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Taste of San Diego, 9/2006
At the yummalicious Dussini in the Gaslamp.

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:: Monday, May 31, 2004 ::

The Wedding

I'll start with the wedding and I think I'll even put up some pics when I have some available! Our wedding was the best wedding EVER, well, except for a couple of music glitches brought about by my being cheap and us doing it ourselves. But, really, I know everyone says their wedding was the best ever. For us, it was our best day ever, though. It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day. The wedding was at the Bali Hai Restaurant on Shelter Island in San Diego. The setting was a tropical garden improved upon by my mommy who made two beautiful tropical arrangements and decorated our arch with beautiful silk bouganvillea. I think I spelled that wrong. Oh well. Anyway, it was gorgeous. Right on the San Diego bay and the San Diego Skyline in the background. All of the important people in our lives were there. After I decorated my cakes... which came out GORGEOUS by the way, I ran up to get dressed. I put on my gown and took the "getting ready" pictures. Plenty of pics showing the White Doc Martens under my princess dress! Then it was time. It was overwhelming. I went downstairs and I could see Mr. San Diego at the arch waiting for me with his dad by his side... but on the WRONG SIDE! haha I panicked, but his sister said not to worry, she would fix it right up. She left to get them to the right spot and it was time to get started. As the music started for the flower girls and my Maid of Honor, my cousin Amber, I started tearing up. The song was the wedding song by Peter, Paul and Mary. After it had played about a minute, the first flower girl, Mr SD's niece walked down the aisle, followed by Amber, and then my niece. I couldn't see much from where I was standing, but I started tearing up and the man who was helping us out from the restaurant talked me down. heh Then it was time. The "Ahhh-ahhhhh" of Crimson and Clover started. Apparently at that moment, Mr. San Diego said, "Is that the right music?" haha That was a little surprise I had for him, since Crimson and Clover is "our song". I walked out and met my dad at the end of the aisle. He walked me to Mr. San Diego, shook hands with him and I took Mr. SD's hand. The music abruptly stopped (not planned). My brother then welcomed everyone and introduced my friends from Honeyslide who kindly learned to sing "I Could Not Ask For More" by Sara Evans and did a fab job starting off the ceremony for us. After my brother made jokes about how easy marriage should be being married to ME, we exchanged vows and rings. I think, for me, my favorite and most moving moment was when Mr San Diego almost cried while sharing his own words of love to me in fornt of everyone. It was a side I never saw of him before and forever changed us. After the ceremony, a friend asked me if I felt different and I said "no". But, everything was just happening so fast and so much was going on that nothing really sank in right then. Do I feel different? Hell yes. Something about standing up in front of our families and our friends and telling each other and them how much we love each other has changed us forever. I'm not the easiest person in the world to live with as anyone in my family will readily tell you, but, at least right now, those little things that two weeks ago may have made me turn into the Hulk have less importance now and I value "US" more than I think I ever have before. I really truly cannot explain it in words except to say that I am changed by this experience and our relationship is better... not just better, but amazingly better just because of this one amazing day.

Okay, I'll stop blithering about my happiness, but I don't want to leave out the FUNNIEST moment of the day, which I missed most of since my back was turned. Apparently there were a LOT of single women who wanted my bouquet, because when it was tossed, it was torn into many pieces and flowers flew EVERWHERE while the women fought over it. I can't WAIT to see the video... what a crack up!

I'll be back with the Honeymoon as soon as I can... tomorrow it's back to work, the real world, and the real task of moving my office again! Bleh!

:: Jenn 9:25 PM [+]

:: Sunday, May 30, 2004 ::
I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Just got home from the "Honeymoon" and it was WONDERFUL. The wedding was beautiful and the best day of my life. We are happy and sunburned, Jimmie won the race today (which I missed), and I will try to get on here tomorrow to write all about the best damned wedding that there ever was followed by a fab honeymoon =)

:: Jenn 10:25 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 ::
Almost Here

I guess you can tell I've been pretty busy. As you know, this wedding crap takes a lot of time and work has continued to be a bear. Today is my last day at work and I'm taking a quick break to stop in here and write. This past weekend we went to Vegas for the Bachelor & Bachelorette parties. We all had a blast and the wedding is still on! haha

So, a week from now, I'll be married. How about that. =)

We'll then be off on the honeymoon so I promise to come back and write about everything once it's all over!

:: Jenn 4:48 PM [+]


Wow, I totally did NOT know that her Birthday was the same as mine! Glad you had fun. Concerts are so much fun. I wish they weren't getting so expensive. My last concert wasn't really even real... haha I saw Prince on a simulcast at the local Edwards theatre during his kick off concert last month. It was actually awesome, but, well... you know, it wasn't REALLY real.

:: Jenn 4:45 PM [+]

:: Sunday, May 09, 2004 ::

Again, here I am not posting. It's been so crazy lately that I haven't had time to post or breathe, for that matter! Work is insane. I've missed too much work and have only about 6 full work days left before I'm off for the wedding and honeymoon and I'm in the process of scheduling and organizing the moving of our office, which will take place 3 days after I return from the Honeymoon! I'm so frazzled I can't even explain it. Home is much the same. I brought home some work to do and was so busy aroudn the house all weekend that I never even had time to do it! SO much for that clever idea.

One thing that has me breathing easier is that my assistant at work, who I think I may have written about doing so poorly a couple of months ago has done a 360 on me and is an absolute godsend. I don't know what I would do if she wasn't kicking butt as good as she is. In fact, I'm stopping on the way to work tomorrow and buying her some flowers to tell her thanks for all of her hard work. I cna't even express how much she has done for me lately. THANK GOODNESS!!!

SO, about this shower at work that I missed... I am FLOORED. Even though I missed this INCREDIBLE party they planned for me, the gifts have continued to roll in and all of these people at work who I figured tolerated me because they had to, really overwhelmed me. This weekend, Mr. San Diego and I had to go back to Target and re-register because the folks at work bought me so many gifts that there wasn't much left on the regsitry for those people who are invited to the wedding! I guess that because of my position at work and having to be the "bad guy" due to that position, that people really just don't like me, but it has amazed me how many people have recently told me how they know that you have to seperate the Jennifer, your friend, from the Jennifer, who has to do her job. It's really moving to me that there are people who understand that and respect me for both roles that I have to play. I think that this outpouring of not just gifts, but of thoughts and well wishes has been an amazing rush for me and has helped boost my spirits during a really stressful time. I know I know... I should be ecstatic.. afterall in two weeks, I'll be a married woman, but it's just that there is so much going on and so much expected of me and so much MORE TO DO before the wedding, that I'm wound tighter than a watch right now. Tomorrow when I pass out my thank you cards, I'm going to also pass out a little note to everyone letting them know how much I appreciate what they've all done and how it's been that little piece that's kept me going.

Okay, enough blithering... That damned Amber and Rob made it tot he final two... SHIT! Sucks ass. HAHA how's that for a change of conversation hahaha And WHEN THE HELL will people realize that this is a freaking game and not a prayer circle?!?! Geez... whiners, STOP IT! But, the Survivor has come to an end, officially... I'm off to bed.

Good Night John Boy.

:: Jenn 10:43 PM [+]


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