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Taste of San Diego, 9/2006
At the yummalicious Dussini in the Gaslamp.

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:: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 ::

Reflections On My Life

The other day I was musing on my life and the changes I've gone through, but not really noticed over the years. It seems like when looking back over my life, I note that it has been played out in little blocks. I didn't even notice that I went from one place to another, but every few years it seems like everything in my life completely changes.

I have been married for just over 2 years and the time that I have been with my husband, even the 2 years before we were married, has been about us. He and I – we do everything together and are pretty much a unit of two. We socialize and we spend time with our families and we do a tremendous amount of activities and travel all over. We have friends, but mostly, we are just the two of us together. And, right now, I really like the froofroo drinks like mojitos and pina coladas.

Five years ago I was a different person. I was very into Hold 'Em and played in casinos several times a week. Almost every Friday I spent at friend's homes playing home poker games and partying it up (yes, I was single!). I still see some of those friends and we get together for the odd poker games, but I don't frequent casinos anymore and I don't spend the time that I used to with that crowd. I was still a beer and ale girl, but also jello shots!

Ten years ago, I was with my last boyfriend and a different group of friends. We spent our weekend going to Renaissance Faires, we had get–togethers and went to Hollywood a lot to go dancing and drinking, we were online people who created websites and played computer games. I was really into fine ales.

Fifteen years ago I was with my first husband. We lived in the mountains and spent our weekends treasure hunting and gold panning. We backpacked and camped and drank cheap beer.

It's so weird looking back into these eras of my life. I'm the same person and I still love ALL of those activities, but as I move from one period and group to another there are shifts in everything about me. Sometimes I miss those old times, but I also look forward in wonder to what's coming up next!

:: Jenn 10:15 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, August 22, 2006 ::
Pinball on Gather!

Okay, I know we are psycho, but Mr. SD and I are totally into the Gather thing. To be honest on my part, I joined as a part of this other program I belong to and through that program I am gaining points for a contest that I WANT TO WIN!!!

Tonight, I'm talking about Mr. SD's shtuff. He has created a Pinball Group for posting everything pinball and he's invited a lot of pinball folk to join. Most recently he has posted the PAPA 9 Tournament Results. PAPA (Professional Amateur Pinball Association)is this big Pinball Tournament that is held every year and the prizes are big money! We have a lot of friends that participate although they weren't the big winners this year (sorry Jim) So, anyway, once you use my GATHER LINK to join Gather.com, go check out the pinball page and join teh group if you want!

:: Jenn 8:22 PM [+]

:: Monday, August 21, 2006 ::

Some of you may have received emails from me about this gather.com thing. I have joined this site called Gather.com and it's sort of trying to sell itself as the myspace for thinking adults. Pretty much it's a place to create groups with people who have similar interests and post articles, etc. Anyway, if you'd like to check it out and want to sign up, I'd appreciate it if you would do it using this handy-dandy link. Why? Because, duh, I want points for it! haha I'm actually having an addiction to this thing and even Mr. San Diego is into it... we're totally fiending on it. I have several groups that I created. We'll see how long that interest lasts, but in the meantime, hey check it out... you might like it! Click this link If the link doesn't work, you can paste http://www.gather.com/register.jsp?ref=bza_74011 into your browser.

PS If you are a Jimmie Johnson fan, you MUST join my group! I need people to talk to! hahahaha

:: Jenn 9:51 AM [+]

:: Monday, August 14, 2006 ::

I am sooo frigging grumpy this week. Pretty sure it's a hormone thing. Maybe it's the whole overdoing it thing, though... or a combo. THIS week, we went to see bowling for Soup Thursday night (amazing dinner of shrimp and rosemary cornbread at House of Blues... yumalicious, wish it was bigger), then we saw a musical production of Wizard of Oz down in Balboa Park that Mr. San Diego's niece was in. It was her second professional (not just community or youth theater) production. It's hard for a kid to get good roles professionally in musicals, but she won't be a kid much longer! Then Saturday we went to Del Mar to the horse races. They were having a lot of events going on in the infield and it was our first time there. We were planning on enjoying the brewfest, do some wagering, and then see Billy Idol in concert afterall, but there were like 20000 people in the infield and it was out of control. We did drink some beer, but just from a regular vendor.. the brewfest was overcrowded and you got teeny samples for $3.25 each or $15 for five... not really a value for all the hassle. The chili contest was over when we got there and the beting lines were so long we missed the first two races. We did see billy Idol and thank goodness we left before that ended or we would have had to fight 1000 cars being driven by plastered drivers. It was a bizarre experience. I'm ready for some down time, man. I'm wiped out. Even when you are doing fun things, there can be too many of them... next week the most I'm doing is hitting a movie! Lets recap:

6/15 - Magic Mountain
6/17 - Taste of the Gaslamp
6/25 - a day at the movies to keep COOL!
7/1 - Party
7/7-8 - San Jose (traffic hell from San Bernardino to San Diego)
7/14 - Jesus Christ Superstar
7/15 - Hotter than hell - all day movie fest.
7/19-23 - Comic Con (traffic hell from San Bernardino to San Diego)
7/26-30 - Vegas
8/4-5 - Street Scene (traffic hell from San Bernardino to San Diego)
8/6 - Wicked
8/10 - Bowling for Soup (traffic hell from San Bernardino to San Diego)
8/11 - Wizard of Oz
8/12 - Horse Races, etc.

We have this weekend mostly free although we really need to see Mr. San Diego's OTHEr niece in a play or she is going to think we don't love her as much or something... eeeegadz.

NEXT week I'll be spending a few days with my mom to help her do some housecleaning (including removing some of my stuff) then the following weekend is the Fontana Nascar race.

Do you see with this sort of schedule how I can be stressed out all the time? I need to have a little more boring life or something. I'm exhausted. I already have crap scheduled for September and October! Sorry for being such a whiner. Damn it I have a lot of work to do... I better get to it. ciao!

:: Jenn 9:41 AM [+]

:: Friday, August 04, 2006 ::

Man has it been a busy summer! I feel like I am constantly on the go. This week is Street Scene and we just got back from Vegas! Crazy baby. AND, we're finally gonna see Wicked this Sunday! YEA!

I'm ecstatic that it cooled down some. Our house was like what I imagine hell to be. It wasn't even livable it was so freaking hot. We want to put in AC, but it is another one of those things tied ot our garage project that will probably never be done since I have no clue where we're going to come up with the extra 30-50 grand to make it happen. Gr. Part of me says blow off the garage and use the money we have to remodel the bathroom, put in AC, make some other upgrades and do some landscaping, but having a big garage will change my life in an excellent way. Most people have no understanding of what it is like to live with a collector. Not having the space to house the "collection" is positively excruciating. My house is PILED with toys... they are everywhere, but you can't really enjoy them because there is not anywhere really to actually display them appropriately. SO I live in a house infested with box after box after box. I'm not even complaining at the moment - just expalining. But until you actually see it, or actually unless you live it, you can nevr understand it.

What is really frustrating is all the people who think they are helping (or that they are funny) with suggestions like "just sell the toys" or "tell him he has to get rid of them" or "why does he collect them" or "what is he going to do with them" or any of the other five million useless and retarded comments. First of all, I knew what I was getting into (which doesn't keep me from losing it upoon occasion) so it is a little hard to be angry - however, the plan was to immediately build a garage when we bought the house which would have solved the problem - that was 3 years ago. Second, we are in a relationship - neither of us tells the other one what to do and people who do usually aren't in a relationship long - that's just stupid. And, why do people continually ask me why he does what he does? Uh, because he's insane? I don't know... ASK HIM! GR! Oh, I love this one - "Why don't you buy a bigger house?" Sure because if I can't afford to add the garage onto this house that I specifically bought because it has so much land that I have the ability to build on to it, I'm ceratinly going to afford a bigger more expensive house. How frigging stupid is that question!?! Geez. Anyway, I didn't plan on getting on this topic when I got here... oops - it was the AC thing. Heh.

I guess I'll be back here again one day sort of soon... I know I haven't been much of a diarist lately, but as long as I type a little here and there, it's all good. Now I'm off to find something to munch on - I'M STARVING!!!!!!!!!
(okay, I'm not REALLY starving - I'm betting with water, I could live a good couple of weeks, but you know, I'm REALLLLLLY hungry.)

:: Jenn 10:31 AM [+]


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