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:: Thursday, March 31, 2005 ::

What's a Tajar?

Interestingly enough... what with my current fond camp memories, another one popped up last night! I was spending my usual Wednesday night at mommy's house and she brought out a book of mine that she had found with her "stuff". The book? Tajar Tales. "The whimsical Tajar is "something like a tiger, something like a jaguar, and something like a badger." He loves to dance in the moonlight, but must not be seen by the campers, because "if you see him once, you would forget what he looked like, but if you should see him twice you would forget to forget what he looked like and that would be quite fatal." This book was something I actually found at the LA County Fair along with my PLUSH Tajar Doll!

(Ugly thing!)
and is stories of the fabled Tajar of camp lore. The song for Tajar? Well, it was based on the song Grey Squirrel which went like this:

Grey Squirrel

Grey squirrel, (one paw comes up--put arm with floppy hand in front) grey squirrel, (next paw comes up) swish your bushy tail. (Wigglage of Buttage)

Grey squirrel, (one paw comes up--put arm with floppy hand in front) grey squirrel, (next paw comes up) swish your bushy tail. (Wigglage of Buttage)

Wrinkle up your funny nose, (wrinkle your nose with your finger) put a nut between your toes. (bend down and touch the ground between your toes)

Grey squirrel, (one paw comes up--put arm with floppy hand in front) grey squirrel, (next paw comes up) swish your bushy tail. (Wigglage of Buttage!)

So, in the Tajar song, you just substitute Tajar for Grey Squirrel and substitute "cut-off tail" for "bushy tail". Are you gettin' in the spirit yet? No? Well, I got a million of 'em...

:: Jenn 2:54 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 ::
Music, Ale, & Faire?

Here's a song I found on the Campfire Song website (of course, edited to my memory).

The Song That Never Ends

This is the song that never ends,
It just goes on and on my friends,
Someone started singing, not knowing what it was
And they’ll just keep singing it because,
This is the song that never ends....
(repeat, and repeat, and repeat...)

The thing is that I never sang that song at camp. No, I learned it at Faire (Renaissance Faire to you uninformed)! This is the song that we would sing while waiting in long lines at the ale stand! Some days the lines could be damned long! Anyway, it's a great song to sing. I wonder how many times I could have sung it the day I spent 6 hours in line at Magic Mountain to ride 'X'.

Anyway, back to FAIRE. This year the Ren Faire has been moved to the toolies...well, it's the toolies to ME. Apparently the old location was rubbing some COunty honchos the wrong way so they used a loophole to void the contract with the Faire folks. The area will lose a TON of revenue, but whatever - like I care about revenues for local vendors? NOT. What I care about is adding another 30-45 minutes onto my drive! PHOOEY! The location actually looks cool, it's at the Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale - right near the Miller Brewery, how fitting!

After tying one on on Saturday, though, I don't know if I'm going to be drinking any time soon... Okay, you're right, that's a damned lie. But, the weird thing is that I've had some bizarre tastebud shift and I don't care for ales anymore. I used to almost exclusively drink ales, but now all I want are pilsners. I drink St.Pauli Girl almost always, with the occasional Heineken thrown in. But, I don't understand what happened to me. It's very strange. Maybe it's a phase or maybe my tastes changed, but it's sort of a bummer.

Okay... enough blithering for the moment. Off with you. Eat, Drynk and Merry Be!

:: Jenn 12:36 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 ::
Sing... Sing a Song...

So, here's the thing. I found this extremely cool website that has a TON of Campfire song lyrics on it. See, this is cool because I am a CAMP ADDICT. Okay, it's true, it has been many years since I spend a week every summer at Summer Camp, but those were some of the best weeks of my life and when I was young, I had my whole life planned out around summer camp. Once, I was old enough, I was going to be come an assistant counselor, then a counselor, then a program assistant. Once I had lots of time in, I was going to be camp director and then, for my finale, I was going to buy my own Camp, design it, plan the activities and open it for the summer.

Yeah, obviously NONE of that happened, but it was a nice dream.

However, this has not stopped my love of all things Summer Camp and today, I discovered Becky's Campfire Songbook. I am so excited I could just spit. I want to SING SONGS TO YOU! But instead, I am going to torture you with lyrics. 'Cause that's the kinda girl I am.

Today's installment of Jennifer's past comes in the form of my FAVORITE camp song. It's a slow song and I still sing it to this day, thus didn't actually need the songbook for it, but I figured I should start off with my fave, right? (Oh and I fixed the lyrics to fit my memory hee hee)


See those clouds, rolling on their way
See the stars, shining so gay
Hear the wind in the tall pine trees
And you'll know exactly why I'm free


I am a Rover, rolling along
Rover, singing a song
I am a Rover, until the day I die

Have few friends, but they are true
The mountains, flowers, the sky so blue
I'm just a wanderer, never standing still
And I must go onward to that hill!


Through this world I'm bound to roam
Without a bed, a fire or a home
But I have a friend and a friend that is true
And that my comrade, that is you


That's it. Okay, maybe it doesn't excite and inspire you, but you know, if you'd been there and all like that.

:: Jenn 3:45 PM [+]

:: Monday, March 28, 2005 ::

So, we did go play NTN and had a good time even though some chick tried to pick up on me. But when we got home we had a crappy fight and I drank waaaaaaaaay too much beer for one night without dinner and woke with a hangover yesterday. I spent ALL day sleeping and whining and hurting and I'm still upset about the stuff we got in a fight about. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't a mistake for someone like me to think they could get married. I guess time will tell. Right now it feels like shit, though.

:: Jenn 9:29 AM [+]

:: Saturday, March 26, 2005 ::
New Linkity Link

As I MAY have mentioned, I'm a little obsessed with blogshares. Thourgh this game, I've run across a couple of blogs. One that I like so far is called Me and My Shadow. It's just your regular ol' daily journal, but I just liked it, so I'm sharing.

I also talked my Mr. San Diego into taking me out on a Jenn night where we hit the local DIVE bar to play some NTN and listen to a cheesy band at Pounders. I'm heading off to Nick's NTN site to leave some info in the forums.

I had a good night. Much better than my day. yea.

:: Jenn 10:42 PM [+]

:: Friday, March 25, 2005 ::

In honor of Easter Weekend, we are proudly displaying our PEEPS lights on the front porch. They even come with sparkly stuff that gets all over your shirt just like real peeps! I love them.

:: Jenn 9:33 PM [+]

Helpful Hint

Catwoman really did suck. But, you know, you can be like us and watch it anyway... it's at least something to laugh about. But, really, the critics so didn't lie this time.

:: Jenn 9:32 PM [+]


I think I'm finally getting the hang of this Blogshare thing. It's sort of fun, but I think it's more addicting than fun. I didn't realize I could only do 20 transactions in a 24 hour period so was bummed when I had to wait until the next day to do more! I still feel really stupid and that I don't know how to REALLY play the game, but I guess as long as I'm having fun that's good enough. I'll like learn the rules later. haha

So, today was a day off for both Mr. San Diego and I and we decided to skip our Sea World plan and stay home and do some yard work. Now we're both beat and tired, but the yard looks better! I'm telling you, 1/2 an acre is a LOT of work. I feel like it will never be "done". Well, actually, it won't ever be done, but it will be nice when I get it to the point where it is manageable. I made the first couple of steps towards that, though. I'm digging out weed gardens and laying down weed block cloth and covering it with purty wood chips to help control weeds in areas where I don't need plants. In addition, I'm also taking most of the "flower beds" and doing the same thing and then I'm going to put any plants/flowers in POTS! This will save them from the evil gophers from hell and save me from having to spend so much time pulling weeds! It's a work in progress though. And, exhausting. But, we have lots to do before our Independence weekend party on July 3rd! And, we have plans almost every weekend for the next two months which makes it VERY challenging to get things done around the house. We'll figure it out, though... we always do!

:: Jenn 6:17 PM [+]

:: Thursday, March 24, 2005 ::

I am so getting a living will that spells out very clearly... PLEASE pull all life sustaining assistance from me if I am brain dead! My wishes would then be VERY CLEAR. I'm then giving a copy of said living will to every person I know. No questions. All good. Again, YIKES!

:: Jenn 12:35 PM [+]

:: Monday, March 21, 2005 ::
not even new

Tired. Busy. Overwhelmed. Same-o same-o. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have time to devote to my beloved blog. Not today.

:: Jenn 3:23 PM [+]

:: Friday, March 18, 2005 ::

hee hee

Okay, so I know I'm a whiner and all, but I have had a busy busy day! I'm trying to get motivated enought to go distribute supplies around the office. Luckily, this should be my last time doing it since my new assistant starts on Monday. YEA!

I'm bummed because I was supposed to go to Sea World tonight to see the gran opening of the new Clyde and Seymour show, but nooooooooooo, I need to work late to deal with a gnat problem we've been having. No one can say I'm not dedicated!

Speaking of dedication, poor dedicated Mr. San Diego got some bummer news today. His boss is transferring to a new position which means they will be putting someone new into his boss' position and he is not ready to fill her shoes. He has worked very hard in the hopes that when she retires after a few more years he would be ready to apply for the job, but it's too soon and likely whoever moves into the job will be there for some time, so this turn of events has an unsettling effect.

Speaking of poor dedicated Mr. San Diego, we spent the evening in Urgent Care due to some very nasty pains he was having. I was very scared because what he described sounded so much like a heart attack! I just kept thinking about all of those Jack burgers he eats! But, it was decided that most likely he has a kidney stone so he just gets to stay doped up for a while until it passes. The doped him up but good last night on some demeraol for a quick fix to the intense pain he was in.

Speaking of Cave Exploring, I just finished a book this morning about these four boys who go out to explore a cave and get lost. It's a teen book called Free Fall by Joyce Sweeney. It was 1 part adventure and 3 parts boys becoming men and exploring who they are and what their relationships are to each other. It was pretty intense and I highly enjoyed listening to the interactions of the four teenagers as they searched for a way to save themselves from the cave and together learned about forgiveness and friendship among other things. One thing about teen books is that just because a book has teens as the main characters does not diminish the story being told. This was a good one. It's an 8.

Speaking of... okay okay, just kidding. I'm outta here for now.

:: Jenn 2:44 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 ::
Surfing Day

I actually have a ton of work to do today, but I'm sort of excited about the prospect of remodeling my bathroom soon, so I have been doing some surfing to find the things I want. I have a vision in my mind of what I want, I just need to find all the pieces and hope I can afford them.

I went and visited my daddy and his two sisters last night and they are all doing really good considering. I guess they, too, feel that my grandma's suffering is over now. We're doing a memorial on the 2nd, I guess. But during the visit, my dad and his girlfriend mentioned that her brother, who will likely be doing my remodel, retired earlier than planned so could start working on the bathroom. Now I'm all excited and need to get a jump on my taxes so I can have some money to pay for it! Have I mentioned my champagne tastes? My husband does not approve of said tastes. But, we'll figure it out. I deserve to have what I want, right? Plus I'm SURE daddy will pitch in if I smile real pretty-like. =)

:: Jenn 4:48 PM [+]

:: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 ::
sad news

I got a telephone call from my mom a little while ago with some sad news. I could tell something was wrong when she started talking. I hate that feeling of knowing you are about to get some really bad news - it's icky. So she says, "your grandmother died today". I sort of yelped "what!?!" because for some reason I immediately thought she meant her mom. Then she went on about her being so sick and in and out of the hospital for a while and I realized that she meant my dad's mom. Now I feel really guilty because the tremendous relief I felt when I realized my mistake.

The thing is that I love both of my grandmas and when I was a little girl, my dad's mom was this amazingly robust and ornery desert woman. She taught me how to milk goats, ya know? But, even then, I was always closer to my mom's mom. My mom's mom was the first person to ever see me, starting with my toes peeking out of my mom's... well, you know. I spent a lot of time with that grandma when I was very little and while, I neglect her some these days now that I live so far away, I still feel that we are extremely close.

My dad's mom, on the other hand, hasn't recognized me in probably a good 8 years. She attended my wedding because my aunt, who cares for her, brought her. My grandma did not have much free will anymore because she really didn't have much clue what was going on around her. So, she was there, but not really sure what the heck was going on and who those folks getting married were. But, regardless, she was my grandma, you know? I feel sad that she is gone... mostly for my dad and my aunts and uncle, though. She has been very ill for some time and she doesn't know what is going on around her and I think it was time. I hope that doesn't make me a bad person, but I think she's likely better off than living a life in which she is in poor health and uncomfortable. So, if I'm evil for not shedding tears, so be it. I'm gonna head over and see my dad and aunts tonight after work, though. I think the best thing I can do, is be there for them because I absolutely cannot even FATHOM losing one of my parents. THAT is inconceivable.

:: Jenn 12:42 PM [+]

:: Monday, March 14, 2005 ::

I absolutely cannot freaking believe it's 4:30 in the afternoon. I wish I had time to write a long leisurely post, but I have truly been working my ass off. Oh! There's the telephone calling me to go pick up a fax.... I'm pausing while I run and get it.....

Okay, got it. Back. For a second. I have to act on it now.

Anyway, I'm feeling really overwhelmed. I guess the good news is your spared things like me chatting about Survivor last week and How awesome Jimmie Johnson is and how much I wished I could have been out at the Las Vegas race yesterday to see him win. That conversation could have lasted several paragraphs. I'm also not going to talk about the current book I'm listening to by Sandra Brown that I am thouroughly enjoying. Nor will I go on and on about how my favorite part of this time of the year is how people bring me Peeps, but it sucks when you're all irritated with someone and they bring you a present because then you have to be NICE to them! I'm not going to talk about any of that stuff. Nope. Not today!

maybe tomorrow.

:: Jenn 4:27 PM [+]

:: Friday, March 11, 2005 ::
My Friday Off

You'd think it would be relaxing, but aside from the pedicure (where the lady stabbed me with her file) it was pretty freaking busy. I spent over three hours in my yard pulling weeds and dead bamboo - filled up FIVE trashcans! That was pretty exhausting. Then did the oil change thingy, rans some errands, now I'm home where I need to fold laundry, start another load, clean the kitchen and get dinner started. Yeah... my day OFF.

Nick: you are very welcome. It's about time there was some reciprocation on the drink buying! And, I had fun too =)

Chad: You're my hero, thatks for fixing my stupidity.

Off to do some more WORK!

:: Jenn 5:46 PM [+]

:: Thursday, March 10, 2005 ::
In a Hurry

Been too busy to blog today. Trying to do some training with my new employee, sup meeting and I have a terrible headache and a stomacheache (could be the doritos and sour cream I had for breakfast. Ya think?) I have a crazy story from getting my hair done last night, but no time... I'll try to remember to tell it later.

I'm off to grab some lunch, some gas, and then head over for a massage. Maybe that will help the ol' head.

Before I go, I'll leave you with a link to a blog I enjoyed reading. This guy actually bought some Blogshares in Always the Freak. YEA! I'm worth over $2 now! If you want in, you better buy now while you can still afford me!!! =) SO be nice and go visit his site Let me make my point(e). Now.

Thanks Island Dave for your help. You might be sorry that you offered your services if I need help, because, um, I do. But that will be later. I'm off.

:: Jenn 12:01 PM [+]

:: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 ::

Okay then. If you haven't yet stopped over at Bacon and Eh's like I told you to, listen up! Her site is really entertaining and every day she has a new question to answer. Okay, she probably hates me after the novel I left in her comments today, but her site is good. You. Go. There. Now.

:: Jenn 10:10 AM [+]

Stock Trading?

Okay, after looking at it for a while, I finally signed up for BlogShares and bought some stock. Of course, I had no clue what I was doing and all my start up money is now gone. The good news is that I've actually made money! yea! But what the hell is all the stuff about ideas and industries and artefacts??? I am sooooooo confused. I think I'll just stick to the buying and selling stock part. So, if you want to link to me so my stock goes up, go ahead. hahaha Wow, the last time I trolled for links was the first month I had a blog! hahaha Tooooo funny. So far I made one wise choice and some okay choices and some dumb choices. I think if one is going to do this in the first place, ummm... try reading the instructions FIRST, not after you spent all your money except 19 cents.

:: Jenn 9:36 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, March 08, 2005 ::
Jeopardy Junkies

I'm not the only Jeopardy Junkie out there, thank goodness. Madonna has created a whole blog that was originally dedicated to Ol' Ken Jennings, but is currently keeping us up to date on the Ultimate Tournament of Champions. Check out her site This is... Jennings! for up to date info on how the tournament is coming along. I'm still working my sources to try to get tickets to the finale with Jennings on it, but haven't heard a word yet. Cross your fingers!

:: Jenn 12:38 PM [+]

That's a fine howdyado

I pop Uncle Tom's Cabin into the cassette player and it starts out with "Uncle Tom's Cabin, Disk 5". Um, FIVE? So I take all the tapes out looking for tape one and there isn't one. It goes up to tape fourteen. I look all over the box and find the magic words: Volume two. Now, explain something to me. If cassettes 5 through 14 are in a case that holds FIFTEEN cassettes, WHY would the first four be in a seperate case!?!?!?! Grrrr. I'm irritated. But, oh well. I listened to Maximum Bob by Elmore Leonard yesterday. It was a one day deal because I actually picked up an ABRIDGED one! Actually I picked up TWO abridged Elmore Leonard stories. The other was Rum Punch, but I listened to that one a couple of weeks ago. I never listen to abridged ones, but the library was pretty weak the day I went in and I wanted something funny or colorful and Elmore Leonard is nothing if not colorful! And, today I started the Nunga Nunga book... 3rd in the Georgia Nicolson diaries I mentioned recently.

Anyway, both Leonard books were great. I enjoyed Maximum Bob more than Rum Punch, but I'm not going to grade them since they were abridgements.One book I listened to recently and hadn't gotten around to reviewing was Double Homicide by Jonathan and Faye Kellerman. Now I'm a huge Jonathan Kellerman fan and I've read a few Faye Kellerman books and enjoyed them, but I don't get this book. It's basically two novellas that were either written together or each wrote one - I'm not 100% clear on this. Either way, both stories were not up to their usual par and I was feeling happy that the book was over when it was. I wouldn't recommend this for a read or a listen and I'm giving it only a 4.

Okay, I have to work on my budget for a little while.

:: Jenn 9:00 AM [+]

:: Monday, March 07, 2005 ::
Miscellaneous Monday

I'm just going to post a bunch of weird stuff here now. Why? Because I want to and it's my blog, so there!

YA YA Name Generator:

My YAYA Sisterhood names are:

Lady Jade: Queen Dancing Feet
Jennifer: Countess Drinks-Like-a-Fish
Jenn: Duchess Tiger Lily
Jennifer + my current last name: Princess Bop Around The Clock
Jennifer + my maiden last name: Empress Never Met a Man She Didnt Like

You KNOW I had to try them all... (plus a few more! haha) If you want your YA YA name go HERE!

Five Movie Quotes

Art's Journal had a little meme last week about movie quotes. Without really thinking to hard to come up with something "cool" list Five Movie Quotes that pop into your head and they must be from different movies. Here's mine:

Two Dollars. I want my Two Dollars. (Better Off Dead)

Valley Sheraton, sir?
Yeah. (Valley Girl)

I'm a hip chick. (Peggy Sue Got married)

Nope. She Died (Marty)

That was my skull! (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)


Keeping with the meme spirit, I'll do another. Here is my list of Ten Things that I've Done that You Probably Haven't. Found at Poundy.com:

1. Visited 7 Arizona National Parks in 7 days
2. Had sex with a boy dressed up like a girl.
3. Went to the MTV Music Awards in a sparkly silver sequined dress
4. Spent 8 weeks driving across the United States by myself.
5. Drank nasty Greek wine with a crazy Greek restaurant owner in the Latin Quarter in Paris.
6. Had Biscuits and Gravy AND Pancakes and syrup for breakfast
7. Helped make up and sing a song to James Spader, in person.
8. Acted as assistant Guitar Tech to the guitarist of One Way Ride
9. Kissed a quite rotund 17 year old for free beer and then had a poem written about me and the experience
10. Played a percussion instrument (AKA an african shell rattle) on stage at Jack's Sugar Shack in Hollywood.


I have to again note Badmouth.net for some fun posts. They're all pretty good, but I really enjoyed his post on In-N-Out, so check it out. That's what a hamburger is all about!

Bacon & Ehs is also a fun site with some really good links.

You've GOT to check out the World RPS Society! What's that you ask? DUH! The Official Rock Paper Scissors site, that's all!

Lastly, not leastly, check out The Red Kitchen for yummy daily recipes!

What happened today in history WOMEN'S History:

March 7, 1938 - Janet Guthrie is born - Pioneering woman auto racer; first woman to compete in Indianapolis 500 (1977) and Daytona 500 (1977); she was the only woman to place in top 10 finish at Indy 500 (1978)

March 7, 1992 - Nicole Stevenson swims world record 200 meter backstroke (2 :6.78)

March 7, 1994 - US Navy issues 1st permanent order assigning women on combat ship.

:: Jenn 10:45 AM [+]

:: Saturday, March 05, 2005 ::
Does this make me immature?

I just can't help it, but I still enjoy reading teenager books. I've started listening to this series of books about this 14 year old English girl. The thing about listening to books in English (read: British) is that I start wanting to SPEAK English. Except, that would be really weird. SO instead I start THINKING in English. Or, well, when I'm alone, I practice talking in English. I know. I really AM a FREAK! I don't care. Anyway, the books are diaries of a girl named Georgia Nicolson and I've listened to two so far: Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging and ON the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God. THey are pretty cute and I'm going to listen to the next one, KNocked out by my Nunga Nungas, after I finish Uncle Tom's Cabin which I'll be starting on Monday. I can't beleive it, but I have never read it!


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:: Friday, March 04, 2005 ::
My Soapbox This Week

I realize that I'm new to this "sporting world" where people are sports fans and get all hyped over their "guy" or their "team" or what-the-hell-ever. So maybe it's just naivete on my part to think that people could actually attend a sports event with the goal of having fun and joining in the camaraderie that is enjoying this magnificent event. Apparently, this is incorrect thinking. The REAL reason to attend a sporting event is to hatefully BASH anyone who does not think like you do! Better than that, it's also very important to bring a child with you so that the child can begin learning at a young age how to hate anyone you don't like and how to spread that hate by being nasty to others who might not like who you do like. IS that confusing? Should I spell it out?

What the FUCK is up with these parents who think it is okay to teach your child to be hateful. Just because it's regarding sports doesn't seem like that makes it okay. So you teach your child that Dale Earnhardt Jr is the only driver we LIKE and everyone else we HATE and HOPEFULLY JEFF GORDON WILL WRECK AND JIMMIE JOHNSON'S ENGINE WILL BLOW UP and YEA, THIS GUY OR THAT GUY WRECKED! HOOYAH! Okay, what's next? Is it a slippery slope to fathom that next is going to be the race card or the income level card or whatever? Am I just stupid and naive to think this is WRONG? Does this take place in ALL sports?

I don't really dislike ANY drivers. True, I am irritated by all of the "fans" who root for Junior just because of his name and that this somehow has made him the "posterboy of Nascar". I also get a little pissed sometimes at drivers like Robby Gordon and Tony Stewart who let their tempers get out of control and thus sometimes are not only unsafe, but dangerous to other drivers. But NEVER do I pray for them to wreck (although on the INSIDE I might be pretty happy when their engine blows just because it's helping my standings!) and NEVER have I sat behind a Junior fan and talked crap about Junior, cheering his problems and booing his successes in a gleeful manner with my daughter. Okay, I don't have a daughter, but if I did - my daughter would learn how to treat people, particularly elders AND NOT to hate. I'm soooo mad about this. Every race I have gone to, I end up sitting next to people who are hateful and unpleasant. Our last seats were next to a family who all rooted for the hendricks teammates, but CHEERED OUT LOUD when Kurt Busch hit the wall. I wanted to smack them. But, we sit there and ignore the egging and just enjoy the race - mostly. I just wish everyone could hang out, have some beers or waters or sodas and peanuts, congratulate each other when their team/driver is doing well and commiserate with each other when they aren't. Am I a total Pollyanna and is this a totally unlikely and unreasonable desire?

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My layout is f'd up. Yesterday it got all weird, so I deleted the link to Blogsnob since they went and screwed THAT all up and now it looks funny. Not bad, but not right. I think the border is different, like the pink background shows less or something. I guess I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I HATE IT!!!!!

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:: Thursday, March 03, 2005 ::
I know I can be a lush at times, but this is too much!

What Flavour Are You? I tashte like Alcohol.I tashte like Alcohol.

Heh. Heh. I taste like beer. I like beer. Buy me a beer. I'm not drunk, I can drink plenty without... What was I saying? Beer. What Flavour Are You?

It also said, if I wasn't Alcohol, I would be a Tomato:

What Flavour Are You? Tomato is what I taste like.Tomato is what I taste like.

I taste like nothing, except a tomato. I'm sometimes sweet and sometimes tart; sometimes juicy, sometimes crisp. The roles of a tomato are many and varied. I am an exception to all the rules. What Flavour Are You?

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March is Women's History Month

Whereas American women of every race, class, and ethnic background have made historic contributions to the growth and strength of our Nation in countless recorded and unrecorded ways;

Whereas American women have played and continue to playa critical economic, cultural, and social role in every sphere of the life of the Nation by constituting a significant portion of the labor force working inside and outside of the home;

Whereas American women have played a unique role throughout the history of the Nation by providing the majority of the volunteer labor force of the Nation;

Whereas American women were particularly important in the establishment of early charitable, philanthropic, and cultural institutions in our Nation;

Whereas American women of every race, class, and ethnic background served as early leaders in the forefront of every major progressive social change movement;

Whereas American women have been leaders, not only in securing their own rights of suffrage and equal opportunity, but also in the abolitionist movement, the emancipation movement, the industrial labor movement, the civil rights movement, and other movements, especially the peace movement, which create a more fair and just society for all; and

Whereas despite these contributions, the role of American women in history has been consistently overlooked and undervalued, in the literature, teaching and study of American history:

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that March is designated as "Women's History Month. II The President is authorized and requested to issue a proclamation for each of these months, calling upon the people of the United States to observe those months with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities.

~ This resolution was passed by Congress in 1987 and successive years since then.

To find out more about "Women Change America" and other information on Women's History Month, check out the website at NWHP.org!

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The Redemption of a Sorta Boring Race

yeah yeah... I lied and did not, in fact, post yesterday. Work has been unbelievably busy and I had an MD appt yesterday so did NOT have time. What I would have posted if I had posted would have went something like this:

The Cup Race on Sunday started out with us getting up Verrrrrrrry early. 4:30 AM! Yikes. You have to get to the track early or else sit in hours of miserable traffic, so we were parked with our to go bags from Jack in the Box by 6:30. After munching some breakfast and hanging out for a while waking up, we poured some beers in a cup and headed off to check out the trailers and pick up som shwag. We worked our way ALL THE WAY to the other side of the track so we could head into the pits and that was kinda fun. We took some photos of our guys' pits and then found that we could walk out onto the track. That was PURTY COOL. We joined many folks out at the checkered start/finish line in writing our names on the line.

Then we made our way back towards our truck to hang out and have some lunch and drinks before the race got started. We were running late as usual and made it to our seats JUST as the race was getting started - out of breath from the 500 flights of stairs to get to our almost top row seats! Most of the race was actually pretty boring to tell you the truth. Nothing really exciting was going on and the spacing between the cars was HUGE. The top 5 drivers were running around 3 seconds in between them for the most part which meant no side by side racing - the thing that makes it exciting. Jimmie was doing okay, but nothing spectacular.


It was amazing. Jimmie came back after pitting (and luckily taking four tires which was the opposite of the pit strategy used 2 years ago) and came out something like 10th to Jeff Gordon's 9th. They started moving up the pack and Jimmie was up to 7th with 20 laps to go. The cars in front were STILL spaced out and I commented to Mr. San Diego that Jimmie might be able to pass Mark (Martin in the 6th spot at the time) in the 20 laps left. Jimmie not only passed Mark, but passed everyone in front of him until he made it into the second place spot in 20 laps! Jeff Gordon's car blew it and was out, so that probably was a help for him, but the biggest help was likely the four tires he took in the pits. It was remarkable and exciting and even the nasty comments from all of the Junior fans around me could not make that not an amazing and awesome run. If you saw it, you gotta admit (whether you like Jimmie or not) that it was amazing. He didn't have enough laps to pass Greg Biffle, who won the race, but lucky for Greg it was over right then because two more laps and Jimmie probably would have passed him because he later reported having some car problems. That run, really made up for the rest of it being boring.

It's so funny to me how many people have said how sorry they were that my guy didn't win, and I just laugh and say, "are you kidding? What he did was awesome and I'll take a second place ANY DAY!"

It was cool.

Tomorrow I will get on my soapbox to talk aobut HATERS. HMPH!

Here is our winner of the race, Greg Biffle. He was fast as a shark. Congrats, Greg!

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:: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 ::

Alrighty then. This here is the picture I promised of Jimmie ignoring the fans. His better side? Hm.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Here's one of him getting out of the car. Mr. San Diego was like 3 feet from the car so the pics were pretty close up!

Mas Manana. Buenos Noches.

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Did I Mention?

I hired a new assistant. Thank god. She starts on the 21st, but will be training in some areas first, then will take over all of the duties that I'm not getting too quite yet. I'm excited and nervous since she is actually getting a promotion from within and she has had a previous attendance problem. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and i really like her, so keep your fingers crossed!

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After Friday's truck race, we headed to our friend's house in Rialto for a poker game. Wow, we had the most bizarre poker game ever. Well, it wasn't really poker, it was Acey - Deucey. But there is this rule in the game where someone can have to add double their bet to the pot and we actually decided to put a cap on it of $5 and the pot got out of control with it ending up around $50 dollars after an hour and a half of the SAME GAME with no one winning. Two0 people put in about $15-20 each and the rest came from 4 of us. We finally decided to just split the pot evenly so I made out by picking up a few bucks. It was weird, but if you don't know the game, it wouldn't make any sense trying to explain how bizarre it truly was. The big negative... I didn't get to sleep untli almost 4am! BLEH!

Luckily, Saturday was the Busch race and we didn't hav eto arrive at the track early. I don't really have a Busch driver picked out right now, so it just wasn't all that exciting. Once it got stopped for rain, we packed it in and headed out. Total lack of excitement there.

However, PRIOR to the race, we got to go into the pits and check it out and that was pretty cool. It was our first time having pit passes and Mr. San Diego took lots of pictures, including some of Jimmie right after he qualified. I'm a little irritated with Jimmie because when he got out of his car RIGHT NEXT TO THE FENCE FULL OF FANS CALLING HIS NAME, he wouldn't even look over at them. I noticed when he walked out to his car lined up for qualifying, he also didn't acknowledge the fans, either, and I think that is just rude. You don't have to sign autographs, you don't have to even wave, but at least turn around, look at the people calling your name, and SMILE. He wasn't the only one, pretty much a lot of them just walked away without looking back at the people, but that ticks me off. Kasey Kahne spent about 10 minutes signing autographs and Carl Edwards signed a few on his way in and out of the men's room, but otherwise, the driver's pretty much ignored the crowds. I thought it sucked and I'm telling you, that is NOT the way to keep fans. You wouldn't have a job if it weren't for the fans so show a little friendliness!

I'll show you the picture of Jimmie ignoring the people along the fence later.. haha It's funny.

I'll talk about the big 'un tomorrow!

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