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:: Wednesday, December 29, 2004 ::

Yeah, I'm spoiled... what of it?

I, no WE were so spoiled by everyone this Christmas! It was amazing. Here's a little sampling of my loot:

From Mr. San Diego: A massagy thingy to go on my car seat for my long ride, books (The Dirt, Offbeat Museums, etc), dvds (Rounders, Dodgeball), and Camaros (Hot Wheels)

My mommy: books, this way cool silver table runner that I REALLY wanted, little pen games, etc.

My daddy: an 18 volt Black and Decker 5 piece tool set (saws, drill, light, vacuum...)

The inlaws: a sweatshirt, a steamer, linens, dishes, snacks, etc, gift cards.

My brother & family: games! (there is this cool new Scrabble called SUPER SCRABBLE and it has more spaces-including quadruple letter and word spaces-and double the pieces!) and Sex in the City Season 5

Friends: More games! More books! More ornaments! SATC Season 1, a table, snacks, a cookie jar, etc!

See, this was just a tiny little piece of my Christams. It was good. I feel spoiled. Of course, we also spoiled everyone else this year, too! =) This was definitely one of my best Christmases EVER - and I only got ONE duplicate item! Very nice, except that I had no leftovers to eat since we went to everyone else's house. DARN IT! haha

:: Jenn 11:45 AM [+]

Post #1112

and one last thing... okay, likely not LAST, but...

Example 6: If you borrow cassettes from the library, whether as part of an audiobook or a music casette, or hell, a VHS casette at the damned local Blockbuster, WIND IT BACK TO THE BEGINNING!!! That annoys the hell out of me to have to wind a tape before I can start listening to it. Have some courtesy, people!

:: Jenn 11:36 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 ::

What's up with rude people, anyway? I just don't get why people have to be assholes.

Example 1: People who decide they are too good to wait in the line of cars to get onto the next freeway at a busy junction. They just drive up to the front of the line and cut in so that those of us in line have even longer to wait... in fact, they are mostly the cause of the line in the first place!

Example 2: People who don't want to let you merge in when you are getting on the freeway. Particularly in very slow or stopped traffic, PEOPLE ARE GETTING ON THE FREAKING FREEWAY, WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE THEM TO GO?!?! Duh, it's very simple, you take turns: you let someone in, the guy behind you lets someone in, and so on... it's not that freaking hard. Just do it and do it with a damn smile on your face!

Example 3: If there's a banker's line, don't go around to the other sid of the cash register and start your own line. And, if you're the cashier, don't you take that person before me, asshole. Are you stupid?!?!

Example 4: If you sign up for a party where you are being counted to determine the amount of food to order and the cost per person, don't you back out AFTER everyone has been told how much they need to pony up. That just means that the organizer (ME), who is already using their own money for drinks, etc, has to cover the cost of each person who backs out(4x7=$28 freaking dollars, damn it!). That's just rude!

Example 5: If you want to talk to someone on the telephone and they don't answer, leave a damned message and wait for them to return the call. DOn't keep calling and calling and calling when they are trying to get some desperately needed SLEEP! Geez.

Alright, I'll stop whining for the moment. Briefly.

:: Jenn 2:31 PM [+]

:: Friday, December 24, 2004 ::

I finally made home made marshamallows! YEA ME! I'm so proud. They aren't exactly PRETTY, but they taste good, but sweeter, I think. I have several recipes, this was the first, I will try the others, too. I also dipped half of them in dark chocolate and half of those, I rolled in coconut. We'll see how those taste later when the chocolate is all set.

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas, have a great weekend.


:: Jenn 11:01 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 ::
People are Strange

Not necessarily a bad thing, but weird. See, this week I got a lesson in giving. People who are not willing to help out someone they know or participate in a party or gift for someone who they work with are totally ready, willing, and able to give to total strangers. Huh.

There really isn't all that much altruistic about giving to others. We all have expectations and for some, I guess they just want to be known as someone who gives. Maybe that's why I gave? More likely my reason was to clear some of the damned toys out of my house, though! haha Some of you might know that my husband is a toy collector and has long ago crossed that fine line between hobby and mental illness. Therefore, my home is a monument to the TOY. Any time we can get rid of some, by golly, we're doing it!

My office adopted two families who live together to provide some holiday cheer and we collected a large amount of food as well as a ton of gifts for the 12 children of the two families. It's awesome. It feels great to help someone out and, of course, I'm hoping that it might even be inspiring to the families to do for others when they get on their feet. And, yeah, 12+ toys are now out of my house. YEA!

The next thing is heading out to hand out gift cards to the homeless... THIS should be interesting! Here we go!

:: Jenn 10:35 AM [+]

:: Monday, December 20, 2004 ::
Holiday Cheer

How can one not love the holiday season? It's chilly (um, except in So Cal), there are twinkly lighs everywhere, people hum holiday songs, gifts and cards keep showing up and everywhere I go people are in a festive and, yes, even kind mood! All of a sudden people have been friendly (mind you, I'm NOT talking freeways, here!). It's weird, but nice. Am I still in California? I dunno! I'm just going to enjoy it.

My mommy came over on Thursday night and stayed over. She wanted to see my Christmas tree! I don't blame her... it's PURTY. heh That was cool, though. We're just trying to get ready for next weekend and we ALMOST have all of our shopping done. I'm just waiting for my Amazon orders to arrive and we still need to get Mr. SD's Stepdad something. Otherwise, we're good!

Well, except how my McDonalds cup keeps sticking to the napkin it's sitting on... that is really annoying me. Oh, and then Mr. SD & I had a big fight this weekend and I was my usual wicked self, so I feel bad now about hurting his feelings... although everything I said was true, so I guess it's better to get it all out, huh?

I'm still job hunting. Hard to find the ONE, though. I do have an interview on the 30th. Might be a possibility... office manager for a non-profit corp... I'm really starting to think I want to go into Project Management/Coordination, though. I'd love to do that and I'm pretty good at it. I just don't have a lot of expreience in the different industries that are LOOKING for PMs. That is a problem. So, I keep my eyes out and look for opportunities to pounce on. I think part of the problem here is that I want a LOT of money AND I want to work in the city I live in or DAMN close, so my options are limited. But, I check out what's out there everyday. OH! Pet peeve time - Please at least give a salary RANGE. You want to know how much I WANT on my resume, tell me how much you want to PAY in your ad! I feel like I waste so much time applying for jobs that I find out later are paying way too little or I never hear back from them and is it because I am asking for too much money or did they not like my resume? I'll never know... well, some I am planning to follow up on, but it's just annoying and a time waster. Gimme a range!

But, this may all be moot... maybe my boss will be getting a new job this year and I'll stick around a little longer. Maybe. But, even then, I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for the REALLY GOOD JOB next door to my house. Never hurts to keep my options open, right!?!

I have more to say, but if I don't say it all now, maybe I'll be inspired to come back tomorrow... let's see if it works.

:: Jenn 1:58 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, December 15, 2004 ::
Man, I suck

I can't believe how rarely I'm blogging. I dunno why. Just not into it right now. I can't even blame it on being busy because mostly I don't do much while I'm at work these days. I'm a loser. Sorry.

I DO have Motley Crue Tickets, though! YEA ME! I'm so happy they are back together and can't wait to see them. Wish I could have been at the Palladium show, but didn't even know about it until the next day. I suck again!

Here's an audiobook review. The Glorious Appearing. Anyone reading these Left Behind books? I actually enjoyed them, but couldn't figure out why the book before this one didn't just finish it up. After listening to the Glorious Appearing, I still wonder that. OH MY GOD... it DRAGGED and, please, if I wanted to be sermonized to, I'd go to church! SHEESH. My LEAST fave of the series... I fast forwarded through lots of it and actually cheered when it was finally over. A few things didn't sit well with me. How many people out there picture Heaven as having Cell Phones? Yeah? Me Neither. Okay, okay... it's earth, but after Jesus comes, and the earthquake knocks out pretty much everything, why are there still cell phones!?!?! That was just weird. Regardless. The books were pretty easy reads (except the last couple, which ecame excruciating), cheesy writing, and a stolen story, but what the hey... I feel edumacated now. But, unless you enjoy scripture, I do not recommend listening to this audiobook. PERIOD.

I'm still job hunting. Looking for the perfect job. I say that, but no one has really called on my apps, except Apple One, which is an agency. Blah... they don't have anything that pays enough, either. So, whatever. I guess I just need too much money and as usual, have unrealistic expectations. What's so wrong with wanting to make 50 grand and be able to walk to work? huh? Oh yeah, and five weeks vacation, unlimited sick time and 25 paid holidays a year... that's all I need. Well, and maybe this thermos... or that remote control! But, that's all I NEED!

:: Jenn 4:46 PM [+]

:: Monday, December 06, 2004 ::
Gettin' in the Spirit

My Christmas tree is sooooooooooo gorgeous. Now if only it smelled good like a real one. *sigh* I gotta admit, it's nice to have the convenience of a fake tree, but I feel like a sellout. Regardless, my tree is BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL.

:: Jenn 6:58 PM [+]

:: Thursday, December 02, 2004 ::


I just finished listening to Darkly Dreaming Dexter. I was really excited about this one... sounded like an interesting plot. Police Blood Spatter Expert was actually a serial killer who only knocked off bad guys. Sounds cool so far. Great story idea! Too bad the writer doesn't know how to write. I realize that I am not a novelist, so who am I to judge, but I'm a reader and that qualifies me. The character development was non-existent and the writing was remedial and for some reason, he likes alliteration, which can be cool in moderation, but PLEASE! Anyway, obviously this one was a disappointment. It's getting a 3. I wish someone like Lawrence Block could have written it!

Speaking of Lawrence Block, just before DDD, I listened to Small Twon by Mr. Block and the contrast between the two could not be further apart. Small Town was AMAZING. I highly recommend this book. It is very long and very intense, but it's very good. IN reading reviews of it, a lot of people seemed upset by the explicit sex that was a part of the development of some of the characters, but this book was about the characters and each was develped into a round, whole human being. The story was about how even in New York, it's a "small world". A man in pain becomes a killer, a man is accused of a crime he doesn't remember committing, people die, a woman finds her life through sex, a powerful man searches for purpose, and there are more - and they all cross each others paths and affect each other's lives and information is conveyed from one to another leading to the end. It's good. I'm telling you. Read it. I'm going 10 on this one!


National Treasure was GREAT! We loved it. Okay, true, it's a "mainstream" Disney flick, but hey, it has Nick in it and it was fun - Just the right amount of adventure, excitement, romance, laughs, etc... and a great cast! I give it an 8.5.

Can't say the same for Ray. Mr. San Diego loved it, but I did not. I won't say that the movie wasn't well done - it was. The acting was TERRIFIC. However, not knowing much about Ray Charles prior to seeing it, I left the theatre pretty much thinking that he was just this nasty junkie who cheated on his wife all the time. So, he cleaned up... okay. Great. Did he stop cheating on his wife, too? I dunno, it just left a nasty taste in my mouth, so while others were crying (???) as they left he theatre, I was just sort of wondering why everyone thought so highly of this guy? Oh, did I mention it could have used a little more editing? Waaaay too long. This one gets a 4.

Th Incredibles was also great! Mr. San Diego said there weren't enough laughs, but I disagree, besides it wasn't JUST a comedy! You have to understand that I don't much care for animated movies... rarely do I even watch them, so if I say it's good, it's good! It was a fun movie and good for the whole family. It gets a 7.

Last and least is The Grudge. I think I am saying it all when I say I'm giving this movie a ZERO (0). It absolutely sucked and if we had PAID for it, we would have asked for our money back. I admit that there were parts that were "scary" or made me jump or cover my ears, but so what!?! The story sucked, the acting wasn't good and it was a total waste of time. DON'T DO IT!

:: Jenn 10:16 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 ::

Apparently there is a cookie thing going on with my work computer... they recently upgraded security on our computers and pretty much it has fucked up everything. But when I changed the security setting I could see my site. Bizarre.

:: Jenn 2:26 PM [+]


Well, I wonder if anyone can read this. I can't seem to access my blog. How weird. Anyway, I know I have been sucking and not writing, but I've been really crabby and unahppy lately and just don't feel like writing. I don't feel like doing much except job hunting. Hard to find a job that pays enough, though. Bleh.

I'm PO'd about this freaking Jeopardy crap. I watch the show religiously and yesterday they play it at a "special" early time and it is the night KJ loses, which sucks ass, because even if I watch it now, I already know he loses which spoils it all. It just pisses me off. And, I know that my mom's feed has been a day behind the whole time, but I am pretty sure that they matched it up so that it played at her place last night the same as mine, so I can't even catch it here a day later. It's just annoying. Oh well, it's just tv, right?

Anyway... I'll try to drop in once in a while, if I can ever SEE my blog, myself and write more. It's just a weird, busy time. Ya know?

:: Jenn 2:26 PM [+]


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