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Taste of San Diego, 9/2006
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:: Sunday, October 31, 2004 ::

If you wanna se our cool Halloween pic... welpers, here it is! It was somewhat disarming to see Mr. San Diego looking like my high school boyfriend! YIKES! He made a pretty believable 80s rockstar!

:: Jenn 8:25 PM [+]

:: Friday, October 29, 2004 ::
Bizarre Jeopardy Crap

Okay, you know I'm a jeopardy junkie and all, but THIS is so weird and annoying to me that I have to share. I, as you may know, live in San Diego, but I work in San Bernardino (the IE) and once per week I stay at my mommy's house not so far from where I work. The LA television station that plays Jeopardy is a day behind! LOSERS! This means that When I am at my mom's, I'm watching an episode of Jeopardy that I already saw at home the night before. Now, the upside here is that I can amaze and astound all my northern friends, but it SUCKS, because I end up missing Jeopardy when I stay at my mom's! AND, I'm thinking about you folks (this would be you, Madonna) who are stuck with LA feeds who have no clue that we are already past where you are. In essence, When Ken loses, I will know 24 hours (well, 23.5 hours - Jeopardy is on at 7:30 in San Diego, 7 in LA) before YOU do! How about that!?! Providing it happens while I'm at HOME, of course. Anyway, I think that is weird. We should start a revolt or something. This is annoying.

Too bad Jeopardy won't be on TOMORROW, I'll be up here in the IE at a Halloween party and I could use it as a neat party trick! Oh, except I'm going to a play tonight so will be missing Jeopardy anyway... oh well.

Who Cares.

:: Jenn 8:02 AM [+]

:: Thursday, October 28, 2004 ::
Dream a Little Dream

So, have you ever had a hot, juicy dream about someone you are friends with??? WEIRD! This morning I did just that. I think it was spurred by a conversation I had with a friend yesterday about a guy she is flirting with at work. She is totally happily married and loves her husband, but this guy at work has been flattering her and flirting with her and she is enjoying the attention and confessed that she has a little crush on him. We discussed it and decided that since he really isn't physically attractive to her, it was more likely that she was responding to the attention by feeling flirtatious and "giddy" herself. I explained to her that I have had that happen before where I would get a little crush on someone unlikely just because they were there, basically. I gave her an example of someone I once would be sort of flirty with, but did so knowing that nothing would ever happen, it was just "crush-y". Anyway, I ended up DREAMING about the person I was telling her about. That was weird, because it seems so UNLIKELY, especially now that I'm happily married and all, but man, this was one hot make out in bed, groping each other kind of dream. Of course, then in the middle of the good stuff, we both started laughing and said "bad idea". Then we played video games. That's the stuff of dreams, though, right?

But then a little part of me thinks... hm.

:: Jenn 2:01 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 ::

Work work work... busy busy busy... That is how my days have been. I'm heading over to see my mommy tonight. Which may be good if the torrential rains return. I had to drive to work in the downpour and of course, *I* was an excellent and safe driver, but spent much of the time cursing the asshole behind me who felt the need to tailgate me in the rain. Loser. I need new tires. I guess I better get them now while I can half ass afford them or at least while I get double miles on my AmEx this month.. haha

I've been alternately reading and listening to the "number" books by Janet Evanovich. The most recent being High Five, which I read on the plane on the way home from North Carolina. They're a bit cheesy, but easy to read and fun and this one absolutely cracked me up. I was fully laughing out loud on many occasions. The premise of these books is that Stephanie Plum, a New Jersey 'burg chick has become a bounty hunter. She doesn't really like carrying a loaded gun, and she gets her cars blown up a lot, she has a NUTTY grandma and ends up with an entourage of freaks in every book, but she usually gets her man. A lot of nutty things happen and they're just funny. The last one, Four to Score, had sort of a lot of sex on it, which was enjoyable in some ways, but I think I like 'em better with a little less of the "hot stuff". haha Anyway, fun read if you like that sort of thing... a little more on the whacky side than the alphabet stories by Grafton.

Okay, I think I'm going to pack it up and get on the road. I'm a little snoozy and ready to head home. I hope mommy makes me dinner! haha

:: Jenn 5:02 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 ::

One Week until the election and I am soooo not ready. I usually am so good, but it seems like ever since I moved down south I just don't have the time to put into research and reading about politics. I gotta stop that! Right now all I know to vote for is: NO on all bonds, Keep the dump, and tax the Indians. hahaha

I'm back at work. BOO HOO.

Doesn't take long for a headache to come on!

:: Jenn 9:58 AM [+]

:: Monday, October 25, 2004 ::
I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Wow, we had a great vacation. It was short, but good. It was great seeing my brother and his family and Mr. San Diego did great spending four WHOLE days with little kids! haha My niece LOVES her "Uncle (Mr. San Diego)", especially since he picks her up when she asks him. heh Here are pictures of my babies, the lights of my life!

The first day we were there we went miniature golfing. My nephew is currently addicted to miniature golfing. Except, he thinks whoever gets done first wins... haha Guess who "wins"! The next day we hit the 82nd Airborne Museum in Fayetteville. In town, this time, not on base, since I had already been to the one at Fort Bragg. Of course we fit in PLENTY of toy shopping!

On Friday we headed for Charlotte and visited the Hendricks Motorsports Complex, including the museum, the store, and the buildings where the drivers' cars are built/worked on. It was pretty neato skeeto. My nephew enjoyed that, surprisingly, but my niece couldn't figure out why we had to look at race cars. She's four.

On Saturday we headed off to Carowinds, the Paramount Amusement Park that is located half in North Carolina and half in South Carolina. They have some GREAT coasters there, inlcuding this new Borg ride that basically has you laying FACE down throughout mose of the ride! WOW! I ended up getting queasy though, so I got to spend lots of quality time with my niece and nephew while their dad and mom went on rides with Mr. San Diego. That was great... I loved having the time with them. They are soooo fun. I wish I could afford to buy them EVERYTHING they want!!! Here is me and Mr. San Diego at the park:

Alas, we had to come home, but man did I love sleeping in my bed last night! The joy! We caught a little of the race yesterday and in case anyone missed it, Jimmie won his second race in a row! YEA! Except that even though he's moved back up to 4th in points, there is pretty much no way he can win the cup. Ah well, next year.

Condolences to the family members of the Hendricks' who died in the airplane crash on Sunday. It seemed so weird that it happened right after we visited the complex. There was a little part of me that felt relieved that mathematically, it was unlikely that my plan would crash, though. Is that evil? I hate flying and it pretty much scares the hell out of me, but it's a necessary evil to get where you wanna go.

Alright, off to fold clothes and make dinner before my guy gets home from work. Tomorrow, I get to go back to my lovely place of employment. Yea?

Oh, and yes, I finally put up the September pictures... I know, it's almost time to load up October! I'm a loser, what can I say? Better late than never!

:: Jenn 6:06 PM [+]

:: Saturday, October 16, 2004 ::
Ok, I lied

I still havne't had time to blog and right now the Race is on so this isn't it either... AND, we're leaving on vacation on Tuesday, so I'm just hoping to have time to write before we leave for North Carolina. Yup, visiting my baby bro and family... ALSO, we're going to try to make it to the Hendricks Complex/Museum in Charlotte while we're there... how cool is that? YEA! (That's a Nascar/Jimmie Johnson thing, for those not in the know. hee hee) Okay, gotta get back to the tube.

:: Jenn 6:28 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, October 13, 2004 ::
Look Down There

Down at the bottom of the post... yeah, the time. See that? I'm just now getting ready to leave work. uh huh... it's been that kind of day...no, week!

I wanna blog, really I do. I just am BUSY! Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll delegate better and make some time for my little Boggle. Really.


:: Jenn 6:18 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, October 12, 2004 ::
SO much to say, so little time

It's been a long time since I posted and I have lots ot catch up on, but I am pretty busy at work today and feeling frustrated. One hopes that after a LONG weekend of relaxing, one can return to work refreshed and without stress. One would be wrong.

Meant to have the September pics up after yesterday, but I blew it and wasted my time on Spider SOlitaire instead of pictures. Bad Me.

Last week was the Hot Wheels Convention. I got in lots of relaxing and read a book and slept in late a lot.

Now I'm back in the real world. Here come the headaches.

:: Jenn 9:05 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 ::
To Travel or Not To Travel

I priced an itinerary to Amsterdam & Brussels for 8 nights and figured with adding in food and touring, we're looking at about $3000. I don't think $3k is all that much when it comes to vacationing. I'm a big proponent of vacations, you know. However, it's been a tough year. We're struggling some and even though we should get a hefty tax return, our house has some serious needs. I'mloathe to spend a lot on travel and not take care of some of the problems at the house. With that money, I'd have half the money needed to remodel my bathroom properly and that is something that can't wait much longer (mold)! So, maybe it's better to put it off another year and take another road trip. Maybe head up to Northern California and visit some Cali National Parks. There are bunches calling my name! I'll never skip traveling altogether, but I guess I have to learn to scale down just a little for a couple of years. No problem. My jet set lifestyle can be curbed a bit to make room for a husband and a home... a bit, not entirely. And, I have to admit that traveling with someone you love is even more rewarding than hitting the road on my own, so I smell compromise in the air.

:: Jenn 2:50 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 ::
Collect-y Stuff & More

You might remember that I have mentioned a time or two that I no longer "collect" anything, because people tend to buy a bunch of Pic-N-Save crap for you if they think you collet something. Not that I haven't made Pic-N-Save purcahses, but there is crap and then there's CRAP. Anyway, somehow my Mother-in-Law has come to the conclusin that I collect Chili Pepper stuff. I do not, nor have I ever considered collecting Chili Pepper things and while I FULLY intend to have a Red Kitchen one of these days, I didn't plan on making it a Chili Pepper decor. I do have a patio that is decorated like a Mexican Cantina and I have a little Chili Pepper garland that was given to me as a gift hanging above my sliding glass door. I believe that my Mother-in-Law noted the gift of the garland along with a couple of Chili Pepper dish towels given to me at my shower and decided I must like them. Whew. The whole point of this was to tell you why I'm showing you a picture of my dining room table. She made me some table cloths for a birthday gift, along with placemats and gave me some little red glass chili peppers. The table cloths are peppers on one side and a cute "salsa/hot sauce" theme on the other, so I went ahead and did up my table with them as a change from my usual floral/formal table. My Sister-in-Law also gave me the little flower arrangement for my birthday to go on my patio, but I went ahead and did the mexico theme on my table. I like changing up my table every once in a while. So, here's your glance into my dining room:

Oh, and speaking of collections... this week is the Hot Wheels convention, so I'll be heading out to Irvine on Thursday for a couple days of hanging out in a hotel room with my door open, selling Hot Wheels... This is the only real activity at a Hot Wheels convention. The rest of it is mostly lame. I'm looking forward to sitting around READING for a couple of days! YEA!

:: Jenn 10:00 AM [+]

:: Monday, October 04, 2004 ::
Jeopardy (je-per-dE)
Risk of loss or injury; peril or danger.

I know I am one of many, these days, who are obsessed with Jeopardy. However, my obsession began long before the phenom, we call Ken Jennings. I've been watching for a long time and love it for the cahllenge. I consider heading down to Culver City to take the test, but I fear that it will consist of Opera and dates of historical happenings, thus ending my chance to go head to head with Mr. Jennings. If the test could consist of 80's lyrics, Dean Koontz novels, Southern California Geography, US National Parks & Monuments, Movie Stars, and internet time wasting, I could probably ace it. But, we know... it won't be like that! Of course, I could still TRY. But... What if I succeeded and then there I was on national Television and ending the night with -$1200??? The humiliation! That would be worse than not passing the test. I wouldn't be able to hold me head up. I'd have to move to Minnesota and it's COLD THERE!

Naw, I'll enjoy the show from the comfort of my couch and while I jumped onto the Ken Jennings bandwagon, I have tired of him. It's time to move forward and I cheer on the contenders hoping someone can kick his "Software Engineer from Salt Lake City, Utah" butt. WOOT!

:: Jenn 9:10 AM [+]

:: Friday, October 01, 2004 ::
Mmmmmmmmm, Jenn Night

I got out of work a little late last night and for a change Mr. San Diego got out ON TIME. SO he arrived home wellin advance of me. AND... cooked dinner for me. Nope, not even the starch fest he made for me last year, this was a real dinner, BBQ'd steak and Carribbean Rice. It was DELICIOUS. I was proud of him and wow, how nice to come home to a cold beer and freshly home cooked dinner.

:: Jenn 10:49 AM [+]

A Funny Story

Long, long ago... 2002 it was, I told you the story of 'B', my ex-boyfriend, now female. Before all the drama that occurred there, we had us some times. I was just looking at my stats, which I rarely do these days, but was in the mood to see what searchers had been by. There was a search for couple swap. It made me remember this story and laugh.

I met 'B' online. Not on the internet, because few of us were really doing the REAL internet back then, but on a local chat BBS... remember BBSes? heh So, we would chat online and then eventually, I met him at a party. We met a lot of others via that whoe BBS world we were living in, too. In fact, we used to have weekly "fests" and monthly parties. It was great fun. Via those parties, I actually met Mr. San Diego... waaaaaaaaaaaay back when.

I met one lovely couple who I later found were swingers, sort of. 'B' had talked to them as well. Once 'B' and I became a couple, we were invited by the "sort of" swingers to join them at a local Swingers Club. I was fascinated. Who wouldn't be? I never even KNEW about Swingers clubs! I had been a little on the sheltered side for such a troublemaker in high school! We decided to give it a shot - not to swing, mind you, just to check it out.

First, let me explaint he "sort of". Apparently there was a time when they had done the swinging thing and enjoyed it, but now they actually worked as greeters and memeber services for the club, so while they spent their Saturday nights at the club, they did not take part in the antics that were going on.

We arrived at the club early, surprised that we had driven past the big old house so many times, never knowing it's true function, and visited with our friends at the check-in desk. Being special friends of theirs we got to come in for free. Apparently, there is usually a guest charge, if you haven't already become a member. They showed us around and WOW! It was a trip! There was one big room called "The Party Room" that had one big bed in the middle with curtains draped around it and all around the sides were these little cubicle/bunk beds that you could crawl into the bottom one and be mostly enclosed or you could climb a ladder to the top one. We tripped out on that room! We also visited the jacuzzi and then we went to the main "bar" room. IN that room they had a stage where people could dance or perform and they had a lot of tables to sit and bar where you could bring your liquor to have them serve you. They did not provide liquor, but kept yours cold for you and served you when you requested. There were also patios to relax outside on. We spent some time drinking in the bar and chatting with some people. We both met another couple and chatted with them for awhile. Later when walking around and gawking at all of the naked people we walked back into the party room. As we were looking around at all of the people in various stages of sex, we heard our names hissed and looked up to see the couple we had talked to earlier up in a top "bunk" with some other people. They waved us over and we looked at each other, eyes wide, turned around and almost RAN out of there. We stopped to say goodbye to our friends, and headed out the door.

We were fascinated and interested, but had never even discussed the possibility of joining in, so we both sort of freaked when invited. It was a riot and we laughed about it all the way home.

A long time later, we discovered that a porno had been made there and we taped it from some cable channel to check it out. I think I still have it somewhere! I wish I could remember the name of the movie. Anyway, if you have an interest in the swing club (it's in San Bernardino), what it looked like, etc, they have a website, but I won't put it here... I'd be happy to email the name to you if you ask.

I have led something of an interesting life, I guess.

:: Jenn 10:05 AM [+]


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