977 Postal employee David Berkowitz arrested in Yonkers, NY, accused of being "Son of Sam" the 44 caliber killer
~1966 1st lunar orbiter launched by US
~1948 Allen Funt's "Candid Camera" TV debut on ABC
~1846 Smithsonian Institution was established. Today is Smithsonian Institution Day!
~1519 Magellan's 5 ship set sail to circumnavigate the Earth

Hmmm... what on earth wil you do without me while I'm in Mexico???

:: Jenn 10:52 AM [+]

:: Saturday, August 09, 2003 ::

1. I'm drunk.
2. We're in Escrow
3. We're picking songs for dancing at the wedding
4. it's been a good night
5. I hope it ends with sex, but did I mention I was drunk?

:: Jenn 11:48 PM [+]

Cross Your Fingers

We just put ANOTHER offer on a house... wish us luck. Trying NOT to get my hopes all up, though! We asked for an answer in 24 hours... so I guess by this time tomorrow, we'll know.

:::::Trying not to hold my breath:::::

:: Jenn 2:02 PM [+]


~1995 Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead died
~1969 Sharon Tate, actress, was killed by Charles Manson's gang
~1949 One of my favorite authors, Jonathan Kellerman was born in New york City
~1930 Betty Boop debutes in Max Fleischer's animated cartoon Dizzy Dishes

Oh, and it's National Rice Pudding Day.

:: Jenn 2:00 PM [+]

:: Friday, August 08, 2003 ::
Friday Five... me?

You have never seen me do one of these, but given the lack of posting today and the fact that I love travel, I figured I'd give this one a shot.

1. What's the last place you traveled to, outside your own home state/country?
The last place I went was Hawaii in May. A lovely ten day trip to Oahu, Maui and Hawaii (lovely except for being sick as a DOG!)

2. What's the most bizarre/unusual thing that's ever happened to you while traveling?
I've had a lot of unusual experiences. One that pops into my mind was while sitting at the train station in Epernay France waiting for a train that never showed up at 5am, IN THE RAIN, some guy from a middle eastern country that I can't remember decided he wanted to marry me. I finally told him I was engaged to a tennis player back home and had to leave the bench I was waiting on so he would quit TOUCHING me! Bleh! Now all of a sudden I'm thinking of a bunch of stories! I won't bore ya. heh

3. If you could take off to anywhere, money and time being no object, where would you go?
I have a lot of places left on my list, but if I could pick the one place I REALLY want to go, besides another road trip across the US, I would have to say Africa. I'd love to do a tour of Africa. If I had my druthers, it would be a complete tour from the nature and game safaris of South Africa and Tanzania, to the coast line and all the way up to the northern countries of Egypt and Morocco. I think Africa is fascinating. It's one place where you can still find unspoiled beauty and I hope to make it there some day.

4. Do you prefer traveling by plane, train or car?
Ugh. I hate flying. I see air travel as a necessary evil to make my hobby happen, but I hate it nonetheless. I have enjoyed traveling through Europe by train as long as I have a comfortable seat or berth. I love road trips, because I really enjoy the opportunity to stop and see the sites along the way. So, I guess if I had to pick, it would be car, #1 (to those areas that you can do a car), Train, #2 and airplane only for those trips where you just gotta fly, baby.

5. What's the next place on your list to visit?
I usually have my vacations planned out eons in advance, but with the uncertainty of the upcoming years what with the wedding next year and the fact that we're trying to buy a house, I just don't want to make any plans. I don't want to be all excited about a trip and then not be able to go because we can't afford it. So, we'll be going to Rosarito Beach on the 16th of this month for a week of R&R, but that's just a short drive away from home and as close to free as a vacation can be. Hopefully, we'll be blessed with sunshine and lots of fun. If we end up not being able to afford a honeymoon or go on vacation next year, I guess we'll just spend another week in Rosarito next summer, too!

:: Jenn 1:43 PM [+]

On This Day...

~1937 Dustin Hoffman born in LA, actor (The Graduate)
~1945 Pres Harry S Truman signs UN Charter
~1959 Birth of Rikki Rockett, rocker (Poison)
~1963 Great Train Robbery in England, $2.6 million ($7.3 million)
~1974 Nixon Resigns
~1987 Lynne Cox became 1st to swim from US to Russia across Bering Strait

~Afghanistan Independence Day
~Sneak Some Zucchini on Your Neighbors Porch Night (one of MY favorite holidays!!!)

:: Jenn 10:07 AM [+]

:: Thursday, August 07, 2003 ::

The story BEHIND the Penis Enlargements Pills...

:: Jenn 11:45 AM [+]


I guess I expected a lot more talk about Arnold announcing his candidacy for Governor of California, but for all the surfing I've done this morning, there hasn't been much buzz in the blogs yet.

"The politicians are fiddling, fumbling and failing," Schwarzenegger said on the show. "The man that is failing the people more than anyone is Gray Davis. He is failing them terribly, and this is why he needs to be recalled and this is why I am going to run for governor."
- Arnold Schwarzenegger to Jay Leno

Do I have an opinion? I'm still working on it. I think it's really bizarre the number of freaks and weirdos coming out of the woodwork, announcing their candidacy.
However, I see Arnold as a serious candidate. I see him as someone who wants this job because he wants to make a difference and make things better. That is the type of candidate that I ALWAYS want to see. I'm definitely going to be doing some reading and some research on this.

Who am I NOT going to vote for?
~Gary Coleman
~Larry Flynt
~Arianna Huffington (oh, now SHE is a freak!)


:: Jenn 11:04 AM [+]

A Weird Thing

A Minute ago, while blog-surfing, I returned to Always the Freak, only to find another site called "Twisty" popping up instead of mine. What the hell was that?!?!

Here's another thing... I was reading a site where the owner had received a letter from blogsnob telling her she was violating their rules, so I went to read their rules and oops... there is not supposed to be any bad language. If defining bad language as that which wouldn't be used on network TV and since I heard the word FUCK on Channel 7 (ABC), I'm not going to worry about it until they send ME a letter. The truth is I don't cuss ALL that much and I usually use profanities only to emphasize what I'm saying more than just saying it to be saying it. While there are many words that could be used in place of profanity, sometimes the same punch just can't be pulled. So, whatever. BUT, the interesting thing is that you can't remove your info from Blogsnob, so while they say you are bad, other people will still find your site because your info stays there! How stupid. No wonder there are so many broken blogsnob links or people who you can get TO, but who don't have the links on their site. Blogsnob needs to fix that. My two cents.

:: Jenn 8:56 AM [+]

Today's History

~1990 Saudi Arabia allows US troops on their soil to stop an Iraqi invasion - Desert Shield begins
~1974 Frenchman Phillipe Petit crossed between the two Towers of the World Trade Center on a High Wire
~1958 Bruce Dickinson, heavy metal rocker (Iron Maiden-Run to Hills) was born
~1942 Birthday of Garrison Keillor, PBS radio personality (Prairie Home Companion)
~1934 US Court of Appeals upheld lower court ruling striking down govt's attempt to ban controversial James Joyce novel "Ulysses"
~1789 US War Department established

~It's National Lighthouse Day!!!

:: Jenn 8:20 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, August 06, 2003 ::
That's what you call a FLUKE!

So, did everyone get their stock sold off before yesterday? Thanks to the plan to purchase a home (that we are still unable to find), Mr. San Diego will be taking money from his 401K for our down payment. How is this a lucky thing? Well, he sold all of his Costco stock about 2 weeks ago and put it all into umm... you know, that safe stuff. So, after the drop yesterday in Costco's stock, we saved at least 10,000 that would have been lost. When he rebuys it and it goes back up, we'll make an additional 10,000. WOOT! It's good. So basically, it's like we made $20,000.

Oh, and I figured some people might be curious about Mr. San Diego, so I'm sharing a picture of him for ya.

Heh Well it IS a picture of him. And I bet you have no idea what the odds of finding a Wizard Pinball game ON location and just happening to be WEARING a Wizard t-shirt... Twilight Zone stuff, really.

:: Jenn 10:45 AM [+]

Today's Stuff

~1890 - 1st use of electric chair in US, John Hart, in NY for murder
~1911 - Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown NY (comedienne/actress - I Love Lucy)
~1928 - Andy Warhol (Warhola) was born in Pittsburgh, PA (Artist/Pop Art Pioneer)

~Happy Wiggle Your Toes Day!!!
~Happy Bolivian Independence Day!!!

:: Jenn 10:16 AM [+]

What the Hell????

Can someone explain to me how on earth the "issue" of hurricanes not being named ETHNIC NAMES is a freaking important item on our government's agenda. This world is becoming absolutely ridiculous. Please don't let that woman be re-elected. GEEZ!

:: Jenn 9:52 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, August 05, 2003 ::
Just in Case You Missed it...

I can now post pictures! YEA!

:: Jenn 10:49 AM [+]

Bad News =(

Besides the fact that I'm pissed because I am RE-Writing this post because Blogger screwed up, I'm a little stressed today.

I just found out that my brother is being sent to Iraq for six months. I am pretty upset because damn it, even though I'm the Princess of Denial and even though I KNOW it's his job, I'm really worried. I know he'll be mostly safe and sound pushing some papers around, but just being over there is dangerous.

I also hate the fact that his two little babies (well, maybe not BABIES) are going to be home without their dad for six months! That will be devastating for them. They are so close to him and they won't understand what's happening and where he went. The Girl child is only three and the Boy child is almost 6, but he's a little slow so this will be really hard on him. And then after six months, when he gets back, there will be a real tough time of readjustment for them all. I just can't imagine how horrible it would be to not have your dad at that age. I was lucky because the only time I was without my dad in my whole life was when I was first born and he was in Vietnam... I never knew the difference. I'm just so worried about them all.

I know my brother tells me "Jenn, it's my job" and "I've been lucky so far!" and he has, but it still makes me unhappy. He has been in the army for somewhere around 12 years counting all that ROTC stuff and all and he has never had to go into any skirmishes - even when he was training to go to Kuwait, it got cancelled. We've all been very happy for that, so I know it's his turn, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

The fact that my brother even chose to make the military his career is incongruous to his nature. He's a peace-lover whose degree was in Philosophy of all things! I realize that he feels that patriotic duty and all and I commend him, but hey, this is the guy who made me listen to the WORDS of John Lennon! It's just bizarre and my guess is that he chose this career to please my dad... and that would be a whole 'nother issue.

You never know, orders can always be changed, but I'm just feeling scared and worried. He better have his ass back here safe and sound in time to perform my wedding!

:: Jenn 9:40 AM [+]


Not in the mood for this so a quickie:

~On this day in 1986, It's revealed Andrew Wyeth had, secretly created 240 drawings & paintings of his neighbor Helga Testorf, in Chadds Ford, Pa

~On this day in 1974 Joan Jett forms her rock group the Runaways

~On August 5, 1962, movie actress Marilyn Monroe is found dead in her home in Los Angeles.

~On this day in 1930 Neil Armstrong was born in Ohio (X-15 pilot, 1st Moonwalker - Gemini 8, Apollo 11)

~On this day in 1926 Houdini stays in a coffin under water for 1« hrs

~It's National Mustard Day

:: Jenn 7:47 AM [+]

:: Monday, August 04, 2003 ::
At the Movies

I didn't hit the theatres this weekend, unfortunately. I was BUSY! Sort of. But, from the buzz, apparently everyone HATED Gigli. I mean despised it! Did anyone out there actually SEE this movie? I mean that isn't paid to be a film critic.

I guess I'll wait for it to be on TV.

:: Jenn 11:22 AM [+]

On This Day in History!

I heard a really good one on the radio today and I can't remember it, darn it!

However, today kicks off National Smile Week. So Give a grin or something.


~1693 Dom Perignon invents champagne
~1900 Elizabeth, the Queen Mother of Britain was born
~1944 Anne Frank, 15, (Diary of Anne Frank) is arrested by Nazis
~1955 Billy Bob Thornton was born in Hot Springs, Ark. (US. actor, 'Sling Blade)

:: Jenn 11:03 AM [+]

:: Sunday, August 03, 2003 ::
Oh yeah, what happened today?

I'm going to keep these shorter, unless there is a lot of stuff on a day. I'lljust pick and choose a couple of things for each day.

~1940 Martin Sheen, Actor
~1941 Martha Stewart, duh
~1963 James Hetfield, Metallica

In 1977 Radio Shack issues a press release introducing the TRS-80 computer 25 existed, within weeks thousands were ordered

Today is National Watermelon Day!

and August? August is National Romance Awareness Month... make love, baby!

:: Jenn 9:13 AM [+]

Weekends? Me?

Yes, it's odd for me to blog on the weekend, but I feel like it. I've been lookinga t house listings and I guess we're going to go look at three or so this afternoon/evening. Did I mention that someone else put an offer on the house we were interested in, before we did? Well, they did and it was accepted, so we waited too long. Again, these things must happen for a reason. If we were way hep to getting that one, we would have offered immediately, but there was enough uncertanty to wait. It's all good. We just keep looking... Of course, we have to lower our standards and raise our offers *SIGH* Shit happens.

We're supposed to go jet skiing and see one of my friends who is camping at the Bay today, but I think jet skiing is going to be out and if we're doing house stuff, well, I don't know if we'll be doing all that. Bleh. I'm feeling lazy anyway. What I really want to do is sit around and scrapbook all day... PLUS the Nascar race is on soon!

:: Jenn 9:03 AM [+]

:: Saturday, August 02, 2003 ::
Hey... it's rare I even POST on weekends! =) Need sleep now... badly.

:: Jenn 10:11 PM [+]

Today Stuff

~1922 Carol O'Connor - NYC, NY, Actor (All in the Family)
~1960 Apollonia [Patricia Kotero] - Santa Monica, CA, Actress (Purple Rain)

~1876 Wild Bill Hickok shot dead (from behind) by Jack McCall while playing poker. He held a pair of Aces & a pair of 8's

~1934 With the death of German President Paul von Hindenburg, Chancellor Adolf Hitler becomes absolute dictator of Germany under the title of Führer, or "Leader."
~1961 Beatles 1st gig as house band of Liverpool's Cavern Club
~1987 Michael Andretti runs fastest Indy car race in history (171.49 MPH)

~National Tree Planting Day in Lesotho

:: Jenn 10:10 PM [+]

:: Friday, August 01, 2003 ::

I created my first pink load of laundry today. =( I've bleached the hell out of the stuff and it's looking white again... whew! Mr. San Diego wasn't looking forward to Pink Underwear and BOTH of my pairs of white pants (including the BRAND new ones) were in there. Geez... what a moron.

Now I gotta go try to get the salsa made for the poker game tonight before Mr. SD gets home from work.. he's sitting in traffic, though, so I have a little while.

:: Jenn 4:57 PM [+]


I slept in until 10AM!!! Or darn close to it. I never do that. It was great =)

It always boggles my mind that when I log on to edit here at home, I see a totally different editing system. I have to assume that it's because I use Windows XP at home and the software must interact differently with different Operating Systems.

Now I have a day filled with laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, getting waxed,and hopefully a little scrapbooking before Mr. San Diego gets home and we have to head up north to our friend's place for a poker game. I'll try to stop in later and do some writing.

:: Jenn 10:23 AM [+]


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