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:: Monday, March 31, 2003 ::


It is sooo hard returning to work after being off for 5 days. PHOOEY!

Oh, and I sent Mr. San Diego an email to his work email address with the word "asshole" in it and apparently the system intercepted it for inappropriate language. Ooops. I figured anyone who can email out naked pictures can get an email withthe word ASSHOLE in it. Sheesh!

:: Jenn 9:54 AM [+]

:: Saturday, March 29, 2003 ::
Jiggity Jig

We made it home from the Vegas Adventure late last night. It was a nice trip, sort of weird and not great the whole time, but some parts were really good. That sounds weird. Heh I guess you would have to know me and how I am retarded at inoportune times in order to udnerstand all that, but anyway... AGAIN, very light on the gambling and when we arrived an hour early at the Luxor to sign up for the Hold 'Em tournamnent, it was already all booked up so no poker, either.

The main purpose for the visit was to attend the AMOA Convention which was okay. We played a lot of Simpsons pinball (the big draw for my crowd was the new Simpson's Pinball game by Stern - very nice)and other games. The big excitement was the OTHER two conventions going on: Bar & Beverage (which gave away a SHITLOAD of free booze - unless you got in there an hour before they closed and got NOTHING except pissed) and Pizza (which we never made it to, but heard was great). So, we did the show, hung out with friends (which also included Mr. San Diego's ex-girlfriend and pretty much made everyone a little on edge to see if she would be an ass and do something stupid or hateful and ruin everyone's time - she didn't), and ate a LOT of food. WAY TOO MUCH FOOD! I fully gained a pound! YIKES!

We stayed downtown which was pretty neat because I had only been there once before and it was LONG ago. So we saw the World's Largest Nugget at the Golden Nugget and watched all but one of the light shows on Fremont Street. It was fun, but I wanted to play craps and in a big group you kinda get screwed and by the time Mr. San Diego and I broke away, it was late and things were just weird so no real gambling going on there and a lot of Jennifer not saying what she wanted and then getting mad because we didn't do what I wanted. What is that about? Sometimes I can be such an ass. Oh! I did play a couple hands of roulette, though! I always play 23 and it hit with $4 on it after three spins so I won over a hundred. But I put most of it back and walked away with $60 which was three times what I started at the table with. YEA!

Yesterday, after not getting into the poker tournament, we decided to head to stateline and play there nad maybe stay the night there, but on the way, we saw the sign for Hoover Dam and with a screeching of tires turned and headed off to the famed engineering wonder. That was great and we really enjoyed it. We did the tour, walked around and talked to the people there crossed back and forth between Nevada and Arizona and just ahd a nice afternoon. Once we finshed up there, we decided to just head home and have a full weekend back here, so here we are! I knew you missed me, so Ifigured Ibetter fill ya in =)

Forgot to mention. While I like the Four Queens, staying on the north side of the hotel is a BAD idea, unless you like background music in your dreams. It overlooks the Fremont Street experience. Killer price, but sleeping can be a challenge and don't bother attempting sleep before the last show at midnight!

:: Jenn 10:03 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 ::
Movie Tuesday

Last night mommy and I got The Banger Sisters on Pay Per View (after a challenging 'bout with the satellite dish & cutomer service @ DishNetwork). I hadn't really thought I would want to see this at the movies, but it looked cute. Nawww... it was really cheesy. I LOVE Goldie Hawn and I just really didn't care for this character. The story was ok, but we felt like they could have done a lot more with this storyline than they did. It's a definite "below average" flick and I'm going to have to rate it a 4. It didn't outright SUCK, but it was just disappointing. The most amusing part of it, though, was Susan Sarandon's "mom" character's WHOLE life was beige: her clothes, her car, her house, etc. It cracked me up.

4 ~ The Banger Sisters

:: Jenn 8:04 AM [+]

:: Monday, March 24, 2003 ::
Me and my polls...

Does anyone have any experience with Lendingtree.com? I'm curious whether this is a good system. I read some reviews that said they didn't get any better rates than anywhere else, so I'm wondering if there is some personal info anyone may have. Also, does every lender run your credit individually or is it just done once by Lendingtree? THANKS!

:: Jenn 5:22 PM [+]


Last night was the BEST episode of Six Feet Under of the season. We've been so scared and last night was like the old days. Wacky and touching and interesting. From what I understand, Brenda will be returning next week. So, is this the real thing? Is what's happening really the direction that the show is going to continue in? Or are we about to move on to the next reality? If this is the direction, maybe they could kill off Nate's psycho wife for us and just really improve the show. Anyway, I'm daring to hope that the improvement continues. YEA!

:: Jenn 3:40 PM [+]


I know I haven't been talking a whole lot about nascar so far this season. I guess it's simply because I'm a little disappointed. I'm having fun watching the races, but I'd sure like to see Jimmie Johnson doing just a little better. For one reason or another shit happens and he's not in the top 5 the way I like it. I'm just selfish and always want everything my way! The funny hting is I even was a little happy for ol' Kurt Busch who FINALLY got to win one this weekend, though. He's always the maid of honor and finally got to be the bride! Good job, dude. Now, Jimmie... hell, even Rusty... let's see some racing, boys!

I'm going to be out of town a little later this week, so I'm kind of throwing everything in at once, here to make up for a lack of posting later this week! Stay Tuned.

:: Jenn 1:41 PM [+]

Ahhh... Apartment Living

I don't think I've mentioned my upstairs neighbor. I'm pretty sure he was single when we first moved in. We met him once when he helped us move a pinball game upstairs and he mentioned that he worked nights. It was very quiet up there for the most part... until the last few months. We've bumped into him and a woman few times up and down the stairs and out be the garages. Apparently he's got himself a chick. I don't know if she is living there or just spends a lot of time there. Now it's gotten noisy and at all hours of the day and night. Not that big of deal, but the most entertaining part is that his bedroom is right over our bedroom. Uh huh, you guessed it. WILD SEX. Either she's just a screamer or they have a really exciting (read: kinky) sex life. This guy can go forEVER (they're obviously in a NEW relationship haha) and I'm almost positive that there is some kinky stuff going on. He'll stop in the middle, I'll hear some walking around and then the thumps, bumps and the REAL screams start. It's actually entertaining, but can be sort of annoying when I'm already horny and trying to get to sleep! haha Me, being the nosy girl I am (and a voyeur at heart), can't stand it because I wanna know what exactly is going on up there that makes her scream like that! Ah well... listening will just have to do. And I mean will have to do. THEY ARE LOUD and there is no escape!

:: Jenn 10:34 AM [+]

The Dress, Part Two

I got it. And a good price. I'm just questioning the girl over shipping. I probably should just shut up and pay her, but I emailed her ahead of time and asked what shipping would be to my zip code and she said "about $20" and then she charged $35. I think that's a pretty big difference. So, we'll see. I'll pay the $35, no biggie, but it pisses me off that I ASKED ahead of time! I based my highest bid on including the shipping charges... not that it went to my highest bid. hehe But, I'll definitely be holding off on the alterations for a while... I just dropped another pound! I dunno how well I'll do with my points this week in Vegas, though. It may prove to be a challenge, but I can do it!

:: Jenn 9:05 AM [+]

:: Friday, March 21, 2003 ::

Look, people it's spelled MASTURBATE. NOT m-a-t-u-r-b-a-t-e. Damn it! You make one little typo and you get all the damned little freaks who can't spell, coming to your site. GEEZ.

:: Jenn 4:28 PM [+]

Yummy Friday Tip

If you love chips and salsa like I do (oh, and i do!), it's all good. Tostitos makes a BAKED tortilla chip that is only TWO points for 20 chips... AND they taste way better than REGULAR Tostitos! WOOT!

For those of you not familiar with the whole Weight Watchers point system, 2 points translates into about 110 calories and one gram of fat.

Speaking of Weight Watchers, I've slowed down a little after a not very productive LAST week(end), but I've been right back on track this whole week and I'm down 13 pounds since February 10th! Not making it to the gym this week, though, but I should be able to go next week if everything goes according to plan. This WW plan is totally amazing and it blows my mind that it's pretty easy for me while I see others who struggle with it and can't seem to do it. They get like 10 more points a DAY than I do, too! I guess I must have just been ready to make a lifestyle change, because for the most part, I don't have trouble doing this. Now that I've lost this much though, I had to cut out 3 more points per day, so it's been a LITTLE more challenging, but once I get adjusted, it's all good. I totally recommend looking into this if you are feeling the need to lose weight. And, don't tell, but I never even JOINED! I'm doing the whole thing for free. I bet I could be doubly motivated if I had paid that $125 for ten weeks! If anyone else out there is interested or is already participating in this plan and wants to share stories, suggestions, tips, etc, let me know! Support really does help.

:: Jenn 9:08 AM [+]

:: Thursday, March 20, 2003 ::
The Dress

If you want to see the dress you can find it here, at David's Bridal.

It's true, I'm a girl afterall... Who'd a thought I'd want something so feminine, but I love it and I looked GREAT in it!

:: Jenn 1:51 PM [+]

Need Your Help!

Please weigh in on the following issue. I need some opinions. What do you think about a woman buying a "used" wedding dress. I have a friend who said NO WAY, but I don't see a big deal in it, particularly if you can save a fortune. I was kicking around the idea of doing that and then when I tried on dresses, I found one I loved and was considering hiring someone to make it if I could do that for the right price. The dress I love is $450. I refuse to pay that. I finally decided that I would be willing to pay $200, but no more and even that is distressing me. Yesterday, for kicks, I was searching eBay and did a dress search and found THE DRESS in MY SIZE starting bid of $50 has been made. I'm thinking that it's like a sign. Out of the millions of wedding dresses, what are the odds that THE ONE I WANT IN MY SIZE would be there? I emailed the seller who sent me a bunch of pics and assured me it is in excellent condition and was only worn for one hour. ANy opinions? help?

:: Jenn 9:21 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 ::
Having a Great Time...

Wow, for vacationing from my blog, I'm sure sending out a lot of postcards! I just need to mention a few other things that would have been said HAD I BEEN BLOGGING THIS WEEK.

First of all. WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH SIX FEET UNDER?!?!?! I force my Mr.San Diego to get HBO hooked up to our house and for what? Third show... still sucking. What would make writers/producres/directors/etc take a perfectly incredibly awesome television program and piece by piece, episode by episode, destroy it? This is a show with a great following. It was insightful and interesting and incredibly different and now it just is sucking. I'm sticking with it to see if something changes, if it gets better, but right now we are so disappointed you can FEEL it.

If you go read the message boards at HBO, I am so not the only person feeling this way. Here's an excerpt of what I found:

"I had to look up the bulletin board to see if others felt the same way I did. You're losing us, HBO! I find myself cringing while watching each week. You've moved into dangerous territory. Your characters are no longer realistic people, but pathetic caricatures. I didn't care too much for Brenda in the past, but now I'm eagerly awaiting her return in hopes she can resurrect what used to be a great show!"

"Hear, hear! This family used to be so quirky and interesting. What happened to the writing? Is there going to be a twist (I hope, I hope)!?! Now Nate is in a relationship exactly like mine (not necessarily what I tune in for to be entertained, you know? Doesn't take much imagination to write THAT part of the script...), Keith has turned COMPLETELY one-dimensional, David is hen-pecked (and can't sing all that well, either), Claire's jeopardizing her best shot at an interesting future far away from the family business, and, pathetically, Ruth is actually the most interesting character so far...So sad because it was such a good show...one of the three hours of TV I allow myself to watch per week, soon to be whittled down to two...maybe that's good..."

So it isn't just me damn it! Something needs to be done!

...Be back soon!

:: Jenn 9:10 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 ::
A Postcard...

If I weren't taking an impromptu vacaton from the blog, I'd probably be talking about this stuff:

Survivor is getting interesting. They changed up the teams and no more boys vs. girls. Heidi continues to be an ass, what do you expect, though? My picks are still there: Dave & Deena. They are on two different teams... we'll see how it goes!

Saw a couple of movies recently. Neither got my motor running. You can click the links if you don't know what these are, I'd hold off rushing out to see 'em, though.

6 ~ Tears of the Sun (Needs editing)

4 ~ Bringing Down the House (more yawns than laughs)

Being a Secret Shopper is cool. I got paid to try on wedding gowns at David's Bridal. Pretty neato skeeto, huh? So now I know what kind of dress I want for MY wedding. Interestingly enough and for that matter, surprisingly, the exact TYPE of dress that I like is actually the type that fits me the best... how often does that sort of thing happen???

Wish you were here.

:: Jenn 10:06 AM [+]

:: Thursday, March 13, 2003 ::

Tonight is Survivor and I get to watch it with Mr. San Diego for the first time in weeks. Maybe I'll actually post about it tomorrow. Oh, but I'll be out and about all day, so maybe not. I'll try. Of course, what will I truly be able to say about it besides "Heidi said how cute and young and thin she was 800 times again". ARGH Someone get that girl a mirror... you ain't lookin' too cute babe.

:: Jenn 12:42 PM [+]

Unbelievable??? No, not really.

So, yesterday I went ahead and wrote an email to the "friends" I had talked about. To be honest, it was Mahk that had asked for the email update. In my email, I congratulated them on their pregnancy and mentioned how it sounded that life was going well for them. I mentioned how we don't keep in touch too well and we oughta try to do that a little better. I then gave them the update on me, including how my life is going so well and I'm happy and I'm getting married and buying a house, yadda yadda, right? I end it by saying here's my phone number call me and we'll have lunch or do some sort of getting together thing.

Today I get an email from Irak that says only this: "Jenn, can you send me your new mailing address and telephone number please? Thanks! Irak"

WHAT THE FUCK? No "congratulations"? No, "yeah we need to get together". No NOTHING??? This is exactly what I'm talking about. Fuck it.

:: Jenn 7:58 AM [+]

:: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 ::

I guess everyone has a little binge every now and then... right?

:: Jenn 5:05 PM [+]

Keeping In Touch (part two)

I have some "friends" (and I'm using the term loosely at the moment) who suck at keeping in touch. But, I feel like it's beyond that. (names changed) Mahk became my friend through my ex-boyfriend and we became pretty close. More like a brother/sister relationship than anything else. We all hung out at the Renaissance Faire and had a great time together. It wasn't long before Mahk hooked up with Irak. She was younger and it took a while before she and I became friendly. I always felt she was a little uppity, but over time we became friendly and she did some nice things for me (like babysitting me when I was so drunk that I lost about 4 hours of a day once). I never have lost the sense that Irak has that whole "I'm better than you" attitude, though, which can be really annoying, but Mahk was my buddy. Over the years, though, we've grown apart - They moved to San Diego and that made keeping in touch difficult and they couldn't make it to the Ren Faire as often.

As you know I've lived in San Diego for 6 months now! I have made requests that we get together and mostly they don't respond. The final blow was just before Christmas when I sent a blanket email to everyone I know about the annual New Years Bash. They wrote back saying they couldn't come because they would be in Italy. I wrote back saying have a great time, here are some tips, yadda yadda and the response was "thanks". That's it.

Later, when expressing my being disturbed by their lack of response to my attempts at maintaining our friendship, my other friend tells me oh by the way, they are also having a baby. SO, not only do they totally blow me off, but they don't even share something important like that with me. I pretty much felt like, "Ok, I'm done with this whole mess".

So this week I get a "Christmas" card from them with one of those printed out letters telling whats going on in their lives and then they each wrote ina personal note, Mahk saying "send me an email update about what's going on with you" and Irak saying "you're so close we should get together and thanks for the tips for Italy".

I'm feeling so confused. Do I hold on to my "attitude" and just say fuck it or do I bite the bullet, respond and continue making the effort to maintain the friendship. I'm DEFINITELY not a "bridge burner" so I would never do anything to be nasty, but I just wonder if I should jump back in and see if it will be any different. My head tells me that nothing will change, plus they're moving after the baby is born in June, so I really won't see them then, but my heart of hearts says give them another chance. I guess I'll at least send them an email saying hello and see what transpires from there. If I don't get a positive response then I'm going to just end the effort-making.

:: Jenn 11:43 AM [+]


It's been quiet around here.

:: Jenn 9:52 AM [+]

:: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 ::
Matt's Back

An interesting development. Matt (aka Doubting Thomas) has reappeared and I thought I'd point out he has a pretty powerful post to the Warbloggers. I don't necessarily agree with all of his views or hell, maybe not even half of them, but I liked this post and he's got a point... so LISTEN UP!

I recently discussed this war business with my brother who is an Army Captain. He basically said that he disagreed with the way it was happening. He had a theory that (as succinctly as possible) went something like "send the military in with the weapons inspectors to enforce the inspection. If we become engaged, then go to war. Don't START the war." It made some sense. Of course I've simplified a great deal here. When I asked him why he didn't explain that theory to the president, he said he wasn't allowed to make suggestions to his boss, but I could. hehe My brother cracks me up. Just as long as he continues to crack me up from North Carolina, rather than Iraq.

:: Jenn 12:51 PM [+]

The absence of wedding bells?

I spoke to my ex-husband for about an hour last night. First time in a loooong time, but apparently his wife doesn't mind him talking to me when it's in order for him to obtain an annulment. Yes, you read right. My ex-husband has decided that he needs to be a Catholic. In order to understand the humor in him explaining the history of Catholocism to me, you would just have to have the insider understanding of him. He is very much like me (or a little dog with a bone) in that he finds an interest and bites down and doesn't let go... until he gets bored. He gets so obsessed with something that his goal is to make the rest of us understand why he's right. So, maybe this is something that will really work for him or maybe it's something to occupy his time during a difficult place in his life. Whichever it is, I want him to be happy and I could care less about this annulment thing. The way he describes it is that it is an Annulment through the Catholic Church and not a LEGAL annulment. I told him I didn't really care, do what he had to do. Kinda weird, though. It was nice to talk to him though... I've known this guy since I was 7 years old and I miss him! We're thinking that once I'm married, his new wife won't feel so threatened by me and we might actually get to be friends again. That would be cool.

Now I have to call my mom and tell her what she has to say when the diocese calls her. heh

:: Jenn 8:47 AM [+]

Six Feet Under

Okay, I'm seriously panicking over Six Feet Under. This is my favorite show. Really. It is just an incredibly brilliant series and I've waited impatiently for the new season to start.

And, now I'm disappointed. I have a feeling that they're going for some sort of exploring of alternate realities. If so, okay, I'll give it a chance and see how it goes, I'm just HATING this particularly reality. Nate would NEVER be with that psycho Lisa and she bugs me so much that it's difficult to even watch. I feel really frustrated, because this is a great show with a lot of continuing potential and a pretty big following. My question is why would they take something that is working so well and fuck it up to the point that the viewers aren't happy? I am not the only person unhappy with the way this is going, EVERYONE I know who watches it, feels the same way. If you're a Six Feet Under fan and you feel differently, by all means, let me know.

As I said, my theory is that they are going to explore several different alternate realities. This show is not a SciFi show, though and I can't imagine why they would do that. My other question has to be, how much time will be spent on each reality? Of course, I could be completely wrong and this is really happening and this is the direction that the show is going in and if so, well, I may not continue to be a fan. I hope that they don't screw this up because this will be almost worse than just ending it... if they screw up the stories and the characters. Ah well, I should know better than to actually enjoy a television show... they tend to do something to fuck it up for me.

:: Jenn 8:12 AM [+]

Double the Annoyance?

What's up with the double ads at the top of my page??? Bastards.

:: Jenn 8:00 AM [+]

:: Saturday, March 08, 2003 ::

So, after hitting the "I've lost ten pounds... YEA ME!" point, I sorta blew it and lunched at On The Border today. Uh huh, that means I ate not only a big ol' chicken burrito with cheese and sour cream sauce, but I also munched on chips and salsa prior to said burrito. In fairness, it was a late lunch and dinner won't be happening this evening and I got in lots of walking plus AM activity points that I won't go into details over, so I guess it wasn't all that horrible. I just have to be extra good tomorrow!

Naw, I'm still not going to write about my TV shows... I need a nap after the Mexican Food!!!

:: Jenn 5:25 PM [+]

:: Friday, March 07, 2003 ::
Too Many Words, Not Enough Days

You know, there are so many times that I can't think of a darn thing to say and this week I've got a million things to say (OBVIOUSLY from all of the posts!). I haven't even rapped about Survivor, Six Feet Under, my weird dream about working at WalMart, etc, etc. I guess I'm just going to have to try and get on here tomorrow. I HAVE to do my TV talks! Hell, they're making me go back to work... hasta!

:: Jenn 2:03 PM [+]

Fun Stuff

One person who doesn't annoy me is NICK! We went to the bar and played some NTN last night and had a blast. I was actually kinda bummed that I had to leave so early to get home for Survivor. Nick's a stand up guy and is pretty enjoyable for the eccentric that he is. hehe While Nick is the kinda guy you drink beer with, I think it's possible he MIGHT get mad if you puke in his car... not sure though and don't plan to find out. (if you don't know why I just said that, well, what can I say... I guess you could start here).

:: Jenn 12:12 PM [+]

Keeping in Touch

Ever since I talked about Stephanie the other day, I've had this urge to call her and see if she wants to have lunch. The courthouse is only a 5 minute walk from my worksite. I dunno though... it seems like every time I tried in the past, she never could swing it so I just gave up.

Whether it's because I've moved homes or jobs or whatever, I have always tried to keep in touch with friends and it frustrates me to no end that I usually end up being the one making the effort all of the time. I'm just tired of being the effort maker. I refuse to do it. I have some other friends that I was even maid of honor in their wedding and I can barely get them to respond to an email! What the hell is that? People just annoy me.

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:: Thursday, March 06, 2003 ::

I liked the part how when I visited my Blog today, the ad up at the top was an ad for Jimmie Johnson stuff. Pretty neato skeeto! Of course, it doesn't matter cuz I just continue to get ripped off. COULD the Jimmie Johnson people come up with a damned sweatshirt that doesn't suck? They sell ONE Jimmie sweatshirt. ONE. It's boring. Damn it. It's bad enough Hot Wheels isn't doing his car yet, but his own people can't even hook me up with a good sweatshirt. bastards.

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Gym Girl

I was totally feeling all whiney about having to get up so early to go to the gym when I realized that I got up the same time I get up at home to come to work on a regular day. DOH! I don't know if I'll be able to do it from home, though. I think Plan B for Bally's is only to go there on the days I stay the night at my momma's. That would probably work best and it's still once a week, just not the same day every week. If I DO get up early at home, I downloaded a bunch of exercise videos like Tae Bo, Pilates, 8 Minute Abs, etc. So for those days when, for some godawful reason I wake up at 4:30, I'll just hop my butt outta bed and do a little exercising at home. Ahhh, much more clever.

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Award Failure

My Real Blogger Award plan has not gone by the wayside, I promise. I'm on hold until I figure out what I want to do about my lost website host and finding a new one. SO, to keep you entertained until I can get my shit together, you can visit the "Anti-Bloggies". Voting starts on March 15th, so go check 'em out and see if you know anyone in those categories (that are almost as good as mine).

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Truer Words...
(from my comments & thanks Chuck)

"Having known him for a few years in person, I'd like to say that although I've spent a LOT of time crying, he wouldn't want it that way. Read through his blog archives and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, because you will.

He was greatly loved and he will be missed, but he would rather be celebrated than mourned.


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:: Wednesday, March 05, 2003 ::
Dieting Blues?

Watch out for those work luncheons! Man, I blew the ol' points thingy today! We had a Juan Pollo lunch for a baby shower at work today and I ate a lot less than the days of old, but man those points start adding up! I tried to be good, really, but that second tortilla just called my name! And, why the heck does rice have to be so many points!?! UGH! I only have like 7 points left for tonight, which isn't bad at all and normally extremely do-able, except I'm going to my mom's and she'll probably make dinner for me and it will be way out of the point range.

In truth, I've been doing great. I've lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks. I'm happy with that! I'm certainly not perfect about it, but I'm definitely motivated. This is making me feel really good about myself. I've always been so lazy and my eating habits have descended into a horror, so the fact that I eat salad at least once a day and am really paying attention to what I put in my mouth is really something I'm proud of. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. The only times it gets difficult is like today when I just gotta have that second tortilla. Mostly, I don't mind and I've been pretty satisfied and again, I don't have to give up my beer, baby! whoooo Of course over the weekend, I didn't even COUNT points, but I'm training myself to do better so even though I ordered a cheeseburger, I skipped the fries and while I did eat sourdough bread and cheese, it wasn't doritos and sour cream, so I guess even when I'm "off" I'm still doing okay. It is a powerful feeling to know that I'm taking control of my life and training myself to eat right. Don't get me wrong, I do not intend to give up Doritos and sour cream totally... just waiting for that special occasion =)

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Today's Obligatory Post

I'm not really in the mood for posting, but what the hell, I'll put in a couple of pennies. I'm still very much bummin' over yesterday's news about Tyler. I'm just stunned. Maybe a weird thing about it is that when he didn't post for like two weeks and I left a comment I actually THOUGHT "what if someone died and you would just never know because they would just never post again" and then he really did die. How bizarre is that? There are a lot of things running through my head about it but I guess the main thing is that I'm glad that I got to know him if even peripherally and I'm thankful for all of the times he brightened my day and made me laugh or smile when I was needing a pick me up. Thanks Tyler. I hope there's something good out there.

My man is off on another trip. This time to Reno to drive cars for the experience of feeling how different tires feel and react to road and driving conditions. Apparently there is also some famous driver guiy that is going to take him on a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in a Hummer. He's excited about the trip and I'm excited for him and hey, mom gets to have me around for two more nights, so I guess it's all good. I'm jealous he gets to hang out in Reno, though. I WANNA! I'm just fiending for the whole gambling experience, particularly since I didn't have the opportunity to gamble in Vegas. I can wait the 3 weeks until we head back, though.

What I really need to do is get off my butt and start playing some local poker tournaments again. I stopped at the Lake Elsinore Casino to pick up an issue of Card Player so I could get the Hold 'Em tournament schedules. I can't believe that I haven't played in a year. It blows my mind. There were several reasons why I haven't played for that long and together they have kept me away from the tables, but that has to end. I need to play at least once a month. I'm so behind I bet that my game is going to really suffer. Oh yeah, the reasons: 1) Did NOT want to run into a particular person 2) trying to be frugal 3) Hello Mr. San Diego... you know how it is in a new relationship, you don't want to give up any time that you could be spending together! So, I'm going to make an effort to hit one tourney a month and make my comeback. I'll read and study and get back on the trail to the World Series of Poker! YEAH! ummm... well, everyone needs goals, right?

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:: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 ::

I don't know if any of you ever read Tyler's page, but I really have enjoyed reading him over the last year. He is one of the first people who I started doing the blog linking/commenting thing with a year ago. His sense of humor was pretty outrageous at times, but he cracked me up and just from the conversations we had and the comments and emails between us, I liked him. This here is an obituary for him and quite frankly, at the moment, I'm pretty fucking upset. I just wanted to post this for any of you out there who enjoyed him like I did.

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WOW What a Weekend!

Mr. San Diego and I had a blast in Vegas. The funny thing is I didn't even gamble! And I still had a great time. Of course, there was a purpose to this trip and it was to see the nascar race live. That was fabulous. Well, except Jimmie not winning, of course!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon. It was beginning to rain. No biggie. We had spent the last 6 hours hitting every Toys R Us from Murrietta to Vegas (INCLUDING Vegas) looking for the new line of NBA Sports Picks. Not a whole lot of luck. We finally made it to our hotel about 4:30. I was worried about the hotel because it was some lil ol' place off the strip... one of those extended stay joints. But, I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and relative newness. No jacuzzi darn it, but that's okay, we got one at home. After a little mix up during check in, we finally got settled and the room had a full kitchen and a tv with HBO. I was set and popped open a beer and kicked back to relax. After a couple of beers, we ran across the street tot he outlet mall because Mr. San Diego is in dire need of a new jacket. Of course, he couldn't find one, but I got a WAY cute red suede-looking RAIN coat! It is soooo awesome. We went to the strip planning to get some dinner but as usual things rarely go as planned so I ended up getting a crappy hamburger at New York New York (DON'T EVER eat the hamburgers fromthe hamburger stand there!!!! IT IS HORRIBLE!!!) we did a little sightseeing and then finally made it back to the hotel to get some sleep... very little. We got up at the crack of dawn, or 5am and got to the track by about 6:45am. We spent the morning checking out the booths, buying stuff, drinking beer, etc. I was disappointed that there were no good Jimmie Johnson sweatshirts as I had planned to buy one, so I bought a shirt from the track instead so I could double up my shirtage. IT WAS COLD! But, gorgeous.

The race was great even though our seats sucked and we couldn't even see the pits. I had a blast and continued my drinking binge with 2 big ol' Hurricanes. YUM! I was bummed that the only good wreck was way on the other side of us so I couldn't see much. I didn't even notice that it took Rusty out! I felt bad for Mr. San Diego as he's a Rusty fan. Jimmie was doing GREAT, but apparently (I say apparently because it was all hearsay) he only took two tires on his last pit and that screwed him. He slowly lost positions and then he spun like 75 feet before the finish line. How disappointing. He still made it in 11th place, though, so it's all ok. He'll win in California! =)

Okay, sorry about the blow by blow, but wheeeeee it was such a great weekend. After the race we dined at the Nascar Cafe and we headed home first thing in the AM. Today, I'm back at work and so not wanting to be here! I guess I actually should DO some work.. so here goes!

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Trust and Gullibility

(Is that a word?)

I used to work in a Courthouse. I worked there for a little over 3 years and during that time I became friends with a co-worker who I'll call Stephanie. Stephanie and I became really close and got to a point where we went to lunch together EVERY day. She would always do the driving (I have this block about driving at lunch time) so I'd buy her lunch a couple days a week. When you spend this amount of time with someone you really get to know them. We'd talk during the day, too. On Mondays, she'd tell me about her weekends and all of the things that she, her husband and son would do. I remember her telling me a funny story about her husband having her son for the weekend while she was doing some other stuff. He brought him home and tried to bathe the mud off of him before she got home. Anyway, to make a long story short, one night she called me up and told me that everything was a lie and that her husband had been in jail for as long as I'd known her and that he was currently on trial in our courthouse for murder. I was really shaken by this. On one hand, I could understand not sharing that with people, even someone she was close to, but on the other hand it was very upsetting that she not only didn't tell me about it, but that she made up HUGE lies. The simple truth is that she could hav just never talked about him. Or talked aobut him in the abstract rather than specific made-up events. I could understand how horrible it must have been going through that and she just wanted to feel "normal", but it felt really awful to trust someone and find that they had been lying to you/misleading you for a very long time. I forgave Stephanie and we remained friends until I got a new job and over time, we grew apart. I'm a very forgiving person, it's who I am, but you will only fuck me once. A girl like me has been around the block more than once and the older I get the harder it is to pull the wool over my eyes, but I'm aware that it happens sometimes. I can be gullible just like the next person. I think the best thing is that I can look into myself and know that when someone does something like that to me that I can go on... happily on my merry way and not let them get to me. I like that I've learned to let go of things and Mr. San Diego, if nothing else, has helped me to learn how to not sweat the little things. Now if I can just make it through today's meeting with my nemesis who isn't quite so sneaky about his rudeness and male chauvenism towards me, I'll be impressed.

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