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:: Monday, November 24, 2003 ::


I'm sort of letting out a breath of relief at the moment, because, I think I might just have a few moments at work to... well, if not relax, then at least blog! At this very moment I have no urgent deadline to meet and I'm (mostly) letting my little stafflets do their own thing. Of course as I type this I realize I AM waiting on something from one of them. Grrr... There's still time.

So now that I have the time and I'm here, what the hell do I write about???

My brother has faithfully been writing to me weekly, but now I have this terrible guilt about him not writing to my mom more, but of course, I still write to him DAILY! Actually I blew off Saturday (being the sicko I was) and I'm going to try to get this package in the mail today. I guess I should be doing that instead of blogging? Hmmm. I'm sending him a bottle of Squirt, an audiobook on CD, a pez dispenser and (hopefully) some vegetarian top ramen, if I can make it to Stater Bros prior to mailing it. I'm a good and loyal sister, who doesn't go losing his address like his wife does!

I watched a ton of older movies in my delerious state of sickness this weekend, but I'm not in the whole reviewing mood. Pretty much it went something like: Some 4 hour movie on the Lifetime Network about a copycat to the Fatal Vision killings (not bad), The Distinguished Gentleman (funny, predictable, nothing special), The Core (wholly unbelievable, but not bad... how anyone can say that could happen but Armageddon couldn't I'll never figure out), and The Sure Thing (one of my favorites, of course). Of course, I also watched an ASS load of Home Improvement shows. I am soooo addicted. I even managed to drag my ass outside and plant some daffodil bulbs that Mr. San Diego bought for me. Of course, I'm still paying for that with muscle trembles... sick girls shouldn't garden.

But, I do feel much better today and work is going relatively well. I had a meeting with my staff today and it was really cool that they all praised me and at least SAID that they thought I was a good superviosr and that they liked working for me. Interestingly, even the one who I wouldn't have thought could ever say that to me, did. It's nice to hear even if they were only kissing ass. heh

Okay, off to do more work...I am so dedicated these days!

:: Jenn 1:58 PM [+]

:: Sunday, November 23, 2003 ::
Work Stuff

If you read my "about me" crap, you'd know that my job has me not have to do much and it bothers me. The reason it has had me not doingm uch is because I have become bored and unchallenged. Well, no more. The last week, you may have noticed a lack of posting. This is because I have been actually working my ass off, except Wednesday when we had a big supervisor PowWow offsite. I'm extremely short staffedo n clerks at the moment, which happens ever 18 months or so. When one leaves, four leave. But on top of that, my clerical supervisor has been very ill, so I've been covering for her and for absent clerks AND in addition to that, my two clerk IIIs have become total flakes who need me to hold their hands in order to get their jobs done. One of them is probably redeemable because I think his biggest problem is in the fact that he is immature and hasn't actually learned how to be proactive and prioritize duties, etc. I'm working really hard with him on this so I see the potential there. My other clerk, the one who is my direct support person, however, repeatedly thinks she can "pull the wool over my eyes" and Jenn don't play that game. There is nothing you can do that I haven't already done or at least THOUGHT about! People who think that I'm stupid are insutling me and that is a BAD idea. SO this chickie had better work her tail off at all times or she will find out that being a "government employee" does not necessarily mean that you can't be gotten rid of. And, since she is mostly flakey, I doubt she'll work all that hard. Right now she knows I'm watching her every step. If she stays wary, she has a chance at staying around until she moves (god, if she would just move NOW, it would make my life easier!), otherwise, she'll be keeping me busy with documentation. I don't go for being insulted and to quote Kevin Kline "Don't call me stupid!"

Alrighty, enough of the work stress... I have that all week! Today, even though I'm still sick, I'm gonna go out and do some yard work. Mr. San Diego bought me a TON of bulbs yesterday, so I gotta plant 'em now. First a kitchen clean up and then some yard clean up... just another Sunday =)

:: Jenn 10:35 AM [+]

:: Saturday, November 22, 2003 ::
Just Dunno

What's gotten into me. Haven't had the time for blogging. Go figure. AND, can you freaking believe it, I am SICK again! I swear if people don't quit coming to work sick, I'm going to start kicking some ass. I have another bad cold/sore throat thing just like in early October. Grrrr Feeling better today but I was pretty much OUT all day yesterday. I have watched a LOT of movies the last couple of days, though!

Hey does anyone remember that television show about like 8 years ago called Nowhere Man, starring Bruce Greenwood as this guy who's whole life basically disappeared and he was on the run...? It was sort of fugitive-like, except no one-armed man! That show really pissed me off. I was a faithful watcher and they just ENDED it without any real explanation about what was going on. I was just thinking about it because we watched the cinematic genius known as The Core, tonight and he was in it. That always really pissed me off that I never knew what happened to Nowhere Man with the perpetually confused look on his face.

As much as I would just love to hang out here and type all night, I'm going to sign off for now. I will, however, attempt to post a little more often than I have as of late.

:: Jenn 9:33 PM [+]

:: Monday, November 17, 2003 ::
Not hiding

I've just been really busy at work and at home. Getting a little behind all over, huh? Sooooo....

Audiobook Review:

Steven King, Everything's Eventual. I'm pretty bored of Steven King. This little collection of stories included one from some other book, so that was a waste, plus another that was out of the gunslinger novels (which I never cared for) and the others were mostly lame, so what exactly was his point here? Dude. If you're done, just retire. The magic can't be recaptured once it's gone.

Tried listening to the Canterbury Tales this morning, but that didn't wor because the recording was crappy and skipped stuff, so I gave up. Ah well.

Movie Review:

Saw The Matrix (Round 3) yesterday and it was pretty good. Again, you can't recapture the magic of times past, so it wasn't as great as the original, but lots better than the second one! I gave the second one a 6.5.. not sure why because at the moment, I remember it more as a 5.5, but that's okay. I'm giving this one a 7.5 and the first woulda been about an 8.5 had I been reviewing at that time. I did enjoy the film, but was having trouble getting comfortable and ended up leaving the theatre with ah headache and feeling sort of cranky. I guess that's what happens when you're a wiggle worm and can't sit still for two hours in a row!


Welpers, the season is now officially over and Jimmie officially came in second in points! WOOT! It was a brutal ending for Bill Elliott who dominated and then lost a tire on the last half of the last lap and came in 8th. Poor thing... that totally sucked. At least it didn't suck soooo much since Elliott won last week.

Damn, gotta jet already. I'm interviewing for new clerks... we are desperately in need of 'em.

:: Jenn 1:21 PM [+]

:: Thursday, November 13, 2003 ::

So, yesterday, the biggest TREE out there in this Holiday Tree Contest was 103 people. Today its over 1300!!!! Yikes. My 5 people look pretty puny. I'm going to be needing ALL of you to participate and make referrals or we'll never build the biggest tree. Forget the whole contest part of it. Who cares about $50 and the chances of a million, well, it would be cool and all, but I just want to make a BIG OL' GIANT TREE and show them! SO, come on people, go sign up and sign on and help to build the biggest tree on the net. I KNOW we can do this!

:: Jenn 12:31 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 ::

Alrighty folks, here is your chance to get in on a contest going on. This is some type of refere a friend thing and the group that makes the biggest "TREE" wins dough. So, I'm taking advantage of my bloggy forum to get one started. I'm pretty sure that once you sign up, you can refer more people and the person who refers the MOST people gets ina drawing for a million bucks. So, sign up for my tree here and then start making your own referrals!!!! Let's win money!!!!!!!

:: Jenn 2:18 PM [+]

Postcard to the Brother & Books

Hey! I just saw that you made a caught entry on Bookcrossings.com! You got that pretty quick and made it on to the internet, I see! Cool!

Back @ work today after yesterday's holiday. I did not get my kitchen wall painted, afterall, but at least cleaned it prety good. It needs a little repair work b4 I paint. Actually ended up doing a lot of cooking yesterday instead. Why can't every day be a holiday? Going to mom's tonight. More tomorrow. Love Jenn.

So, that was today's note to my brother. I sent him a book that I first registered at Bookcrossings.com on November 1st and figured he wouldn't be able to get on the internet so told him to write me with when he got it and what he thought of it and I would log on and show it as caught, but somehow the boy managed to do all that himself! Amazing that he can't manage to EMAIL ME!!!! But he says he seems to lose connection every time he hits the SEND button, so I guess I'll forgive him.

So Speaking of books, I finished listening to To Kill A Mockingbird today. I have to assume that most people have read this book or seen this movie and it's as wonderful a story no matter how many times you read it, listen to it, or watch it. Whatever the medium, Harper Lee wrote a true American Classic that is a pleasure to partake in. There is nothing more that I can say about this story that hasn't already been said except if you still haven't read it, you need to read it. If you don't like to read (you weirdo), see the movie. It gets a 10 from me.

:: Jenn 12:53 PM [+]

:: Monday, November 10, 2003 ::

I'm in that grumpy pouty mood again where I'm not feeling like blogging.

I'm here. I'm lurking.

I'm over the evil food poisoning experience.

I'm happy that Jimmie drove a wicked race car yesterday (even though I only saw the last 50 laps) and is now 2nd in the points race. Matt Kenseth is the champ, but second is still up for grabs and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be Jimmie, who has been driving AWESOME lately!

I definitely do not want to be at work today and when I arrived everyone thought I was off today as I had told everyone months ago that I was planning to take today off. I'm so stupid! I could have stayed home! =(

I missed three mail days tomy brother, but his postcard today is ready to hit the mailbox.

I think I have a lunch date, but uncertain and unable to reach said date.

crabby. grumpy. in that moody depressed place. isn't this supposed to happen *P*ms? rather than AFTERWARDS?? Hmph.

Stopping the whining and logging out. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I'll be home painting my kitchen a sunny color of yellow.

:: Jenn 11:06 AM [+]

:: Thursday, November 06, 2003 ::

I got mega-food poisoning from McDonalds yesterday. My car has now been dubbed the "Puke Mobile". You cna figure out the rest from that. I missed the funeral for my friend's dad today as well as missing work. I felt bad, everyone was at the funeral except me, but I am wiped out. Which is why this is all I'm writing... back to my nest on the couch.

:: Jenn 4:33 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, November 05, 2003 ::
Postcards from the Banal


:: Jenn 4:06 PM [+]

Seasons Change

How the hell do we go from sweating heat, and in less than one week, to freezing cold? My fingers are popsicles!

:: Jenn 9:28 AM [+]


I downloaded this Google Toolbar thing and I'm liking it so far. It has the Google search right there on my toolbar, which I like. It also blocks Pop Ups, but it's sort of weird how it does that. It TELLS me it blocks them by a number that goes up every time it "blocks" one, which you can turn off or leave on, but cannot reset. I do seem to get a lot less pop ups, but I still get these dual pop ups that obviously occur due to something I probably let get installed on my system or something. Grrr It says I've had 152 pop ups blocked since I installed the toolbar (about a week ago), so that is nice to have. The other feature I really like is an Autofill feature. I type in the data I want to have available to "auto fill" and then when a page comes up that needs that data I hit a single button and all of the fields fill in. I know there are other programs that do this, but this is included in a program that does other fun stuff. It also comes with a "Blog This" tab, but I don't really use that. And, I'm a Google user, so the whole thing works really well for me. I'm going to install it on my home PC now, too. Heh I tested it out at work! So, I'm giving a recommendation. The only thing I wish was different, and it doesn't really matter, is I wish you could reset the number of popups blocked.

:: Jenn 9:26 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, November 04, 2003 ::

I finished the Brethren yesterday and while I did like it, I didn't care for the ending so much, but oh well. It was typical Grisham novel with some politickin' thrown in on top of the legalese. I would recommend it if your a Grisham fan. I give it a 6. Today I started "To Kill A Mockingbird". I read it when I was very young and I think I saw the movie, but it's been a long, long time. So far, so good!

:: Jenn 3:48 PM [+]

And Now For Something Completely Different

okay, not that different. I didn't send the bro a postcard today, I actually wrote him a five page letter instead. I got a letter from him last night and figured it was time to actually write about what was happening in my world instead of just bits and pieces. I sure hate seeing any updates that come in saying bad things that happen in the 82nd airborne over there. Scares me. But I know he's safe and sound sitting in their little camp counting down the days. heh 4 more months!

:: Jenn 3:45 PM [+]

NASCAR Rundown, continued

6th in points is Kevin Harvick. He seems like a consistent driver. Another of the "young guns" that are taking over the Nascar scene these days. I don't know too much about this guy and he has pretty much been flying under the radar. Doing well in the races, but nothing exceptional really to say about him. Moving on...

Last year's champion, Tony Stewart, is currently 7th in points (behind the leader by 568 points). I like Tony Stewart. I was jealous that he won the championship last year, though. I have to say that he's a pretty agressive driver, which can lead to an air of dangerousness (is that a word?), but at the same time, he seems to be an exceptional driver so it balances out and I don't think he's run over anyone's pit crew thus far. He seems to be working on that anger management problem of his, so he's staying out of some of that trouble he was in last year. I totally relate to anger management needs. hehe

In 8th spot, is Bobby Labonte. He finished 16th in points last year and this year he seems to go up and down as far as ending the race from really well, to so-so. Again, I'm a novice, but it seems to me that it's his car that kicks the butt rather than exceptional driving. Still, he's doing great in 8th!

Ah, Kurt. Kurt Busch is currently in 9th spot. Okay, I couldnt' stand Kurt last year. He pissed me off when Jimmie beat him in California and he kept shoting his mouth off aobut the two tire pit stop. Well, Kurt, pit stops are a part of racing, so suck it up. But this year, I've softened and even started liking Kurt. I really feel bad about all of the problems he's had and people pissed at him, so me being the "root for the underdog" kinda gal am on Kurt's side. I think he's a great driver. He's fast and skilled and while he's no Jimmie Johnson, he's good. It's a shame the problems he's had and I only hope that he has a better year next year. Keep your chin up, 9th ain't so bad! And, winning the sponsor race at the Sharpie was too cool!

And, tenth. Bill Elliott. Damn your car has been soooooooo freaking fast lately. One hell of a car, great driving and it shows. As the season has progressed, he's moved higher and higher up the point ranks. I've actually kinda been bummed that he's come close, so close, but hasn't quite got up there. I was rooting hard at Kansas!!!

:: Jenn 8:54 AM [+]

:: Monday, November 03, 2003 ::
Postcard to the brother

So you might be worried about us right now. Afterall, the news is full of stories about the downed helicopter. However, I'm certain that they wouldn't be sending you off on some R&R trip, so I'm sure you're fine. See how positive I stay? Hmph. Be careful, okay? I love you. I miss you. Be safe. J

PS I hope your mail doesn't blow up or anything.

PPS I can't get "What is Love" out of my head... then my head starts bobbing side to side.

PPPS The Hulk totally sucked. Don't bother.

:: Jenn 2:38 PM [+]

NASCAR Rundown

So, the Nascar season is coming to a close. How about that? Seems like it went fast, but it will be nice not having to be glued to the TV every Sunday afternoon! heh Actually, I think I'd rather it be that way during the winter instead of the summer. So, let's take a look at the drivers and find out "What does Jennifer Think About Him?"

I'm going to work my way "through the field" of the chamionship standings. So, today I'll start my commentary. Might be boring... oh well. It entertains me!

The Current Leader in points is Matt Kenseth with 4,828 points and only two races to go. What can I say about him? Not a lot. He was rookie of the year in 2000 and seems like a consistently good driver. Praise is more for consistence than excellence and wow, he seems to have a heck of a pit crew. There isn't anything about him that is all that exciting to me, so lets move to #2.

Second in points, 228 points behind Matt, is Dale Earnhardt Jr. I gotta say, I don't care for this driver. However, as icky as I find him and annoying as listening to him talk is, I have a couple of nice things to say about him. First, his driving has significantly improved this year over last year. Even a novice like me can see that he takes this job more seriously than he did a year ago and it shows. He's not a bad driver, as he proved this weekend in Phoenix with the win. The second thing is that even though I think he's an arrogant, cocky bastard, I was proud to see him show genuine concern and caring for his former team mate, Steve Park, after a terrifying accident last summer (2002). I always have to grudgingly give him kudos for not staying in his car and ignoring the chance that Steve could have been seriously hurt.

NEXT. And, best, if anyone were to ask ME. Third in points this year is Jimmie Johnson, the guy I root for every year. Okay, I'll start by saying I picked Jimmie as my driver in an unusual way. The factors I took into account: his name started with a 'J', he grew up in California - specifically San Diego, a friend of mine once worked at Lowes, his last name was Johnson - as is that of some close friends, he was doing well after the first 4 races in his Winston Cup rookie year, and he was a rookie at the same time as I was (it was my rookie year for WATCHING Nascar). So, I picked him. Good choice! yea! He's fun to watch, a great driver, and actually wins some times! This is quite nice and I feel bummed for those people whose drivers are always running the back of the pack and rarely even hit a top ten finish. That would be such a bummer to me, that I may not have got into the sport like I did. But, back to Jimmie. He's a strong driver, drives clean and fast, seems like a nice guy in general, and hey, he's third in points! Whats more to say?

300 points behind the leader, is #4, Jeff Gordon. He's part owner of my driver's car and Jimmie's teammate to boot. While he's a good driver, I also think that his driving can be too agressive to the point that it's dangerous. C'mon, he ran over Jimmie's pit crew not long ago and he is the master of the bump and run. He used to be quite the hot shot, but seems to have "slowed down" some. Either that or the new guys are speeding up. I can handle Jeff Gordon even though I don't care for him so much. Mr. San Diego's other girlfriend roots for Gordon, so maybe that's one of the reasons he bugs, but I think it's just that squeaky voice and reckless driving. Of course, between him and Ryan Newman, I vote for Jeff.

Ryan Newman is currently # 5 in points. I used to like Ryan (almost even picked him when I was deciding who I wanted to be "my guy"!), even when he captured rookie of the year last year instead of Jimmie, I still thought" Well, he's a great driver and really intelligent". Whatever. The problem is that people like the Ryan Newmans and Jeff Gordons of the world annoy people. Unless you're on their bandwagon, it really sucks to have one person constantly hogging all of the glory. Save a little for someone else, dude. He is a great driver, incredible at fuel conservation and obviously has the right stuff, but I dislike him more every week. I hate cheering when someone wrecks, but it's gotten to that point.

Tomorrow, perhaps I'll go on to numbers 6-10.

:: Jenn 12:25 PM [+]


First a Movie Review (I'm typing this again, since my computer screwed up on me, damn it). Saturday night we rented The Hulk and let me just say that the consensus was IT SUCKED. This movie was so boring that as soon as it was over, after struggling through the whole thing to keep my eyes open, I immediately went to bed and fell fast asleep. The story was boring, the characters were unlikeable and annoying, and watching The Hulk jump around tha country smashing things got to be real old. Sorry Mr. Lee, you blew it on this one. The San Diego family says TWO THUMBS DOWN! I give it a 2 and it only gets that because it had great special effects. Even having Sam Elliott in this movie didn't help, because even he was a lame character. Whatever. Don't see it.

On the Audio front, last week I listened to a book that could only be called an "easy read", which translates into a REAL easy listen. I have to thank the friend who loaned it to me, though, as I was out of audiobooks temporarily and the drive to and from home and work is brutal without a story on. So, while Hemlock Bay by Catherine Coulter was by no means any great literary achievement, it filled the void for a while. If you like the "easy-cheesy" variety, this one's not so bad (if you can get past the goofy "supernatural" crap that gets thrown in) and I believe it's one of a series about the FBI dude (Dillon) and his wife (Sherlock), so who knows, maybe I'll listen to others when I need a break from the more thought-provoking. I can't give it high marks, but I'll go average on it with a 5 because it was entertaining enough without being completely stupid. Hey, at least I could FINISH this one. I'm also almost done with the Brethren by Grisham. I'll try to reivew that one tomorrow. The people at Amazon don't seem to like it much, but I'm really enjoying it. I'll be done tonight.

2 ~ The Hulk

5 ~ Hemlock Bay

:: Jenn 9:33 AM [+]

More Bookcrossings

This weekend I mailed a book to my brother. I told him that he had to write me and let me know when he received it, what he thought of it and what he does with it when he is done (I told him he has to pass it on). This way I have a certain way of having one of my Bookcrossings books CAUGHT! haha I'm going to do some more and mark the fronts of the books more clearly, I think. Maybe that will help. Maybe people just threw my other two away! That would totally suck. Oh well, I'll keep trying.

:: Jenn 9:10 AM [+]


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