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:: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 ::

It finally happened

I finally got sick. It took several weeks to catch it from Mr San Diego, but I'm sick and I even stayed home. Of course, my timing always sucks. At work today, they had my surprise bridal shower. I hear it was just wonderful. Wish I could have been there! But I was here to get the mail today and Joyce, wow, that was so thoughtful. THANK YOU!

Today has been bittersweet. ON one hand some really cool things happened on the other hand some crappy things happened. Feels very weird and through my Nyquil haze, somewhat surreal. I'm too wiped out to go into too many details, but I thought I'd drop in here for a second. MOre later.

:: Jenn 5:49 PM [+]

:: Monday, April 26, 2004 ::
No Surprises here...

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You may not know this about me given how I write HERE, but I actually AM a Grammar God(dess) =) I'm anal about it and my staff HATES it, I'm sure.

:: Jenn 4:46 PM [+]

:: Saturday, April 24, 2004 ::

No, not the cheesy ass magazine... just stuff going on.

I went to Mexico yesterday and bought some serapes for my outside curtains on my cantina patio. I also picked up some big ol pots and a cool sun wall hanging. I did NOT find any silver balls. DAMN IT. I went to the grocery store and a bakery/sweet shop, but nothing doing. I gotta call my friend in Minnesota and have her handle it. She said she would, I just need to send her some money to pay for them and shipping, I guess.

Mr. San Diego has been sick for like FOREVER and I'm growing pretty darn tired of it. He was getting better, then after his trip he came back sick again. Must be plane sickness. I want him BETTER already. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I have spent sooooo much money this week between target, Home Expo (Have you been there... OVERWHELMING store!), the Grocery store and then Mexico. Geez... I act like I HAVE money or something.

We started our call outs to those people who have not RSVP'd for the wedding. It was really hard to wait THIS long to start bugging the slackers! haha I cannot believe that it is only 4 weeks away. How bizarre is that? I'm going to be married 4 weeks from now. uh oh... is that panic setting in? haha no.

Oh! At work, for the first time EVER, our employees celebrated Administrative Professionals Day, which means me, my secretary and my assistant. It was VERY nice and it was topped off with the presentation of a tiara to me, which OF COURSE I wore all day. haha I'm trying to figure out if they're trying to tell me something. hahahaha It was fun. I do like my tiara, though. I wore it when I went to bed last night and cracked up Mr San Diego. He's calling me his princess now... not often, though. heh

Today we went to another time share presentation. God, I need to not go to these. It's sooooo tempting when they give you deals! This one was a good one, but we did our time, said no, and got our trip to Disneyland. Of course they make it hard to get the trip, first you mail something off then when you get your stuff back you ahve to call and schedule 60 days in advance. Tricky little bastards, but we're doing this one! HMPH! The last one we did we got a $75 VISA card... that one was cool.

Did two secret shops this weekend, too. Love those restaurant ones! =)

Okay, that's enough STUFF. Gotta go fiend on my computer Scrabble game now. I've turned into a Junkie, but Mr. San Diego likes it because now I bitch less when he is on WinMX. It IS all about me... I can't help it.

:: Jenn 9:43 PM [+]


Does the rest of the Blogger community feel special for gettingo ne of the first GMail accts? I do. heh Dunno what I'll use it for yet, but I have it. Can't have too many email addresses out there, right?

:: Jenn 9:29 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 ::
File Under:
"Have I told you this one already?"

So, many years ago when I had split up with my now ex-husband (then boyfriend, but before we were wed) I was sitting in my mom's kitchen one evening. I was probably drinking some beer. My dad showed up and we started talking. The conversation turned towards music and we were talking about how some song lyrics can really make a difference in your life. He went on to tell me a story about how "the other day" (he) was on a boat and was listening to a walkman. This was weird in itself because he thinks those things are anti-social and my dad is pretty much ANYTHING but anti-social. But there he was relaxing after a dive and listening to some music. He said that a song came on and it was driving him crazy now because he can't remember what it was, but "it was the Eagles or probably Creedence" and this line just jumped out at him and smacked him upside the head and brought tears to his eyes and amazed him with it's simple importance. Of course, i asked it: "what was the lyric". "I can't remember" he says. "That sucks", I say, or something similarly eloquent. I then explain to my daddy that I, too, have a song like that. This is a song that hit me back in high school when I was dumping a loser boyfriend I had and that I had tried all of my life to keep in mind when making those big decisions that affect my life. It was the Eagles, from Already Gone. It goes a little like this: "So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key." My dad actually GASPED and said "That's it! That is exactly what hit me on the boat!"

On one hand, it's pretty amazing, but on the other hand, he's my dad and we're damned close. We have maybe too many similarities, but something I love that I share with my dad is that we get the same sort of emotional value from things like song lyrics and poetry and "coincidences". I'm a lucky girl. And, you guys, read those words again. They're a pretty important and powerful message. Each and every one of us has the power to change our destiny. Don't forget that.

:: Jenn 9:18 PM [+]

:: Monday, April 19, 2004 ::
The Shower

I just want to say that my shower was the most fun party that was ever given for me; better than any birthday party or anything. It was all about me, which of course I loved, but it was more than just that. Everyone just made me feel so good and we all had such a great time. There were so many people there who didn't even know each other except because of me, but everyone still laughed and had fun. It was an amazing day and my mom is an amazing woman who puts on a hell of a party. Thank you mom. I love you!

:: Jenn 5:03 PM [+]

:: Saturday, April 17, 2004 ::

So, here is the craziest thing. Apparently it is illegal for people to buy or sell Dragees in California. What are Dragees? Those are those little silver balls that you decorate Christmas cookies with. Apparently some attorney decided that would be a good fight... to ban dragees in California because the metal content in them COULD be a health risk. Of course he admitted and agreed that he was unaware of anyone ever becoming ill from Dragees. The State Health Dept said that you would have to eat a hell of a lot of dragees to have health problems. Well, maybe they didn't say "hell" but you know. Oh, it is only California where they cannot be bought or sold. All other states have no problem with the little guys.

What do I care? Well, I MUST have these little guys for my wedding cake. I have a vision and it includes dragees. Lucky me, though, Mr San Diego just went to Colorado. Except, it didn't occur to me to send him out to buy them until he was safely tucked away on the airplane on his way home. I am sooooooooooooo brainless! Grrrrrrr So I am going to go to Mexico next Friday for the day, so I'll try to see if they have any at any of those grocery stores, but who knows how those stores will be. I guess it's a good excuse to cruise out to Vegas, right? hahaha I'll figure something out, but how annoying!

:: Jenn 9:37 AM [+]

:: Thursday, April 15, 2004 ::
Jenn = Loser

I can NOT believe that I never even mentioned that my brother is home safe and sound! He got home on Saturday (the 10th). I am extremely happy about this. He made it through the Iraq ordeal safe and sound... whew! Of course I now have acousin over there, but he's in Kuwait, not Iraq and more than likely it will stay that way. He, too, has little ones at home, though.

We are all very excited about my brother being back and VERY excited that he and his family will be here in a month for the wedding. Unfortunately, his boss is making him return more quickly than initially planned due to some changes in job duties that will be taking place right at that time. I'm not happy aobut that. I'm going to get to hang out with him for about 2 days, then he and my parents and his family go to Mexico for some codo/beach time and Mr SD and I head out on our Road Trip across Arizona for our honeymoon. When I get back, my brother will be leaving. I'm crossing my fingers that my sister-in-law will stay behind with the kids at least, but if not, what the heck... it's time for me to take a trip to North Carolina anyway, so I'll just plan to do that this year some time. I got LOTS of SkyMiles so I can fly there for free.

So! That's the brother update. I'm chomping at the bit to see them all... CAN'T WAIT!!!

:: Jenn 8:09 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 ::
Busy Busy

I really want to write more but I'm so busy. Work is really nuts after I was gone for a week. Stressing a bit here. Shouldn't be blogging, but what the hell. I'm going to be staying up in the IE at my mom's for the next three nights. Mr. SD is going to Colorado today for two nights and then Saturday is my wedding shower at my mom's so not going home until Saturday night. Should be fun, though. I have dates set up for tonight and tomorrow night. heh

Try to write some more if I can find the time. Gotta get some work done, though. My TO DO list is now like 3 pages long. Bleh.

:: Jenn 11:14 AM [+]

:: Saturday, April 10, 2004 ::

Insomnia night again. Blah. Of course wasn't really ready for bed. Haven't been on since I've been working my ass off this week. Took a week off with Mr. San Diego to work on our house. My dad came and helped us which was awesome. We got lots done, but still have a long ways to go. How about this... I painted our bedroom Purple! It will be cool when completely decorated. I'm going with this purple and gold india type look. BUT we're sleping in the living room, which means I'm being sort of a bitch by getting online right now while MrSD is sleeping, but I don't care. I've been laying there for 2 hours! Grumpy as hell right now.

NICK: Hey there! I miss you! Are you going out anywhere Wednesday night - A little NTN perhaps? I'm going to be in town for Wed-Sat while Mr SD is in Colorado on business.

JOYCE: Hi! Are you guys going to the concert? Sounds like FUN! My guy is going to be in your neck of the country next week, course it's a big neck. heh

Okay, I'm going to give the bed thing another shot. Boy, I wish I had some nice codeine. heh or sleeping pills! I tried Vicodin one night and that was a HUGE mistake. It kept me up ALL night. I dunno how people get groggy on that stuff, it WIRES me up! Night night... I hope

PS DON'T watch Freddy vs. Jason.... STUPID. AND, Run Lola Run is about WAY overrated. But, I liked Runaway Jury a lot. Of course it had my favorite actor in it, so there ya go.

:: Jenn 11:24 PM [+]

:: Friday, April 02, 2004 ::

Anyone else out there using Netflix? I am only signed up temporarily to get some "free" giftcards, but if I had time to sit around watching movies all the time, I would so give up cable and stick with this. I LOVE it. I also obsess over sitting on Netflix and putting my rating on every movie possible to see what recommendations I get. I like Netflix. Just not enough to spend $20/month on it... yet.

:: Jenn 3:03 PM [+]

:: Thursday, April 01, 2004 ::

So did anyone get caught? I only ALMOST got caught as I was flipping through the radio channels this morning and heard the Howard Stern thing. Of course, it only took a minute to figure out that was a hoax! heh Good one, though.

:: Jenn 4:16 PM [+]

Better Now

Well, apparently it wasn't just ME that was upsetting to my employee, whew. If I could only pick a single employee to stay with me and everyone else had to go, I'd choose this one, so that's why it was so upsetting. She's jut going through a tough time, so we got it all worked out and all is good now. One thing is that I totally admire this lady. She has been thrown curve balls on almost a continuous bases since I have met her (in her personal life) and she meets every ordeal, handles it, and keeps a smile on her face. She's amazing. And, I told her so. It's all good.

:: Jenn 4:15 PM [+]


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